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Best Windows PC Maintenance Software for 2013

best PC maintenance software
Written by Eric Byron

Like most of the things out there your personal computers too wear out upon constant usage. May be it’s due to a virus or a trojan, or may be it’s due to the untidy registry stacked with keys and values that point to nowhere, whatever the cause it may be your PC slows down over time resulting in irritatingly lengthier software start up times and constant crashes. Once you hit this bump in the road the best thing to do is to do a full system diagnosis and restore the functionality back to normal using a dedicated PC maintenance tool.

The market is filled with thousands of PC maintenance tools claiming to fix your PC. Nevertheless most of them are totally useless and will only bring you adware. It’s always ideal to have a backup or even store your files in the cloud. But for general maintenance we bring you the following of short reviews on best PC maintenance software out there to help the average PC users select the best tools for maintaining their PC’s.


ccleanerCCleaner is an ideal registry cleaner with a plethora of additional functions in a light weight package, which is offered by Piriform for absolutely free. If your Windows PC is lagging behind and crashing often you might want to clean up the registry, and for that CCleaner might be the best candidate you’d find. This handy software package is capable of cleaning temporary Internet files, cookies, download history, auto complete form history and many such traces from major Internet browsers including the Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Firefox with the click of a button. The registry cleaning department of CCleaner scans and removes registry keys and values that link to non existing programs etc. swiftly and efficiently. With the special tools section you can control the programs that start up along with the Windows, remove system restore points and format hardware partitions. CCleaner which supports all 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows ranging from XP to Windows 8 is a must have application for tweaking your PC’s performance once in a while.

My Faster PC

1360256578810.jpgMy Faster PC is another great choice for you to scan and clean up the computer for achieving a seamless performance. The software is offered in two versions as a free trial and a fully functional paid model, and you can always download the free trial version and give it a shot, to see if the software package meets your requirements. However it should be noted that free version lacks some of the premium features available in the paid upgrade. The package bundles clean up tools, defragmenters, registry cleaners and cache cleaners for popular web browsers. You can easily clean up registry keys and registry values, browser cookies and temporary Internet files etc. using this PC maintenance tool and enhance the performance of your older PC. The fact that My Faster PC needs you to pay for the same feature set that a cool and popular maintenance tool like CCleaner offers for free of charge holds it back though. If you need to give it a shot you can download the latest trial version which extends support for all major versions of Windows ranging from Windows XP to Windows 8 for free.

Windows Doctor

1360256618999.jpgWindows Doctor is an ideal choice if you need to assess your system’s health and recover the ultimate performance back. An important feature in Windows Doctor is its ability to address security vulnerabilities along with regular performance tweaks. It packs options to optimize hardware performance, application performance, clean registry and browser histories etc. Installation process of the software package is smooth and doesn’t cause any drama, and if you aren’t quiet sure about buying the paid version for $30, you can explore the basic feature set by installing the free trial version. Windows Doctor can even diagnose security threats from common malware including trojans, spyware, worms and viruses and boost the performance of your machine. This cool software application supports all major Windows platforms, including Windows NT, 2000, XP and 7.

System Mechanic

1360256649434.jpgSystem Mechanic is a must have software to tune up your personal computer and retain the seamless functionality, if you hate seeing regular software crashes and ultra-slow performance. This cool software application packs options to free system memory, remove duplicate applications, turnoff unnecessary applications and services running in background and realign files in hard drive. Repair department of System Mechanic cleans up invalid registry entries, browser data, temporary internet files and sensitive information. Search and Recovery option lets you recover accidentally deleted files while there are also advanced options to recover whole drives, USB devices etc. with the simple click of a button. Advanced malware engine blocks viruses, rootkits and trojans etc., providing you the ultimate protection from common security exploits. If you need a professional tool with lots of cool options to diagnose, maintain and tweak your personal computer, System Mechanic could be the ideal product for you.

TuneUp Utilities 2013

1360256712409.jpgTuneUp Utilities 2013 starts from where the 2012 version of this widely popular system maintenance tool left, adding extra features enabling you to boost the functionality to ultimate levels while fine tuning existing features for a superior performance enhancement. Like regular maintenance tools TuneUp Utilities 2013 provides you the ability to clean up the drives and browser data, backup and recover files and uninstalling unnecessary applications and services etc. What makes this handy tool extra special is its ability to carry out these functions at superior levels than the counterparts. Cleaning department cleans up regular Windows cache files, system logs, temporary system files and internet files, unused shortcuts etc. enhancing the performance. TuneUp Starts Manager function scans for unnecessary startup programs and pauses them increasing program start-up time. TuneUp Utilities 2013 packs many features that can fine tune the performance of your personal computer. If you need a professional tool to maintain your PC TuneUp Utilities 2013 will be a great investment.

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