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root chromebook
Tech Tips

Need To Root A Chromebook?

Posted  February 26, 2013  by  Eric Byron

It doesn’t seem to matter what a new piece of technology is designed for before people everywhere are trying to find a way to hack it. When computers first came out, everyone wanted to figure out how they worked and how they could make them work better (or in some cases worse). When the iPhone […]

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Blackberry Z10
Smartphone Reviews

Blackberry Z10 Review

Posted  February 16, 2013  by  Eric Byron

Blackberry, the smartphone manufacturing company from Canada, recently launched the next gen smartphones Blackberry Z 10, a touchscreen smartphone, and Blackberry Q10, touchscreen and keyboard smartphone, supported by their latest operating system Blackberry 10. See how the Z10 compares to the Sony Xperia Z. These new phones use a new mobile operating system, Blackberry 10, […]

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Smartphone Reviews

Sony Xperia Z Smartphone Review

Posted  January 24, 2013  by  Eric Byron

The Xperia Z, unveiled during CES 2013, is the new flagship from Sony and marks a change in strategy for the manufacturer after it recently announced it was turning its attention towards producing more high-end devices. Due out in March 2013, Sony’s latest smartphone boasts a quad-core 1.5GHz processor, Android Jelly Bean OS (soon to […]

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Archos 97 Titanium HD Review
Tech Reviews

Archos 97 Titanium HD Review: 9.7-inch Android Tablet

Posted  January 14, 2013  by  Rob Boirun

Gone is the time when people were all crazy about smartphones. Now, it is all about tablets. Neither a phone nor a laptop, it took the technology world by storm. It is more efficient than a smartphone and more portable than a laptop. What’s more? It comes with touch screen giving a smoother User Interface. […]

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iPhone apps for grad students
iPhone Apps

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Grad Students

Posted  January 8, 2013  by  Eric Byron

In today’s world, there is an app for just about anything you could imagine. From keeping track of assignments to ensuring Wi-Fi connectivity, grad students are utilizing the applications available to them on their smart phones and tablet computers like never before. Students’ lives can be made easier by downloading the top five productivity apps […]

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Test out Starters Orders 5 for free

We all like to find games that fit our own particular interests and for anyone who’s already excited about the upcoming Grand National at Aintree at the beginning of April, there’s a great horse racing game that you can tri...
by John I.


Which of your gadgets is the most energy-efficient?

We all know that kettles, tumble dryers, washing machines and air conditioning units use a lot of electricity; significantly increasing your household running costs and doing no favours for the environment. However, other gadge...
by John I.


The Best Tablet for Gaming

This yearsCES was like an early Christmas present for tech-heads as a ton of spectacular gadgets and new gizmos were on show. From improved device connectivity, Valves infamous Steambox and 3D food printers making an appearance...
by John I.


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How my best bet EVER made just £2 profit

There are many things in life which I enjoy … music, films and the thrill of placing a few small bets and trying my luck at winning big. Whether it’s the bi-weekly lottery draw, a little flutter on the horses or a quick vis...
by John I.


Choosing the right battery charger

There are many different types of battery chargers on the market and it’s tricky to find the right one you need. Where do you start? There is an ocean full of sellers online and the best would be to go for the big leading sup...
by John I.