Best Class C Motorhomes Reviews – 2024 Edition

Motorhomes make family travel so less stressful, enjoyable, and less expensive than flying to a destination. This is the reason that so many families are hitting the road for their next vacation. The problem, however, is that it is difficult choosing between the various models of RVs that are being made today. From the luxurious class A to the compact class B, and finally to the well-rounded class C.

In this post, we will be talking about the features, benefits, and reviews of the best Class C motorhomes that should help make your RV decision easier!

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What Is A Class C Motorhome?

Class C Motorhomes or mini motorhomes are the most popular type of RVs because of their price range and passenger capacity. They are built on a truck or van chassis, have an attached cab, and are cheaper than Class A and B RVs.

Class C motorhomes range from 21 feet to 35 feet and come in both gasoline and diesel models. They have most home luxuries and are easier, more comfortable, and natural to drive than their larger counterparts.

Like Class A motorhomes, they can also tow small vehicles for day trips. Based on the available floor plan options, they cost anywhere between $43,000 to $200,000 USD. They’re perfect for families, occasional campers, and full-timers alike.

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Main Benefits of Owning a Class C Motorhome

  • Class C RVs are ideal for camping trips and extended vacations thanks to their adequate passenger and storage space. They also make the perfect vacation vehicle for families, especially if you have pets.
  • Class Cs are a better choice for first-timer RVers and for those transitioning to the new RV lifestyle.
  • Class C motorhomes have water and waste storage tanks, and amenities like a dining area, bathroom, and storage compartments. The TV is usually safely mounted behind the cockpit and not precariously atop the driver and passenger’s heads.
  • Class C’s are built lower to the ground, making exiting out one of its three doors much more convenient.
  • Class C motorhomes have more sleeping capacity because the cot over the driver makes a useful extra bed.
  • The open floor plan between the cockpit and the back in Class C rigs provides for better interaction between the driver and passengers.
  • Class C rigs have less interior space to be cooled or heated, thus saving on energy costs.

Our 2021 Review of the Best Class C Family-Friendly Motorhomes

Now you know the many benefits of a Class C motorhome, you naturally wonder which the best models are.

Well, there’s no single answer to this because it depends on your requirements and the rig’s features. Here are a few reviews to help you narrow down your options.

Find Available Class C’s For Rent Near You Now

Winnebago Minnie Winnie Review –  Best class C RV for small families

Winnebago Minnie Winnie Class C Motorhome
Winnebago is no newbie to the RV world, and they offer a wide range of campers. The compact and well-designed Millie Winnie that’s built on a Ford E-350 chassis is one of them.

Though it’s one of the smaller Winnebago RVs, its varied floorplans offer various seating options. It’s a plus point for families to suit their family’s different sleep settings.

Depending on the chosen layout, as many as seven people can sleep in it, thus an ideal choice for smaller groups. Each floor plan has a bedroom, a cab-over bunk, and a private trunk at the back for storage.

The split bathroom with the shower separated from the toilet and sink, lets two people simultaneously, but privately use the bathroom. Winnebago SmartSpace design makes maximum use of space to offer unexpected storage options like hidden compartments under dinette seats.

The RV’s U dinner table can be changed to a bed and the slideout at the back slides open to reveal the master bedroom. The LED lights and plastic floor and ceiling give a modern look. There’s also a touch-screen monitor with DVD, Bluetooth, and SiriusXM radio. 2021 Models start at $96,000


  • Has a split bathroom
  • Numerous floor plans to choose from
  • Can carry as many as 7 people
  • Extra storage space


  • It may not be suitable for larger groups of people

Jayco Greyhawk Prestige Review – Best class C motorhome for Larger Families

Best class C motorhome for Larger Families
The Greyhawk Prestige comes from Jayco, a trusted name in the motorhome industry. It is built on a Ford E-450 chassis and is 32 feet long, providing lots of space to roam around.

It’s ideal for travelers looking for the comfort of a home on the road. Besides, its full body is attractively decorated with bold paint and external graphics. Its large 30″ x 82′ front cap window offers an expansive outdoor view. The master bedroom has a queen-size bed and a darkening roller window for a good night’s sleep. The two slide-outs create additional space in the kitchen/living room and bedroom spaces.

There’s a choice of three different floor plans accommodating as many as 7 to 11 people. There’s also a floor plan with a 10-18′ electric canopy with LED lights offering lots of outdoor space. The exterior 32″ LED TV with all-weather speakers lets you sit under the awning and watch your favorite shows. This RV comes with modern home amenities like a complete cooktop and stove, fridge, and shower surround. There’s a split bathroom with shower space and toilet while the sink lies across it. Like other Jayco campers, the Greyhawk Prestige has Jayco’s RidePlus system for better riding comfort.


  • A host of residential flourishes
  • Three different floor plans to choose from
  • Large front window
  • Has a vast electric awning
  • Exterior TV


  • There’s no interior TV
  • May be difficult to maneuver and find camping sites

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Phoenix Cruiser 2552 Review – Best RV for 2-4 People

Best RV for 2-4 People
The Phoenix Cruiser 2552 is built on a Ford F-450 chassis and is another iconic Phoenix motorhome. It’s iconic because Phoenix builds only two campers per week. It’s to focus on detail while providing the owner with the ultimate RV ownership experience.

It continues the trend of being a famous single-slide Class C motorhome for 2-4 people.  Besides, it’s relatively cheaper because it’s a factory-direct sales rig.

