Best Glasses for Drinking Red Wine

Most people have one or two sets of wine glasses for all types of wine. Whether it is red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, dessert wine or gin and tonic, it is only that wine glass.

No, you are not getting the real taste of wine. Of all types of wine glasses in the market, you will find out that certain shapes of the wine glass are better enjoying a particular wine.

It does not matter if the glass is stemware or stemless. It is more of how the bowl of the wine glass which collects the aroma of the wine and deposits them into your mouth is shaped.

However, in this article, we will be talking about the best glasses for drinking red wine and why it is important to have them in your home bar.

If you wish to take your wine appreciation to the next level then, you have followed our guide in the article. It is a comprehensive guide to choosing your perfect red wine glasses.

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Top 12 Best Glasses for Drinking Red Wine

Product ImageBrandContent CapacityNumber of Sets 
Best Glasses for Drinking Red WineRiedel 6449/0 Veritas Cabernet/Merlot Wine Glasses.22 oz2View on Amazon
Best Glasses for Drinking Red WineLuigi Bormioli Atelier Cabernet/Merlot Wine Glass.23.75 oz6View on Amazon
Best Glasses for Drinking Red WineRiedel Vinum Extreme Red Wine Glasses.22.25 oz2View on Amazon
Best Glasses for Drinking Red WineRiedel 6449/67 Veritas Red Wine Glasses.22.13 oz2View on Amazon
Best Glasses for Drinking Red WineZalto Denk’Art Red Wine Glasses.32 oz2View on Amazon
Best Glasses for Drinking Red WineTriangle Burgundy Red Wine Glasses.23 oz2View on Amazon

Best Glasses for Cabernet Wine: Riedel 6449/0 Veritas Red Wine Glasses

Best Glasses for Drinking Red Wine


This glass is designed to showcase the majestic structure of red wine in all its complexity and fineness. It is lighter, finer and suitable for every day and occasion use.

A set of 2 wine glass, made with machine-blown crystal wine glasses. The wine glass can hold up to 22-ounce.  It is dishwasher safe.

Luigi Bormioli Artelier Cabernet/Merlot Wine Glasses

Best Glasses for Drinking Red Wine


Luigi Bormioli set of 6 wine glasses is a high-tech, lead-free crystal glass that does not contain any heavy chemical that means it is safe our health. The red wine glass is innovative, elegant and has functional designs.

It can hold up to 23.75-ounce fluid. The sturdy red wine glass has a titanium permanent anti-abrasion treatment applied directly to the stem of the glass to increase resistance to breakage.

It also fine and laser-cut rim with a flat foot to enhance stability and easy grip. It is dishwasher safe.

Lily’s Home Unbreakable Cabernet/Merlot Wine Glasses

Best Glasses for Drinking Red Wine


If you are tired of breaking and shattering your wine glasses, definitely this LILy’sHome unbreakable red wine glass is for you.

The red wine glass comes in a set of 2 glasses and each holds up to 20-ounce fluid of your favorite red wine. This shatterproof glass is both elegant and long-lasting.

It is very sturdy and BPA free, made from Tritan materials which made it look exactly like glass. It is perfect both for indoor and outdoor occasions because of it featured shatterproof resistance.

Top-rack dishwasher safe.

Best Glasses for Syrah Wine: Riedel Vinum Extreme Red Wine Glasses

Best Glasses for Drinking Red Wine


This Riedel Vinum extreme red wine glass is designed to give the wine a way to optimally transmit its aroma and flavor to the senses of the connoisseur.

The elegant crystal wine glass with a grape varietal-specific bowl comes in a set of 2. The diamond shape enables wines to breathe, tapered and rim for swirling.

It is made with machine-blown crystal glass and can hold up to 221/4-ounce fluid. Dishwasher safe.

Best Glasses for Pinor Noir Wine: Riedel 6449/67 Veritas Red Wine Glasses

Best Glasses for Drinking Red Wine


This is a set of 2 fine crystal pinot noir red wine glass and can hold up to 22-7/8 –ounce fluid. It is machine blown crystal of unsurpassed thinness and lightweight.

All Riedel glasses are durable and dishwasher safe. Good for everyday use and formal occasions.

Best Glasses for Burgundy Wine: Zalto Denk’Art Red Wine Glasses

Best Glasses for Drinking Red Wine


The Zalto Denk’Art red wine glass comes in a set of 2 and its bowl is shaped to integrate the components of the wine, bringing to the foreground the fruit and sweeter notes.

