Best 3D Printing Pens – Top 10 Roundup 2021

Welcome to Reviewster’s ‘Best Of 3-D Pens for 2021’ roundup post. We have two reviewers helping out on this one. Eric Byron and K.T. Borucki both have art backgrounds and are perfect individuals to give their opinions on each 3D pen.

It turns out these 3D pens are pretty nifty pieces of new tech.  3D pens have been designed to have a similar feel and look to a traditional pen or pencil.  The medium of a 3D pen is plastic  instead of  ink or lead.  These handheld tools have put the ability to create amazing pieces of 3D artwork right into the users’ hands. These pens make it  possible to create 3D designs, models, accessories, jewelry, drawings, and so much more. All in all, from this reviewer’s perspective, this is an interesting and innovative new artistic technique. It’s no wonder these are becoming a popular item among those looking for ways to expand their creativity.

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How Do 3-D Printing Pens Work

The core of the 3D pen’s art is the plastic filaments that are used to create your artwork. Whereas an ordinary pen uses ink, or a pencil uses lead, the 3D pen uses plastic filaments to create. Much like the crafty glue gun, a 3D pen operates by heating up the plastic filaments that are inserted inside it.  Once it’s heated to the correct temperature, the plastic melts and can then be  “drawn” into pretty much anything you can envision.

A 3D pen will work on almost any surface imaginable. To start, you simply begin by creating an anchor by drawing a line up into the air from a flat surface. From there you can create your work by adding details and shapes. The plastic filaments are available in a variety of colors. The applications of this device seem to be endless.

The popularity of 3D pens means that there are now plenty to choose from on the market. With so many choices available, it can be difficult deciding which pen is best suited for you.

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Best 3D Printing Pens 2021

We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed with choices, so we narrowed our list to the top 10 3D pens that are currently available on the market. We will include a short review of each pen’s features, and since we have two reviewers working on this one, we are going to give you two different opinions on each  pen.

Brand NameWeightDimensionsLCD Display 
Lix 3D Pen45 grams6.4 x 0.5 x 0.5 inchesLED Heat Indicator Check Price
3dSimo Mini40 grams163 x 36 x 22 mmYes Check Price
Scribbler 3D Pen V367 grams6 x 2 x 4 inchesYes Check Price
7TECH 3D Printing Pen65 grams7.3 x 1.6 x 1.1 inchesYes Check Price
ccbetter Intelligent 3D Pen55 grams7 x 0.9 x 0.9 inchesYes Check Price
MYNT3D Printing 3D Pen9.6 oz.Yes Check Price
GENESIS 3D Printing Pen48 grams7.9 x 5 x 3 inchesYes Check Price
3Doodler Pen130 grams7.5 x 1.5 x 4 inchesNo Check Price
Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing Pen68 grams8.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 inchesNo Check Price
CreoPop Cordless Pen0.7 pounds7 x 1.2 x 1.2 inchesNo Check Price


Lix 3D Smart Pen – Most Smallest and Smartest 3D Pen Currently Available

The Lix 3D pen leaped onto the market as the smallest available 3D printing pen.  It is original in design, and has proven itself to be a marvel for its customers. The pen is most similar in size to a typical pen. It is just slightly larger than a normal pen or pencil and as such has a comfortable grip. The Lix 3D pen is making a very notable impression on the quality it produces as well as for its innovative design.

Eric Says: There are many great things to talk about with the Lix 3D.  It may be small in size, but the build quality is first-rate, and it it has been reported to run quieter than most other 3D pens. I was quite surprised to find out how quickly this little pen could heat up the filaments. The Lix website claims that after plugging it in, it is able to heat to the melting temperature in one minute. It also boasts a quick cooling time as well.  The pen is lightweight, and very easy to use. It uses both  ABS and PLA filaments. All in all, I could not find any negative things to say about it.

K.T. Says:  In addition to Eric’s thoughts on this pen, there was one other thing about this 3D pen that is worth mentioning. The Lix 3D printing pen is powered via an USB wire. Considering many other 3D pens use rechargeable batteries for power, the USB wire power source could prove to make things a bit quicker if you don’t mind the pen always being plugged in while in use.

This pen most attractive quality is its stylish and high quality appearance.  It is known for its overall ease of use. The Lix 3D pen is top-notch in both appearance and performance.

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  • Small and easy to handle
  • Classy, stylish appearance
  • Affordable
  • Heats and cools rapidly
  • Always tethered to power source
Eric’s Score
K.T.’s Score
A for Awesome. I love using this pen.
A+ one of my favorites for sure.

