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Note: This guide is only useful if you have a BD disc that does not contain copy protection technology like BD+ or MKB. Using software that circumvents these or other copy protection methods is illegal in most countries. All info presented has only been done on BD discs we have created ourselves and no copy protections have been circumvented.

Blu-Ray discs are fragile and susceptible to scratches, nicks, and getting lost. So you want an easy way to make a backup copyright? That what we thought and put this review together to help you sort out all the software options currently available on the market. This review rates the best of the best Blu-Ray copying apps today.

Best Blu-Ray, UHD, 4K Copy & Ripper Software 2021 Compare Chart

2021 Update: Really the only solution you should be looking at is DVDFab Blu Ray Copy. This is the only software in the world that is continually being updated. Plus they do UHD and 4K plus have a Cinavia removal tool. The chart and info below are being kept for historical reasons.

Check Out DVDFab Blu Ray Software Here - Mac and Windows

Blu-Ray Software Buyers Guide

Our top 3 picks all offer regular updates to their software. Why is this important? First, here are constantly new updates to the copy protection codes that are added to each Blu Ray movie. To be sure that the software works on newer movies the software must be updated with the new decryption codes to counteract this. DVDFab and Blue-Cloner are updated the most often which is a major reason they are our top picks.

Since many people are upgrading the home theatres to HD Blu-Ray players it’s only natural for one to want to protect that fragile disc investment by using a Blu Ray ripper software.  Also with the introduction to movie storage where you can set up a media player full of all of your movies stored in one central location where you can access from any device connected to your network.  With these new technologies now in our living rooms utilizing a Blu Ray Ripper to rip your Blu-Ray movies onto these locations is a must.

Should You Use a Blu Ray Ripper Instead?

By using a software that can rip Blu Ray discs you are more or less extracting the contents of the disc which are in a BDMV format and converting it to a more portable and lightweight single file which could be MKV, AVI, DivX, XviD, WMV, MPEG4, MOV, FLV, HD AVI, HD MPEG, HD MOV, H264/AVC, or HD WMV. So basically any format you need is covered.

In addition to these rippers converting into the format of your choice they also provide the capability to convert and shrink down the video size (not reducing HD video quality) so you can use them on your portable gadgets and tablets such as your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Xoom, etc….  Also portable cell phones are supported like any Android phone such as the Droid X2, HTC EVO 4G, Desire HD, Galaxy S and other smartphones like the Nokia N8, Dell Streak and Archos devices.

5 Benefits of a Blu-Ray Copying Software:

The most common reason to use a Blu-Ray Backup software is to make a physical copy of your initial Blu Ray investment. In case of scratches, fingerprints, breakage, kids playing with them, etc… you can rest assured that you have a working backup. Or even better, use the backed up Blu Ray as the main disc to watch and lock away the original.

What to Look for in a Good Blu-Ray Copier

There are 4 main criteria that we look for when we do our reviews and they include: 1) Overall Copy quality, 2) Speed Of the Copy, 3) Shrink-to-fit percentage, and 4) the Companies overall support.

Backup Quality: When you are making a copy of a Blu Ray disc you want to be sure that you retain the same 1080p HD quality found on the original. Our top 3 picks all allow you the ability to choose the output setting when you rip the Blu-Ray video ensuring that you are in control of the video quality. You can also choose to rip the Audio stream thus retaining true HD sound too.

Speed: Speed is very important when it comes to ripping and backing up Blu Ray discs. Since you are dealing with HD video many PC’s have to use all of their system resources just to play the video. So the best software will be optimized to use Quad Core systems and more advanced video accelerators. Of course, our top picks enable this feature.

Shrink to Fit: Why is shrinking Blu Ray video important? First of all most Blu-Ray movies are over 25GB in size. If you don’t mind paying $20 for a dual layer (50GB) BD-R then you are good to go. But if you would rather stick to a more affordable single layer (25GB) BD-R or BD-RW then you must utilize a shrinking feature. Or in other words the ability to remove unwanted features on the original disc, like trailers, BD-Live features, and certain Audio streams. Our top picks allow you to do this.

