Best Ant Killer Bait – ( Top 10 Review Roundup )

Best Ant Killer BaitAnts can be a common household pest, but getting them out of your home can be more complicated than you would think. You destroy one trail of ants, killing hundreds of them at once, only to discover a new line of scavengers has formed only hours later.

This frustrating pattern can continue for days or weeks or even longer. The reality is that the best and most effective way to rid your home of this annoying infestation is to destroy the nest itself. That’s why we made our Best Ant Killer Bait Review Roundup.

No matter how many ants you think you are killing in your home, there could be tens of thousands more just waiting in the nest to take their place. On top of that the Queen ant will be busy laying a thousand new eggs every single day. Clearly, the colony must be destroyed if you ever want to live in a home free from ants.

Because ants are such pests we took the liberty to round up the best ant killer bait products on the market. Jump below to get to the reviews or keep on reading if you are interested in ant science. 🙂

Of course, there may be more than one nest. The nest could be hidden or hard to find. The ants may be coming from cracks in floors and walls, making it almost impossible to find the actual colony they are originating from. The best news is that you don’t actually have to find the source in order to wipe them all out. Ant baits have been created to solve the problem of destroying the entire nest without ever having to find it.

Best Ant Killer

Product NameProduct ImageDistribution MethodBait typeBuy Now
Advion Ant GelSyringeGel Check Price
Terro Ant KillerBait stationsLiquid Check Price
Combat Source Kill MAX A2 SyringeGel Check Price
Hot Shot 2040W MaxattraxBait StationsGranuales Check Price
Optiguard Ant Bait GelSyringeGel Check Price
Terro LiquidCardboard discsLiquid Check Price
Harris Ant, Natural Plant Oil SpraySpray BottleLiquid Check Price
Raid Ant GelSyringeGel Check Price
Maxforce Quantum
0.03% Imidacloprid Ant
Control Liquid Bait
SyringeGel Check Price
GreenGuard Ultrasonic
Pest Repeller
Ultrasonic WavesSound Waves Check Price

How Ant Traps Work

Ant traps are designed to work based on typical ant behavior. Scavenger ants are sent out into the world to discover and then bring back food to feed the entire colony. The poison in ant baits is mixed with a sweet substance which makes it attractive to ants.

When the first ant finds the poisoned food, he eats his fill and then begins the process of bringing the tainted treat back to the colony to feast upon. Soon a line of ants forms, all carrying the bait back to the waiting ants at home. The poison is slow acting so the first ants to eat it will be able to return their colonies before they die.

Next, the poison that has been brought back to the colony will be eaten by the rest of the nest. As the ants begin to die back in the nest, they will also be eaten by the rest of the colony which further spreads the poison.

This will continue until all the ants including the queen have eaten the poison. Finally, depending on the size of the colony or possibly colonies, the whole process could take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks.

Best Ant Killer Baits Reviews

I have put together a list of some of the top ant baits that produce the best results. So if you have found yourself with a problematic ant infestation, consider trying one of the following ant killer bait suggestions.


#1 – Advion Ant Gel Review

Best Ant Killer Bait

Advion Ant Gel earns its place as number one on my list based on its solid reputation, reliable effectiveness, and outstanding user reviews. After the bait is placed, swarms of ants should be attracted to it within a few short hours. The longer it is left there the more ants will come to take the bait back home.

Advion uses the effective and popular syringe style design of ant bait. The syringe is great for getting the bait into tight corners or cracks or other places where ants are most likely to be. The Advion syringe is easy to use and works well.

Another great feature from Advion is the use of gel which keeps the bait exactly where you put it. The gel can be used indoors or out but should be placed somewhere where it will be left undisturbed for several days. Ideally, it is best to place the gel in multiple locations near the infestation site to attract as many ants as possible.

