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Eric Byron

Tech geek, my main hobby is storage tech. Anything from Optical drives, to SSD's, to cloud storage. You can follow me on

Ross Bryson

Ross is an employee for Fujitsu Siemens and works in the optical storage division. He is one of the founding fathers at Reviewster and brings donuts everyday to the office.

Rob Boirun

Rob is the founder of a popular DVD burning blog at www.burnworld.net. Also one of the masterminds here at Reviewster. His experience in reviewing tech products will be a great addition for offering reliable and trustworthy reviews.

Jose Lozano

John I.

an IT service professional and author with extensive experience in Business Management, has worked on behalf of Britain's biggest companies.


Barbara Holbrook is the Managing Editor of AppCraver.com where she spends her days sorting through the newest apps. At night, she trades in her iPhone for a larger screen. Her hobbies include digital art and creative appsplorations on the iPad.


Phil Turner

Brian Rock

Brian is an educator and a photographer. He publishes a blog about educational technology, Tech and Teaching. He also writes about photography and digital cameras at Rockin Photogs.


This is a guest post from someone that wished to remain 'in the dark'. To become a regular contributor here please see: http://reviewster.com/contributor/


Deney Dentel is the CEO of NordiskSystems. Deney is the only localized and authorized IBM business partner in Pacific Northwest, OR. Our company provides a flexible private solutions with cloud firewall protection which makes any system more safer from hackers.