Best CBD (Cannabis) Capsules Reviews – Top 10 Cannabis Pills

CBD capsules are generally considered safe and good products. Continuous research has strengthened the health benefits of cannabinoids. The CBD Capsule products that we review in this article have all passed the standards required for health supplements.

Moreover, all of the CBD Companies that product capsules are formulated within the safe and federally-legal doses. See this CBD Directory for a complete list of all the manufacturers in North America. These supplements offer optimum health benefits when taken using the recommended doses. Other individuals may require higher doses later on; but ideally, it is best to start with the lowest possible dose once a day and then slowly progress up to a maximum of 3 pills per day.

The Best CBD (Pills) Capsules Available on the Market

The following products can be considered as the best CBD capsules because of their premium quality, organic nature, value for money and high safety profile.

The reliability of the source is also important in recognizing the best CBD capsules in the online market.

CBD Capsule Brand  MG of CBDCoupon Code
Medterra PM Capsules (Editor’s Choice) Check Price1500mg per bottleUse: REVIEWSTER for 10% off at Medterra
cbdMD CBD Oil Capsules (Editor’s Choice) Check Price450-3000mg per bottleUse: REVIEWSTER for 15% off at cbdMD
CBDInfuszionz Capsules (Runner Up) Check Price15mg per capsuleUse: REVIEWSTER30% for 30% off at CBDInfusionz
Hemp Bombs Premium CBD - High Potent Check Price250-1500mg per bottleAll
CBD Oil 1000MG of Pure Gold 🙂 Check Price1000MGAll

Medterra CBD Gel Capsules 25mg & 50mg Review

Medterra’s CBD Gel Capsules are made from CBD and MCT oil. They are available in strengths of 25mg or 50mg, at $44.99 and $66.99, in a 30 count serving bottle. They are easy to take and virtually tasteless. Like all their products, the gel caps contain zero THC.

Get Medterra CBD Capsules Here

See our full review of Medterra CBD Products

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cbdMD CBD Oil Capsules – (Recommended)

cbdMD CBD Oil Capsules are broad-spectrum, organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and THC Free. Made from hemp grown right here in the US, each CBD capsule contains an exact concentration making them one of the most efficient and effortless CBD products offered. Choose between 30 or 60 count bottles in 450mg, 1000mg, 1500mg or 3000mg starting at $35.99.

cbdMD is a company committed to the highest standards for CBD sourcing, extraction, and production. cbdMD offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

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HempBombs CBD Capsule Review – (Best High Potent)

 Hemp Bombs Capsules are our latest go-to capsule product. This offers CBD-related health benefits in an easy to swallow pill form. The container is a standard vitamin container that you would find in the store, which is great because it can keep the product as fresh as possible for a long time.

Hemp Bombs sources its CBD from pure European CBD Isolate, with zero THC. Then, quality control teams test our products to prepare them for the consumer.

CBDfx Capsules Review

CBDfx Capsules are made from full spectrum, unfiltered and raw CBD oil. The hemp is also grown organically and each capsule offers a wide range of cannabinoids, amino acids, vitamins, and terpenes.

It can also be used to promote general health and better immune defense like other CBD capsules. In addition to that, it is likewise being marketed as a stronger CBD which can help in preventing cancer, diabetes, and natural pains.

The formulation is 25mg per capsule and each bottle contains 30 capsules. CBDfx also makes a high-quality CBD Gummie.

BioCBD Plus Total Body Care Capsules Review

BioCBD Plus Total Body Care Capsules are made from organic industrial hemp and Ayurvedic plants. The formulation consists of a combination of various herbal plants such as saffron and turmeric which had been proven to optimize health and vitality plus Bio CBD. These water-soluble capsules are specifically formulated for the muscles and joints. Since they are water-soluble, the components are well-absorbed by the body.

The price is slightly on the premium side considering its lower CBD content. This can be attributed also to its water-soluble nature which ensures maximum absorption and higher safety profile.

BioCBD Plus Total Body Care contains 10mg CBD per tablet and 30 tablets per bottle.

Price: $120.00

Real Scientific Hemp Oil

Real Scientific Hemp oil is also made from all-natural components with organically-grown hemp. It also offers great quality with a high safety profile. The natural blend of natural plant extracts promises health benefits such as general wellness and improved alertness. CBD has also been proven to be good for the skin and hair. The CBD component is proven to be non-psychoactive as well.

This product is available in bottles containing 30 capsules with 25mg of CBD.

Price: $109.00

Highland Pharms Hemp Plus 50mg Vegan Capsules

Highland Pharms Hemp Plus 50mg Vegan capsules are one of the highly concentrated CBD capsules available. It contains all the cannabinoids which can naturally be found in plants. The formulation is ideal for individuals who need a higher dose due to heavier weight as compared to an average adult as well as those who need a higher concentration of CBD.

Highland Pharms also focus on the excellence of their products and recognizes the importance of CBD hemp in providing vitamins, omega fatty acids, amino acids, and chlorophyll.

Highland Pharms Hemp Plus Vegan capsules are also available in 15mg and 25mg formulations. Each bottle contains 30 soft gel capsules.

Price: $49.95 (15mg) / $69.95 (25mg) / $99.95 (50mg)

CannaComplete Review

New Summit has been known for their lifestyle supplements that range from anti-aging to weight loss. They naturally jumped into the CBD game by coming up with their own formula that they are calling CannaComplete. They have come up with an extraction process which is called Cannabid-All which is a full spectrum extract that is from US organic hemp.

One of the higher-priced CBD capsules on the market currently. We have yet to try this particular brand so we can’t give our 100% opinion on it just yet. But it looks like it could be a good product based on the feedback I’ve read on them so far.

