7 Best CBD Brands in Europe You Must Know

CBD, or cannabidiol, is found in the industrial hemp plant. Although related to the psychoactive compound THC, CBD has no psychoactive properties, therefore CBD and CBD products do not affect your mindset.

What CBD can do is help you maintain your well-being. CBD products ease you into a more relaxed state of mind and help promote recovery from activity-induced inflammation and soreness. CBD is even beneficial for your pets and can help anxious dogs feel relaxed.

With so many new CBD products on the market, it’s tough to discern one brand from another. Additionally, there are also a varied number of aspects to consider like full spectrum versus CBD isolate, organic certification, extraction methods, and more.

If you’re looking to incorporate CBD products into your daily well-being regimen, you may not know where to start. To recommend the very best CBD brands on the EU market, our testers and reviewers have created a rating system.

Our testers and reviewers graded these common factors – organic certification, third-party testing, extraction processes, taste, cost, website accessibility, and customer satisfaction. We then compiled a list to help consumers differentiate between the European brands.

1. Top Choice: Canzon

7 best brands in europe- Canzon CBD oil  Canzon’s primary commitment is to offer high-quality products to its European customers. Canzon sells CBD oils, e-liquids, balms, creams, skin treatments, dog treats, cosmetics and sports products.

Canzon only uses organic hemp sourced from ethically managed Swiss farms and works locally, manufacturing its beauty products in Italy and its skincare line in the Netherlands. Canzon uses third-party testing to ensure the reliability of its products’ labeling and CBD percentages. Canzon’s products use full-spectrum CBD, so they are full of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.

Canzon’s CBD products have an even, pleasant taste which helps new users become accustomed. Additionally, Canzon uses MCT oils, which can also be used in bulletproof coffee, salad dressings, and smoothies, to help with digestion.

2. Hempura

This company undoubtedly has the most beautiful packaging of the bunch, but that’s not the reason that Hempura earned a spot on this list. Hempura uses organic hemp with high levels of quality CBD to make its products, offers free shipping for the UK, and is affiliated with the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) for good practice.

Hempura encourages its clients to educate themselves about CBD and provides adequate resources for them to do so.

3. Hemp Botanics

Hemp Botanics imports its CBD from Extract Labs and a reputable US company – CBDistillery. They have an excellent range of product options and have opened the EU market to the high-potency, high-quality offerings of CBDistillery, otherwise unobtainable in the US.

4. The Grass & Co.

CBD works best when paired with other substances like botanical extracts. Known as the Entourage Effect, the beneficial effects of CBD are more acute if it’s mixed with other materials.

The Grass & Co. blends its ethically sourced, forest-friendly CBD with a range of therapeutic botanical extracts. This company also uses third-party lab testing to ensure the purity of its product and the transparency of its labeling.

5. Endoca

This CBD retailer originated in the US but has recently made a move into the European market with a new subsidiary in the Netherlands. Endoca is committed to helping its customers make healthy lifestyle choices when choosing which CBD product is best for them.

Endoca derives its CBD with supercritical CO2 extraction, which produces CBD products of the highest quality. CO2 extraction is sustainable for the environment and preserves the beneficial molecules of the extract with low temperatures.

This company ensures that all its products are pure and safe to use, even for people with lowered immune system capabilities. Its mission is to make CBD a part of every healthy household. They also have a good wholesale program.

6. Essenz

Boasting products that are free from any heavy metals or pesticide contamination, Essenz uses supercritical CO2 extraction to derive its CBD for its products.

Essenz also maintains they begin their derivation process with micronization, crushing the hemp molecules to a minuscule scale and increasing their products’ absorption rates.

Essenz packaging includes dark glass bottles, which helps protect their oils and other products from harmful UV rays. Their products also keep for a long time – an open bottle can last two years if stored at consistent room temperatures. If unopened, they keep for up to four years.

7.  PharmaHemp

As of the first of the year, Pharmahemp has a new website with a sleek, modern look. This CBD company also produces a wide range of products, including extracts, drops, skincare, and more.

PharmaHemp is GMP-certified, which means they are compliant with international expectations for compliance with ISO standards. They use organic hemp and create products with superior cannabinoids – CBD and CBG.

Their new website includes a blog that details the legality of CBD in EU countries. PharmaHemp Laboratories, a branch of the company, tests products from other companies, so you can be confident that their products adhere to the same strict guidelines. They too have a good wholesale option for pharmacies.

Last Word

Of all the products on this list, Canzon is still our favorite. From oils to e-liquids to skincare treatments, Canzon is a high-quality CBD brand serving the EU. 

If you want to incorporate CBD products into your daily regimen, consider Canzon’s products.

Their acne and psoriasis treatments are classified as medical devices. One great thing about CBD is that is doesn’t do this, like what meth does to a person.

Canzon makes the top place on our list for a variety of reasons. These include a stellar reputation, excellent product quality, full-spectrum CBD, an attractive price point, ethical sourcing, and excellent customer support.

To make the right decisions for your health, educate yourself on the many options on the European market. With fundamental research, you can find the health and well-being solution that fits your lifestyle.

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