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How to Make a Blu Ray Backup – Software Tutorial

Many people are wondering if it’s possible to backup Blu-Ray movie discs according to a recent poll.  Since it still a small investment buying a Blu-Ray movie disc averaging around $25 for a newer hit movie, people want an easy solution for protecting this investment.  That is when today’s newer Blu Ray software comes in handy.  It’s not as easy as popping the disc in your BD drive and copying to your hard drive.  All Blu Ray movie discs contain a form of copy protection to prevent this from happening casually and on a whim.


Blu-Ray Burning Testing Criteria

When we reviewed the best Blu-ray copiers, we subjected each program to a battery of tests to identify which one was the most effective.

First, we are avid Blu-Ray software users and either purchased each title or have received a complimentary copy for testing. With that said, the software authors had no input or influence over our screening methodology, nor was the approach provided to any of them in more detail than is offered through reviewing our evaluations. The overall results are our own and there is no favoritism.

Top-quality Tests

A high-grade duplicate is essential for any kind of Blu-ray duplicate program. We made use of each program in our schedule to make a precise copy of a business Blu-ray disc. As part of our examinations, we asked video clip experts to check out the high quality of each new disc we developed making use of the application to search for any flaws, such as pixelation, compression artifact, motion blur, and other flaws. All the items on our schedule make ideal duplicates without top-quality loss whatsoever.

Only one of the programs on our schedule has the capacity to press a business Blu-ray to fit into a smaller-capacity disc or DVD. Once again, our video specialists saw these pressed duplicates and also wrapped up that the degradation in photo quality was minimal. Nonetheless, there were various other concerns with these attributes that proved to be inconsistent. If you utilize Blu-ray duplicate software for compression, anticipate melting a disc or 2 prior to you obtain the outcomes you desire.

Timing Examinations

Since Blu-ray data are so huge, making duplicates of them is a time-consuming process– particularly if you’re making a disc-to-disc copy. We found it occupies to five hrs to finish a complete disc-to-disc duplicate. In a similar way, compressing a Blu-ray film to fit into a smaller sized empty disc could occupy to 10 hrs. This holds true whatever Blu-ray copy software program application you select.

As soon as an ISO data is on your computer, the duplicate procedure reduces considerably. We located that shedding a new duplicate of a Blu-ray disc from a disc photos takes an average of 45 mins. So if you’re most likely to make numerous discs, you would certainly be ideal served to shed from a drawn-out ISO file rather than make individual disc-to-disc duplicates.

Ease-of-Use Examinations

Duplicating Blu-ray discs is a technological as well as a typically complex process. The very best Blu-ray duplicate software distills the process to its easiest form. We evaluated the interface and also the workflow of each product on our lineup. We tracked exactly how easy it is to start the copying process, essence disc photos, compress web content and melt a brand-new disc from an ISO file. We located that all of the items on our schedule normally did an excellent task of maintaining the process simple, but some programs are geared more toward the technically minded, and also the casual individual might have a little a discovering curve.


How to Convert Blu Ray to DVD

Many people are upgrading their digital disc players to Blu-Ray to take advantage off of the HD video quality that their HDTV sets support.  Since Blu-Ray is currently the sharpest video you can get (1080p) this makes sense.  But what if you want to protect that $20-$30 disc investment by making a backup of it?  There are two options if you want to back it up to a physical disc, they are: Copy to a BD-R(W) or convert it into DVD.

There are pros and cons for each but I think you will find that converting a Blu Ray disc to a DVD disc is the smarter decision.   First of all it is more economical to backup to DVD discs since these are around .50 cents each compared to a blank BD-R disc which is around $7.  Also using proper Blu Ray to DVD software like DVDFab, you can retain the same HD video quality on a DVD disc.  This is done by using the AVCHD format which is one of the many formats that Blu-Ray players can read and play.