Both the poison and the poisoned dead ants will be brought back to the colony where it will be spread. Depending on the size of the infestation, it can take a couple days or even longer for the ants to spread the poison throughout their nest or nests.  As with all types of poison, care should be used to keep pets and small children away from the sites where the bait is placed.

Advion is an effective, reliable and popular ant bait at a good price. This ant bait targets most types of ants, and all sweet-feeders.


  • Very reliable effectiveness
  • Targets most types of ants, all sweet feeders
  • Easy to use syringe
  • Gel bait
  • Fantastic user reviews
  • Slow acting poison/ entire nest is targeted
  • Somewhat pricier than other products on the market

Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon

#2- Terro Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits Review

Best Ant Killer Bait

The best thing about this bait is that is easy to use. Terro Ant Killer comes in a pack of 6 baits that can be placed wherever they are needed most.  As with other ant baits, it attracts the ants with its sweet smell, and then once the ants take the bait and carry it back to their colonies, they will die within hours of consuming it. The poison will then spread as more ants eat either the bait or the bodies of the other poisoned ants.

The bait stations simply need to be opened and then placed in the desired locations. They can be located inside or outside but should be placed somewhere where they can be left for several days undisturbed.

As with all ant poisons, care should be used so no pets or small children are able to get into the poison. If it is necessary to solve your ant infestation the baits can be used for several months. In this case, it would be best to rotate the location of baits periodically to give the best exposure to the ants.

Terro Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits have one of the best reputations for effectiveness. This fantastic ant killer is affordable, easy to use and simply put, it just works.

  • Works on multiple types of ants
  • Easy to place baits
  • Best user reviews for effectiveness
  • Slow acting poison targets the entire colony
  • Cannot be placed in tight corners or cracks as it is in a bait station

Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon


Best Ant Killer Bait
Combat is one of the most well know brand names when it comes to home pest control products. This ant bait, much like the Advion brand, employs the use both the syringe applicator and gel substance for its bait. This method is a very popular and effective way to apply the bait precisely and effectively.

Combat’s Max bait is similar to the Advion bait. It has a sweet smell to attract the ants, and once eaten it is carried back to the nest to be eaten by the rest of the colony. The slow-acting poison eventually kills off the entire colony.

The applicator is ready to go straight out of the box and is simple to use. Simply squeeze the syringe where you want the gel to be applied. The ant problem could be eliminated within 3-5 days, depending on how bad the infestation is or how many nests there are.

As with the other products, this bait can be used indoors or out and should be put in an undisturbed location for several days for maximum effectiveness. As always, keep it out of the reach of pets and small children.

A great feature of the Combat Source Kill Max A2 Ant Killing Gel is that it targets multiple types of ants including black ants, house ants, carpenter ants, pavement ants, and pharaoh ants. This ant product is affordable as well as can be a great help to eliminating your ant problem.

  • Works on multiple types of ants
  • Easy to use syringe
  • Gel bait
  • Child-proof applicator
  • Slow acting poison to target the entire nest
  •  None



Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon

#4- OptiGuard Ant Bait Gel Review

Best Ant Killer Bait

OptiGuard Ant Bait Gel is a very similar product to the Advion and Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait. It comes in a gel form and is applied to surfaces using a syringe. OptiGuard is a sweet bait intended to attract sweet feeding ants. This ant bait gel works the same as the previously mentioned ant killers.  The ant takes the poison and bring it back to the colony where eventually the entire nest will be destroyed.

Optiguard can be used indoors and outdoors and the syringe applicator is great for use in cracks and crevices. This ant bait has a great reputation for being an effective as well as a reliable ant killer. The slow acting poison requires patience, but once it is taken by the worker ants, the colony should die out within a few days, depending on how bad the ant infestation is.

This a powerhouse product, that works great, and comes greatly recommended. Finally, it is competitively priced when compared to similar products on the  market.

  • Awesome user reviews
  • Impressive effectiveness
  • Gel and syringe for precise application
  • Competitively priced
  • Effective for many types of ants, but excludes some other common types.

Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon


Best Ant Killer Bait
This traditional style ant bait is easy on the budget. The bait station has a standard four entryway design, with the bait located inside the station. As with other ant killers, the bait is designed to be taken by the ants back to the colony to be eaten there to destroy the entire nest. Another feature to consider is that it is the longest lasting ant killer on our list. The Hot Shot ant bait can be put out for up to 6 months in an indoor setting.

This is an affordable alternative for a store bought ant killer. Also, it is a solid performer, and extremely easy to use.

  • Cheap!
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting
  • Effectiveness is lower compared to other brands

Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon

#6- TERRO 1 oz Liquid Ant Killer ll T100 Review

Best Ant Killer Bait
Like the Terro Ant Bait listed as #2 on our list, this Terro Liquid Ant Killer is a highly effective and reliable product for eliminating ant infestations. This product’s active ingredient is Boric Acid, just like Grandpa used to use.

Boric Acid has long been known as an effective way to wipe out ants when it is mixed with a sugary substance. Any type of sugar feeding ants will be attracted to this product. The difference in this product and the other Terro product I reviewed is that it comes in a 1 oz container and is manually poured out on the supplied cardboard discs, rather than the pre-made bait stations that come with the first Terro product. Some ant experts believe that the liquid poison is more easily carried by ants than gels.

I listed this one as number 6 on my list because having to manually pour the liquid and keep it on the cardboard disc is a bit more inconvenient than the pre-made bait stations also made by Terro. However, this could be better for some people, depending on your needs.

The discs are then placed throughout your house where you are having a problem with ants. The liquid bait proves itself to be a powerful and effective way to solve an ant infestation.

Lastly, Terro ant killers have a great reputation for ant killers, and this bottle is inexpensive and a great choice.

  • Inexpensive
  • Uses Boric Acid
  • Easy to carry liquid bait
  • Must be manually poured out.

Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon


#7-Harris New Ant Spray, Natural Plant Oil – Best For Quickly Killing Ants Around the Home

Best Ant Killer Bait
Number seven on my list is the first product that I reviewed that is not actually an ant bait system. I am including this one for its environmentally friendly qualities, especially for killing ants in the kitchen. Many people who want to control the ants that come into their home are also concerned by the toxins that ant baits expose them too. Harris Ant Natural Plant Oil Spray is a good alternative to traditional ant control methods. This spray will naturally kill and repel pests including ants.

While this spray may need to be used with a slow acting ant bait killer in order to kill an entire colony, it is a good ant killer to keep on hand to kill ants in areas where children and pets are around. Do however, use caution to keep the  spray away from food .  Another thing to keep in mind is that this will kill other pests besides ants as well.

This is a fast acting killer in comparison to the slow-acting poisons in the ant bait systems. You should see immediate results when you use it, and there will be no waiting for the ants to disappear. The most attractive thing about this spray is that is natural and eco-friendly. It uses clove and cottonseed oils as it’s active ingredients. Completely safe for children and pets.

So if you are concerned about toxic ant poisons this safer product may be worth a try!  It’s hard to find a reason why not to try this one.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Immediate results (within 30 minutes)
  • Safe for children and pests
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors as a perimeter spray
  • Good for killing ants around the home
  • Does not kill the entire colony of ants
  • Most effective when used in a combo with other ant killing methods

Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon

#8- Raid Ant Gel Review

Best Ant Killer Bait
Raid is a household name when it comes to pest control. This is another ant gel bait is made for precision controlled placement. Raid Ant Gel Bait is designed similar to the  Advion Ant Gel. Once the gel is applied to any surface, including cracks or crevices, the bait will be carried back to the colony, wiping out the whole nest. Raid Ant Gel will kill for an entire month, however, reapplication may be necessary.

This product comes in a applicator tube, and you never have to touch the poison with your hands. Raid is well known name in pest control, so you can feel reassured by the company name.  It is an inexpensive and highly effective option.

