Best CBD Coffee Reviews – Buyers Guide To Cannabis Infused Coffee

What Is CBD Coffee?

There’s really no magic to it. CBD Coffee is coffee combined with CBD. However, there are two known ways of getting the CBD-Coffee mix. The first one is simple and straightforward. You make a cup of coffee and add a few drops of CBD oil into the mix. You get the best of both worlds – but you’ll have to accept some drawbacks in the process.

You see, adding a few drops of CBD oil to a cup of coffee may overpower the taste of the coffee. The CBD oil can be quite bitter, causing that lingering tartness when you take a sip. It’s OK for those who take coffee for that early morning jump. But, if you’re the type of person who likes to savor his coffee, this is not the proper mixture for you.

Instead, there are CBD infused coffee made by experts in the industry. Instead of just adding the oil post brew, the oil is infused before any brewing occurs. This is done so that the CBD oil binds with the natural oils found in the coffee, creating a perfectly tasty blend.

Top 5 Reviews of CBD Coffee Brands

With CBD infusion best left to the professionals, it’s not surprising that there are already several brands that offer CBD infused coffee. Following are some of the names that led the way in this new market.

CBD Nutrition Coffee Beans and K-Cups Review

CBD Nutrition Online offers a quality product with full spectrum hemp extract that is cold pressed and unrefined. It contains Zero THC and is CO2 extracted CBD, which is organic and made in the USA. The flavor is a deep robust coffee that is easy to drink. I like having a bag of grounds so I can use when needed.

Check out and Try Nutrition CBD Coffee here. Discounts are available on multiple bags.

CBDInfusionz Premium Hemp CBD Coffee Review

CBDInfusionz Just introduced a premium ground CBD coffee to the world and its outstanding. I got a tin of this a few weeks ago and have been using it to start off my day ever since. The medium roast is a good flavor which is not too strong and not a weak in the taste department. The 33.3mg of CBD in each serving is the perfect amount for me to not have that coffee buzz an hour or so after drinking coffee. Instead the alertness is there which is the main reason I like coffee. So if you are looking for a good CBD blend to try, I would recommend CBDInfusionz. You can’t go wrong with it, plus they gave us a coupon code to use to take off 30%.

Use code: REVIEWSTER30% on their site here. You can save on coffee or any of their other CBD products they offer, which is quite a bit.


Diamond Chill CBD K-Cups Coffee Review

For those who want to experience CBD coffee but without the hassle of grinding their own beans, you have the Diamond Chill CBD K Cups Coffee. It comes in pods that you can easily pop into the coffeemaker for a perfect blend. That often takes all of 5 minutes to make. Each pod contains 25mg of CBD and should give you the morning-kick you need while still keeping you relaxed during the morning commute.

Perhaps what makes this brand so unique is the fact that they also offer CBD tea, which should have less caffeine content while still giving you that relaxing buzz. It’s also better for people who just prefer tea over coffee as their morning drink. A 4-pack assorted version comes with green tea, black tea, coffee, and decaf coffee – all infused with CBD. The coffee is classified as infused with CBD isolates.

Check out Diamond Chill CBD Coffee here

Strava Craft CBD Coffee Review

While the Strava Coffee Company has lots of available choices, they only have one product line for CBD infused coffee. That’s the “Peace and Wellness Collection” which has half a dozen items in the collection. They’re all available as whole beans with varying amounts of CBD, depending on your personal preference. There’s a 30mg CBD infusion, a 120mg infusion, and a 240mg infusion, which should help you judge just how “relaxed” do you want to be when drinking your coffee.

They also offer a decaffeinated version in the collection, for those who just want the relaxing effect of CBD while enjoying the soothing taste of coffee on their tongue. For those who want an additional kick to their coffee, you can also choose the Dark Roast version or just opt for the Focus name if you need it for work or school. The brand is primarily based in Denver Colorado and ships within the United States. It will soon ship to international markets.

Check out Strava Here – Use Strava Promo Code: REVIEWSTER to take off 10%

Greenroads CBD Coffee Review

Greenroads CBD Coffee is in the form of ground coffee beans which should speed up your morning routine, while still giving you an excellent caffeine experience. The total CBD count of an 8oz pack is 250mg so there should be around 15.6mg per tablespoon. The company that produced the brand is remarkably transparent as they offer CBD Compliance and Safety information on their website for additional assurance.

Check Out Greenroads CBD Coffee Here


Willie’s Remedy CBD Coffee Review

Willie’s Remedy is a brand that sells coffee beans infused with CBD. So far, there seems to be only one type of CBD coffee available under the brand name – so don’t expect flavored coffee, decaffeinated coffee, or any other blend. The upside of this is that you’re getting only the purest coffee batch and have freedom to blend and mix as you choose – all with the knowledge that you’re also consuming CBD.