To date, DVDFab is the most reliable software that can actually perform this task without errors.  I have used it on a number of occasions for painless backups.  It works simply like this: You start up the software choose that you want to convert BluRay into DVD and load the original disc.  After it reads the video content it will proceed to convert it into AVCHD and then burn it to a blank DVD.  The resulting burn is a DVD disc that can be played on Blu-Ray disc players and PS3 systems.

There have been many discussions on doing this exact process on video forums around the internet and all seem to be talking about using DVDFab.  Which is why I tried it out in the first place.  Just note that if you tried to do this manually with bits and pieces of software it would take you quite some time to get it all setup and configured properly just to do a test run.  That’s why I would just suggest using a software that is already set up properly out of the box.  It’s around $40 or so but just note that it will save you tons of time and countless headaches.  DVDFab usually has discount codes on their website, just look for that is you want to save a few bucks.

Remove Unwanted Features from a Blu Ray Movie

If you are looking to remove the unwanted and extra features found on a Blu Ray movie disc then there are a few tools and steps you need to take to make this a successful project.  First of all, why would you want to remove the extras and unnecessary video from your movie to begin with?  When making a copy of a blu ray disc you need to free up as much space as possible so only the main movie will fit onto a single layer BD-R disc which is 25GB in size.  If you want to use dual layer BD-R discs at 50GB in size there is really no reason to remove the unwanted features but expect to pay upwards of around $20 each for this type of disc.  So it makes more economic sense to use 25gb BD-R discs since they are much cheaper in price.

So now that we have the media type you should be using, the steps to remove the extras and unwanted video from the Blu Ray are:

  • Download a Blu Ray Copy or shrinking software
  • Enable the settings to remove content
  • Burn the disc

The best software to use is Blue-Cloner 6. This is what we use and recommend to all since it is the most up to date software that can handle any Blu Ray movie disc.  This software is preconfigured to remove all extras and unwanted video footage so you can create your single layer movie-only copy of any Blu Ray disc you may have.  Even if the movie is larger than 25gb it will shrink the video so it will fit.  After it does the process it will burn the disc for you.  This is truly a set it and forget it software.

Other Notables Software Titles Reviewed (Info kept for archival purposes)

Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper Review

Pavtube was founded just a few years ago and have been releasing DVD and Blu Ray software since. While still a young company they are jumping into the software business full force and are claiming their spot in the multimedia world. Their Blu Ray Ripper software provides a range of typical functionalities but misses the objective with regards to conversion speed and customizable features.

Ease of Use: Good

Considering the Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is among the pricier Blu-ray to DVD converters, i was surprised to locate it lacked certain personalization features. For instance, you cannot add artistic effects to the converted video nor can you extract images or audio clips in the original Blu-ray disc (BD) or folder. And while we could adjust the recording output parameters, there is no option to change common video effects for example brightness and contrast.

Regardless of its customizable inadequacies, the software provides most of the standard functionalities most cursory users want including a splitter function and robust Blu-ray decryption to bypass copy protection. Among the best features, we discovered that is completely unique towards the software programs are its editing preview. The editor window displays the original video and the output video side-by-side. This way you can observe how the converted file – with your implanted effects – even compares to the initial video.

One more thing we really liked about Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is it’s one of just a few Blu-ray to DVD converters we reviewed that offers a Mac version of the software. Plus, it provides multiple format compression similar to the number-one ranked Leawo Blu-ray Ripper.

Performance: So-So

Having a bright, flashy color scheme, the interface of Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is not as subdued or universally appealing as a few of the other software we reviewed nevertheless its layout is nonetheless simple and easy, intuitive to navigate. One of the most conspicuous things about the program is its exceedingly slow conversion speed. There are better conversion API’s out there and Pavtube has not included it in their latest release. Hopefully, they will either update this converter or use a better one in the future.

Video Quality: Good

Like many of our other top-rated Blu-ray to DVD converter software applications, Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper offers high caliber video output. Loss of quality is extremely minimal and we didn’t notice any skips within the audio or video. Moreover, any output parameters we changed, such as the bit rate and resolution, were produced precisely within the playback, something we’d expect from well-rounded Blu-ray to DVD converter software.

