Best COVID-19 N95 Face Masks & Respirator To Help With the Coronavirus

Well, now the COVID-19 virus is a pandemic. Many of us are looking to stay safe and for everyday use, while being out of the house one of the best preventive measures one can take is to use an N95 Respirator & Face Mask. These types of masks are typically 99% effective against things like smoke, pollen, exhaust gas, and viruses. Most contain multiple layers of activated carbon, meltblown cotton, and non-woven fabric.

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Don’t use face masks that are not labeled with N95. The regular surgical face masks are not effective for blocking viruses according to the CDC.

Amazon is going to be your best bet into getting an N95 Respirator as quickly as possible as they have the pulse on the market. Make sure you find ones that have a NIOSH and TC Approval Number which means that it has been tested properly.

Update: May 28th

I just talked to these guys that have large supplies of masks. This guy is legit and I already ordered a few from him already. Please check out The Safe Mask

Here Are Other Best Bet N95 Face Masks We Found So Far

Note: these are constantly going in and out of stock on Amazon so click the link under the image to see how many are left of each.

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La Moster PM2.5 Dust Mask Review

The La Moster is an N95 Face Mask that comes with 4 replaceable filters and is a velvety, high-quality mask that protects against gases, viruses, pollen, smoke, etc… It is made with military-grade filtration and has straps that can be adjusted to fit any face. The valve on the front opens and closes as you breathe.

Currently ~$4

Check availability Here

Strylin N95 Dust Mask Review

Well, this one is the #1 best seller currently on Amazon most likely because of the price of under $5. It is showing that it is in stock but delivery not until April. That could change of course either sooner or later.

Check Availability Here

Seekay PM2.5 Face Mask Review

Seekay is another brand we found on Amazon that seems to have good stock on hand. Although I have found that their shipping dates have been changing from day to day. This brand/product so far has 11 ratings for an average of 4 stars which is decent.  Be sure to check the page for availability.

Check Availability Here

HMIAO Dust Mask Review

HMIAO is another brand that seems to be popular on Amazon as well. They have a 3 pack of mouth masks with 6 filters for only $17. I would say that these are better than nothing if you can’t find anything else, you don’t want to end up like these faces of meth.

Check Availablity Here

More to follow once we start finding out about more.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Use a N95 Facemask?

According to WHO, they recommend if you are healthy to use one if you are taking care of anyone that may have an infection. Also if you yourself are coughing and sneezing and need to go out into public. Be sure to dispose of it properly so that if it is contaminated that someone else won’t come across it and infect themselves.

What is a N95 Face Mask?

The N95 FFR rating means it is a respirator that can remove particles from the air that are breathed through it. They can filter out 95% of .3 micron particles which include viruses and bacteria.

How To Wear a N95 Face Mask?

According to WHO, they suggest that before putting one on to clean your hand with alcohol-based cleaner or soap and water for 20 seconds. Be sure to fully cover your mouth and nose with the mask and that it fits securely with no gaps. Once it is damp you can then replace it. Be sure to remove it from behind without touching the front of the mask and dispose of it properly. Finally, follow up with a full hand cleaning.

Should I Wear a Face Mask in Public?

According to the CBD, they do not recommend the routine use of face masks outside of the workplace. They recommend avoiding people who are sick and avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth) and covering your cough or sneeze with a tissue or the bend of your arm.

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Best COVID-19 Facemasks

These are the masks that the CDC is recommending to use for everyday use to help combat coronavirus.

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