Elixinol CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

Elixinol CBD capsules are also made from full-spectrum cannabinoid extract to ensure the maximum benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes. It can be considered as a gold standard CBD because the organic hemp CO2 is extracted using a natural and chemical-free process. The process can ensure the purest and highest quality cannabinoid. It also contains other natural molecules such as amino acids, aldehydes, alkanes, flavonoids, ketones, vitamins, nitrogenous compounds, and glycosides. All these components contribute to the quality of the product.

Each bottle contains 60 CBD capsules. Each capsule is formulated with 15mg of CBD and 375mg of hemp oil.

Price: $79.99

Plus CBD Oil

Plus CBD Oil is effective in providing the health benefits of the hemp plant. It features industrial hemp-based cannabidiol which is a federally legal substance. It can be used as a nutritional supplement and promotes wellness and better health. The pharmaceutical industry also recommends this supplement for therapeutic purposes.

Plus CBD Oil is available in bottles containing 60 capsules and each pill contains 15mg of CBD.

Price: $71.95

Plus CBD Oil Capsules

Plus CBD Oil Capsules are an excellent choice for those who want to test their body’s response to CBD first. The formulation is lower compared to other brands and the price range is also reasonable. The quality of the product is also unquestionable and promises health benefits like vitality and a well-balanced mind and body.

Available in 10mg and 15mg formulations. Price starts at 29.95 and goes up depending on the dosage and number of pills per bottle.

Price:         $29.95 (10mg x 30 capsules)

$59.95 (10 mg x 60 capsules)

$69.95 (15mg x 60 capsules)

Contraindications for CBD Capsules

  • CBD capsules are generally not recommended for pregnant and lactating women
  • Individuals with liver disease and other hepatic conditions
  • Individuals who have known sensitivity to cannabinoids
  • Individuals suffering from low blood pressure
  • Individuals below 18 years of age

A Complete Buyers Guide to CBD Capsules

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is a form of cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Medical research and scientific studies conducted recently show that CBD has potential in treating inflammation, pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

The cannabis plant is rich in cannabinoids. Hemp oil, an ingestible oil derived from isopropyl or naphtha extraction, is used to strip cannabinoids such as CBD from the plant source. There are other hydrocarbon solvents that can likewise be used to create similar oils.

The most popular form of cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. However, continuous scientific studies concerning cannabis and its medicinal properties revealed other forms of cannabinoids that do not have potential side effects. This gave rise to CBD as a better and safer option.

Recent research and scientific evidence brought the attention of the public to CBD and its potential to treat severe neurologic conditions such as epilepsy and seizure disorders. At a lower dose, it can also promote health and wellness. Federally-legal doses had been identified and gave rise to various CBD supplements that promote vitality, better health and disease prevention (heart diseases and diabetes). Many brands also offer wholesale programs. If you want to resell CBD products, please see our wholesale guide here.

CBD comes only second to THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in terms of average volume. However, unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive effects or does not create the feeling of being “high” or “stoned” following use. This made CBD a better alternative and in line with acceptable medical practice.

What are the medical conditions that can benefit from CBD?

Despite the number of controversies with regard to its medical benefits, CBD has been proven to be helpful in treating various health conditions. Aside from its anti-inflammatory properties, it has been proven to treat chronic and natural types of pain. It can also be used to lower the risks for diabetes, prevent cancer and also helps in promoting cardiovascular health.

Neurologic conditions can also benefit from CBD (in higher and more concentrated doses). In fact, more parents of children suffering from seizure disorders and intractable epilepsy are looking at the potential of CBD in controlling feats or seizure attacks. Anti-seizure medications have numerous side effects to a child’s development including affectation of cognitive function. Finding the right dosage and combination of anti-seizure drugs (ASD) to effectively control the seizures can also affect the kidneys, liver and other vital organs of the patient. Furthermore, abrupt withdrawal from anti-seizure drugs has serious side effects such as the risks for status epilepticus – a seizure that lasts for more than five minutes or 2 consecutive seizures within 5 minutes.

For this reason, CBD is increasingly becoming an option in the treatment of epilepsy and seizure disorder due to lower risks of side effects since it came from a natural source. Still, the use of CBD among pediatric patients and patients with severe neurologic cases remains to be controversial and is yet to be approved in most regions. This could be attributed to the fact that larger and more concentrated doses may be a requirement. Moreover, extensive research has yet to be done to strengthen the use of cannabis among children with epilepsy and seizure disorders.

At lower doses, CBD can be used as a health supplement. There is a federally-legal amount of CBD which can be found on various products available online. Along with other natural and herbal components, CBD can actually be used in the promotion of general health and wellness.

The following are the other health conditions that can also benefit from CBD based on medical and scientific research;

  • Psychosis
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Relief from Nausea
  • Can help in fighting off cancer
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Insomnia
  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Obesity and Anorexia

CBD capsules, in federally-legal amounts, can be highly beneficial to one’s health. It can promote a balanced mind and body, good skin and hair, stronger bones and joints, and a better immune resistance.

Dosage and Administration of CBD

CBD oils can be mixed into juices, smoothies or other beverages to mask the taste, or even used as a vape. In capsule form, they can easily be swallowed with water. Ideally, it is recommended to take the CBD capsules consistently every day and at a specific time. A scheduled intake can ensure better absorption and maximum benefits.

Dosage: 1 – 3 capsules per day (refer to the package insert for full details)

Initially, it is recommended to take only 1 capsule per day. The dosage can gradually be increased to 2 – 3 capsules as tolerated, and to be taken at specific times of the day only for balanced absorption.

Best CBD (Cannabis) Capsules Reviews - Top 10 Cannabis Pills

CBD capsules are generally considered safe and good products. Continuous research has strengthened the health benefits of cannabinoids. The CBD Capsule pro

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