Best CBD (Pills) Capsules Reviews – Top 10 Cannabis Pills

CBD capsules are generally considered safe and useful products. Continuous research has strengthened the health benefits of cannabinoids. The CBD Capsule products that we review in this article have all passed the standards required for health supplements.

Moreover, all of the CBD Companies that produce capsules are formulated within the safe and federally-legal doses. See this CBD Directory for a complete list of all the manufacturers in North America. These supplements offer optimum health benefits when taken using the recommended dose of CBD. Other individuals may require higher doses later on, but ideally, it is best to start with the lowest possible dose once a day and then slowly progress up to a maximum of 3 pills per day.

The Best CBD (Pills) Capsules Available on the Market

The following products can be considered as the best CBD capsules because of their premium quality, organic nature, value for money and high safety profile.

The reliability of the source is also important in recognizing the best CBD capsules in the online market.

CBD Capsule Brand  MG of CBDCoupon Code
TurmeriCBD (Editor’s Choice)Check Price500-1500mg per bottleBuy 3 Get 1 Free
Medterra PM Capsules (Editor’s Choice)Check Price1500mg per bottleUse: REVIEWSTER for 10% off at Medterra
cbdMD CBD Oil Capsules (Editor’s Choice)Check Price450-3000mg per bottleUse: CBDMD15 for 15% off at cbdMD
CBDInfuszionz Capsules (Runner Up)Check Price15mg per capsuleUse: REVIEWSTER30 for 30% off at CBDInfusionz

Featured: Prosper Wellness TurmeriCBD Review

Now you can harness the power of two incredible pain-fighting and inflammation-reducing remedies in one easy-to-swallow capsule. This combination of full-spectrum CBD and turmeric with piperine can yield up to 597% better results than most CBD supplements.

Learn More About TurmeriCBD Here

  • Turmeric + CBD For Additional Health Benefits
  • One of the higest rated manufacturing processes
  • One of the most effective capsules I have used. Plus, this is my daily standard capsule of choice.
  • No edible line

Verdict: I love that this one includes Turmeric since I was taking a separate supplement pill just for that. Now with TurmeriCBD, I can take both at the same time.

1. Medterra CBD Gel Capsules 25mg & 50mg Review

Medterra’s CBD Gel Capsules are made from CBD and MCT oil for additional benefits. They are available in strengths of 25 mg of CBD or 50mg CBD per capsule, at $44.99 and $66.99, in a 30 capsule serving bottle. They are easy to take and virtually tasteless. Like all their products, the gel capsules are THC-free.

Use Promo Code: OFFER15 to save 15% on all Medterra Products

Browse All Medterra Capsules Here

See our full review of Medterra CBD Products

  • Pharmacy grade
  • One of the higest rated manufacturing processes
  • One of the most effective capsules I have used. Plus, this is my daily standard capsule of choice.
  • No edible line

Verdict: One of the highest quality products we have ever tested. If you want just one good recommendation to start with, then go with Medterra.

2. cbdMD CBD Oil Capsules Review

cbdMD CBD Oil Capsules are broad-spectrum, organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and THC Free. Made from hemp grown right here in the US, each CBD capsule contains an exact concentration making them one of the most efficient and effortless CBD products offered. Choose between 30 or 60 capsules per bottles in 450mg, 1000mg, 1500mg or 3000mg starting at $35.99.

cbdMD is a company committed to the highest standards for CBD sourcing, extraction, and production. The capsules include CBD and MCT Oil for additional benefits. cbdMD offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

Use Promo Code: CBDMD15 to save 15% on all cbdMD Products

Browse All cbdMD Capsules Here

See our full review of cbdMD CBD Products

  • Super high quality products
  • Trusted by top athletes
  • Thier gummies are extremely effective
  • Thier topicals are one of the best I have used on sore muscles
  • They don’t focus on too many edibles.

Verdict: A top-shelf brand that is trusted by top athletes.