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MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen- Best For Kids

Next up is the MYNT3D printing pen. Before you wonder about the name, try to consider  the expression “do not judge a book by its cover.”  With that said, the Mynt3Den stunned us because we just weren’t anticipating something so outstanding. How is it remarkable? Let’s see.

As as compared to the other 3D printing pens we have tried and evaluated, the Mynt3D is slightly more large. Nevertheless, the 3D pen proved to be very good to handle  and also not too bulky in any way. The slim design is easy to hold in the hand.

Eric Says:  There is a lot of great things to say about the MYNT 3D Printing Pen. It comes with some great features which will allow you to fine tune your artistic endeavors. The feed will actually adjust speeds as you use it which gives this pen nice control over its flow. The material that is being produced can be more aptly controlled and manipulated with this flow control. Furthermore you can control the temperature in 1 degree increments from 130 C to 240 C.  Fine tuning your artwork can be done with precision and control.  Temperature control also allows you to use any type of filament that you prefer. The only requirements are that is 1.75 mm and melts between 130 C to 240 C.

  • Fantastic for kids
  • Great for beginners
  • Replaceable end
  • Slim design
  • USB powered/ battery banks
  • Takes some time to become used to the controls
  • Slightly on the large side
Eric’s Score
K.T.’s Score
A Great for beginners.
A- Definitley worth it.
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Scribbler 3D Printing Pen V3 – Notable Choice

Eric Says:  The Scribbler V3 3D pen is one of the most user friendly 3D pens available, making it land at number 3 on our top ten list. This item is very easy and also fun to use. To begin all you need to do is plug in the adapter, place the plastic filaments in by using the down arrow button, and when the indicator light turns green it is ready to use.  This version of the scribbler has been designed to be more sturdy and attractive than the V1 or V2. An exciting feature about this pen is that has six different speeds available. This makes it able to adjust to all different ability levels, as well as gives it more precision.

The Scribbler V3 is an upgraded version of the legacy Scribbler Pen.  The company has been around awhile, and through trial and error has been able to improve the quality of their 3D pen. Probably one of the best functions regarding this pen is the excellent ergonomics which make this pen such a breeze to use.

Currently, this 3D pen is offered in the following colors: Blue, Eco-friendly, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow.

K.T. Says: One of the great things about this pen is that it is incredibly lightweight and very easy to use. It has a large LCD screen that is easy to read. The heat settings are easily changeable allowing it to use both ABS and PLA filaments.

To be clear, there seems to be little downside to this pen. As with all 3D pens, beginners may take some time to learn how to draw with it. Overall this is an excellent choice for all skill levels.

  • Very lightweight
  • Comes in 7 color choices
  • Great for all skill levels
  • Easy to use
  • 6 speed levels help with precision
  • The pen is easy to use, but does some take some practice to get used to

Eric’s Score
K.T.’s Score
A User friendly.
A- Another favorite.
Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon

3dSimo Mini – Only 3d Pen with Modules and Mobile App

Eric Says:

The 3dSimo mini is possibly the most innovative pen that we reviewed.  It has a variety of attachments and can boast that it is the only pen that comes with an app. All the different tips come with the pen itself and do not have to ordered separately.  The exchangeable tips attach easily to the pen with a magnet.  The modules allow the pen to solder, cut foam, burn, and create 3d drawings.  These functions go along with the return of the 3D drawing performance from the previous design.

The 3DSimo Mini is tiny enough to fit in the palm of a customer’s hand, whereas the initial 3DSimo was quite large, to the point where calling it a “pen” was a little bit of a stretch.

The main function of the 3DSimo Mini is still 3D drawing. It showcases an adjustable temperature level, so it could handle a vast array of prominent 3D printing materials including laybrick, ABS, PLA, PETG, COMPLETION, FLEXI, as well as laywood. From there, its up to the individual how far they will allow there 3D drawing to go.

This pen started as a kickstarter campaign, and easily got a lot attention and financial backing. It is not difficult to see why. On the whole, we were extremely satisfied with this 3D pen.  The many attachments, uses and the innovative app make this pen stand out from the pack.  This video will show the pen in action.

K.T. Says:

This pen is fantastic because you get so many uses in one little device. The drawing tip allows you to create everything a typical 3D pen would.  You can create models, decorations, accessories, drawings and countless other things.  Then simply switch the tip and you can transform this device into a burning, soldering or foam cutting appliance.  All these options will take your 3d creations to new level and allow creative uses of other materials such as wood, leather or metal.

The neatest feature that comes with this pen, is the app that comes with it. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows phones. The app allows to you to create different profiles and controls some basic functions of the  pen.  There are also some other options on the app including tutorial videos.

