Best CRM Software Reviews for 2018 – Top 10 CRM Software Tools

Are you on the lookout for a CRM system for your website? With the assistance of customer relationship management (CRM) software, your business can efficiently manage leads and contacts while maintaining a better relationship with customers and of course, increase sales. In this article, we have highlighted the best five CRM software tools that will help you effectively manage both – your prospects and existing customers.

But before we move on to the list of CRM that are valuable, here are some benefits that the tool can bring to your business.

How can a CRM help in business?

We can all agree that customers are undoubtedly the most critical asset of a company. And why wouldn’t they be? Customers bring sales to the company that technically helps pay bills and salaries. However, customers often stop being customers and move on to competition businesses. In fact, 82% of consumers end doing business with a company because of bad customer service. Additionally, three in five Americans agree to try a new brand or company for the better service experience.

Once upon a time, companies used spreadsheets and contact cards to track customers, their buying habits, and communication. However, the data was hard to manage and not easily accessible when required. Luckily, CRM systems enable you to keep all information regarding your customers on a single dashboard, making retrieval easy and available to all members of the team at all times. Additionally, CRM tools automate much of the sales process allowing companies to operate with minimal resources.

According to a survey by Capterra, 47% of salespeople agree that CRM has a significant impact on both – customer retention and satisfaction. Another study claims that the average return on investment for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent. Simply put, without a CRM system, it’s impossible to focus on customers.

Examples of companies successfully implementing the CRM system

Dollar Shave Club, the provider of razors and other grooming products, is a big believer in providing customers with the best experience. The company has implemented an in-house CRM system to understand it’s members in a better way. Their strategy drives more engagement and retention resulting in over 1.5 million happy subscribers.

Another example of a business model using CRM is Uber. The ride-sharing service relies on the mobile technology to enhance the customer’s experience by keeping track of every interaction made by them.

Etsy is another such business that keeps track of visitors on their websites. Since the customer logs on to their site to discover new and innovative products, their database highlights such items for them that reflect their personality and interests. As a result, potential and existing customers frequently pay a visit to their website is hope to find the best products.

Top Five CRM Tools for 2018

Now that you are all well aware of the benefits that a CRM can offer let us look at some of the best CRM tools that you can implement in your business model. Selecting a CRM software is not an easy task and requires careful consideration of each feature. To make the best choice, make sure you analyze each of them carefully and determine the most suitable one according to your requirements.

  1. Insightly Review

With a user-base of more than 500,000 members, Insightly is one of the most-used business tools by small business owners primarily because of the several free-features it offers. Unlike other programs, the CRM freemium plans enable proprietors to team up to 2 users and make it easy to collaborate on different devices. Migration to paid plan is also feasible with Insightly pricing starting from only $12 per month. Alongside the paid version, a free trial is also available for the different packages.


Easy access to contacts

Insightly CRM gives access to your entire customer’s data from a centralized location. The main dashboard also allows users to edit calendars, notes, and comments so you can keep track of all the communication that you made with the specific client.

Lead management

By setting up leads, the sales team can have a better view of the sales that are qualified. When a lead shows interest in your product or service, you can add them to your Insightly account and keep track of their habits. By following the lead management process, you can have a better chance of converting the leads into opportunities.

Mobile app

Insightly also offers a free mobile app that supports both – Android and iOS devices. One of the most notable features of the mobile app is the ability to scan business cards with its help. For example, you visit a trade show and there meet hundreds of prospects and like-minded individuals. It’s not easy to remember all of them after you come home, right! The mobile app allows users to scan business cards and detailed information about the card as well. The CRM will automatically save the details about the contact or lead in its database.


You can use Insightly with several third-party apps including Dropbox, QuickBooks, Slack, Mail Chimp, Evernote, Google Drive, and Xero.

  1. Salesmate Review

Unlike Insightly CRM, Salesmate is not a free tool. However, it’s very cost-effective when compared to other software with packages starting from only $12/per month. Moreover, a free trial is also available for users who wish to try out the software before making a purchase.

When it comes to the overall features, Salesmate offers similar features as the leading contenders. However, what makes it stand out is the clean interface it provides along with the ability to integrate with WordPress.

Some notable features of Salesmate include:

Best of all, Salesmate was bestowed as the “Rising Star” and “Great Customer Experience” award by the Finances Online in 2017.

So what makes Salesmate unique?

Intelligent sales pipeline

The Salesmate CRM comes with tools that make it easy to capture new leads and their details. The sales tab automatically adds any new deals that you make freeing up much of time, resource, and effort. Real-time analysis is also available that shows the status of all prospects and existing customers. Prioritizing of data in the pipeline is another advantage of Salesmate that allows business owners to address high-end leads first.

Communication channels

Salesmate is open to all communication channels and makes it easy for business owners to interact with customers through emails, notes, phone calls, and even social media platforms. The CRM system keeps track of all communication and is accessible from a single dashboard.


Salesmate works well with several third-party apps including Form Stack, Invoice Ninja, Google Drive, Gmail, Mail Chimp, Shopify, Slack, and WordPress

  1. Zoho Review

Zoho CRM is another cloud-based CRM solution that is both simple and easy-to-use. It is available in both – free and paid version. There is also a great free trial plan that you can use to determine the efficiency of the software.

