10 Best Free Online Graphic Software & Video Editor Services

Are you looking to create great visual content? Then, you need to use tools to help you along. There are tons of programs out there. However, not every one of them is simple enough for newbies. Furthermore, not all of them provide the features you need for every situation.

Still, the following 10 free tools will come in handy whenever you need to create amazing visual content in your path to becoming one of the top websites available in your niche. Smart and successful online marketers and bloggers have a toolbox that they go to when it’s time to create visuals for their marketing or posts.

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Create Great Visual Content with these 10 Free Tools

Images and visual content are a powerful tool for conveying your message and catching the eyes of your readers. Consider these statistics:

  • 37% of marketers say that visual marketing is the most important form of content for their business, second only to blogging
  • 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing
  • People are 65% more likely to retain information if it’s paired with a relevant image.

Let’s take a look at tools that you can use to create captivating visual content.

  1. PicMonkey

This cloud-based image editor will make it easy for you to create customized and branded graphics for your social media platforms and blogs. If you don’t have experience with Illustrator or Photoshop, you are going to love this simple editing panel – which is as easy to use as it is intuitive.

For starters, you can edit photos to give them a unique touch. The use of filters, overlays, and text tools gives you the power to take a normal, stock image, and dress it up into something far more interesting.

PicMonkey also supports things like touching up photos, or creating collages of multiple images to use in a post. This is by far the most user-friendly and capable editing tool for marketers.


  1. Canva

Currently, Canva is one of those image creation tools you can use for visual content creation. Not only is it free, it is also easy to use and comes with a large library of amazing photo options. Use it to curate and customize your photos, as well as to export them elsewhere away from their platform.

What I love about Canva, is the ease-of-use it offers. Everything is structured with a drag-and-drop interface. Many of the elements you need like text, font designs, visual elements, and backgrounds are completely free.

Premium elements are only one dollar per item you use. That makes this an amazing tool for making infographics that have the same polish as something you would pay a graphic designer for. See our full Canva Review

  1. Pablo

This free social media photo creation tool is the work of Buffer. Dead simple to use, you just need to pick a picture (or upload one of your own), apply a couple of effects and select the networks you want to upload the visual content to.

You can also add text where applicable or use any of the quotes from their quote generator to further improve the messaging of the content. This is essentially visual content automation.

It connects you with visually engaging images and then gives you the tools to enhance them with a brand message or relevant content. This adds value and relevancy to the image that you otherwise wouldn’t get from its basic form.

  1. QuickTime

Although QuickTime does not come with fancy editing capabilities, it is a handy free tool for creating simple how-to videos, intros to your blog series, and so on. This isn’t the most feature-rich program in the world, but it does offer some things you can use to create specific types of visual content:

  • Create simple video walkthroughs or video blog posts.
  • Capture moments happening on your screen to illustrate points or demonstrate a task.

For these purposes, Quicktime does the job.

  1. Iris

This is a freemium Mac screen recording tool that you can use. It comes with great sophistication, certainly more than QuickTime. For instance, Iris is great for creating recorded presets, including talking head narrators, and stitching clips together. You can also use it to create time lapses as well as record audio files separately.

Iris is great if you need a little more than what Quicktime offers. The additional features give you more flexibility and the option to polish or edit your clips.

  1. Flixel

Flixel was designed for the creation of such cinemagraphs as images with one area that is animated. It comes in handy when you want to isolate the still frames, apply effects, and create the subtly animated videos that will prove a hit in your visual content marketing strategy.

Now this is truly something unique. The example they have on their website shows cars driving by in the background while a still image of a man tossing a camera remains frozen. It creates the illusion that he’s levitating it and almost certainly catches the eye.

This combination of animation and still images makes for an excellent way of standing out in your user’s feeds on social media.

  1. GIF Maker

If you want to create GIFs out of still images, then this is the visual content creation tool for you. All you need to do is upload the right files, order them, select the output preferences and animation speed, and export the GIF.

As such, GIF Maker will work well when you are looking for GIFs for your social media platforms, emails, and blogs. You can also use this tool to optimize your gifs and reduce the file size, which is crucial for the user experience. Imagine having to sit and wait for the gif to load while you’re reading.

You can also heavily edit gifs using this tool. As such, you can combine them, separate them, or even modify the individual frames. It’s by far the best tool for making these bite-sized morsels of visual content.

  1. GIPHY

GIPHY is tailored for the making of low resolution and fast GIFs for social media platforms. Their video creation feature is amazing. All you need to do is insert a Vine, Vimeo, or YouTube link or a video file, choose the time range you desire and GIPHY will create it for you.

I absolutely love using GIPHY when I’m curating content as well. The intuitive search engine they have in place allows you to grab a perfect image to illustrate a point or a reaction to something. Adding a dash of humor through gifs is an excellent way to give your visual content a unique flavor.

  1. Ceros

Cero comes with beautiful interactive content. The platform will give you creative control while eliminating the need for agency contracts and custom coding. Getting people to engage with your content is the goal of any marketer, but this tool makes it an ease to do so.

For example, people are making infographic left and right, but with Ceros you can make them interactive. Today’s users have seen their fair share of infographics, but never something like this.

The user interface is simple and easy to understand, so you don’t need a mastery in coding to make changes or build something from the ground up. Finally, Ceros also offers the ability to track the metrics of your creation with an entire proprietary analytics engine. This will give you the insight you need to drive additional engagement.

  1. Rapt Media

Finally, Rapt Media is one of the amazing visual content creation tools we believe you will need to checkout. Their video creator comes with a builder that will enable you the ability to provide that personalized style viewing experience that will keep your audiences captivated and engaged.

Personalization is another big buzzword in the industry right now, and this tool will allow you to create experiences that are focused on the user. For businesses looking to harness the power of experiential marketing, this is a budget-friendly way to do so and still create that all-important experience.

Concluding Thoughts About Free Visual Content Creation Tools

Someone once said a picture is worth 1000 words. While they were right, I believe they had no concept of what the Internet could and would do for images both now and into the future.

Thanks to web technology like these 10-free visual content creation tools images that used to be worth 1000 words are now even more impactfully valuable. So, the next time you are looking to empower your creative flair with your blog, website, social media, or digital marketing content creation efforts, we recommend using any or all the above tools.

Why not bookmark this page right now so you can have it secured for future needs with all your graphics? That’s the way to build the power of your brand in your niche. Let us know which tools you use for visuals in the comments!

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