Best Cloud Torrenting Services of 2021

There are a few main reasons why to use cloud torrent service. First one is that you don’t need to install any software to your computer and you can access this service on almost any device with working internet connection. That is a huge thing for iPhone users or Chromebook users because these two groups would be otherwise denied of torrenting at all. There is a lot of people that can benefit from using the cloud instead of installing software like workers at work, students with school computers and more. This article will review the latest cloud torrenting services and discuss the pros and cons of each to ultimately determining which one is the best to use today.

The second and perhaps bigger reason is privacy. If you use any of the online torrent downloaders, they download on your behalf. That means your IP is never part of a torrenting process. No one will ever know that you downloaded torrent, even if you will be IP tracker by your boss or government. Because you won’t be downloading a torrent. You are only accessing service that does it for you and then provides you with ways of interaction with your torrent file.

These two are the biggest reasons at all. You can add that these torrent services seed on your behalf and in some cases even store your files for you. From my personal experience, it is the easiest and safest way how to download torrents. So with the into out of the way lets discuss the services.

5 Best Cloud Torrent Services Review

If I shall speak about Bitport, I would first mention the security. Bitport encrypts all data transfers between you and your account on Bitport. But they go even step further, which is fully encrypted cloud storage that is only yours. Nobody can access it. Only you can see, use, download or otherwise interact with your files. They are number one when it comes down to privacy and security.

Then I would mention all the features of their Cloud system. Not only it is encrypted, but it works almost like Dropbox. You can rename, store, move your files. You can create folders, which then you can download as a ZIP. You can watch your video files (with native quality settings and support for subtitles) or listen to your audio files. This can be done on almost any known device because our design is responsive, flexible and we tested it on a lot of devices and it always worked flawlessly. We have a list of integrations from which I want to mention Roku player, AppleTV app, support for Kodi and more. For those who seek simplicity and productivity in their lives, we created an RSS support and browser extensions (currently we support a Chrome, Firefox, and Opera) which simplifies your download to the maximum. We also have synchronization to Google Drive, which could be handy in case you want more storage than we offer. In case you want to use FTP, we are here for you. It is super simple to connect to our FTP and there is a lot of possible uses of it. You can use it for file downloading, file management or for video streaming. And for those who want to sync every file to their computer, we offer our Windows client. 

Another reason is speed. We created a network of local servers which helps our end users to enjoy the fastest possible download speed. This is something important because our headquarters are in the Czech Republic and connection from here to Sydney (for example) could be otherwise painfully slow. Our fetching speed is also above average. But because I want to speak only the truth, I must mention that in a few cases our fetching speed could only slightly above average. This is for two reasons. First one is that we encrypt this data transfer, which most of the other services don’t do. Secondly, we don’t share data across multiple users, We value your privacy and due to our layers on layers of encryption, it would be impossible.

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Currently, we work on a few projects that I want to mention to you as well. We are working on a full redesign of our service to look better and be even more user-friendly than we currently are. We are working on another integration, like the better support of smart TVs and more. We also work on upgrading our video player to work better with Chromecast and Airplay than it currently works. But please, keep these plans for you. I say them to show you how much is Bitport doing and using this last paragraph in your review could hurt us. Consider this as private information only for your, Rob.

In four years of our existence, we worked hard on relationships with our users. Please, visit our Trustpilot to see their thoughts about us.  All our communication is with real people. I am here for every request, for every email and every ticket and I give my full attention to a single user at one time. We don’t use chatbots or anything that would hurt this personal contact we have with real users.

To sum up. Bitport is a flagship when it comes to your privacy and security when you want to download from BitTorrent network. We are doing everything that is possible to imagine for our users. We are real people who are here for you and who will do everything for your flawless experience. We offer a lot of tools that you can use if you want to upgrade our service and around us is an active and friendly community. Bitport is like a handy friend who does work for you. And you can experience most of it with our free account or have the full experience with a premium account.

Check out BitPort Here

Streamza Review

Streamza offers a simple interface where you can search for torrents and play movies and music directly from your account. Because you are not downloading files there is no risk. Their system downloads the torrent in the background if they have not done so already. They have an “Instant” feature which will allow you to start watching a movie instantly after you search for it. Note, that not all moves are “instant’ but they are adding titles to this list daily to make your torrent streaming easier. Otherwise, you need to use their search feature and then request that the torrent be downloaded. This could take some time before it is available under your account. But once it is then you can stream to your heart’s content.


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