Tech Support: So-S0

Throughout our research and testing, we’ve come to realize that surprisingly most manufacturers of Blu-ray to DVD converter software don’t record technical support; Pavtube isn’t an exception to that generality. Users can contact the company via email or call their international customer service line (which inconveniently is really a number originating from China) for specific technical issues.


Remember that this particular software may not be the best option if your top priorities are conversion speed or the capability to fully customize your output DVD. However, with unique preview capabilities, quality video output along with a Mac version apt for Apple devotees, Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper proves to be a decent application.

iToolSoft Blu-Ray DVD Copy Review

The iToolSoft Blu-Ray Ripper is really a Blu-Ray to DVD converter software supporting multiple output formats. This Blu-Ray software offers basic features for all the users but does not exceed in offering unique or significantly new features towards the customers. The applying isn’t freeware, however, you can download the program for any trial and provide it a run to convince yourself this is actually the application you’ll need.
The program works all the time step-by-step and isn’t difficult to stick to the guidelines. There aren’t many settings the user can adjust, however, the bit rate and resolution are a few of the output parameters the shoppers can tweak. This program includes a preview window which displays the target Blu-Ray source along with a splitter function. The rest of the features of this application are basic and can be found in other software pieces as well.

Customers can use iToolSoft Blu-Ray Ripper to backup movies from any Blu-Ray DVD to the hard disk drive. Moreover, all the copies are high-quality and excellent 1:1 copies, regardless of the format or kind of the Blu-Ray Disk (BD).

All the copied and ripped DVDs are high-quality. They maintain the video and audio and there is not too much to criticize. Moreover, there aren’t issues whatsoever using the video and audio syncing. As stated before, this program doesn’t offer unique and advanced features, but its main feature may be the quality of the delivered results.

The interface of iToolSoft Blu-Ray Ripper is sleek and easy to use. The primary navigation reaches the very best and the video settings the shoppers can adjust are in the bottom. The preview screen we talked about earlier reaches the bottom too. The info architect placed every button in such a manner that you find a choice wherever you believe it should be.

This program has an excellent built-in decryption system that may bypass copy protections, so regardless of where you have your Blu-Ray DVD from, you will be able to copy it to your computer and store it there.

Though this Blu-Ray software does not feature difficult processes, the support for that program isn’t excellent. There are several information you’ll find about this Blu-Ray ripper on the internet site, however, the user guide is very brief and barely touches on the basics of the conversion process. The FAQ section on the webpage should have been a saver, but what appears to be a link doesn’t actually work. Yes, surprisingly enough, there isn’t any FAQ section on the official site, so no help from this source either.

However, they have an issue center where one can address your questions. You’ll find information about retrieving a lost key code and questions about ordering and shipping. You may also contact the company for general issues, but there’s just one e-mail address you are able to email. We don’t know how many e-mails they get each week, but just one e-mail address seems not enough considering they do not have many other resources to supply you with. One e-mail address is hardly sufficient and you’ll have to wait an excessive amount of to get a solution.

The iToolSoft application is a great Blu-Ray software should you search for basic Blu-Ray back-up or copy and burn, but don’t buy it if you look for more complex features. If you purchase this application you might want to be sure things are so as, because you will probably not get an excessive amount of information in the company tech support team.

Xilisoft Blu-Ray to MKV Converter Review

Xilisoft has been around making multimedia software for Windows and Mac users since 2008. Despite being a rather newer software vendor they have released a few good titles to date including their iPod Transfer software. Their latest MKV release is a welcome one for many users since MKV can be played on PC’s using free video playback software and on PS3 systems.

Ease of Use: Good

This software is really easy to setup and use. Since this only does MKV conversions there is not sense of information overload. You simply insert the Blu-Ray disc of choice and choose the output quality settings and click the start button.  You can also use this software to capture screenshots from Blu Ray discs which is pretty cool if you want to save your favorite scene in HD. Finally, you can clip and crop the movie if you want to play around with the film and make it your way.