3. Every Day Optimal CBD Capsules

The next brand we evaluated, Every Day Optimal, is another great choice for your daily CBD pill. Out of Arden, NC, Every Day Optimal is dedicated to sourcing only the highest-quality CBD that you can find. They have one of the best capsule lineups I have seen to date. Currently, their capsule line includes:

  • CBD Capsules in 15MG, 25MG, and a whopping 200MG per pill bottles
  • CBD Sleep Aid Capsules in 25MG per pill
  • D-Stress Capsules for Anxiety and Stress
  • Fibro Relief Capsules
  • 100MG Pure CBD Capsules

Each formula is tailor-made for specific conditions. I went for the new 200MG capsules and wow did I notice it after workout sessions. Not only did I feel relaxed but the soreness in my muscles was almost none. The next day I felt great where sometimes I would have a hard time waking up due to stiffness. Give these guys a try and see if they will be your new go-to brand.

Browse All Every Day Capsules Here

  • Specialized formulas for specific conditions
  • Top tier manufacturer
  • No soft gels available
Verdict: Definitely one of the leaders in the space with their product sourcing to manufacturing to quality control.

5.  NanoCraft CBD SoftGels Review

I received a bottle of Nanocraft Soft Gels a few weeks ago and have been using only this product since. I really like the soft gels over the traditional capsules, mainly because they are easier to swallow. But the most important part is how effective are they? Well, the short answer is ‘very good’. I felt the effects of the medicine after the first use and that continued throughout the week, but I did have to up from one pill to two. I really like this companies mission and message. Take a look at the video below to get an inside view of the Nanocraft headquarters and the atmosphere they create.

Browse NanoCraft CBD Capsules Here

  • THC Free
  • 100% Pure Hemp
  • Excellent reputation
  • No shipping outside of the USA

Verdict: NanoCraft makes a high-quality softgel and you can’t go wrong with choosing these as your go-to source.

6. CBDfx Capsules

CBDfx Capsules are made from full spectrum, unfiltered and raw CBD oil. The hemp is also grown organically and each capsule offers a wide range of cannabinoids, amino acids, vitamins, and terpenes.

It can also be used to promote general health and better immune defense like other CBD capsules. In addition to that, it is likewise being marketed as a stronger CBD which can help in preventing cancer, diabetes, and natural pain.

The formulation is 25mg per capsule and each bottle contains 30 capsules. CBDfx also makes a high-quality CBD Gummie.

Check Latest Price on cbdFX Capsules here


Verdict: cbdFX makes a quality product and I’m impressed with their sourcing and manufacturing process.

7.  BioCBD Plus Total Body Care Capsules Review

BioCBD Plus Total Body Care Capsules are made from organic industrial hemp and Ayurvedic plants. The formulation consists of a combination of various herbal plants such as saffron and turmeric which had been proven to optimize health and vitality plus Bio CBD. These water-soluble capsules are specifically formulated for the muscles and joints. Since they are water-soluble, the components are well-absorbed by the body.

The price is slightly on the premium side considering its lower CBD content. This can be attributed also to its water-soluble nature which ensures maximum absorption and higher safety profile.

BioCBD Plus Total Body Care contains 10mg CBD per tablet and 30 tablets per bottle.

See Price Or Buy Now At Amazon


8. CannaComplete CBD Capsules Review

New Summit has been known for their lifestyle supplements that range from anti-aging to weight loss. They naturally jumped into the CBD game by coming up with their own formula that they are calling CannaComplete. They have come up with an extraction process which is called Cannabid-All which is a full spectrum extract that is from US organic hemp.

One of the higher-priced CBD capsules on the market currently. We have yet to try this particular brand so we can’t give our 100% opinion on it just yet. But it looks like it could be a good product based on the feedback I’ve read on them so far.

See Price Or Buy Now At Amazon

Verdict:  Not really sold on these guys. There were plenty of other good options I would choose before CannaComplete.

A Complete Buyers Guide to CBD Capsules

Who Should Not Take CBD Capsules?

