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Absolute Nature CBD Review & Discount Codes

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I’m pleased to introduce you to Absolute Nature CBD and review this new kid on the block for the CBD market.

Absolute Nature CBD, though new, are already making waves within the industry by offering 100% transparency and publicly available lab reports on their website.

Looking through their website, you can tell they put in a lot of thought and care into their presentation. Chances are you may not have heard about them, but know this is one company that will be in for the long haul. I haven’t heard of them and had no idea who they were. After looking over the material, I was impressed at the products and character this company has. Absolute Nature CBD offers programs of 60% off the retail prices for veterans, people with long term disability, low-income assistance,
and also first responders. I thought that was extremely generous.

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So let see how well they hold up to my high expectations in this CBD review. Though I certainly can stand behind their mission, can I stand behind their product?

Any Discount Codes for Absolute Nature CBD?

Indeed, use promo code: REVIEWSTER for 10% off any CBD item they offer.

So, Who Is Absolute Nature CBD?

Absolute Nature CBD is a CBD company in Texas. All of their products come from non-GMO, USA sourced, pesticide-free industrial hemp.

When doing CBD reviews, one of the first things I look for is third-party lab testing. Absolute Nature CBD gets a check on this one; they offer third-party lab testing on all of their CBD products. These are all conducted by ProVerde Laboratories, which is considered one of the most trust worth labs out there. 3 rd party lab testing is a must to have because it validates the claims made by CBD companies. With a lot of bad products on the market, you want to see some proof of the claims made. No lab reports mean NO PASS FROM ME! Thankfully, Absolute Nature CBD passes this crucial test.

Another thing I look for is what kind of extraction method is used by the company. Absolute Nature CBD uses the favorable CO2 extraction method, which is excellent because this method does not leave behind any harmful solvents and offers a cleaner finished product.

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Absolute Nature CBD Products

Absolute Nature CBD is a newer company but the products that they have made sense. No bath bombs or gimmick type products that are more novelty items than actually offering relief. Absolute Nature CBD at the moment has three products, but as they grow, they will be adding gummy bears and also vape juice down the road. Here is a list of their products:

  • 1,000mg Full Spectrum CBD oil
  • 500mg Full Spectrum CBD oil
  • 500mg Full Spectrum CBD oil for pets (Same formula used for humans so I didn’t count
    it as a separate product)
  • 500mg CBD Topical Salve

Ok! Now that we have all that out of the way let’s get on to the review!

Here are the two Absolute Nature CBD products I tried, which I will be reviewing:
 1000mg full spectrum CBD oil
 500mg CBD Topical Salve

1,000mg full spectrum CBD oil Review

The first Absolute Nature CBD product I tried was the 1,000mg full spectrum CBD oil. I took the oil first thing in the morning since I wanted to see how it did with my work out. I noticed within 5 minutes after taking it; I felt extremely calm and less anxious about getting started with my day. I was planning on doing leg day in a few days so I would certainly be able to tell if it helped at all with soreness. It was an excellent trial for this product.

The very first thing I noticed was the taste. Their full spectrum oils are not flavored. It tasted just like hemp; I don’t mind the taste. I like it better that way because you have no doubt you are getting hemp! And believe me, it tastes potent! It wasn’t bad at all! It didn’t taste as sludge like some of the other oils does.

What effects did I notice?

I was very surprised. Within 10 minutes after taking Absolute Nature CBD oil, the mental congestion started clearing up, and I could notice very clearly something was “different.” It was great! I don’t know how else to describe it, but you notice you feel better and not hurting without actually noticing it. It’s almost as if you forgot about something hurting, and then later you remember “oh yeah, that use to hurt.” Oh, and LEG DAY WAS AMAZING! Though I was just a tad sore still, I noticed a drastic improvement over when I wasn’t using it. And I also noticed after a few days of using it, my back was no longer hurting, and my sleepless leg syndrome was no longer bother me. I felt more alert, but yet also very calm at the same time. Another great benefit I had was in the sleep department. I SLEPT THE WHOLE NIGHT! I only woke up to go to the bathroom! You have no idea how long it’s been for me to get a full nights rest. This, alone makes me a huge supporter!

500mg CBD Topical Salve Review

The topical cream is designed to put on areas with aches and pains. I waited a week of using the oil before using the cream to make sure I could isolate the two in performance. THIS CREAM ROCKS! By far, one of the best I have ever used. Hands down. They even have professional MMA fighters that use this product. This cream is hardcore stuff!

I first noticed the smell when I opened the jar. It smells minty but not too overpowering. The ingredients have nothing artificial but a lot of really good herbs for pain, and of course, CBD! This product was easy to test, and I noticed drastic results within a few minutes. I was blown away.

I was having neck and lower back pain and applied the cream. I was shocked by how well it worked. I can 100% give my recommendation on this cream. The oil is amazing don’t get me wrong, but the cream is the game changer. The cream has a Vaseline-like texture, but a little thinner and it gets a little sticky and could stain your clothes so be warned. Maybe apply and cover with a bandage or something to keep the cream and clothes separate. I’m sure if you do stain your clothes, it will come off, but I didn’t
even think about testing it until now.

Review Conclusion For Absolute Nature CBD

Absolute Nature CBD products are wonderful! I had a pleasant experience with both of the products I tried and would certainly recommend them to my family and friends. I certainly look forward to the bright future this company has. Absolute Nature CBD gets my approval. They have a great product, and they care about helping
others. I can’t recommend them enough!

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  1. Great! I’ve been using them for awhile and love them. Super fast delivery and the product is a step up from some of the others I’ve been using. Good to see more and more people are reviewing them.

  2. . like to try the 1000mg product

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