Unlike the Diamond Chill brand, Willie’s Remedy contains full spectrum CBD. This is why there’s only a small amount of the CBD in the product, totaling about 5mg per 8 ounces.

Check out Willie’s here


Pure Science Labs Good Vibes Pomegranate CBD Tea Review

So instead of coffee, why not give CBD Tea a try too? This one from Pure Science Labs is a good one if you like fruity type of teas. The pack contains 60mg of CBD and comes with a certificate of analysis from one of the main trusted 3rd party research firms.

Check Out Good Vibes CBD Tea Here

Which One Should You Buy?

At the end of the day, your choice of CBD coffee depends primarily on your personal circumstances. Consider your coffee intake, your manner for coffee preparation, and the legal situation of CBD in your current residence. If you like to savor your coffee, go for the beans but if you want it quick – take the pods. In any situation, there’s a type of CBD coffee available for you.

Buyer’s Guide to CBD Coffee

Cannabidiol or CBD is slowly growing in popularity as people begin to appreciate the health benefits of this plant extract. Even better, people are becoming educated in distinguishing CBD from THC and understanding that while the latter may have intoxicating properties, CBD is perfectly healthy and does not cause a “high” effect. It’s therefore not surprising that CBD is being infused with other classic favorites – like coffee.

Here’s what you should know about CBD and coffee as a brand new favorite pair available on the market today.

Can You Take CBD Oil with Coffee?

Yes. It’s being done today with brand name coffeemakers already infusing CBD in their coffee products. The usual question is with respect to the conflicting chemical effect of coffee and CBD. Remember – coffee is an “upper” while CBD is a “downer”. As mentioned however, this is not a problem, and mixing CBD Oil with coffee will give you the benefit of both worlds.

If you’re thinking about separately using CBD Oil and Coffee however, you should know that this is also perfectly fine. The CBD oil, provided you take it within the recommended dosage, will offer you all the benefits associated with the substance. Drinking coffee afterwards or beforehand will not produce any negative effects.

Note though that dosage is crucial. CBD is affected by heat. This means the amount you get before brewing may not be the same amount you get when the coffee is already piping hot in your cup. Professionals take this into consideration when infusing CBD and thus, put in just the right amount for an ideal blend.

How to Infuse Coffee Beans

Businesses infusing coffee beans with CBD use one of two possible methods. The first one is by coating the coffee beans completely in CBD oil at some point in the process of preparation. The other method is by infusing the CBD into the beans before brewing occurs. The exact manner of the infusion may vary from one producer to the next – but the end result is always the same. You get packed coffee beans already combined with CBD oil that’s ready to be grounded and placed in the coffeemaker for that perfect blend.

While you can definitely try infusing coffee beans yourself as CBD oil becomes readily available, you’ll fare better by buying an already-infused pack of coffee beans. First off, infusing the beans yourself might not have the same effect or taste due to the unique chemical makeup of coffee. There’s also the fact that you’ll have to hit just the right ratio for coffee beans and CBD oil to get the taste you want. Recipes should be available online if you’re still bent on trying this yourself.

For comparison, you can try getting infused CBD Coffees and find out how they’re supposed to taste. The upside of this is that due to the legality and popularity of CBD, infused coffee products are no longer hard to find. Some coffee shops are also serving CBD coffees now, which should allow you to taste-test the new blend without committing completely to a particular brand.

Does Caffeine Affect CBD Oil?

CBD is praised for its many health benefits, but the pairing with coffee is a stroke of genius as the two products complement each other. You see, CBD manages to make a person feel “relaxed” while coffee prompts a person to feel alert. Most people drink coffee to wake them up in the morning. But, when taken too much, it can cause a jittery sensation for the drinker. You’ll feel nervous, suffer from tremors, and generally have a harder time concentrating even if you are fully awake. This is due to the caffeine.

CBD combats this problem by prompting the release of chemicals that will relax your body while still keeping you alert. This makes it ideal for people who are trying to stay awake to meet a deadline at work, trying to study for an exam, or just want the double benefit offered by a CBD infused coffee.

Reports state that people who drink CBD infused coffee are “blissfully alert” in that they are able to maintain focus for long periods of time. Manic moments, jittery feelings, and other side effects usually associated with coffee are significantly reduced.

Benefits of CBD Infused Coffee

Aside from the fact that it helps you relax, CBD infused coffee also comes with other benefits that naturally occur due to the presence of CBD. Like coffee, CBD is considered an antioxidant, working to get rid of the toxins in the body. It helps reduce free radicals, which can cause damage at a cellular level.