  • Innovative design
  • The exchangeable tips as well as filaments come with the purchase of the pen
  • Affordable
  • straightforward and easy to use
  • pioneering mobile app
  • could be better quality
  • new 3d pen users may experience some difficulty getting started

Eric’s Score
K.T.’s Score
A Fantastic little device.
A- Good choice.
Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon

7TECH 3D Printing Pen

K.T. Says: This 3D pen has gotten some great reviews for being user friendly.  Another fabulous feature that it boasts, is that it remains realtivley quiet while being used. The 7Tech 3D printing pen has one of the best heat controls. However with that being said, this pen can also become overly hot with time, so I would not recommend it for use with children, without adequate supervision.

The heat controls allow it be used with both ABS and PLA plastic filaments. It also has great speed controls to keep the pen from drawing to quickly or too slowly.  Reportedly from many users this pen will function well over time. It also has been designed well and is not too bulky to hold. It does come with filaments, but what is provided will only be  just enough to start, and more filaments will need to be purchased.

  • User friendly
  • Has an unclogging mechanism to prevent jams
  • Budget friendly
  • 1 year warranty
  • Can become too hot.
  • Not a great choice for children.
  • Will have to purchase additional filaments pretty quickly.

Eric’s Score
K.T.’s Score
A for Awesome. I love using this pen.
A- one of my favorites for sure.
Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon

ccbetter Intelligent Pen

The fourth on our list is the ccbetter Intelligent 3D Pen.  Before we get into the details, you should know that this pen is also marketed under the name Joyluxy Intelligent 3D. With that said, the Smart 3D pen is just one of the very best 3D pens 2021 we have had the pleasure of reviewing. Speaking of features, the 3D pen is rather basic and has all the requirements any person would want in a 3D pen. With that out of the way, let’s take a better look at the CCbetter Intelligent 3D pen from Joyluxy.

Eric Says: The LED display shows two lights – an orange light to show it is on as well as a red light that shows it is warming up which will turn green when ready to utilize the 3D pen. You choose whether you are utilizing ABS or PLA filament. You should make sure whatever filament you are using, the correct one is presented on the LED display. Also, both buttons on each side of the LED display are used for the temperature – one  reduces the temperature while the other one increases the temperature level. There are another two buttons on the low side of the pen and they each control rate of filament flow. One is to raise the speed while the other is to reduce the speed of the pen. On the  the bottom of the pen is another button to push the filament through the pen and a different button is used  to eject the filament from the 3D pen.

  • Nice design
  • Easy to Use
  • Can use both ABS or PLA filaments
  • .


Eric’s Score
K.T.’s Score
A for Awesome. I love using this pen.
A- one of my favorites for sure.
Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon

GENESIS 3D Printing Pen Review

Eric Says: The GENESIS 3D Pen is next up on our top ten list.  For those of you that don’t know, the company has also produced a 3D printer. The business behind Genesis 3D pen is known as Lasso Labs.

K.T. Says: The Genesis 3D pen is nicely designed and looks rather sophisticated. It’s nowhere near as slim and small as the Lix 3D printing pen but when it comes to getting the job done, this pen works brilliantly. THe Genesis 3D Pen comes in many different color combinations, for a nice touch. The pen handle eloquently in all the tests; it was smooth, the plastic filament really did not become stuck, and the pen’s framework really did not get too hot– something that happens frequently with a lot of 3D pens. Lasso Labs provides 5 filaments in the box. Of course you can always buy the filaments individually aw well. With that stated, the Genesis 3D pen is efficient and doesn’t take too much a effort to learn to use.

There is not too much to complain about with this pen. It has a good reputation among most reviewers.

  • Great warrranty
  • High quality portable construction
  • User friendly. Good for children and adults.
  • May become too hot is used on a large project.

Eric’s Score
K.T.’s Score
A for Awesome. I love using this pen.
A- one of my favorites for sure.
Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon

3Doodler 3d Printing Pen

Eric Says: The next one on the list is the 3Doodler 3D printing pen. This fashionable pen comes with 50 plastic filaments– one of the highest number of filaments available for a  3D printing pen. The overall looks of the pen are incredible, making the pen look like something that appeared from a Tom Clancy novel. With that said, let’s  see if the pen is worth the $110 price tag. You should know that this pen is in no other way related to a different product that goes by the same name and also is  known as the first 3D printing pen worldwide.

