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It’s quite normal to feel anxious sometimes, but having that kind of emotion without a valid reason is another story. Anxiety can significantly affect people’s lives and frequent anxiety attacks can indicate a more serious psychological issue. People with anxiety disorders are known to also suffer from poor health and well-being. In fact, their condition can make their lives miserable for good. This article looks to inform you on how CBD is a good option for treating anxiety and will go over the best CBD oils to take for this.

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How Does CBD Oil Work to treat anxiety?

CBD oil reduces the effect of anxiety by working with serotonin receptors in the body. This receptor is important because the serotonin system is involved in the mental health of an individual. The anti-anxiety effect is the result of binding and partial stimulation of CBD with the receptor sites.

Inspired by successful experiments made with animals, scientist started conducting studies on patients with anxiety. The results are encouraging as they prove the effectiveness of CBD too. These recent researches show that CBD oil can enhance the common symptoms of anxiety disorders like acute stress & anxiety.

One of these experiments was conducted by Brazilians. They conducted a double-blind research of patients with generalized social anxiety. After taking CBD oil, patients reported the changes that they felt. Experts confirmed the subjective reports of patients by carrying out brain scans. The images produced by brain scans show the patterns of blood flow in the brain with lavish anti-anxiety effect.

In another study, researchers looked for patients with social anxiety disorder. They invited the two groups of participants for the research and carried out a simulated oratory test. Patients who used CBD reported less anxiety and the findings were supported by anxiety indicators such as blood pressure and heart rate.

The researchers concluded that CBD oil can significantly reduce anxiety, speech performance issue, and cognitive impairment. These effects were seen in patients who received a dose of CBD oil. The placebo group, however, experienced extreme anxiety, discomfort, and cognitive impairment.

CBD oil also helps in the regeneration of neurons in the hippocampus. This part of the brain is responsible for emotion, memory formation and cognition. Studies also suggest that severely damaged neuronal plasticity can result to the suicidal tendency. Thus, regenerated neurons in the brain are useful in the treatment of anxiety and suicidal behaviors.

Growing Concern About Anxiety Medications

In the United States alone, forty million patients are victims of anxiety disorders who require urgent intervention and treatment. They take synthetic drugs like antidepressants and anxiolytics to make themselves feel better. These medicines work, but their side effects can lead to more serious issues.

Taking anxiolytics and antidepressants are also used in tandem with counseling in psychotherapy. The safety of psychotherapy, however, is undermined by the negative effects of these medicines. While patients certainly deserve to live an anxiety-free life, their well-being should not be put at risk by the dangers brought by these medicines.

These concerns are thought to be too severe, so the scientists started to look for a good alternative for prescription medicines for anxiety. After years of extensive researches, they discovered the secret power of cannabis. CBD Oil is considered to be the best natural treatment for anxiety so far.

CBD Oil is a natural treatment which will help them get their lives back to normal. It can offer lasting relief for their agony as it is a non-psychoactive form of cannabinoid extracted from a cannabis plant.

Best CBD Oil Products For Treating Anxiety

There are different brands available in the market. Below, are reviews for some of the best brands we have discovered so far. It would not hurt to ask others for their recommendations on which product is effective and safe. There’s a lot to learn about Cannabis and asking around will help you get the information that you need. Read as much about the different products as possible before you purchase anything. Here are some of the most recommended products that you can try:

Miracle CBD Oil Review

Miracle Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a health supplement. It gives vital proteins and compounds that deliver natural restoring benefits to the body. Some of its ingredients are CBD, maca root extract, catalyst, Vedic aid, and dietary compounds. These components are pharmaceutical grade and clinically tested.

This product uses pure cannabidiol and natural herb extracts. It also promises its legality in all 50 states of America. You can add this oil to salads, dishes, or even juices. It offers to decrease the risk of diseases and joint pains. However, there is no definite information regarding the actual formulation of this product. The information about the company that created this product is also limited.

Miracle CBD Oil is a dietary oil which promises improved quality of life. This product is manufactured mainly to help in dealing with depression and anxiety. Aside from that, this product has a positive effect on physical issues like persistent pain. The product’s main ingredient is cannabis, a strong extract that comes from the marijuana plant.

The cannabis extract in product is so potent which is proven to be helpful in dealing with serious medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease and cerebral palsy. This oil could help a lot of patients with anxiety to regain their long-lost healthy and happy life. It’s an effective remedy for everyday stress at work or school.