The free edition of Zoho is the most popular amongst users for its flexibility and the ability to provide almost all features similar to the paid version. Some primary features that you can expect from the free plan include:

The paid version of Zoho starts from as low as $12 per month and offers features such as:

Zoho is ideal for all types of business regardless of their size. It is also compatible with web, Android, and iOS devices.

Zoho features in-depth

Management of tasks

The central dashboard of the CRM shows several tabs including the tasks. From here, you can create a list of jobs and prioritize the one that needs the attention of the workforce immediately. Admins can also schedule meetings and share with other users of CRM directly from Zoho.

Automate workflow

Zoho CRM automates simple tasks such as responding to emails and sending out welcome messages. Tasks for the different users have also deployed automatically via the software.

Management of sales

The Zoho CRM enables users to control both – post and pre-sales from a single dashboard. Additionally, the Zoho CRM allows users to track inventory from the main screen.


Zoho CRM works well with many renowned apps including DropBox, G Suite, Slack, Mail Chimp, Google Drive, Evernote, Zendesk, and WordPress.

  1. Pipedrive Review

Pipedrive is another simple, yet powerful sales management tool. According to Inc. Magazine, Pipedrive is one of the fastest-growing CRM provider and till date is assisting more than 50,000 small businesses. It is easy to use and gives users a 360-degree view of the sales cycle allowing them to prioritize the important ones first.

Just like it’s counterparts, Pipedrive offers a free trial while paid subscription plans start from $15 per month. The primary features of Pipedrive include:

Sales pipeline

The Pipedrive’s sales pipeline gives users a complete view of the sales cycle. The pipeline shows where both – the current and the prospects are in their sales cycle enabling the team to give immediate attention to the most crucial lead.

Interaction history

Pipedrive keeps complete details of all communications that have occurred with the clients. Through the contact tab, business owners can also resume connection with a specific client. This includes sending out emails, giving a call, or interacting through social media.

Sales prediction

The sales prediction tab on the Pipedrive CRM dashboard makes it convenient for the entire workforce to analyze the future of the sales cycle. The sales forecasting process provides the users with a bird’s eye view of the sales record and their expectations in the coming months.


Just like other CRM in this guide, Pipedrive also works with several third-party apps. These include Mail Chimp, Dropbox, Slack, G Suite, Trello, Asana, Google Drive, and Wrike.

  1. Hubspot Review

Hubspot is one of the leading contenders of the CRM industry. It is designed innovatively and eliminates most of the manual work from the infrastructure, freeing up lots of time, resource, and effort. The most significant advantage of using Hubspot is that it’s a freemium tool, which means that you don’t have to pay anything for its use.


Real-time updates

The primary dashboard of HubSpot provides users with a panel that offers a real-time view of the sales pipeline. With its assistance, the users can track interactions with the customers and prioritize those who are more progressive in the sales cycle.


Hubspot allows business owners to analyze the email-marketing program of the company. It includes creating new email templates and examining how well they are performing. Notifications are also sent when a contact interacts with the email.

Easy to use

Judging from the reviews of HubSpot users, it is safe to say that the CRM tool is straightforward to use. The clean interface and the built-in notifications enable users to start benefiting from the software from day one. As mentioned before, the tool is freemium, so there is no monetary risk in giving it a try.


Hubspot CRM integrates with Salesforce, Mail Chimp, FreshBooks, WordPress, Zendesk, Survey Monkey, and Pie Sync.

Bonus tool – UkkuPeople

A CRM review guide is incomplete without a CRM WordPress plugin. As readers are well aware, WordPress is the leading content managing software that powers more than 27% of the internet. Moreover, it’s easy to use and helps users set up their blogs or websites in no time. Users of WordPress also agree that it comes with all the necessary features that enable users to start their website efficiently. However, many users look for more plugins to make their website more user-friendly. One such plugin is the CRM WordPress plugin by UkkuPeople that expands the functionality of WordPress site. Adding plugins like UkkuPeople and Salesmate to existing WordPress websites makes it easy for website owners to access records of their customers from a single panel.

UkkuPeople is one of the many CRM tools that you can easily integrate with an already running WordPress website. With over 800+ active installs, the UkkuPeople has an impressive 5-star rating by the customers. Just like other plugins, UkkuPeople also comes in both – basic free and paid version.

Some of the notable features of UkkuPeople that also makes the WP plugin unique include:


Contrary to the belief, CRM software is not limited to the use of large enterprise. As you can notice from the above list, they cater to businesses of all sizes as well as freelancers and non-profit organizations. Unfortunately, in this digital era, 22% of sales team don’t even know what a CRM tool is while 40% are still using traditional models such as email programs and Excel sheets to store customer’s data.

However, a CRM is not just an optional add-on and businesses that are not yet using the tool according to its full potential are missing out significantly. There are several benefits of adopting the CRM module for your business, and In the evolving world of business, CRM is a must-have! So don’t hesitate and implement one of the models mentioned above to reap the benefits.


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