K.T. Says: This is possibly among the best-looking 3D printing pens available out there, best next to the Lix 3D printing pen we have evaluated previously, the best thing about this pen is that it has 50 filaments, and also they are extremely easy to change as well as do not become blocked. The testing stage disclosed that the pen takes care of to work  great on almost all the surface areas. The pen is actually easy to use, specifically for the skilled artists that have  experience using such tools.  When it comes to newbies, there is a small learning curve for them.

In all sincerity, we really did not find any disadvantages at all.This pen compares very well to all the other pens that we reviewed.

  • Sleek and stylish
  • Easy to use
  • can use both ABS or PLA plastic filaments
  • Takes some time to get used to using it.
  • Heavier than other pens

Eric’s Score
K.T.’s Score
A for Awesome. I love using this pen.
A- one of my favorites for sure.
Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon

Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

Our next entry is the Glyby Intelligent 3D printing pen. Customers as well as individuals have hailed it as one of the most effective 3D printing pens ever before offered, and sure, it is nowhere near as good looking as the Lix 3D printing pen, however in regards to functionality, it is terrific.


Eric Says: The Glyby Intelligent 3D printing pen is possibly the most inexpensive 3D printing pen offered on the market, it retails for just $50 and also works very efficiently.  It also works well on most surface areas. With that  being stated, do remember that this 3D printing pen is made with kids in mind, so if you desire something for an expert job, you probably could wish to invest your money on something more expensive that would be better for expert work. Moving on, the pen is easy to use for youngsters, it has enough features to keep them happy for a very long time. Parental supervision is always recommended, of course, with all 3d printing pens.

K.T. Says:  At this price, there isn’t anything to whine about concerning the Glyby Intelligent 3D printing pen. The major function of this 3D printing pen is to make sure that the children can use their creativity and expand their minds. It is an excellent tool for children. Sure there are much better 3D printing pens available in the marketplace, but do remember that they are generally over $90. With that said, the Glyby 3D printing pen is an amazing present for children who are always up for finding out new, fascinating and also soulful things.

  • Very affordable
  • Entertaining,  and creative tool for children
  • appealing in design for younger minds
  • good for novice users
  • more experienced users may want to find a more expensive tool

Eric’s Score
K.T.’s Score
A for Awesome. I love using this pen.
A- one of my favorites for sure.
Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon

CreoPop 3D Printing Pen – Cordless 3D Pen


Eric Says: Number 10 on our top 3D pen list is the CreoPop 3D Printing Pen.   Exactly what makes this pen one of the best? Similar to the Lix pen it has its own revolutionary qualities.  It does not need a cable to work, which means that there is an insane quantity of portability. And if you desire extra amazing things from this pen then right here’s an additional surprise; unlike the remainder of the 3D printing pens, this one doesn’t have any heating components. As crazy as that sounds, it is true! This pen does not require heat to melt the plastic in order to use it.

K.T. Says: As compared to the various other pens that utilize thermoplastics, the CreoPop utilizes photopolymers, this is the sort of ink that begins melting as soon as it is revealed to LED diodes. This is revolutionary in the area of 3d printing pens. Thinking about how there is no heated, melting plastic involved, the pen is incredibly easy to use as well as completely risk-free for children as there won’t be unintentional burns. And yes, it works just as well as other 3d printing pens out in the market.

There is not much negative to say about this pen. If you desire something that is futuristic, easy to use, as well as fancy, you must absolutely get this one. The only problem we have is that currently, the ink is supplied only by one manufacturer, and in comparison, the plastic filaments used for other 3d pens can be purchased from multiple places and is in fact generally interchangeable between brands.  The CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen is outstanding as well as unique and will certainly make any art lover delighted.

  • Unique and fancy design
  • No heating element to melt plastic
  • Creates long lasting objects
  • Ink is only available from one company
  • bulky in comparison to many other pens

Eric’s Score
K.T.’s Score
A for Awesome. I love using this pen.
A- one of my favorites for sure.
Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon

3D Pen Buyer’s Guide

Before acquiring a 3D pen, you should become aquainted with how they work and what they can do. Each pen can have different functions, or have different heating temperature, or types of filament that it can melt. The newest pens available may now be quite different from the originals. 3D pens do not have a long history but they are many different types and styles.

The very first project of its kind was started as a kick starter product. Teh technology was not difficult to understand and many other pens soon made their way onto the market.  The success of 3Doodler brought on the product, Scribbler. With manufacturings in China, Scribbler was still able to provide a 6-month service warranty plus return plan.  If you have no idea what the best way to go about picking your 3D pen, this can be trickiest of markets.

3D innovation takes big steps as we talk. Nonetheless, there isn’t too much to learn about, in contrast to normal family electronic devices. Getting a grasp of this tech can be  very easy. Advancement of this technology can become clear by comparing plastic and awesome ink pens.

