Best .45 Handguns Reviews – ( Top 10 45 Cal Pistols )

What You Need to Know When Shopping for a .45

Regardless of what your purpose is in buying a gun, it is essential that you read this review first so you won’t end up blaming yourself for purchasing the wrong one. The number one reason why people buy a gun these days is for protection. In the past, only those who were into target shooting purchase guns such as .380 or .22 cal. With the increasing demand for guns, the number of weapons being manufactured each year has also increased. As a result, new gun owners are having a hard time deciding which gun to buy due to the sheer number of choices.

One of the best types of pistols is the .45 caliber handgun. To help you in choosing the right weapon for you, we have created this buying guide. This post includes the things you need to consider when selecting a gun, and the top 5 best .45 caliber pistol reviews on the market today.

45 HandgunsCapacityBarrell Length
Rock Island 1911 (Editor’s Choice)8+15" Check Price
Remington 19117+15" Check Price
S&W M&P 4510+14" Check Price
HIgh-Point 345109+14.5" Check Price
S&W Shield63.3" Check Price

Things to Consider When Buying a .45 Caliber Handgun

Before heading to the gun store or purchasing one online, you need to consider first the reason you need a .45 Caliber pistol. Once you have decided that this is the type of weapon you want, you need to check the features of each gun carefully.

  1. How it Fits Your Hand

When choosing a .45 Caliber pistol, you need to ensure that it will fit your hand comfortably. Some people have smaller hands and may have a hard time reaching the trigger. Others have bigger hands, which makes it hard to look for a gun that will fit in their hands. You can also find handguns with interchangeable back grips, which affect the thickness of the grip. If you are left-handed, you can buy an ambidextrous firearm.

It is important that the gun must feel comfortable to you. Each time you pick it up, it should have a natural feel as if it is an extension of your hand. If the gun fits your hand correctly, you will be comfortable each time you pick it up and learning to shoot it will become more relaxed.

  1. The Handgun Should Be of High-Quality

Many people purchase a .45 caliber pistol for protection against bad elements at home or to bring outside concealed. For a firearm you can take anywhere you go, you need something that is lightweight, easy to hide and has lots of firepower. A pistol may cost you around $500, so make sure that you are buying a quality firearm. If you need a gun to save your life, you need a gun that will shoot every time you pull the trigger without any problem.

  1. It Should Have a Smooth Trigger

Some weapons have a good quality trigger, but others have a very rough one from the factory. But, a professional gunsmith can quickly fix this without any problem. A smooth trigger is as essential as the two factors above. A smooth trigger will make it easier to have better trigger control, therefore better accuracy when shooting.

Top 5 Best .45 Handgun Reviews

Here are some of the best handguns that you can consider buying:

  1. Heckler & Koch HK45

This brand was an improved version of the highly-regarded USP45. The Heckler & Koch HK45 has various user-inspired enhancements, including an accessory rail with Picatinny MIL-STD-1913, more controls for left or right-handed users, changeable grip panels, and better ergonomics. This pistol was developed for the Joint Combat Pistol plan replacement for the commonly used M9 by the U.S. military. The barrels are made of cold-hammer forging procedure for optimum performance and increased life-span of the handgun.

Important Features

  1. Beretta Px4 Storm

This pistol was built with the idea that a handgun can be adapted to various needs and manners of operations without affecting the ergonomics and the renowned Beretta performance and dependability. The Beretta focuses on ease of handling, reliability, power, and performance. Aside from the .45 caliber, it is also available in two other calibers. It has a modern design locked breech with a rotating barrel system.

The Beretta is designed this way to minimize recoil every time you fire, thus improving the shooter’s overall accuracy and generating more accurate shooting during rapid-firing. It is also recommended as an excellent defense weapon at home and as part of your collection.

Important Features

  1. Springfield XD 45

The Springfield XD reputation in ergonomics, handling, and intuitive operation is taken into a higher level with the introduction of the M-Factor. With the XD, you also get a lot of options for a customized fit right out of the box.

Important Features

  1. Glock 21

It is also called the “big bore” .45 caliber made in the USA. Americans have maintained a good relationship with the timeless pistol. This handgun provides you all you would need from a .45 handgun. Law enforcement units prefer this pistol as it has an above-average magazine capacity of thirteen rounds.

Important Features

  1. Smith & Wesson M&P .45

This CA Compliant Smith & Wesson has three interchangeable Palmswell grip sizes and has an improved polymer chassis, proven safety features, ambidextrous controls, and superior ergonomics. It has the latest standard in dependability when your work is to serve and protect and if your life is in danger and to defend your home against harmful elements.

In the construction of the M&P, they believed the demands of military and law enforcement from every imaginable angle. No other polymer pistols provide this combination of adaptability, durability, and safety. Also, the gun is supported by the Lifetime Service Policy of Smith & Wesson.

Important Features

The Need of a Gun Safe For a .45

If you are thinking of the safety of your children, a gun safe is a must. Safety is tantamount to having a gun. The safe should include a lock to keep the weapon in a safe place. Place the safe in a secured area that your children cannot access. Kids these days are very intelligent, and if they get their hands on the gun, it will mean disaster.

In choosing a gun safe, choose the one that enables you to access your weapon easily. Here are other things that you need to keep in mind:

The Law and Safety Tips

You need to abide by gun laws in your state when buying a firearm as well as those at the federal level.

Final Words

Whatever your purpose is in buying a .45 caliber pistol may be, make sure that you keep safety in mind. You are buying the weapon to keep your family safe and protected from bad elements. You need to be a responsible gun owner.