The stemware is all classic as it delivers the wine flavors unparalleled. Best for people that drink quality wines as the wine is pricey.

It also ideal for wines like Nebbiolo, Barbera, Grunen Veltliner, etc.

Triangle Burgundy Red Wine Glasses

Best Glasses for Drinking Red Wine


The triangle red wine glass comes in a set of 2 and can hold up to 23-ounce fluid. It is made with hand blown crystal with a large bowl and a long stem. It is of high quality, non-leaded, extra clear, ultra-thin rim and lightweight.

The balloon shape of the bowl helps to release more aromas and hit directly to the front tip of your tongue. It is a perfect gift idea. It can be placed under the dishwasher.

Best Glasses for Bordeaux Wine: Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Red Wine Glasses

Best glasses for drinking red wine


This Schott Zwiesel stemware collection comes in a set of 6 and can hold up to 23-ounce fluid, it is designed to be with full-bodied red wines.

The high fashion wine glass has crisp lines for a geometric look, moderate stem height and excellent balance. It is made with non-leaded material.

Break, chip, scratch and thermal shock resistant because it tampers. This makes great for a new wine experience.

It is dishwasher safe. Do not twist the stem and put pressure on the bowl when washing as that might lead to cracking and breaking of the stem.

Spiegelau Style series Red Wine Glasses

Best Glasses for Drinking Red Wine


If you are a fussy wine person, this Spiegelau style series red wine glass is for you. It is perfectly constructed and designed in a modern way to allow for ultimate aromatics and flavors unlocking for those perfect flavors.

It comes in a set of 4 and can hold up to 22.2-ounce fluid. Having this wine glass in your bar will certainly take your red wine experience to the next level. It is made with non-leaded crystal. It is durable.

Best Glasses for Zinfandel Wine: Riedel Red Wine Glasses

Best Glasses for Drinking Red Wine


The rim of this set of 2 glasses is thin, they are cut and polished so that wine flows smoothly on to the palate, and the bowl shapes emphasize bouquet.

The glasses are designed to highlight the flavors and aromas of Chianti, Zinfandel, Riesling, Montepulciano, and Sangiovese. Each of the glasses’ weight is 13.3/8-ounce.

They are made of fine crystal glasses and are dishwasher safe.

Best Glasses for Rose Wine: Waterford Elegance Rose Wine Glass

Best Glasses for Drinking Red Wine


Waterford Elegance red wine stems featured a crisp rim and oversized bowl to capture dense note and allow full favors breathing room. The deep V-plunge concentrates the banquet, allowing full appreciation tangy tannins.

It is made of clear crystal glass which allows for visual appreciation of red’s many hues. The smooth stem and slightly oversized foot encourage a good swirl. It can hold up to 14-ounce and comes in a set of 2.

Kindly hand washes your glasses to enable last longer.

Best All-Purpose Wine Glass: Libbey Signature Kentfield Red Wine Glasses

Best All Purpose Wine Glass


Perfect for every sipping or casual dinner party. It comes in a set of 4 stemmed wine glass and it works well with all your favorite wine whether red wine, white wine, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, shiraz, zinfandel to chardonnay, etc. the elegant bowl enhances the release of aromas and flavors as you sip from it.

Also, the stem featured thinner walls that offer a balance of superior quality and strength and a laser-cut rim for an even, beadles and chip-resistant edge. It has held up to 16-ounce fluid.

It is made from BPA free and lead materials, super durable and dishwasher safe.

Top 3 Best Stemless Glasses for Wine

Recently, stemless glasses for wine are gaining a lot of popularity but it’s important that you are careful when using them as you don’t want the warmth of your palm to heat up your wine while you won’t worry about knocking them accidentally over since they have no stem. You will have to decide if that is worth worrying about the temperature of your wine.

Below are the best stemless glasses for a red wine you will love to have.

Riedel Swirl Red Wine Glasses

Best Stemless Glasses for Red Wine


This unique Riedel stemless red wine glass comes in a set of 2 and can hold up to 20.5-ounce. It is made of machine-blown crystal glass. In a modern design making every time you pick up the glass a real experience.

The swirl design is an invitation to feel the natural shapes of the glass. It sits firmly in the hand while swirling helps to aerate the wine. It is reasonably priced and ideal for everyday use.

