ALMI Performance Dress Socks Review – The Perfect Mix of Dress and Athletic.

I’ve never been a huge fan of dress socks and was excited when I came across the All-Day performance dress sock. They are a hybrid sock, a mix between dress and athletic. I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks now and love how well they perform in any environment. I wear them to business meetings, conferences while traveling and while hitting the gym,  they excel in all of them.


These socks feature a light compression, which I found perfect for all-day wear. I’ve tried some of the $50 compression socks in the past, they are good for planes, but I found them a bit tight and not super comfortable over long periods of time. These socks feel great, seem to be just as good for circulation as the other compression socks while having this energetic feeling. They also don’t slip, which is great, especially when I’m wearing them with a suit.

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Silver Anti-Odor

I have a lululemon t-shirt that has silver in it and I was curious to see if this technology would work just as well with my stinky feet. To be honest, I was pretty blown away. After a full-day conference and straight to a workout after, I came home and they didn’t smell like my other socks normally do. They are also really breathable and wick away moisture quite well. The ability to wear the same socks with dress shoes and then straight to the gym after is something I really appreciate on busy days. 

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I love their explanation when discussing their guarantee ”When you’re buying a car, you can test drive it. When you’re buying a house, you can take a tour of it. We believe you should have the same peace of mind with your wardrobe as well – so we’re giving you up to 30 risk-free days  to try the All Day Performance Dress socks before deciding if they are for you.”

I’ve bought products in the past that didn’t live up to my expectations, so I love how you are able to try out these performance dress socks with the comfort knowing if they don’t work out you can get your money back. They also guarantee no rips, holes, etc. in the first 100 days and will take care of you if you have any issues. I find these not only the best dress socks I’ve worn, but also really great as compression socks for traveling and as gym socks. This versatile sock does it all.

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