Best Fall Detection Apps for iOS and Android

Falls are a serious threat to the health and safety of elderly and vulnerable individuals. One fall is all it takes to result in serious injuries. It isn’t uncommon for an elderly person to fall and possibly lay there for hours or even days in some cases. This is especially true for those that live alone. This poses a serious threat to their health. Many people become a fall risk especially when they become older.

Maintaining a safe environment can become quite a challenge, this is why we recommend looking over our medical alert system reviews. Having the capability to monitor human activity and detect a fall can save a life. For that purpose, there are now what is known as fall detection apps that can be used with mobile devices. Here is some more useful information about these apps for use with android and ios devices.

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Having an app for fall detection is a great first step for protecting your loved one. But to really offer that peace of mind we recommend using a monitoring service. The ones listed below all offer great fall detection for iOS and Android devices.

Best Fall Apps Compare Chart

mobilehelp review

MobileHelp (Best Of 2020)

  • From $29.95/mo with no equipment fees
  • Free Shipping
  • 30 Day Risk-Free Trial
  • Industry-leading hardware
  • No Contract & Lifetime Warranty
  • Offers Automatic Fall Detection Button
$29.99/mth (Classic) 1 Month Free Service Deal

Medical Guardian

  • Best Monitoring Service
  • Reliable Hardware
  • GPS and Fall Detection Standard
$27.49/mth Check Price

Fade Fall App (Android)

The Fade fall detection app for android is developed in a manner that enables it to keep track of activity. This application has the ability to detect when someone falls. It can also observe and determine whether or not someone has been inactive for an extended length of time. These apps will monitor the person acting on a consistent basis. It also has the capability of making a determination as to whether a specific activity is normal or abnormal. When abnormal behavior occurs, the app can determine whether the activity is safe and secure. If a fall is detected, the app will use alert activities.

Download Fade

Alert activities will begin with the device trying to establish contact with the user. If the user fails to respond, the device will then begin attempting to establish contact with the pre-determined individuals that have been programmed into the device. The app will send text messages and alerts to these individuals. It will then enable them to try and establish verbal contact over the phone with the person that has fallen. Emergency medical services can also be contacted quickly. This will help reduce the response time and ensure that medical attention is given to the person who has fallen. Much effort has been made to ensure this app does not send out false alarms.

Fall Safety (iOS)

The ‘Fall Safety App for Pros’ fall detection app for ios works about the same as the android app. The app can detect falls and issue alerts to those contacts who are programmed into the device. The sensitivity feature can be calibrated however is necessary in order to ensure the proper detection and alerts are made. This application is specifically designed for use on the iPhone. A timer is available and can be set. If the user does not want alarms to be sent, they would need to stop the timer before the limit is up. A maximum of five contacts can be added to the list of those who would need to be alerted if a fall takes place.

Download Fall Safety App for Pros

As you can see, there are many great features available with the best fall detection apps for android and ios devices. These apps can save a life and decrease the likelihood of someone laying there for a lengthy period of time before help arrives. Falls are among the leading cause of permanent injury and death, next to prescription drug overdosing in elderly persons. The detection apps are one of the best ways to help keep your elderly and vulnerable loved ones safe and well cared for. More information about these fall detection apps can be found online. There are several to choose from and the features of each application will vary.

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