Bay Alarm Medical Review

Those who are elderly or disabled often find they need monitoring to ensure they have help if a medical emergency arrives. For this reason, many turn to medical alert systems to provide this monitoring. Depending on the type of system selected, one may choose from different options based on the services needed. Quite a few read a medical guardian review and look no further, yet this isn’t the right option for everyone. Before you choose between the many medical alert systems currently offered today, take the time to read a Bay Alarm Medical review. You may find it is exactly what you want for yourself or a loved one.

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Why Bay Alarm Medical?

Bay Medical offers a service which provides immediate assistance all hours of the day and every day of the year. Individuals find they may choose from 170 languages when using this service and one may select from either a wristband or necklace, both of which are water resistant. In addition, the device features a 1,000 foot range and a backup battery is provided for during a power outage. The overall value one obtains with this service makes it the right choice for many.



Bay Alarm Medical’s Battery Life and Range

Countless opt for this system as reaching the service is easy when one is injured or in need of assistance. The speaker and microphone are both extremely sensitive so speaking to the Bay Alarm representative is easy, even when you aren’t in close proximity to the console. The medical alert system also allows you to answer a phone call with a simple push of the button. When you do so, the speakerphone located on the base console activates.

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Bay Alarm Device Benefits

One major benefit of this system is the small size of the pendant. In addition to being able to wear it as a necklace or wristband, it may be clipped to your belt. This allows you to wear it in a variety of situations, and you’ll never forget to put it on. Order an extra device for a loved one and use the same main console. Although you pay for the additional device, there won’t be an additional monitoring fee each month.

Bay Alarm Medical’s Monitoring Services

Here is where Bay Alarm excels. The device is able to communicate with the base console throughout the home and can go through internal and external walls. Once this contact is made, Bay Alarm coordinates with emergency services to provide the needed help. Many reviewers give this portion of the service a perfect ten as it is superior in every respect.


Fees and Contracts Offered Through Bay Alarm

Installing the equipment is easy. You don’t need a dedicated phone line or any other new equipment. All you must have is a phone line in the home and an available power outlet. There is no contract either. All you need to do is select a plan and, in the event the service is no longer needed for any reason, you won’t be required to pay a cancellation fee. You won’t get a refund on the rest of your paid term, so you may wish to wait until that period ends. If you move or go on vacation, the equipment may go with you, as long as you have a power outlet and landline available.

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Premium Features Offered Through Bay Alarm Medical

Choose Bay Alarm Medical and you will find you have access to a variety of premium features, including smoke, carbon monoxide and fire monitoring. Although you pay more for these services, you also receive more peace of mind when an emergency occurs. In addition, you may choose a lockbox add-on. With this feature, emergency responders can access the home without doing any damage. Bay Alarm provides the responders with a code so they can open the lockbox and get your house key. There is a one-time setup fee for this service. Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot choose fall detection, medication dispensers or GPS tracking with this service.


Customer Service and Support

Support options are plentiful when you choose to work with this company. Visit the website for various ways to contact the company or contact them by phone. Many find the FAQs page on the website is all that is needed to resolve an issue, and quite a few use the live chat support. Here is another area where current users give this company a perfect rating, as they make it easy to obtain help when needed.

If you need a medical alert service, Bay Alarm is definitely a good option. Not only does it offer a good value, but it has the features consumers are looking for. Although you won’t get a lot of extra features, you get the ones that all consumers want in this type of device. It’s easy to install, the payment terms are fair, the customer service is outstanding and the equipment is great. What more could you ask for?

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