The body’s weight is evenly distributed between both axles across the 206″ extended wheelbase to give a wonderful riding experience with minimal overhang.

Like other Phoenix motorhomes, the Cruiser comes with wooden cabinets, MCD shades, Corian countertops, and leather furniture. The double twin electric beds can be used individually or joined to create a big-size king bed.

The bathroom at the back is big, with a neo-angle shower, a foot-flush porcelain toilet, and a sizable hanging closet. The counter extension provides for food prepping, houses foodstuffs, and has a stainless-steel sink for cleaning up.

The additional features include its leather pilot and co-pilot’s seats, an updated electronic Ford front dash, and a strong 250-amp generator. The freestanding Euro chair can be moved around to better view the Samsung 32″ LED smart TV with a Blu-ray player and surround sound.

Besides, Phoenix works with the buyer to modify existing floorplans and include a leather sofa bed or dinette where possible.


  • Customizable floor plans
  • Leather pilot and co-pilot seats
  • Factory-direct rate
  • Food prep space


  • No split bathroom
  • Limited production

Coach House Platinum III Review – Best Luxurious Class C Motorhome

Best Luxurious Class C Motorhome

The Coach House Platinum III is another factory-direct rig from Coach House complete with its patented hand-laid, one-piece molded fiberglass shell. It is built on the Ford Transit 2000 Chassis and powered by a turbo-diesel engine.

The RV has full-body exterior paint, two roof vents, heavy-duty insulation, and an on-demand propane water heater. It also comes with a three-year 36,000-mile warranty and an optional 170-watt solar panel.

There is the option of choosing between two center twin-bed floorplans with either a sofa or dinette. There’s also a well-equipped galley with a stainless steel sink, refrigerator, microwave/convection oven, a two-burner propane cooktop, and a pantry.

The twin beds behind the galley come with generous overhead storage. The sizeable rear bath has a separate full-size glass-doored stand-up shower and porcelain toilet and sink.

Other luxury amenities include a water heater, ducted air-conditioner, a 1,200-watt power inverter, and a Firefly multiplex wiring system.


  • A host of luxury amenities
  • Choice of two floorplans
  • Has a 36,000-mile warranty


  • Expensive
  • A newbie may find it difficult to maneuver

Renegade Verona 34VQB Review – Best Compact C Class Motorhome

Best Compact C Class Motorhome
The Renegade Verona is built on the Freightliner M2 chassis and, like other Renegades, has a solid hardwood construction with a fiberglass exterior roof. And of course, their signature and unique ‘Super Sandwich’ floor.

The Verona is just shorter than 34

feet, and a compact Renegade Super C RV. It, yet, is as powerful and capable as other models with its 350hp diesel engine and can tow weight of about 20 tons.

The floor plan comprises of huge living space with a sofa and dining table slides that convert into beds. On the opposite lies a functional curbside galley with a fridge, a large oven, and a double burner cooking range set into the countertop.

The rear bedroom slide has a queen bed, his-and-hers wardrobes, a large central dresser, and a 32″ LED TV. The spacious bath is split into a private enclosed shower with an outer toilet space with a sink.

The 34VQB is an all-electric coach with a hydronic system and a Bluetooth-enabled Firefly Integrations Multiplex electrical and Equalizer system that’s controllable through smart devices. The swiveling pilot and passenger seats merge the cockpit with the living space.


  • Practically noiseless
  • Compact all-electric camper
  • Includes all household amenities

  • Shower and bath in a single area
  • May be difficult to find camping sites

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Differences Between Class C and Class A Motorhomes?

  • Class C campers are built closer to the ground than class A rigs, thus providing for convenient entry and exit. It, therefore, hugs the pavement while making tight corners. This is, in turn, reduces the risk of any toppling or rolling over if you overcorrect the steering wheel.
  • Class C campers may be built differently but are just as luxurious as other rigs. Besides, they cost as much as $1,500 less than class A Motorhomes of the same length.
  • Class C RVs are usually diesel-powered and offer better mileage than class A rigs. They can even pull heavier loads than gasoline engines.
  • Class Cs are safer to drive because they offer a better front view. It’s tricky seeing out in front of Class As because of its chopped flat front and the windshield being at an arm’s length from you.
  • Class C RVs also have airbags, which are a welcome safety feature but is absent in many Class A RVs.
  • Class Cs are about 28ft long, resembling a van cab with an attached camper. However, class A rigs can reach lengths of 40ft. and are more like a bus.
  • Class C RVs can accommodate seven people and is still easy to park and drive. While class A rigs may hold more people, you need the practice to drive and park them. Besides, class Bs are designed to accommodate only one or two passengers.
  • Mechanics find the engine of class C motorhomes easily accessible to work on because it is in front, under the hood. However, mechanics find working on class A motorhome engines difficult because they are tricky to access. The engine is accessible partially in front and partly in the dog house.
  • It’s easier finding camping spots for class C RVs than class A rigs because of their smaller size. Most cities require that larger RVs be parked elsewhere, and not in your driveway. You are however permitted to park smaller class C models in your driveway.
  • Class C motorhomes beat class As in their turning radius because of their tighter turning.


The choice of the best Class C family-friendly motorhomes lies in your hands. Choose based on the model that’s best for your budget, family size, and required amenities. But, no matter which Class C camper you buy, you and your family are sure to enjoy your new RV lifestyle!

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