  • CBD capsules are generally not recommended for pregnant and lactating women
  • Individuals with liver disease and other hepatic conditions
  • Individuals who have known sensitivity to cannabinoids
  • Individuals suffering from low blood pressure
  • Individuals below 18 years of age

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is a form of cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Medical research and scientific studies conducted recently show that CBD has potential in treating inflammation, chronic pain, insomnia or sleep disorder, and anxiety.

The cannabis plant is rich in cannabinoids. Hemp oil, an ingestible oil derived from isopropyl or naphtha extraction, is used to strip cannabinoids such as CBD from the plant source. Other hydrocarbon solvents can likewise be used to create similar oils.

The most popular form of cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. However, continuous scientific studies concerning cannabis and its medicinal properties revealed other forms of cannabinoids that do not have potential side effects. This gave rise to CBD as a better and safer option.

Recent research and scientific evidence brought the attention of the public to CBD and its potential to treat severe neurologic conditions such as epilepsy and seizure disorders. At a lower dose, it can also promote health and wellness. Federally-legal doses have been identified and gave rise to various CBD supplements that promote vitality, better health, and disease prevention (heart diseases and diabetes). Many brands also offer wholesale programs. If you want to resell CBD products, please see our wholesale guide here.

CBD comes only second to THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in terms of average volume. However, unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive effects or does not create the feeling of being “high” or “stoned” following use. This made CBD a better alternative and in line with acceptable medical practice.

CBD capsules are used for fast and easy digestion.

What are the medical conditions that can benefit from CBD?

Despite the number of controversies concerning its medical benefits, CBD has been proven to help treat various health conditions. Aside from its anti-inflammatory properties, it has been shown to treat chronic and natural types of pain. It can also be used to lower the risks of diabetes, prevent cancer, and also helps in promoting cardiovascular health.

Neurologic conditions can also benefit from CBD (in higher and more concentrated doses). More parents of children suffering from seizure disorders and intractable epilepsy are looking at the potential of CBD in controlling feats or seizure attacks. Anti-seizure medications have numerous side effects on a child’s development, including the affectation of cognitive function. Finding the right dosage and combination of anti-seizure drugs (ASD) to effectively control the seizures can also affect the kidneys, liver, and other vital organs of the patient. Furthermore, abrupt withdrawal from anti-seizure drugs has serious side effects such as the risks for status epilepticus – a seizure that lasts for more than five minutes or two consecutive seizures within 5 minutes.

For this reason, CBD is increasingly becoming an option in the treatment of epilepsy and seizure disorder due to lower risks of side effects because it comes from a natural source. Still, the use of CBD among pediatric patients and patients with severe neurologic cases remains controversial and is yet to be approved in most regions. This could be attributed to the fact that larger and more concentrated doses may be a requirement. Moreover, extensive research has yet to be done to strengthen the use of cannabis among children with epilepsy and seizure disorders.

At lower doses, CBD can be used as a health supplement. There is a federally-legal amount of CBD which can be found on various products available online. Along with other natural and herbal components, CBD can be used in the promotion of general health and wellness.

The following are the other health conditions that can also benefit from CBD based on medical and scientific research;

  • Psychosis
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Relief from Nausea
  • Can help in fighting off cancer
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Insomnia or sleep disorders.
  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Obesity and Anorexia

One study found that while CBD provided some relief to a customer who has PTSD, it also helped improve sleep quality.

The best CBD capsules, in federally-legal amounts, can be highly beneficial to one’s health. It can promote a balanced mind and body, good skin and hair, stronger bones and joints, better sleep patterns, and better immune resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Recommended Dosage of CBD capsules?

CBD oils and other hemp seed oil can be mixed into juices, smoothies or other beverages to mask the taste, or even used in vaping. In capsule form, they can easily be swallowed with water. Ideally, it is recommended to take the capsules consistently every day and at a specific time. Users find a regularly scheduled intake can ensure better absorption and maximum benefits.

If you are vegetarian or vegan, make sure you find CBD pills made from vegetable cellulose, not gelatin. Furthermore, capsules provide fast absorption into the system.