CBD also has a unique effect on the endocannabinoid system. Studies have shown that it can help the body maintain homeostasis by regulating certain functions such as mood, sleep, appetite, memory, and focus. While studies are still continuously being conducted to understand CBD and how it affects the system, there is no doubt that the positive effects of this hemp-derivative is conclusive.

Drawbacks of CBD Infused Coffee

Of course, it would be completely unfair to discuss the benefits without looking into the drawbacks of CBD infused coffee. All products come with drawbacks, depending on the situation of the user.

The primary concern here has something to do with caffeine content. You’ll have to remember that despite the CBD infusion, coffee is still coffee. Hence, there’s still a specific maximum you’ll have to watch out for during the day. This is typically pegged at 5 cups of coffee per day and due to the newness of the CBD-Coffee mix, there’s still no conclusive number as to how many cups of CBD-infused coffee you can safely drink. Hence, it’s best to stick to the general rule of limiting yourself to 5 cups per day. Even if the negative effects of caffeine like nervousness and jitters are not present because of the CBD, the accumulation can still have an unseen effect.

There is also the question of necessity. Let’s say that CBD coffee is ideal for people suffering from depression and anxiety. What if you don’t have any of these CBD-treatable conditions? Would it still be safe to drink CBD infused coffee? The answer is: yes. Bear in mind though that if you have pre-existing health problems or currently taking certain medications, it’s best to consult your doctor first.

People who are told not to drink coffee due to pre-existing health conditions should not look into CBD-infused coffee as a possible alternative. Despite the infusion of CBD, these coffee products still contain caffeine.

Different Kinds of CBD Coffee Products

There are currently different kinds of CBD coffee products available on the market, designed to fit different coffee drinkers. Obviously, there are coffee shops serving these products, but once you get the taste for it, you can buy them yourself in these different versions:

CBD Beans

Buying beans instead of pre-ground coffee helps maintain the freshness of the beans. It can be tough to describe the taste of freshly ground coffee beans as opposed to ground coffee beans – but you’ll be able to discover the difference once you take a sip. Suffice it to say, getting your coffee through freshly ground beans will offer a perk unlike any other as it wakes you up to a cleanly bitter taste. Of course, there’s also the fact that grinding the beans yourselves gives you complete control over how your coffee will taste.

The only drawback of buying beans is the fact that the preparation time takes longer. If you have to grind your coffee every morning before preparing it, you might find yourself dedicating a few minutes of the day to the task – not to mention the cleanup. If you’re a big coffee fan and like to savor your cup – even if just during the weekends – then this is the one you should keep in your pantry.

Pre-Ground CBD

People who don’t have the time to go through the complete process of grinding their coffee beans can purchase the pre-ground version. It doesn’t have the same perky freshness of freshly ground coffee, but it has a kick to it that’s the next best thing. With ground coffee beans, you can indulge yourself with multiple servings of coffee everyday with minimal time wasted.

CBD Coffee Pods

Finally, there are pod coffee beans infused with CBD that’s currently available on the market. These pods are made for those who want their coffee quick in the morning. Due to the popularity of CBD, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding pod products infused with the ingredient. The great thing about pods is that they’re single-serve types that are accurately measured to offer a complete cup. This will prevent you from grinding too much coffee beans in a day.

Out of the three, coffee pods are the most convenient option – but they’re also the ones that lack most of the freshness of the coffee. The upside here is that most coffee pods are built with specific blends already. So, if you like your coffee with a little bit of sparkle – the pods are a good choice.

CBD Isolates and CBD Full Spectrum

Prior to buying CBD infused coffee, you should know that there are basically two ways that CBD is added into coffee. There’s CBD Isolate and there’s CBD Full Spectrum. The Isolate type contains only CBD and nothing else. The CBD Full Spectrum however may contain traces of other chemicals – including THC. Hence, you’ll have to be careful with labels when making your purchase.

Hellion Cold Brew Coffee Review

The Hellion Cold Brew is a bit different from all the other products in this list. To start off – there’s no brewing involved to get your coffee. The cold brew is just that – cold. Served in an easy-to-go bottle, the Hellion line gives you the chance to get that caffeine kick under the hot sun. Now infused with CBD, the cold brew coffee gained even more popularity due to its unique twist and convenience. Each 350ml bottle contains just 30mg of CBD which allows for that perfect equalizer between relaxation and alertness. The CBD infused cold brew coffee line has two distinct recipes which should suit the variety of cold brew consumers in the market.

Legality of CBD Coffee

Here’s the question most people want answered – is buying CBD coffee legal? The straightforward answer is: maybe. Due to the relative newness of CBD, states are still conflicting as to its use and the allowable content of CBD in a product. Therefore, you’ll have to make sure that the CBD Coffee you order is compliant with state rules – otherwise, you might have a hard time having it shipped. If you’re buying from a coffee shop or a specialty store however, this should not be a problem anymore.

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