10 Best Reason DBA Experts Will Like The New SQL Server 2021

Every database administrator understands the importance of having a highly functional and efficient system for data entry and manipulation. As a system administrator, your work lies more in analysis of the systems and fixing problems. Through the years, there has been a high dependence on the Microsoft’s SQL Server. Unfortunately, the system wasn’t as efficient and many database administrators wished for a system with better features for enhanced performance capabilities.

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Fortunately, Microsoft developers listened to DBAs’ complaints and launched SQL Server 2016 that has way better features and higher functionality. The reasons for the excitement and why you should get a SQL Server 2016 include:

  1. Better SSRS

The previous version of the SQL server lacked a reporting interface that made DBA work easier. However, SQL Server 2016 has been developed with incorporation of agile SQL Server Reporting Services portal. This new portal is brandable and acts like a mobile app. Reporting has been further simplified by the introduction of the KPI functionality that simplifies creation of dashboards.

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) functionality makes it possible for every DBA to give accurate and timely daily, weekly, or monthly reports. Team scores and organizational progress reporting has also been simplified by this functionality.

  1. Improved SSIS

The SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) have also been improved though subtly. The changes are significant and as a remote DBA, you should be happy to note that you can deploy the SSIS packages one by one. The previous version couldn’t do this and you’d have to deploy the entire project at one go.

The new SSIS version has also been enhanced to give you the freedom associated with catalog logging. This means that every SSIS package has a customized starting point.

SQL server 2016 has also been designed to allow targeting of specific SSIS versions when developing any SSIS projects. You know what this means, you are no longer forced to find and install several SQL Server Data Tools.

  1. Performance Tuning

All remote DBA experts understand the importance of performance tuning when using the SQL Server or any other relational database management system. SQL Server 2016 has the performance tuning feature incorporated making it possible for remote DBA experts to record and monitor the histories of queries’ execution plans. Clear recording and monitoring systems are effective for plan optimization and diagnosis of issues in the systems.

Performance tuning is an invaluable asset for DBAs when patching or upgrading the systems or plans to view locations of changes and to know where the changes have influenced performance. Every user of the SQL Server 2016 therefore agrees that it is about time these performance tuning features were introduced.

Cloud hosting sites and the remote DBA experts are therefore happy with this feature since issues with codes or the execution plans can be identified and resolved in real-time.

  1. The ‘Always Encrypted’ feature

The Always Encrypted feature in the SQL Server 2016 means that your data in the SQL server will always be safe. This feature means that client application owners get to control access to the application and their confidential data. This is because the client application will have only one encryption key that is never passed to the SQL Server and only the client accesses their data safely. In case of breaches, the DBA is off the hook for accessing the data.

  1. In-Memory OLTP

This is the in-memory computing technology developed by Microsoft developers to accelerate the speed and the performance of all transaction processing applications that run on the SQL server databases.

It is integrated with the SQL Server engine to process tables in form of transactions’ data that is stored in the system memory rather than pulling the transaction data off the disk storage. It is built around core components like the natively-compiled stored procedures and the memory optimized tables. These components speed up query execution, processing of business logic, and general business transactions.

The transaction processing jobs are streamlined by the latch-free data structures as well as the multi-version concurrency control.

The SQL Server 2016 has combined both the In-Memory OLTP with the column stores indexes onto one table simplifying the transfer of In-Memory tables. These features collectively speed up query performance saving DBAs time.

  1. PolyBase

This feature in SQL Server 2016 makes access of unstructured data possible in Hadoop. Rather than investing in big equipment to pull unstructured data, the SQL Server installations with the PolyBase get the same work done easily. PolyBase doesn’t require any kind of special software or tools. It also doesn’t need an understanding of Java, Hive, Map,Reduce or any other features related to Hadoop.

  1. JSON Support

This is a great feature that enables reading and writing of all JSON based documents. JSON support can be seen as an effective feature that provides the needed controlled gateway for sharing necessary organizational data with more relevant mobile platforms. This feature is a solution to the inability to write database apps compatible with mobile devices. JSON is therefore the most effective data shuttle between web/mobile solutions and any DBA’s relational database application.

  1. Live queries

As a DBA, you know that there isn’t a better feeling than watching queries comes to live. The SQL Server 2016 has features such as the Live Query Plans, the Live Query Statistics, and the Query Store. These are effective features for performance tuning and KPI analysis. With these query tools, every DBA gets access to much enhanced metrics from a wider spectrum.

  1. SQL Server Management Studio’s releases

The SQL Server 2016 Management Studio’s release has a schedule that has been separated from all the major SQL Server releases meaning that the Management Studio will be updated much frequently improving query analysis.

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  1. Row Level Security

The new SQL Server engine is able to restrict access to data in rows depending on your SQL server login information. This is made possible by filter predicates defined inline.

In conclusion, the SQL Server 2016 has these enhanced features that make every DBA’s job easier and more efficient. All these features and capabilities have been included in the Standard, Enterprise, Developer, and the Express SQL Server 2016 Editions.

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