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The Autonomous SmartDesk is available with numerous choices consisting of a larger desk surface to 70 ″ x30 ″, to a customized work desk system with a strong plank of real timber for nearly as long as you can intend to spend, and you could also get an accessory set and an AI box. Right here is our evaluation sample SmartDesk 2 that was personalized from the Autonomous internet site.

A work-desk is essential to desktop PC individuals including players. It needs to be strong as well as it has to be large sufficient to hold at the very least one display as well as the other devices a COMPUTER user/gamer needs including a keyboard, computer mouse, computer mouse pad, as well as speakers. If the COMPUTER doubles as a workstation, there are plenty of other accessories that could serve including adding a second note pad COMPUTER. And because numerous gamers rest at their PC for many hrs at once, it may be time to consider getting a standing work desk simply for health and wellness factors.

The SmartDesk 2 In Use

The SmartDesk 2 is an extremely fine-looking work desk with clean lines and it suits well with our decor. There are 3 color alternatives for the base– white, black, or gray– as well as much more options for the desktop consisting of dimension, color, or even intermediaries which will permit it to suit well with any kind of home office or living space.

Next, we extended the legs regarding they could rise with a touch of a switch, and also we kept in mind that some of our cords are a bit short as well as should be re-arranged. Both wire administration intermediaries were barely sufficient for our mass of cords that include 2 display screens, controllers, computer mouse, keyboard, speakers, and also Virtual Reality sensing units, so we ran numerous of the cables over the edge of the desktop. We were additionally able to conceal a lot of the cables right against the bottom of the SmartDesk 2 using the connections provided along with some additional electrical tape.

The desk prolongs from almost 24 ″ to nearly 51 ″ which implies that a high person will have no trouble utilizing the desk in a standing placement. There is no screen wobble whatsoever while inputting or gaming even at the optimum extension. As well as the desktop itself is 1 ″ thick wood which means that it will not establish a bow over expanded usage.

Right here is the SmartDesk 2 at our normal seated elevation which is now programmed right into the controller’s memory in addition to our regular standing elevation. The two extra settings may be useful momentarily individual or for between heights. As opposed to ever manually readjusting our screen elevation again, we currently utilize the SmartDesk 2’s elevation modification controller.

Often we use double displays simultaneously. Below is our 28 ″ 4K screen alongside our 34 ″ GSYNC-enabled Acer Killer X34 display screen. There is a lot of area for both displays side-by-side even on the smaller 53 ″ x30 ″ display. If you need extra desktop computer area, choose the 70 ″ x30 ″ desktop or use your very own custom-made top with an Autonomous SmartDesk 2 framework which might be bought separately.

The desk easily extends from under 25 ″ to over 50 ″ in simply a few secs. And as this video clip demonstrates, it is an extremely smooth as well as fast trip which will not distress anything you carry your workdesk– consisting of a virtually full glass of water. Best of all, the electric motors are quite sufficient with a light whirring audio so that you can elevate the desk also while on the phone.

Allow’s head for our verdict.


In a couple of words, we like our SmartDesk 2! It does whatever that we can have potentially expected from a sitting-standing desk and we discover that we are resting much less while maintaining the same degree of performance or even more. When one is standing, it ends up being easier to walk about the room or even pace a little bit while assuming. Prior to, we needed to require ourselves to stand (for health reasons) also when we were concentrating on writing a short article, and when we returned, it took us some time to get our train of thought refocused. Now, we could proceed with the same train of thought as well as merely stand up while continuously create as the SmartDesk 2 rises to our standing setting without needing a break.

Allow’s sum it up:

The SmartDesk 2 Pros

  • The SmartDesk 2 has lots of options readily available starting at only $299 for the house version.
  • For $100 more than the residence version, the standard business edition comes with twin electric synchronized electric motors that can lift 300 extra pounds smoothly as well as quickly at the touch of a button. Thinking about that several users lean on their standing workdesk, you will possibly want the sturdy lifting solution.
  • The electric motors are extremely peaceful and also rapid as well as there are 4 height choices that you could pre-program for your finest standing or resting heights.
    The desk is really tough, and it is extremely hard to topple definition that you most likely won’t have to bother with small children having a mishap. You could also establish the desk up really high to keep really young kids from accessing exactly what is on top of it.
  • A 5 year guarantee for the business version offers comfort.
  • There is a 30-day return window with a full refund readily available if you are not pleased with your SmartDesk 2.

The SmartDesk 2 Disadvantages

  • The guidelines could be much better created and much easier to follow.
  • The two wire management cutouts are barely sufficient for a power PC individual. A third intermediary choice may be valuable or you could do it on your own.

The Judgment

The λutonomous SmartDesk 2 is sturdily built as well as it does precisely just what it is intended to do– it obtains you off of your butt while permitting you to continue writing or functioning without interruption. The λutonomous SmartDesk 2 represents a strong worth at $449 as examined in our opinion, and it should have the Reviewster Award for a strong convenient and also easy-to-use standing/sitting desk as a health-conscious replacement for any kind of fixed workdesk to have.


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