Best AR-10 Rifles – ( Top 10 AR 10 Reviews of 2018 )

Top AR-10 Rifles Review, Price List, and Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are looking to buy an AR-10 for your security operations or for hunting expeditions, the AR-10 is surely a precision rifle worth investing in. However, since there are many arms manufacturers that produce the rifle model, it can be quite hard to decide which makes the most reliable AR-10 that fits your needs.

This review aims to discuss what makes a good AR-10 rifle and the features that some of the top manufacturers produce their AR-10 models with.

What is an AR-10 Rifle?

The AR-10 is a rifle platform developed in the late 1950s for ArmaLite by Eugene Stoner. It was used as a battle rifle in the service, but only a few were produced at the time it was developed. Today, the AR-10 is a choice rifle for long-range shooting and sniper support in law enforcement service, security service operations and hunting sports.

It is similar to the AR-15 except that it is chambered so it can be used with the .308 Winchester rounds. And because of that, it can shoot a longer range than the AR-15 for over 600 yards.

What are the key features of the AR-10?

The key features of the AR-10 rifle are bulleted below:

As indicated above, the AR-10 is gas-operated, which means that it is cycled by a gas piston system that uses pressure from expanding gas to fire each shot. It is semi-automatic because it lacks components like the auto sear, which are found in fully-automatic rifles. And because it is chambered to accommodate the .308 Winchester cartridges, it uses a longer magazine well, longer upper receiver, and longer magazines.

Many of its small parts like the buffer, action spring and receiver extension are also interchangeable with the AR-15’s similar parts. The AR-10 is actually customizable and can be built using parts from different manufacturers.

AR-10 Pricelist

AR-10 RiflesCapacityTotal LengthBarrel Length
Stag 10S 22" (6.5 Creedmoor) (Editor’s Choice)10RD22" Check Price
Stag 10 LH 24" (6.5 Creedmoor) (Best For Left Handed)10RD24" Check Price
DPMS LR-308 Panther Recon 6RD18.5"8.7" Check Price
Springfield M1A Standard618.1"8.5" Check Price
DPMS LR-308 Panther Classic6 + 118.5"8.7" Check Price
Ruger Gunsite Scout6 + 118.42"8.75" Check Price
DPMS RFLR-308B Panther LR8RD18"8.7" Check Price
DPMS RFLR-OC Oracle 3088 + 118"8.7" Check Price
Ruger American6RD8.75" Check Price
Springfield M1A Socom6 + 118.16"8.75" Check Price
DPMS RFLR-WCP Panther Sportical6 + 118.6"8.5" Check Price
PTR PTR91 Model G.I7 + 118.6"8.5" Check Price

What are the top brands or manufacturers of AR-10 Rifles?

Because the AR-10 has different variants and different manufacturers, determining which and where to buy the right AR-10 for your professional or personal needs can be quite challenging. The AR-10 review below lists 5 of the most noted models and manufacturers of different sorts of AR-10 rifle configuration:

Daniel Defense DD5 V1 and V2 Review

The DD5 series is produced by Daniel Defense, a top-quality manufacturer of modern rifles. The DD5 series consists of professional-grade rifles that feature the following:

The DD5 series models are considered by most to be the best AR-10 rifles based on their feature specs and shooting capabilities.

See the full Daniel Defense DD5 Review Here

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ArmaLite AR-10 Tactical Review

ArmaLite is the original manufacturer and developer of the AR-10, so we can expect their modern AR-10 rifles to have top of the line quality. ArmaLite usually produces their rifles using exclusive proprietary parts, so most of their rifles’ parts and accessories may not be interchangeable with parts from other manufacturers.

Their AR-10 (T) features the following specs:

ArmaLite’s latest Tactical series comes with new features like:

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Windham Weaponry SRC-308

Windham Weaponry is known to produce affordable but high-quality rifles. It was founded by former Bushmaster firearms owner, Richard Dyke. He works with some of his former Bushmaster employees in developing modern weaponry innovations. One of their best rifles is the SRC-308, which is an AR-10 variant that features the following specs:

The SRC-308 is also the favorite among AR-10’s as a base AR-10 for piece by piece upgrades and customization.

