Best CBD Oil Wholesalers & Distributor Reviews 2024

CBD or Cannabidiol products are increasingly getting the attention of the general public. One of the reasons is because Cannabidiol products have already proven their health and therapeutic benefits. With its wide range of uses, varieties, concentration, and product types, it is easy to understand why it is also becoming one of the most profitable business ventures that anyone could consider. Thus, we have put together this guide on how to become a CBD Reseller as well as finding the best CBD Oil Wholesalers out there. CBD products are quite safe and with zero toxicity. In fact, there are a handful of CBD product preparations that all undergone a series of intensive scientific studies, research, and product development. From CBD extraction all the way to product preparation, these products go through strict quality control procedures.

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cbdMD Wholesale Program Review

There are 3 critical reasons why doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and health retailers are already selling caseloads of cbdMD and why you should be next to offer your customers and patients 100% pure CBD oil:

  1. The demand for CBD oil and CBD-infused products has exploded in popularity. Thanks to the countless reports supporting CBD benefits, America has become interested in CBD oil now more than ever! Last year, experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) released a study endorsing CBD benefits for several conditions including anxiety, pain, inflammation, neurological diseases, and many more. The WHO committee also emphasized how CBD displayed no indicative effects of abuse or the potential for dependence.
  2. The majority of people using CBD products today experience distinct and tangible results – even a massive survey of over 2,400 users reported that 42% of them quit their traditional medications and prescriptions in favor of CBD. Unlike conventional medicines from pharmaceuticals that artificially obstruct or release receptors of their functions, CBD naturally interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and biologically binds with the necessary internal connectors as nature intended. This natural occurrence allows CBD to become useful with an array of health conditions. And while common medications typically target only the symptoms, specialists indicate how CBD aims for the cause of symptoms.
  3. The CBD oil industry is already a multi-million dollar market with projections of reaching $1 billion in product sales by 2020. Because hemp-based CBD doesn’t contain any THC, people don’t become high with every use – a unique characteristic that only increases the popularity of this cannabinoid compound. And with the federal reclassification of industrial hemp, all 50 states have become authorized to establish agricultural programs solely to cultivate industrial hemp – many for CBD extraction purposely. Analysts have even predicted the market for hemp-based CBD to soon surpass the legal marijuana industry.

With these reasons and several more, it’s becoming no question how CBD creates an incredible impact with its potential – not to mention increased profits for your business along with higher customer satisfaction.

Why Join The cbdMD Wholesaler Program?

Well, why not? The cbdMD wholesaler program allows you to give your customers what they really want. Our company manufactures the gold standard in CBD oil, giving you 100% confidence that you’re offering your customers a safe and powerfully effective product.

Become part of American history as CBD continues to revolutionize how we care for our health! Submitting an application and placing your first order only takes a few minutes. To get started with the cbdMD Wholesale program please fill out the form above.

Demand Labs CBD White Label/Wholesale Dropship On-Demand

Demand Labs/FullStack Fulfillment is based out of Florida but has locations in Utah and in Barnsley, UK. They are a worldwide fulfillment provider for all types of CBD products that are ready for wholesale or white label. This is a great program to start with for both those that are just starting a CBD business and for more established companies that just want to add high-quality CBD products to what you currently offer.

Help us to help you get the right info you are looking for. Fill out the form below to get more info, a wholesale catalog, or white label info to start your own brand. Also if you are looking for Bulk raw products to purchase, we can help you as well.

Top 10 National Brand CBD Wholesalers In the USA

Entering the field of CBD wholesaling requires some research and product knowledge. You cannot enter the battlefield without strong armor and some relevant information.

For starters, learn the ins and outs of CBD wholesaling directly from the experts in the field. It would be beneficial if you can explore the different CBD products and variants, and their features and benefits. This will give you a good head start on how you can market it effectively.

This is the best CBD wholesale offer to start with (most earning potential + a strong brand to sell )

NanoCraft CBD Wholesale Review

Become a NanoCraft CBD Wholesaler and join one of the fastest-growing, highest quality, and most popular CBD brands in the industry! Offer your customers true quality and watch NanoCraft CBD fly off the shelves in your retail or online store! NanoCraft offers softgels, drops, topicals, and CBD water products. Their collection is packaged to make sales for you. From labeling to pricing, to product quality.

What Makes NanoCraft Different?

