Bedphones Review – The Perfect Sleep Aid?

There are many benefits that come along with getting a good night’s rest. Your mood improves, along with your memory, learning ability, and even productivity! Not only that, but your lifespan is longer and your weight tends to be lower.

Listening to music before bed has been proven to be an effective way to improve sleep quality. However, if you’ve ever attempted this, there are many challenges that come with trying to do so. The vast majority of headphones don’t allow for a comfortable experience for people that tend to sleep on their side or move around a lot during the night. These headphones usually come in an earbud style that goes directly into your ear canal. When pressure is put up against an earbud like this, it can be pushed too deep into the ear canal, causing extreme discomfort that can lead to a less satisfying night of sleep.

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Bedphones have many features that eliminate these problems and put them above their competition. To begin with, they are specially designed to optimize your night of sleep. They are thin and wide at just ¼ of an inch thick, and covered in soft foam. With an on-ear design combined with a unique speaker assembly, Bedphones allow you to lie comfortably on your side without putting unwanted and uncomfortable pressure on your ear. If you’re the type of person that finds wires too much to have to deal with, Bedphones also come in a wireless version.

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Another difficulty people that listen to music before bed have dealt with is waking up and not knowing where your headphones are, or even worse, finding them tangled around your arm, or neck, or in a knot under your back. This usually happens to restless sleepers, people that twist and turn in bed all night. Regular headphones aren’t designed to stay in your ear, but Bedphones are designed with gentle rubber-coated memory wire ear hooks that can be bent in any way to snugly fit your ear and stay on all through the night. Along with adjusting the hooks, you can also tighten your Bedphones with a slider located on a cable to make sure they stay secure.

It’s hard to stay off your phone once you’ve decided to go to bed, and the need to keep opening it up to change the song can cause you to stay awake for much longer than you intended. Bedphones come with a convenient inline microphone equipped with a single button remote, which enables you to play, pause, and skip any song without having to pick your phone up. You can even answer calls using this feature, making this product not only great for a good night’s rest, but for everyday use as well.

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Every purchase of Bedphones comes with a travel case, a satin eye mask, and a one year manufacturer’s warranty. All of this plus free shipping makes ordering Bedphones a real bargain. Our unique features make us stand out from the competition, and your sleep is assured to be deeper and more peaceful than ever.

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