Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Runners – Top 10 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Everybody wishes to enjoy the music on-the-go and for this reason, earbuds have been put into the mainstream. Runners now have access to a wireless technology over wired for their music needs. Obviously, tangling wires all over the place, seem uncomfortable while running.

The most commonly asked question is, What is the difference between Headphones and Earbuds? The answer to this question is pretty much obvious and that is, Earbuds directly fit into the ears and basically designed for the people regularly go to gyms. On the other hand, Headphones have cushions and come in varieties of In-ear, on-Ear, Over-ear and these are little bulkier than the earphones.

Although headphones are the most choice than the earphones because of multiple reasons but when it comes to taking it anywhere around the globe then earphones becomes the ultimate alternative. Most important thing when we talk about using headphones for running in sweaty environments is their IPX rating.

“Headphones are not quite portable enough for outdoor usage, where you need smaller earphones for convenience”. FirstPost

Now whatever format of earphones you gonna choose the below-mentioned features must be paid due attention;

  • Distortion-free sound
  • Noise-cancellation
  • Dust, sweat, and water resistant

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The Best Bluetooth Earbuds of 2021 For Runners

Bluetooth Earbuds for RunnersTypeBatteryWater Resistant
PowerBeats 3 WirelessIn-canal12 HoursYes****
Check Price
Sony SBH80 (Editor’s Choice)In-ear6 HoursNo****
Check Price
Jabra StepIn-canel6 HoursYes****
Check Price
SoundPEATS MagneticIn-ear8 HoursYes****
Check Price
Phaiser BHS-930In-canel10 HoursYes****
Check Price
TaoTronicsIn-canel5 HoursYes****
Check Price
Bose SoundSport WirelessIn-canel8 HoursYes****
Check Price
Brainwavz BLU-100In-ear5 HoursNo****
Check Price
LG HBS-910 Tone InfinimIn-canel10 HoursNo****
Check Price
AYL Qy8 (Best Budget Set)In-ear4 HoursNo****
Check Price

Jabra Step Bluetooth Stereo

The subjected earbuds are highly recommended when it comes to design and sound quality. The aesthetic physical appearance along with comfortable wearing, give ultra-push to go for it. But more or less these pair of speakers have to bear poor rating from the critics as far as buttons are constructed on the in-line remote controller.

The most common issue with this device is that its Bluetooth button goes out of order and due to which feels weird. But this is not the big deal because a careful usage will get you to avoid such inconvenience.

Actually, the sound quality, sweat-resistance, portability features count more than all the before discussed issues and honestly, the Jabra Step Wireless Bluetooth Stereo won’t let you down in these perspectives.

“Great sound, works great for the gym, runs, or at home”. CNET

The easy Bluetooth connection with your tablet, laptop, and smartphone enables you to enjoy the music and audio calls. Lastly, the angled earbuds rounded up the ears tightly and three different sized ear tips closely fit into the ears and put us away from the annoyance to fit it into the ears repeatedly.

SoundPEATS Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless 4.1

SoundPEATS Magnetic earbuds have eliminated the issues regarding portability, high-fidelity stereo sound, and comfy usage for hours. It actuates the Bluetooth wireless connection as quickly and speedily as one might deliberately want to have.

Design and Features

If someone pays for his convenience, he must meet with whatever he paid for. Nowadays, each person is eager to have the latest technology and for that very rationale, SoundPEATS Earbuds have the latest Bluetooth technology aptX 4.1 which handover the HD streaming when we are having a phone call or sending files from one source to another.

The earphones provide us with an ease to connect to a nearby device and after a successful connection, it becomes an automatic pairing after that once. Up to two Bluetooth devices can be associated simultaneously and that’s a relief to the music lovers that share the same device.

Due to lightweight frame, this is highly portable. The total weight is of 0.53ounces which put us in a condition to wear it while at the gym during weight lifting, jogging etc. The 6 hours of playtime free us having the fear to disconnect with our playbacks.

There are 6 pairs of ear tips and ear hooks which enable us to choose the best fitted. The ear tips and ear hooks close fits our ear in a way that we are not afraid of falling of earphones.

The inline remote controller is provided with some controls like forwarding, backward, play/pause and Bluetooth.


SoundPEATS magnetic earbuds can be hanged around your neck when is not in use. The magnetic capability glues the drums from the back of the side and reduces the discomfort to put the buds aside on and on.

Phaiser BHS-930

The BHS-930 has been a most selling product and got the 4.5 stars out of 5 on amazon. And this deserves every bit of it. Initially, it was expensive but by the time its prices got down, so that, every audiophile can indulge himself with the high-quality bassy sound.

Design and Feature

Design wise, specs wise and Bluetooth connectivity wise the Phaiser BHS-930 has stunned us. The highest quality hardware used can long last the earbuds with you. I tried my best to figure out one remission to highlight but I failed to do so.

The earphones have the 8mm HD speakers which help to double the enjoyment even at workouts with the bassy music. The bullet-shaped Comply T-400 M memory foam tips provide us with the noise-isolation utility. These come up with the ear clips which clutch the ears tightly while jogging or doing something exercising.

“Not only they look attractive, they are comfortable to wear as well. The bullet-shaped cushions are one of the main features of BHS-930, and they are both sweat and water resistant”. GetaHeadphone

The Liquipel Nano Coating has sealed the damaging threats emerging from sweat. This does not end up here, the Phaiser has promised lifetime warranty if the moisture gets in.

The inline controller able us to control the music (next/previous and volume up/down) and phone calls (cut/answer and some more functions) by just pushing the required operator button constructed over it.

The clips and magnetized ear pieces free your hands to settle the buds again and again. For sometimes, a single speaker is used and the other one is not getting used and that time you can clip the other one to your shirt. If both are free you can swing them around your neck by magnetizing these and it takes good care of your ease and happiness.

This is available in different colors, select the favorite one to get started to create a melodious environment in your head.

TaoTronics Wireless 4.1 Magnetic Earbuds

This meets the requirements of a music listener to the extent one might have to wish up. The ruling technologies in the recent ages are situated in it. Let’s take a brief overview of its spectacular features.

Design and Features

The CVC 6.0 noise-canceling technology blocks the outer irritating voices which mean you can enjoy the music even in the middle of bunches of people. These are sports earphones and the noise-cancellation feature forces us to enjoy the whatever we are performing like gaming, hiking, biking, jogging etc.

“This advanced technology blocks the loud noise and gives you a complete privacy”. ListSplash

On the contrary, the Bluetooth 4.1 absolves us from the tangling wires and put us on the way to have fun. With such Bluetooth sense, we may have the best experience while melodious strains with a lag-free streaming.

Most of us do have a complain that there must be a relief to put them around the neck when not in manipulation. Yes, this much complaint is consumed by introducing the magnets which tie them up and provide us with an opportunity to use them as a necklace.

The IPX5 splash proof property secure the earbuds from the entrance of sweat and if accidentally you fall in the water, there is no threat. You will love your earphones when you get out of the pool that these are still working. But avoid taking earphones into the water repeatedly because it might get damaged. But don’t afraid of sweaty workouts because it is highly resistive to such activities.

The aptX technology resolves the problem to take out your heavy CD-Players with you everywhere for the better bass experience. Now you can simply take TaoTronics with you as it fulfills all the credentials that we expect from a bulkier CD-Player.

The overall performance is unpredictable. The sound quality, design both are given worth importance by following the latest technologies.

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