SUPERIOR QUALITY: From sourcing to extraction to final production, NanoCraft goes the extra mile. Our key products are fortified with nano-technology to improve nutrient absorption into the bloodstream. Customers often report noticing more benefit from NanoCraftproducts than they do from previous competitors.

UNIQUE FORMULATIONS: While CBD alone is an effective supplement, we believe in the power of synergy. Many of our products combine other nutrients, including adaptogenic herbs, probiotics, CoQ10, electrolytes, BCAAs, and vitamin B12 to give our customers an extra advantage.

TOP-TIER PACKAGING: Packaging alone can attract consumer attention and drive purchase intent. We take pride in every aspect of our brand right down to our modern packaging. The NanoCraft brand is a blend of luxury and adventure—elegant enough for the affluent and modern enough for the athlete.

PHILANTHROPIC INITIATIVE: At NanoCraft $1 from every item sold is donated to organizations committed to supporting initiatives near and dear to our mission: helping kids in need. Thanks to NanoCraft Kids, our customers feel an extra sense of purpose with every purchase they make.

Download the NanoCraft CBD wholesale catalog and learn more here

Medterra Wholesale Program Review

Medterra CBD offers a wide selection of quality CBD products. Medterra offers full traceability from seed to sale and corresponding COA’s for each batch of products to show no contaminants and Zero THC.
Wholesale accounts are set up with all necessary marketing materials free of charge and receive free shipping.
Their product line consists of the following:
-Tinctures (500mg, 1,000mg, 3,000mg)
-Gel capsules (25mg, 50mg)
-Topical creams (250mg, 750mg)
-Sleep tablets (25mg CBD 10mg Melatonin)
-Pet tinctures (150mg, 300mg, 750mg in Chicken, Beef and unflavored)
-Good morning capsules
-Women’s monthly wellness capsules
For more information, please fill out the wholesale form and you will be contacted by a Medterra sales representative.

CBDInfusionz Wholesale Program Review

CBDInfusions distributor/wholesale program is probably one of the best if not the best I have run across to date. Offering a wide selection of CBD infused products, from Gummies, to oils, to capsules, to topicals, to pet products. Their pricing was the most attractive as well.

From offering complete White Label options from labels to displays so that you can create your own brand and look and they will ship directly to you.

Some of their most successful products are their Gummies which come in the shape of bears, worms, cubes, and wedges. Literally anything you can find in a candy store you can find through them in CBD form.

Their pet products are great as well including their many flavors of dog treats.

Their CBD Isolate is the most potent you can find at 99% pure.

For more info on the CBD Infusionz Wholesale/White Label options please fill out the form above.

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Diamond CBD Wholesale Review

Diamond CBD gets ‘save buy nod’ to consider for your source of CBD products. We came to this conclusion based on a few key areas: Selection, Price, and Shipping.  Diamond CBD offers the best wholesale pricing we have found so far for CBD products. They have one of the largest selections of products available as well including, vapes, edibles, drinks, pets, topicals, oils. Basically everything you need under one roof. Plus they have top-notch shipping and get it to you as fast as possible. They will assign you a dedicated account manager to make ordering, reordering, and pricing as easy as possible too.

Joy Organics CBD Wholesale Program Review

Joy Organics is a leading provider of certified THC-free CBD products. From tinctures and softgels to salves and energy mix, Joy Organics carries premium products designed to help elevate your brand and give your customers a high-end CBD experience.

The Joy Organics wholesale program offers discounts ranging from 50-60% with low minimums. Here are a few more benefits to our program.

  • Joy’s quality brand, which is growing by the day

  • Products are manufactured in Colorado

  • Free shipping by USPS

  • No minimum number of units required

  • Free replacements on customer returns

  • World-class customer service

  • Lab reports available on every batch

  • Each product comes in its own display box

  • Simple ordering process — just enter your unique promo code at checkout

To learn more, please visit or call (801) 477-0223 Now To Learn About Joy Organics Wholesale Opportunities


What is CBD Oil Wholesaling?

By definition, wholesaling refers to the process of selling products or goods in large quantities (in bulk) at lower prices in order to be sold at retail by another party. The same principle applies to CBD Wholesaling. Interested parties can avail product sets at a reasonable price from a wholesaler.

Companies and product distributors usually offer various wholesaler programs that will best meet the specific requirements of anyone who wishes to become a wholesaler. A wholesaler agreement covers all the guidelines that govern the program.