3D plastic pen vs. Cool Ink pen

3Doodler and also Scribbler accounted for many of the 3D printing pens in the first wave of #d pens that were released. All of them used plastic for drawing 3D things in the air. The next step in the advancement of this technology took place through amazing ink pens. They made creating 3D projects as workable as plastic pens.  With the removal of hot components, safer pens were created for all ages. These ink pens cam onto the market in September 2015.

At first these trendy ink pens were not able to actually draw int he air, but rather would be drawn on paper and later set up as a 3D object.  It really did not match the feeling of drawing in the air. However companies like CreoPop started using UV light to help set the ink, and made true 3D drawing possible in ink pens.

What Else Can A 3D Pen Do?

What people want most from 3D pens is the ability to build 3D art or other fun objects. Pens need to be able to easily load filaments, have a good build quality, and a functioning style. Other features on the 3D pen, such as speed control, help create better more precise objects. Thermal controls are necessary since PLA and ABS as well other types of filaments have different melting points. Additional features included on some models are standby mode, large LCD displays, filament jamming systems, etc.

  • Sort of control:  Better quality pens provide individuals some control of pen functions. For example, thermal controls on plastic 3D pens produce better quality objects. Another type of control that pens can provide is the flow speed of the plastic filaments. Flexible temperature levels help to fine tune and create more precise drawings. Adjusting the speed controls the speed at which the object or artwork is drawn. Smart controls can completely change the 3D drawing experience.
  • Design: It is important for 3D pens to have an ergonomic design. The pen design has an important role in how comfortable it is in your hand, and in the finished artwork. Currently the trend is to create slimmer pens such as the mini 3D from Lix.  Pens have becoming  smaller in scale. It is important that the pen does not  obstruct your view from your artwork.  The last consideration to keep in mind when it comes to 3D pen design is the weight of the pen. Lightweight pens are generally preferable, and seem to enhance the quality of your artwork.
  • Filament type: The kind of filament used is important to the finished quality of your artwork . It plays a large role  in an individual’s drawing style. It determines how you hold the pen.  Currently there is large range of filaments available for use in 3D pens.  It is important to refer to the pen to see which types are able to be used in each pen. A good rule thumb to follow is the easier it is to replace the filaments in the en the better it will be to use.  This also extends the life of the pen.
  • Trademark name: Considering the brand may have an impact on your buying choices. 3Doodler was the first developer of the 3D pen. Scribbler will provide a 6 month warranty with purchase of their pen. However, Scribbler also manufactures in China. There are other brands which manufacture  at home such as Lix.  It is always important to compare the different brands for quality, as well as pen features.  Beware of false advertising.
  • Check out Reviews: Consumer reviews may be your best bet to compare the different brands. While these are still relatively new technology, these pens have been on the market long enough now to earn reputations. Checking reviews from different sites would give you a good idea if a particular pen is the right fit for you, and if the pen lives up to its promises.

Are 3D Printing Pens Worth It?

Many people are confused about whether 3D printing pens are serious tools. Sure, you can see many people using 3D printer pens as tools, but you cannot reach a generalization based on that. On the other hand, 3D printing pens come in handy for many designers, developers, and creative professionals out there. These pens allow them to create stunning material without having a fully-fledged 3D printer.

At the same time, you cannot expect these comforts from a random 3D printing pen in the market. Instead, you have to choose a 3D printing pen from a trusted brand. It is not an idea to compromise the quality for the sake of savings. In the end, all of us are looking for the best 3D printing experience, correct? So, investing as much as you can is helpful.

The Final Say

3D pens are a great investment for people looking for fun and creative ways to create new pieces of artwork and objects. While still somewhat expensive, there are affordable options available, and can  bring artistic works to  anew level.

These pens are still somewhat new, but the available brands and models have grown considerably. We hope this list can help clarify your options , and help you choose the best pen for you.

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  1. I was looking at one of these in-person at the store while shopping for a birthday gift for my son, he had mentioned liking one but I knew nothing about what they did or how they worked so I didn’t buy the pen (the store only had one brand, with two versions of the pen). I didn’t realize there were this many more options for these, so thank you for reviewing them and the differences between them… I still have a few weeks to decide on one before his birthday 😉

  2. Do not purchase the 3dsimo, there is a very good chance you will never receive your product. I’ve been waiting two years for them to send mine. They will not respond to any communications and have blocked me from their Facebook page.

  3. Do not buy 3dsimo. Ours melted after 10 minutes of use and like the above mentioned, no response to any communication!

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