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Ruger SR-762 Review

The SR-762 is a piston-driven AR-10 variant with the following features:

DPMS Oracle 308 Review

DPMS produces high-quality parts and highly-capable entry-level rifles. Their Oracle 308 is a simple AR-10 base with the following basic specs:

The Oracle 308 is the most preferred base AR-10 rifle platform for customization and upgrades because it’s more affordable than other AR-10’s but has great quality.

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Which AR-10 would suit my needs the best?

Your choice of AR-10 will depend greatly on how you intend to use the rifle. If you are a professional who needs a highly reliable rifle for security and defense service operations, the Daniel Defense DD5 is your best choice. If you are an experienced hunter who prefers a heavier rifle that will withstand pressure, the Ruger SR-762 is what you might need. If you are a newcomer to shooting or if you like customizing base rifles, the DPMS Oracle 308 would be the rifle for the job.

Careful assessment before buying must be practiced to ensure that you don’t end up using the wrong rifle for your shooting venture. Also, rifles are big guns that are dangerous around civilians; choosing the wrong sort of AR-10 might lead to untoward and unpleasant accidents that can cost your life or others’ lives. The AR-10 rifle is a well-performing hunting and defense service companion, but you should always take extreme precautions in buying, storing, and handling the rifles.

How is the AR-10 operated?

The AR-10 is a .308 Winchester or 7.62×51 NATO caliber rifle that feeds from box magazines with a 20-round capacity. Its variants are operated similarly but may have different calibers.

The magazines are securely inserted each into the magazine well by pushing them up until it clicks. Each cartridge is chambered when the bolt lock is closed and the charging handle is pulled back so it can slingshot forward.

The AR-10 has a bolt catch mechanism that keeps the bolt open after firing the last round from the magazine. It should close when a new magazine is inserted, but if it remains open, you just press the bolt catch’s paddle in with your thumb to close it and chamber the cartridge.

To fire or shoot, just switch the selector to FIRE. And when the magazine is emptied, the bolt lock will open again to accommodate the next magazine.

What are the AR-10 variants?

The AR-10 rifle has several variants that mainly include the following:

The original AR-10 and the variants share the same base design, so they all work within Stoner’s design trademark, the principle of direct impingement. This principle is affirmed in gas rifles; when a round is fired from them, hot gas emits from the cartridge. Some of the gas is emitted through the rifle barrel and some through the rifle tube, which helps with the quick recoil of the caliber compartment into position to accommodate the next round.

Unlike piston-powered rifles that use the mechanical piston for recoil, gas piston reacts quicker, so gas rifles can readily shoot the next round in less time. This means that gas rifles can shoot more rounds within a certain period of time compared to piston-powered rifles. It also makes the AR’s shots more accurate.

These characteristics make the AR-10 a preferable choice in sniper operations and complex long-range shooting exercises.

What makes a good AR-10?

It is important to note that professional shooters and hunters root for AR-10 over AR-15 because it can be customized with parts from the AR-15 so the AR-10 will have the combined power of the AR-15 and AR-10. Some shooters who are capable of building their own guns prefer to build their AR-10’s, but there are plenty of manufacturers that build high-quality, customizable AR-10’s.

Whether you choose to buy a well-manufactured AR-10 from a dealer or order a custom-built AR-10 from capable shooters, it is important to always check the quality of your purchased item. The following are the primary things to consider in buying a good AR-10:

Quality of Parts

The difference of the two-stage trigger from the single stage is that it has the slack phase and the break phase. The slack is the start of the trigger pull and the break is the firing of the shot, where the trigger spring of the rifle breaks.

When it comes to barrel length, longer barrels ensure better accuracy than shorter barrels for long-range shooting. A barrel length of 20 to 24 inches is recommended for long-range shooting, 16 inches for close-range shooting, 18 to 20 inches for middle-range multi-purpose shooting.

Performance Quality