Those who are interested to become a CBD Oil Wholesaler must initially sign up or apply for a wholesale account from a certified company, the ones we have vetted are listed above. Basic information must be provided and a product specialist will get in touch once the application has been received. A company representative will provide all the necessary account paperwork and wholesaler agreement.

Most companies provide an overview of their products and the different wholesaler programs they offer. The initial order or package is based on the specific requirements and nature of the business of the applicant. All questions and inquiries about the CBD products and wholesaler program are usually addressed by the company representative.

For those unfamiliar with the different CBD products and their features and benefits, thorough information may be requested from the wholesale company. Most of these companies have designated product representatives who are more than willing to educate people who are interested in the products and can provide information about different business opportunities.

Who can apply for a CBD Oil Wholesaler program?

Technically, anyone who wants to try their luck on the growing CBD business industry can inquire about the wholesaler program to determine if they are qualified or not. Signing up and waiting for the company representative’s call is the first step to determine if it is the right business opportunity to invest on. However, different companies have different policies and guidelines for their wholesaler program. Some may require specific requirements while there are some which are more lenient.

In general, companies ask for basic information such as the full name, age, email address, contact number, and company name. Additional information such as how and where did you learn about CBD and your interests may be asked. Also, applicants for wholesaler’s program may be asked if they own a retail store, an e-commerce website, or any other form of business. You will also need a CBD payment processor since most standard banks, Paypal, etc.. won’t process these sales.

The CBD industry is growing fast and it has huge potentials primarily because of the unique benefits and therapeutic purposes of CBD oil. This is also the reason why a lot of companies are making CBD more accessible to the public particularly those who can greatly benefit from it.

If you are interested to enter the field of CBD wholesaling, you can check out various companies that offer such a program. Most of these companies provide thorough information on how you can effectively market CBD products. You can benefit from this opportunity by learning more about the different CBD formulations, product types, and variants. You would be amazed to learn that there is a huge variety of products that suit different needs and lifestyles.

A lot of people can actually benefit from CBD such as people in the corporate world, athletes, individuals suffering from sleeping disorders, stress, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, and those who are looking for a product that can help them improve their health and general wellness. For this reason, entering the field of CBD oil wholesaling may be one of the best opportunities for anyone who has an eye for good business.

Benefits of Being a CBD Wholesaler

Here’s a rundown of the benefits that await CBD wholesalers;

  1. It offers an opportunity to share the health benefits and therapeutic uses of CBD to people who need it the most.
  2. You get to be a part of the growing CBD market – this means an opportunity to make a profitable business venture that has huge potential for growth
  3. An opportunity to reach out to a lot of businesses that sell CBD such as health clinics, wellness centers, health food stores, bakeries, cafés and restaurants, smoke shops and cannabis dispensaries, sports clinics, chiropractors, nutritionists, wellness gurus, and veterinary clinics and pet shops among many others
  4. You can develop or create your own products by infusing them with CBD. By purchasing bulk CBD isolates, you can formulate your own CBD-infused products like essential oils, CBD pet treats, anti-aging skincare products, edibles such as pastries and candies, and flavored tinctures
  5. You can open up opportunities for other people to earn money as well by selling CBD product

CBD Wholesaling is an exciting business venture because it is a growing industry that has huge potential for growth and development. The CBD companies that had grown and become extremely successful over the years are proof that CBD products are making waves in the market, and they continue to thrive as more and more people discover their health benefits.

You, too, can become a part of this growing industry that aims to help more people achieve a happier and healthier life. Keep reading for other wholesale, white label, and distributor opportunities.

Other Wholesale Opportunities Available

Many CBD brands that are starting up or already have some history will typically have a wholesale option. The brands listed below are other opportunities that you should explore to see if they will fit into your current business model.

Are you a CBD Brand with a wholesale program? Contact us to get listed.

The CBDistillery Distributor Review

Probably one of the most interesting CBD companies in the field today, The CBDistillery also offers an amazing product line and great wholesaler opportunities. Signing up is also relatively easy and hassle-free. It can be done directly on their website. The requirements are all basic and similar with most CBD companies.

One of the things that make this company stand out and quite attractive is the well-defined website that showcases its innovative product line. It features a “Frequently Asked Questions” page that makes it easier for interested wholesalers to know more about the company and its products. Additional information can found through its “About Us” and “Blog” pages.

The CBDistillery focuses on commitment and demonstration of compassion among people who can benefit from CBD. It also presents itself as a company that is consistently in line with serving others through their quality and trustworthy products. Its mission is to implement its very own program which is the #CBDMOVEMENT which aims to educate and inform the public regarding the benefits of CBD.