It can relieve stress from both internal and external sources. The internal sources include the lack of motivation to meet wellness and health in life and pessimistic attitude. However, the external sources may involve a tense relationship, extreme workload, and poor lifestyle.

One final aspect of this oil is that it’s healthy as it contains minerals and vitamins. Likewise, it is rich in minerals that keep the body’s vital organs and systems healthy and working. These minerals are involved in the response steps of different chemical reactions within the body. Moreover, the vitamins contained in Miracle CBD Oil promote proper functioning and fusion of the RBCs and other essential components of the body.

Blue Label High CBD Hemp Oil Review

This product offers the strongest and purest version of CBD oil in the market. It is from pure hemp oil and does not contain flavors or filler. It is safe for consumption and this oil does not contain THC. Its potency is strong that you only need about 4 milligrams of CBD oil to feel its effects.

This product is legal in the United States and other countries. You can use this in combination with other CBD products. There are no reported side effects for the use of this oil. The ingredients are also natural and the CBD is from industrial hemp. This CBD oil also ensures its premium quality and safety with strict quality control procedures. It is manufactured in an FDA-registered laboratory.

Pure Kana Review

Pure Kana is a popular brand of CBD oil in most markets these days. Its manufacturer specializes in producing a 100% pure CBD crystal designed for treating anxiety and stress. Pure Kana Natural CBD Oil is an unflavored nutritional and dietary supplement that promotes increased vitality and health.

This product gives a relaxing feeling and its compounds work like magic. The manufacturer says that their products are continuously going through laboratory tests to ensure their potency and safety. The company sells 100% non-psychoactive CBD oils across the United States.

Elixinol Review

The manufacturer of this brand of CBD oil has been in the market for a while. Elixinol distributes high quality, safe, and effective hemp oils and CBD oils to different dispensaries all over the world. It’s a big company that owns an online store offering premium quality products and rewards for loyal customers.

CBD Essence Review

CBD Essence provides quality products at a good price. This company is an expert in formulating and manufacturing hemp oil. The brand’s owner has been in the pharmacological industry for years.

Their oils are produced using different CO2 extraction procedures. They don’t consider CBD isolates and all their products go through laboratory tests. Also, they show the results of those laboratory tests to the public. They do it to guarantee that there are no contaminants and heavy metals in their products.

CBD Pure Review

CBD Pure is an online shop that sells a range of CBD sprays and oils. Their team is comprised of cannabidiol experts. Aside from giving excellent customer service and products, they always show their customers how much they care.

CBD Pure specializes only in CBD oils. They make use of certified natural hemp grown and harvested in Denmark. Also, they use the best procedure for CO2 extraction. All finished products are then quality tested by 3rd party laboratories to ensure quality.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil Review

Real Scientific Hemp Oil is from cultivated hemp that is free from chemicals and herbicides. This product is a dietary supplement that is a great source of cannabidiol. It helps promote homeostasis in the body. This hemp oil also provides omega fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, proteins, and other essential nutrients.

The laboratories used in the creation of this product are ISO accredited. The manufacturing process follows strict protocols and safety procedures. It is also accessible in all 50 states in the United States and over 40 international countries. This product offers no serious side effects.

Tips for Buying the Best CBD Oil

CBD products are available in different forms like capsules, tinctures, concentrates, topical preparations, sprays, vapes, wax, and oil. To make the best buying decision, these factors must be considered:

  • CBD Volume – customers should find out first the exact CBD content of a product before they buy it. All types of CBD products contain various quantities of this therapeutic substance. Likewise, people should be familiar with various elements that form CBD oil.
  • Hemp Oil Volume – besides, consumers must find out the hemp oil volume to know the right form of CBD product to buy. Hemp oil has plenty of benefits to health, but they must not surpass the advantages of CBD oil.
  • Concentration – concentration is the CBD oil level versus product’s overall volume. The concentration may range from the normal strength to higher concentrations. People should choose CBD oil’s concentration depending on the dosage and their preferred product type.
  • First-timers may begin with just 1 mg every day. It’s the standard dosage for adults and that’s enough to experience the promised benefits of CBD oil. However, customers should consider their body weight, metabolism, and the effects they desire to pick the best concentration. They may try a higher dose as they deem possible. The best possible results will be achieved if they use CBD oil continuously.
  • CBD must be taken continuously because the human body takes time to adapt to oil’s compounds. CBD products do not contain dangerous compounds. Therefore, customers can increase the dosage as they look for the right concentration for their needs. They can also change the concentration every week to reach the ideal value.
  • Labeling – customers should check the product’s label when buying a CBD oil. Make sure that the label has a table of dosage in milligrams including the CBD active concentration in the product. Also, they must ensure that a clear difference between the hemp oil and CBD oil is showed by the label. These will indicate how potent the CBD product is.
  • Purity – consumers should consider the properties of other substances that are added to the CBD oil formulation. They must find out if the solution has additives, solvents, and preservatives. Also, they should learn whether they are sensitive to those additives or not.

