Best CBD Hemp Joints – Terpene Infused Pre-Roll Joints

Where to Find/Buy Good CBD Terpene Infused Pre-Rolls

CBD Pre-rolls are available at just about anywhere cannabis is sold, be it physical or online stores including ones that sell CBD edibles. Be wary of companies that don’t require a medical marijuana (MMJ) card or a doctor’s recommendation to purchase pre-rolls. While they may seem convenient, these operations are often scams or deliver sub-par products.

You may also come across out-of-state or foreign retailers who do their business suspiciously. Don’t be deceived. It always pays to do ample research before clicking that ‘Buy’ button. Purchase only from licensed storefronts or dispensaries and trusted sites. Reputable sources sell lab-tested and approved products to ensure consumer safety.

That said, below is our list of ten of the best pre-rolled joint producers. By going to their locations or websites, you can ensure to get the best deals for high-quality cbd joints.

Top 10 Best CBD Pre-Rolled Joint Companies

Recommended: Mr. CBD Pre-Rolls

I tried these the other day and was really impressed with not only the quality but the flavor and effect as well. I picked up 6 of these and used them all over a 2 week period. I did feel better and more chill than I normally am.

Try them out and let me know what you think.

Best CBD Hem JointsTerpy J’s pre-rolls produce clean and smooth smoke which is consistently great-tasting. The joints are made with high-quality, all-natural hemp and are available in three blends: original, sour diesel, and orange cookies. Their products are terpene-enhanced and CBD distillate-dipped. The brand also gives a free glass-smoking tip for every 6-pack tin order, which is a nice deal.

Terpy J’s carefully chooses Colorado state certified hemp of the highest quality, free from pesticides, and grown with organic farming techniques. This gives this CBD joint a smooth, clean smoke, rich in full-bodied terpene profiles.

This brand is owned by another famous personality, Willie Nelson, who was one of the first celebs to enter the pot industry in Colorado. Willie’s Reserve sells strain-specific cones for over $10. Their joints can be a bit hard to light and it may take a few puffs before you can get a decent hit. Nevertheless, the quality of the flowers is consistently choice and the products are sold at a more solid price point than most dispensary joints.

Owned by actor and cannabis advocate Tommy Chong, Chong’s Choice offers a variety of hand-picked, high-quality cannabis products such as cannabis oil, THC strips, and of course pre-rolled joints. They use locally grown cannabis that are machine-rolled in all-natural rolling papers. Each pre-roll contains .75 gram of cannabis flower in either sativa or indica strain.

The island-grown cannabis from Vashon Velvet is receiving much hype within the cannabis community, with the Liberty Haze (hybrid) strain being one of their most popular products. Their joints have a touch of citrus and pine flavor which will give you an uplifting vibe. They are perfect for smoking while hiking through vibrant trees or taking a long walk.

Solstice is a Seattle-based producer who has a well-earned reputation for providing high-quality pre-rolls. Their top blend is Blueberry Cheesecake which has sweet, tangy flavors and aroma resonant of its name. They use hybrid strain for their joints and their products are just perfect for afternoon hang-out with friends.

Bloom Farms is on a mission to abolish the stigma that has long been associated with marijuana use. They work with local farmers in California to cultivate only the finest cannabis. Their pre-rolls are made with 100 percent full flower with at least .75 gram of premium cannabis. They also sell portable vape pens and cannabis oil.

Phat Panda is a fun and funky brand that offers joints with high-CBD strain, which will give you a cool yet clear-headed type of high. Their top product Cenex will easily release your stress and amplify your energy to get things done. The brand uses sativa strain in their pre-rolls.

The Grape Ape pre-roll by Emerald Jane’s uses the indica strain and will give you a relaxing and blissful high, perfect for cold and foggy weather. When you open the packaging of the pre-rolled joint, expect to be covered in sweet yet skunky aroma resembling that of pinot noir.