Wholesalers who want to take part on this mission can benefit from signing up with this company. After all, information dissemination is a powerful tool in generating awareness and in making quality sales. Therefore, as a wholesaler, you can also make the most out of the company’s program to maximize your profit and to reach out to more people by way of educating them about CBD products and their benefits.

If you are a compassionate salesman, The CBDistillery, along with its mission and awareness program, is your top choice to go with.

HempMeds – Distributor Review

HempMeds is one of the top CBD companies to consider because of its excellent wholesaler program. The company has been in the CBD business since 2012 and had served multiple clients all over the world.

They have company representatives who can provide all the necessary information to interested wholesaler applicants. They can also educate you about the different CBD products, their benefits, and their uses.

This company offers a variety of CBD products in the form of pure hemp oils, capsules, anti-aging products for the skin, tincture sprays, topical products, and vaporizer pens.

The application process is also very simple. Once you provide your basic information, a company representative will get in touch with you and you can immediately make final arrangements once you have chosen a wholesaler package and program. The shipment of products can be expected within a few days after finalizing the wholesaler agreement.

For questions and inquiries, you can directly email or call their wholesale specialists. Their website also offers an overview of their extensive product line and descriptions to guide you through the selection process. They take pride in their finest hemp oil products which is a product of testing more than 3000 cultivars of hemp to discover the best seed that can produce the ideal ratio for their CBD products.

Aside from having years of experience in the field of health and wellness, HempMeds is also committed to helping its wholesalers maximize their potential in sales by providing only the best scientifically-tested products.

Entourage Nutritional Distributors Review

Entourage Nutritional regards itself as the Number 1 Distributor of Pure CBD in the United States and the number 1 supplier of zero THC full-spectrum hemp oil.
Entourage Nutritional Distributors also feature an impressive product line and variety of CBD products including CBD crystals, CBD balms, CBD creams, full spectrum tinctures, syrups, crumble, edibles, soft gels & gummies, CBD patches, and even CBD for animals among many others.

This company is probably the top choice when it comes to CBD product variety. It takes pride in its organic CBD products and high-quality medicinal hemp grown in Colorado farms. The company also claims that they are the largest distributor of the highest quality, non-GMO, and pesticide-free CBD in the world.

Featured several times in magazines such as High Times and Elle, the company has indeed established its own reputation in the CBD industry.

The company’s website offers a great deal of information for interested wholesalers. An application can be sent through their website. Aside from basic information, it asks several questions from potential wholesalers such as the preferred type of phytocannabinoid hemp products, quantity, how quickly the order is needed, the purpose for purchasing bulk products, and current supplier.

Elixinol Distributor Review

Elixinol offers partnership programs to its CBD wholesalers. It provides opportunities for its partner wholesalers to increase their revenue by more than 20%.

The wholesaler program of Elixinol is designed to make product sales as easy and as profitable as possible. It guides and assists its wholesalers in the process of marketing the products by opening different avenues for exploration such as local retail stores, online retailers, and even healthcare workers. Moreover, it provides other opportunities to promote and market its products such as through an affiliate program. It even has a specialized link, tracking pixel, and a coupon code.

Currently, Elixinol has distributors all over the world including Japan, Europe, and Latin America. It also has a worldwide customer service and continuous training and marketing programs.

Elixinol is a good company to sign up with for a partnership as a wholesaler. It is the most suitable choice of CBD distributor for those who want to focus on sales and marketing. If you are the business-minded type who is very conscious about figures, revenue, and profits, you will be attracted by the wholesaler package that Elixinol can offer.

Find out more about Elixinol

Blue Bird Botanicals Distributor Review

Blue Bird Botanicals was founded in 2012 and is also regarded as a world leader in hemp extract and CBD oil manufacturing.

The company’s product line includes CBD extracts, vapes, isolates, and capsules among many others. The products had all been scientifically tested and researched to ensure purity, safety, and quality. Wholesalers can expect an interesting product line and specialized assistance every step of the way.

Interested wholesalers and new clients will be asked to submit all the necessary requirements such as basic information, contact details, a copy of their state reseller’s license and EIN, and a thoroughly filled out registration form.

For questions and other concerns prior to signing up, the company’s website has a specific section for such queries. A company representative or specialist will get in touch with you to provide answers and information that can guide you through your decision and in the entire process.


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