Performance: Good

It is recommended to use a quad-core system to take advantage of the higher conversion speeds. Without this expect the process to take hours.  A nice feature allows this process to run in the background if you still need to work on your PC, thus conserving CPU resources for other tasks.

Video Quality: Good

MKV is a great format to store HD video and HD audio in.  The built-in converter that Xilisoft uses is pretty good and our results looked good on our HD monitor. I’m sure to a videophile that it’s not as crisp as it should be but for the rest of us, the video quality of the outputted MKV files are acceptable.

Tech Support: So-S0

The one issue that you find with most Blu Ray Software makers is the lack of personal support. Xilisoft also fits into this mold. The best you will get from them is a 2 day turnaround with their EMail support or more useful is their online tutorials to help you through any issues you may run into.


Xilisoft’s Blu Ray to MKV converter is a good choice to go with if you only have a need to create MKV files or if you want to capture HD screenshots from you BD Movies.  The price point is attractive being under $40.

Ainsoft Blu Ray DVD Copy

Ainsoft Blu-Ray DVD Copy is really disappointing that it was even released. It just appears that the software was reskinned from the same code that was put into Xilisoft and numerous other software packages. The software features a sleek, simple interface but boasts limited functionality and overall insufficient customer service, not surprisingly.

The only good feature is its built-in decryption that allows clients to circumvent the copy protection and region codes on commercial Blu-ray disks. I had been surprised to find this type of important and looked for-after feature given how simplistic this program is overall. A few other unforeseen features include multi-language support for audio and elective subtitles and an opportunity to adjust output parameters and video effects. Aside from peoples common benefits, the software offers almost nothing when it involves abilities where you can personalize your output disc.

The conventional in the software’s converted video was certainly sufficient too. When compared to the very best programs, there is a perceptible insufficient quality even though it was relatively minor. In addition, we detected the littlest disparity involving the audio and picture throughout our test runs however, the issue wasn’t apparent throughout any subsequent runs. However, I had been impressed while using software’s rather fast conversion speed, which was much more about component with this particular top three software products.
The Ainsoft website is completely missing of effective tech support team. We looked at the manufacturer’s site to find any extra support for the software but disappointingly emerged empty-handed. There’s not just a user guide for your Blu-ray DVD Copy software nor you’ll be able to part of faq’s, which is a significant assistance to the website. Really, anything additional for the site would greatly assist the site and be an enormous improvement over what’s right now there. In line with such deficit, the website also lists just one email address contact information under contact information, that you have to inconveniently navigate within the sitemap.


Throughout our testing, we determined that Ainsoft Blu-ray DVD Copy can be a mediocre and scanty Blu-ray to DVD ripper tools application that does not offer any useful accessories and fails to get results of comparable software. Although its interface is polished and easy to use, its short-of-perfect output quality and vacant tech support team don’t position it a higher contender among Blu-ray to DVD ripper tools software. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive editing suite or perhaps the finest quality output possible, we’d recommend searching at our greater-ranked products.

Carol BluRay DVD Ripper

The Carol line of multimedia software looks to be rehashed garbage code that was created in China and packaged as dozens of different software vendors.  My advice is to stay away from this stuff. I’m not saying that stuff from China is all bad, it’s just this rehashed stuff.  And their charging $50 for this. Please. Just stick with DVDFab and you’ll be fine. And no I’m not a DVDFab fanboy, I just know that software works and this one does not.

What is the best Blu-Ray Ripper software?

The best Blu-ray ripper software means different things for different people. While some users need best-in-class ripping speeds, others look for editing and management features. You may also have to see if a Blu-ray ripper tool is compatible with the Blu-ray player and the Blu-ray discs that you have. The software must also have an intuitive User Interface, which allows you to navigate better, especially while dealing with Blu-ray discs with multiple chapters or titles. Finally, you should see if the developer offers reliable tech support. DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper is one of the best options you have in the market. It comes with a super-simple UI, a straightforward ripping process, and quality-rich conversion standards. It does not cost much, and you can get excellent tech/sales support from the company. Because DVDFab has added some editing features, you can remove unwanted portions from the Blu-ray content with ease.

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