Dosage: 1 – 3 capsules per day (refer to the package insert for full details)

Initially, it is recommended to take only one tablet per day. The dosage can gradually be increased to 2 – 3 capsules as tolerated, and to be taken at specific times of the day only for balanced absorption.

Are CBD capsules tested by a third-party?

It is worthwhile checking the details around the independent testing of your CBD capsules. This test checks not only the potency of the softgels but also the levels of THC. This can be important in certain States, but also, if you have a job where you can be tested for drug use, a certain level of THC could be problematic in terms of your career. It is, therefore, essential that you can be sure that the 3rd party lab has tested the capsules for the correct dosage and for no other ingredients or artifacts in the gels that are not listed on the label.

Is taking CBD capsules legal?

At a federal level taking CBD capsules is perfectly legal. This is because hemp-derived products with less than 0.3% THC are defined as per the farm bill of 2018 as legal. Most companies provide CBD capsules at less than this level of THC. However, at a state level, the picture is slightly different, and you should check your local laws. Check out this CNN report here for the details of the legality state to state – CNN

What Are The Side Effects of CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are generally considered safe and low-risk medication. However, like all pills, side effects are possible and are listed within the packaging of the products.

Some such side effects are:

Dry mouth – Cotton Mount or dry mouth is common with Cannabinoids; this is because the CVS present interacts with the salivary glands. The good news is it is easy to combat by merely drinking water. Either before, during, or after taking the CBD capsules.

Diarrhea – This mainly comes if you have large doses of CBD capsules. In lower doses, this will be unlikely to affect you.

Blood pressure decrease – If you take a higher dose of CBD, then this can lead to a blood pressure drop. You will know because you will feel light-headed. This normally wears off quite quickly but is something to watch out for. However, if you know you suffer from low blood pressure or are taking blood pressure tablets, then be sure to check with your doctor before taking CBD capsules.

Appetite changes – Yes, the munchies are possible with CBD products too.

Drowsiness – This is sometimes the desired effect as many take CBD capsules to help with sleep. However, if operating machinery is part of your job, be sure to test your CBD capsules to make sure you understand how your body reacts to the CBD capsules.

Tips for choosing your CBD capsules.

  • Be aware of the potency check the label for the dosage of CBD inside.
  • Look out for CBD capsules that can help with sleep if this is what you need.
  • Always go to a reputable company that uses 3rd-party testing.
  • Consider looking for CBD capsules that use ingredients from organic hemp.

Do CBD capsules really work?

In the past decade, CBD capsules have become quite popular across the world. Judging the sheer number of users that have started using CBD capsules, we can say that CBD capsules work. Unless you have an allergy or issue with cannabis, using CBD capsules can provide you with recreational and medical benefits. Research has shown that consumption of CBD will reduce the impact of health conditions like nausea, cancer, insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, obesity, etc. There could also be a few side effects, such as dry mouth, changes in blood pressure, and drowsiness. Despite all these, you can count on CBD capsules when you like to have the benefits mentioned above.

How do I choose a CBD capsule?

You have to check for dosage, optimized results, brand reliability, and ingredients before getting CBD capsules for medicinal or recreational use. We recommend going for CBD made from organic hemp to avoid further issues. You should not consume CBD capsules if you are pregnant or suffer from low blood pressure. You must be over 18 years of age as well.

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Best CBD Capsule Brands

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  1. No, hemp derived CBD capsules will not get you high like marijuana extracts. There are other hydrocarbon solvents that can likewise be used to create similar oils. They are fully paid-up members of cannabis oil for tumors register ga CTA and lab test their own products as well as sending batches off to independent testers. Since they are water-soluble, the components are well-absorbed by the body. Extraction Method The best and cannabis oil for tumors register ga expensive extraction method involves using CO2 in its supercritical state. This gave rise to CBD as a better and safer option. Because of this, they avoid breakdown in the digestive tract and go straight into the bloodstream, making them significantly more potent than standard CBD capsules.

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