Easy to hold and is dishwasher safe. Drinking from this is full of pleasures. It is also a durable glass. Give it a trial.

Libbey Alyse Heavy Base Red Wine Glass

Best Stemless Glasses for Red Wine


If you are looking for a substantial stemless red wine glass that cannot topple over, this Libbey Alyse heavy base wine glass is exactly what you need.

It is contemporarily designed glass and comes in a set of 4 with each holding up to 15-ounce fluid. This heavy base stemless red wine glass is slightly heavier than traditional stemless glass.

It fits in perfectly with every table setting. It is a very sturdy glass and dishwasher safe.

Tossware Recycle Red Wine Plastic Cup

Best Stemless Glasses for Red Wine


Do you travel a lot? Are you an outdoor personality? Do you often host parties? Tossware recycled stemless wine glass is the best for you.

It is perfect for outdoor events and parties. It is a shatterproof and break-resistant wine glass. An upscale, recyclable and crystal clear glass with patented smooth rounded rims.

This set of 12 stemless wine glasses will always bring you to complement from your friends. This glass can hold up to 14-ounce fluid, it is made from BPA free plastic materials.

Kindly hand wash them after use and keep away from heat or hot items to avoid melting. It is ideal for red wine, white wine, merlot, pinot noir, cabernet chardonnay, and cocktails.

Types of Red Wine Glasses

Cabernet/ Merlot Glasses

These types of red wine glasses have average length stem, a wide base and a large bowl that taper slightly at the top. They are designed to get a lot of oxygen in contact with the wine to bring out the fruit flavors and lessen the tannins.

Syrah/Shiraz Wine Glasses

These types of red wine glasses are smaller than most red wine glasses. The rim sharply tapers inward from the bowl, which helps to bring out the fresh aromas first and tannins after.

Pinot Noir Wine Glasses

The rim of these red wine glasses turned out to direct the intense wine flavors straight to your nose and tongue. It has a shorter stem than other red wine glasses, but a large bowl that is the widest of any red wine glass.

Burgundy Wine Glasses

The special glasses have a wider bowl than Bordeaux glasses do. The bowl is bigger than it can accommodate some of the aromas of wines that are a bit more delicate. Due to its shape, the wine drinker will experience tasting the wine first on the tip of the tongue, then throughout the mouth.

Having the wine directly at the tip of the ensures that you can fully taste and smell even the most delicate wine and keeps you from missing any of the amazing nuances that may be in a particular glass of wine.

Some of the glasses have shorter stems to keep them from tipping over but are long enough that you can swirl the incorporate air and enjoy the best possible taste and smell.

Bordeaux Wine Glasses

The wine glasses are the tallest red wine glasses but with a much smaller bowl than some of the other available red wine glasses.

They are perfect for full-bodied wine such as merlot and cabernet and their shape ensures that you will have the but possible drinking experience when you use them.

Since the wine glass is so tall, when drinking out of it, it allows the wine to travel to the back of your mouth easily instead of remaining up near the tip of the top.

Zinfandel Wine Glasses

This particular glass is a little bit shorter than the Bordeaux wine Glass and has a large rim. This ensures that you experience the full flavors and smell of your wine. Look for glasses that have a thin rim as anything will detract from the overall experience of the wine that you are drinking.

Rose Wine Glasses

These wine glasses have a long stem that ensures that the heat of your palm does not affect the cool wine. You want your wine to remain at a cool temperature and the stem allows that.

There are two main kinds of rose glasses that you can find: one with a short bowl and a flared lip and the other with a short bowl and a short taper.

Either of them is good but the flared lip is preferred when you are going to be enjoying a younger wine.

All-Purpose Wine Glasses

If a single type of glass is all that your circumstances required, then an all-purpose wine glass is the best to get for yourself.

Although the experience may not be the same as when you use the proper glass type for the application, these glasses offer a similar function at a lower cost and increased efficiency.

The bowl shape is in between that of red wine and white wine glasses making it acceptable for use with both types of wine.

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Trying the same wine from different wine glasses is a great way to highlight the differences and the importance of choosing the right and best wine glasses for red wines.

Now that you have the knowledge of different types of red wine glasses and while they are designed to be the way they are, it’s up to you to make sure you upgrade your home bar with proper wine glasses according to the wine you are serving form the above listed red wine glasses so to have full wine experience and appreciate them higher.

All wine glasses complement your existing tableware and your dining table settings for family and friends happy.

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