You can ingest a CBD oil product, put it under the tongue, or apply it to the skin. There are concentrated oil extracts that you can inhale using a vape pen. You can also mix this oil with other herbs or essential oils. Other individuals also use this oil for cooking.

You can feel the effects of inhaling CBD oil after a minute or two. Meanwhile, ingesting the oil usually takes about 30 to 90 minutes. The effects of both methods can last for hours. However, before taking this medication, you must talk to your doctor first. This precaution can prevent further complications or any adverse side effect in the body.

CBD Oil Dosage For Anxiety

The ideal amount of CBD oil intake varies per individual. It can be in milligrams or in grams. It is dependent on the therapeutic use and a person’s prior experience with cannabis. For instance, an individual with little to no involvement with cannabis must only take a low dose such as 5mg at a time.

You can also adjust the amount of intake depending on the observed effects. Use small amounts throughout the day instead of taking one big dose. This is because too much of CBD oil in the body may increase mood and anxiety disorders. Meanwhile, skipping the medication entirely may lead to withdrawal. Symptoms such as nausea, fogginess, irritability, and dizziness are some of its manifestations.

CBD Oil as an Alternative for Anxiolytics and Antidepressants

Recent studies show that CBD has similar properties with anxiolytics and antidepressants. However, CBD is natural and safe to use.  Scientists discovered its effects by using animal subjects like mice in their research. After doing some experiments, they found that CBD can significantly reduce anxiety and panic attacks. The animals were exposed to traumatic external stimuli that caused anxiety and then they were treated with CBD Oil. They experienced comfort and relief after taking the CBD Oil.

Through these experiments, medical professionals were also able to discover other diseases that can be treated by CBD oil.

What to Consider Before Buying CBD Oil to treat Anxiety?

Since CBD products come in different types, including edibles, people should understand their own needs and know how to use the oil properly. CBD oil must be used correctly whether it’s to relieve anxiety or just the ordinary everyday stress. Also, consumers must find out if a mixture of CBD and THC is good for their condition. Also, everyone should learn the policies for dispensing and buying cannabis as the law differs from state to state.

What are the Benefits Of CBD Oil?

You can use CBD oil for medical purposes because it is non-psychoactive. Aside from its anxiety-reducing effect, it offers other benefits. CBD oil helps in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety-induced insomnia, and social anxiety disorder. It also helps the mood, memory, reproduction and immune systems, and pain perception of a person.

What are the bases for the selection of a CBD oil product?

Choose products with clear labels. The label should show the ingredients, batch number, manufacturer, and the manufacturing date. The ingredients used should also be safe for consumption and of high quality. Verified and tested products are also preferred.

What are the side effects of CBD Oil?

Although CBD oil is generally safe for consumption, there are some observed side effects for this medication. A person can experience sleeping difficulties, gastrointestinal discomfort, and mood changes. It can prevent hepatic drug metabolism and decrease the activities of drug transporters. Other effects such as dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue, hallucinations, and low blood pressure can also happen.

The drug interaction of CBD with other medicines is also possible. Other medications can affect the effectivity of CBD or produce other side effects in the body. To prevent this, consult your doctor for the adjustment of your medications.

Is CBD Oil legal?

There are only specific places where CBD oil is legal. For instance, if cannabis is legal in your state, you can purchase CBD oil from clinics or cannabis stores. You can also find and purchase them in online shops. However, if it is illegal in your state, you may need a license from a doctor to buy this medication.

Final Thoughts About CBD Oil for Anxiety

As of now, CBD oil is the best alternative for synthetic antidepressants and anxiolytics. However, people should never forget that consulting their physician is an essential step to find out which is ideal for them. In the right dosage, they will be able to enjoy the benefits of taking CBD Oil.



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