RAW is a known rolling paper brand but they also offer quality joints. Their pre-rolls come in unique sizes: 1 ¼, The 98 Special, King Size, Lean, Emperador, Peacemaker, and Supernatural which is 12 inches long. Their products are available in two varieties: classic and organic. The classic type is a mix of unbleached fibers while the organic variety uses pure hemp.

Juicy Jay’s pre-rolls are made from a combination of hemp and rice. The paper uses a special formula that creates even and smooth burns. Their pre-rolls come in a uniform size, which is 4 inches long and 1 ¼ inches wide, and in two-packs so that they retain their freshness and aroma. The brand also sells rolling papers, hemp wraps, pipes, and incense sticks.

A Buyers Guide For CBD Pre-rolled Joints

Are you a cannabis lover but for the life of you, just can’t do your own roll right? That’s all good! Nowadays, people save themselves from that trouble by buying joints that are pre-rolled to perfection. You probably have a lot of questions about pre-rolled joints, and this guide has all the answers, as well as some excellent recommendations. Long-time users and newcomers, welcome!

What are Pre-Rolled Joints?

Pre-rolled joints, also called pre-rolled cones or simply ‘pre-rolls’, are hemp/cannabis buds twisted in cones or rolling papers, ready to be smoked. These joints are highly portable and perfect for sharing with friends and fellow smokers.

Cannabis has been widely used for centuries but using it in the form of joint can be traced back to the late 1800s in the Americas. Pre-rolls are a ready-made product that is ideal for those who want to save some energy and time by not having to hand-roll the paper by themselves.

If you’re a newbie and haven’t got the hang of rolling a joint correctly, this is also a great option for you. You know of those times when you roll the paper and it accidentally tears or when the roll wasn’t done right and you end up with a harsher taste and an uneven burn? We know how frustrating that can be. With pre-rolls, you won’t need to worry about those issues anymore.

Perhaps the only disadvantages of pre-rolls are that they tend to get damaged easily and can be hard to handle. They are also the smokiest and smelliest way to smoke weed. But if you don’t mind the whiff and enjoy it even, then this is definitely a great option for you to try.

What’s in a Pre-Rolled Joint?

Joints are a cheaper, more discreet, and more convenient means of consuming cannabis. They don’t require the financial investment of bongs nor the time-commitment of edibles. However, one thing seems to get in the way: many people think they’re full of crap and aren’t worth it.

The quality of pre-rolls varies widely, so they shouldn’t be generalized. Yes, there are many pre-rolls from dispensaries that will make you give joints a bad reputation. They are often made of trim—that is, stems and leaves that are cut out from the buds before curing. But not all joints are made equal.

While those low-quality joints really deserve a bad rep, there are some that are high-quality and contain whole flowers, not just stems or leaves or tiny buds. These pre-rolls are more expensive and usually come from companies dedicated mainly to producing joints. But since the cannabis is hidden in the paper, it can be hard to judge the quality just by looking at the product. That’s why it’s important to research and read reviews or buying guides, such as this one you’re reading right now, to know what the best brands are.

Joints vs. Blunts vs. Spliffs

Rolled weed comes in 3 varieties: joint, blunt, and spliff.

Joints refer to the traditional ground marijuana cigarettes, machine- or hand-rolled and sealed in rolling papers. Rolling papers are thin sheets that come in various sizes (usu. 70mm-110mm in length with different widths) and materials (ex. traditional wood pulp).

Blunts also contain pure ground cannabis but are rolled with thick and heavy tobacco leaves or cigar paper/wraps, thus they contain some nicotine (joints do not contain any). They are typically larger and last longer than an average joint. To make your own blunt, simply hollow out a cigar and refill it with ground cannabis. You can also buy blunt papers or wraps, which are larger and thicker than traditional wood pulp papers.

Spliffs contain a mixture or marijuana and tobacco, hence contain more nicotine than blunts which use tobacco as wraps only. The addition of nicotine gives the user an energy boost and a head rush. It may also provide more calming effects.

