12 Week Mastery Review + “Bonus” + Brian Moran Live

The 12 Week Mastery Course is coming soon. Sept 7th to be exact.

“This Will Be The Ultimate Goal Setting & Achievement Program All Focused Around Productivity, Implementation, & Execution.”

This will be an expanded course on the best selling book by Brian P. Moran called the 12 Week Year which gives you tools and systems to get more things done in 12 weeks then what most people get done a year or longer.

What Is Included In The 12 Week Mastery Course?

  • First Component:  Pre 12 Week Year Live Webinar Trainings from Brian P. Moran assisting your clients in understanding the 12 Week Year philosophies, systems, and strategies, so they can properly craft their 1st 12 Week Year Action Plan. Corporate clients invest $15,000-$30,000 for this training for their staff. Real World Value $1,000
  • 2nd Component: The 12 Week Year! Daily emails & videos (2-5 mins each) are sent to each client throughout the 12 weeks. 86 in total. Inspiring, thought provoking, educational, to keep everyone on track with their 12 Week Year plans. Real World Value: $2,000
  • 3rd Component: 12 Weekly Coaching Sessions that go over the meat & potatoes of this course and each week offers a live Q&A session. Topics coming soon. Real World Value: $9,750 Plus bonus 13th week Graduation Ceremony
  • 4th Component: 2 Tickets to a Live Event that will be in West Palm Beach, FL. $1k value each
  • 5th Component: (Opional but a must do) The most exciting part::::: You can participate in a 12 Week Contest where you take assess of your ‘before’ situation and then use the steps you learned into a real life situation. Grand prize winners are hand picked from Brian P. Moran himself and a number of winners will receive a yet to be announced package that will be valued at over $15k.
  • 6th Component: You will get a hard copy of the NYT best selling book ’12 Week Year’ plus a Welcome Letter, a 12 Week Year Game Plan, and 12 Weekly Plan & Scorecard sheets.Value: $110
  • 7th Component: Hyper Active & Valuable Membership Community. This is where the daily videos will be posted, as well as many conversations of like minded individuals pushing one another to be their bests. Value: Priceless

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Just this last part alone is worth the price of admission for the course as you will be changing your situation regardless of if you are the grand prize winner or not.

A Quick Peek Inside The 12 Week Mastery Members Area

And here is a great breakdown/summary of the 12 Week Year book:


Once we get a preview of the 12 Week Mastery Course we will be updating this page here so that you can get an insiders view so that you can determine if this course will be good for your future planning and strategizing.

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If you want to get on the early bird list you can signup here.

Training Platform Inside Look

Take a look at this video about the 12 Week Year to get a preview:


The 12 Week Mastery Training Exclusive “Bonus”

Okay, here is a the kicker that you won’t get from anyone else. If you signup for the 12 Week Mastery Course with Brian Moran from this page you will also get from us the following:

4 Essential Entrepreneur Tools that will take your business to the next level. This is an $800 bundle including 4 highly sought after tools.

– SEOPop – create SEO ‘reports’ on any domain. Know what you SEO score is and what steps to take to make your site SEO friendly. ($199)
– RetargetPop – easily manage and create retargeting campaigns for your ads. Get people who visit your site to return to you easily. ($199)
– SupportPop – all online businesses need an easy way to handle support tickets, faq, and other online support. This system give you that professional support tool. ($199)
– ProjectPop – projects can get out of hand quickly if you don’t have a project management system in place. This tool will keep all of your projects on track that any of your team members can easily see the progress and know what next. ($199)

All these are yours free if you signup for the 12 Week Mastery Course thorugh us.

You won’t find this bonus anywhere else as it is exclusive to us.  After you sign up send an email to 12week@reviewster.com to claim these exclusive bonuses.


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