  • Very effective
  • Gel and applicator for precise application
  • Low price
  • Long Lasting
  • Mixed Reviews

Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon

#9-Maxforce Quantum 0.03% Imidacloprid Ant Control Liquid Bait Review

Best Ant Killer Bait

Maxforce Quantum Ant Control is another gel and syringe ant killer system. These types of systems are currently very popular and very effective for controlling infestations. The gel can easily be applied into small spaces and Maxforce will continue to work for up to two weeks. The broad-spectrum poison targets a host of ants including Argentine, Ghost, little black, Odorous House, Pavement,  and Honey.

Maxforce is comparable to the other great gel baits we have reviewed for this page, and is solid and reliable product. You can also count on Maxforce to help control your ant problem.

  • Great reviews
  • Gel and syringe for precise application
  • Effective
  • Can be a bit messy

Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon

#10- GreenGuard Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

Best Ant Killer Bait
I am including the GreenGuard Ultrasonic Pest Repeller as number ten on my list as another alternative to poisonous ant baits. The ultrasonic pest repeller uses high density, inaudible,  ultrasonic sound waves to repel all types of pests as well as mice and rats. This another non-toxic child-friendly way to rid your home of any pest infestations if introducing ant poisons is a concern for you.

Not only will Green Guard help with your ant problem, it will repel mosquitoes, roaches, spiders and other insects. All without having the need to spray chemicals around your home. With their lifetime guarantee, and great reviews, Green Guard is another alternative option to consider for home pest control.

  • Non-toxic alternative
  • Works on a large variety of pests
  • Life-time guarantee
  • Does not kill pests, but rather repells them.

Lowest Price Found Here @ Amazon


Ant Bait Buyer’s Guide

One of the most frustrating pest problems is an ant infestation in your home. They can cause many problems and issues for you and your house. It can become a huge battle to rid your home of these very much unwanted guests.

However with proper research and a very small investment eliminating ant colonies in and around your home can be achieved easily. There are countless products available for quick home use to rid your house of this pest. When you research all the options it can be a lot easier to decide which product would be best for your particular needs. I am including a few more things that you may want to consider when looking at the different products that are available.

Are Ant Killer Chemicals Environmentally Friendly?

Every type of ant bait is little bit different and its important to keep in mind what the bait will do to the environment you put it in. Some types of ant poison will also destroy plants and grass or contaminate surrounding soil. Other animals or insects that come into contact may also ingest and become sick from the poison.

There are even some types ant killers that should not be used in poorly ventilated areas. They have been known to be very toxic and could cause many unwanted symptoms such as headaches, or dizziness. Furthermore, extended exposure to some of the chemicals in ant killers can even lead to cancer in rare cases. Finally, always follow directions on the bait you chose and minimize human exposure to the poison.

How Do You Get Rid Of Ants Outside?

Best Ant Killer Bait

There are plenty of ant baits available on the market, so researching the effectiveness of an ant killer for outdoors is always the first step you want to take. Most of the products work in the same way. They use a sweet substance mixed with ant poison to attract the ants. The ants then eat the poison and carry it back to the nest to be eaten by the rest of the colony.

The slow acting poison then kills the ants, the remaining ants consume the poisoned ants, and the cycle continues until the entire colony is eliminated. This being said there are generally two different designs to put the ant poison in the desired areas. Bait stations can be very effective in some cases, but by far the syringe systems tend to be the superior method to deliver the bait.

Syringes and bait stations are by far the cleanest method you can use inside the home. Also, powders and liquids can often spill into unintended places causing overexposure in your home of toxic chemicals. However, these methods can more effective if you are trying to eliminate a large nest outside your home.

The Final Say

After considering the value, effectiveness, and best method for your ant problem, you should be able to pick out the best product that meets your needs. Lastly, doing your research to avoid ineffective, too cheap, or too pricey products will help you avoid unnecessary headaches when trying to rid your home of this pest.

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