Anyone who’s looking for that pure marijuana high should stick only with pre-rolled joints. But if you want an extra boost of nicotine, a blunt or a spliff will give you just that.

How are Pre-Rolls Made?

When budtenders shift cannabis nugs in jars, small bits of flower fall off and gather at the bottom of it. These flowers are called “shake” and it is what makes a pre-roll. Once collected, the shake is then funneled into rolling cones or papers and rolled manually by hand or using a machine. The machine shakes the rolled joints to settle the shake and remove any air pockets. The rolls are then sealed by twisting the tip. They are sold in packets or individual joints.

Using shake is a common practice and it makes sure that dispensaries maximize their inventory. Some smokers think that shake is bad-quality cannabis, just tiny crumbs and leftovers. But that isn’t really the case. Shake is essentially just smaller bits of the same quality flowers.

Then again, when the shake gets mixed with bits of stems and leaves or when they become dry by sitting in the jars for too long, its quality decreases. When buying pre-rolls, ask the dispensary about their product or sacrifice one roll by cutting it open to check its contents.

Are There Different Types of Pre-Rolls?

Apart from the different traditions, hemp, and cigar rolling paper options, pre-rolled joints can be filled with different types of strain: it can be a blend of sativa, indica, or a hybrid of those two, or simply high-CBD flower. Indica is thought to give a relaxing body-high, while sativa is said to give an energetic mental-high. The effect of using a hybrid can be less predictable.

Some pre-rolls are also infused with kief, extracts, or high-THC oils, which make them costlier and more potent.

How Much Do Pre-Rolls Cost?

Like buying cannabis buds, pre-roll price varies depending on quality. Cheaper ones usually contain weak, low-grade cannabis while expensive brands have stronger, more premium strains that may also be dusted with kief and/or coated with wax. Price is also based on quantity—from thin half-gram pinner to oversized 2-gram doobie.

Different dispensaries may also price their products differently. Typically, pre-rolls go anywhere between $5 to $25 or higher.

Are Pre-Rolls Even Legal?

Yes! Walking into a weed shop can be intimidating, considering how marijuana has been criminalized throughout history. But yes, joints and other cannabis products are legal, though there may be some restrictions depending on which state you’re in. (Be sure to review the state laws concerning marijuana use before taking it to places.) In Oregon, for instance, smoking weed is legal but you can’t do it in public places, only within your private property.

Also, don’t get behind the wheel when you’re stoned. If a cop pulls you over and suspects that you’re stoned, they’ll make you do a sobriety test and may require you to undergo many other screening methods. If you fail them, you’ll be in big trouble.

Are Pre-Rolls Dangerous?

Unlike with alcohol or nicotine, it is physically impossible to achieve a lethal overdose by taking too much THC, the main active component of cannabis. However, there may be some short-term side effects to smoking pre-rolls, such as low blood pressure, dizziness, insomnia, impaired concentration and motor skills, and increased heart rate. Do not smoke before doing anything that requires extreme focus, like driving or operating machinery.

According to a 2017 review by the National Academies of Sciences, smoking cannabis has not been associated with the development of any cancers, including lung cancer, but frequent smoking may lead to coughs and phlegm. Pregnant women, juveniles, people with history of mental disorder or with heart conditions, are advised not to smoke cannabis.

Smoking marijuana produces second-hand smoke which contains high levels of carcinogens, according to a 2016 study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. So as much as possible, avoid smoking in crowded places so as not to expose non-smoking by-standers to it.

Cannabis use can be habit-forming. Studies suggest that up to 9 percent of users have trouble breaking the habit. Still, the dependence rates are lower than those of other legal drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine.

Summing Up

There’s no denying that pre-rolled joints continue to be of high demand. They come rolled for you, ready to be smoked right away, eliminating the often-troublesome prep phase. For both recreational and medical smokers, this option is simple, convenient, and quite the ideal. And now that you know all about pre-rolls, go ahead and light one up. Enjoy!

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