7 Best Glasses For Gin and Tonic – Great For Every Home Bar

Gin and Tonic is a traditional cocktail made with gin and tonic water, poured over ice, which is usually garnished with a lime slice or wedge.

A cocktail that has countless opportunities and crafting one is a sophisticated artwork. It is a cocktail with extremely aromatic, which is why it’s extremely crucial to apply the right glassware while serving favored Gin & Tonic.

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Deciding on the best glassware for gin and tonic typically comes down to your overall style. But did you know what shape plays a part in the overall drinking experience? However, we have taken off that burden from you by doing our own ‘research’ 🙂 and bringing you what we found to be the best.

Note: While deciding the kind of glass to serve your gin in, you should also consider the type of gin to use for your G&T cocktail because your G&T is as good as the gin you used.

Best Glassware Shapes for Gin and Tonic

From balloon gin glasses to highball glasses to rocks glasses, these are all manner of approaches to serve gin and tonic cocktails relying on individuals’ tastes and activities.

Balloon Gin Glasses

Balloon gin glasses are specially designed to bolster the crisp and clean taste of your gin and tonic. They’re fashioned with a large and huge bowl, to hold plenty of ice & garnishes, to raise the aroma and enhance the flavor of your preferred gin and tonic and a stem to prevent your palm from warming up the drink, making them suitable and best glassware for gin and tonic.

Best Glassware For Gin and Tonic Ranking Chart

best glassware for gin and tonic

1. Godlinger Mixology Set

  • Capacity: 13oz Gin Glass
  • Value: Best for all types of mixed drinks
best glassware for gin and tonic

2. Rink Drink Spanish Gin & Tonic Cocktail Balloon Glasses

  • Capacity: 21.8oz
  • Value: Best for everyday & Party
best glassware for gin and tonic

3. LSA International Gin Balloon Glasses

  • Capacity: 14.25oz
  • Value: Best Handmade & Classic

Best Highball Gin Glasses

Highball glasses are designed to be a tall and straight glass to serve drinks containing plenty of ice and mixer, They’re made with a tall and slender body with the restricted surface region, making them ideal for Gin Fizz, Tom Collins, and Red Snapper cocktails. Highball glasses keep your drinks cool and carbonated.

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Best Rock Gin Glasses

Rock glasses are also known as lowball glasses, old-fashioned glasses, or tumblers are expertly designed to have an extensive mouth and thick base, making them nice for muddling cocktail ingredients instantly within the serving glass. They’re perfect for short and strong drinks, Gin Sour, Bramble, and Negroni cocktails.

Discover in today’s article the top 7 gin glasses buy so as to take your gin and tonic drink appreciation to the next level. They’re first-class glassware for gin and tonic nowadays. All product was picked independently by means of our editorial team

In our picks, we protected quality, aesthetics, potential, weight, fee, and availability to help you slim down the nice alternatives available for you. So let’s get commenced right away!

In an age where the service and presentation of food and drink have become an art form in itself, the range of our editorial pick of Gin Cocktail Glasses offers everything you need to ensure your home kitchen, bar or restaurant are fully prepared to cater for every whim; from casual drinkers to cocktail connoisseurs.

Rink Drink Spanish Gin & Tonic Cocktail Balloon Glasses

Looks:  The Rink Drink balloon gin glasses are extremely of good value for the quality and money. The gin and tonic glasses are beautiful balloon glasses shaped with wide and tapered bowls as expected, giving plenty of room for ice, fruits, a whole gin & tonic and they feel substantial in the hand.

The Rink Drink balloon gin glasses are extremely of good value for quality and money. The gin and tonic glasses are beautiful balloon glasses shaped with wide and tapered bowls as expected, giving plenty of room for ice, fruits, a whole gin & tonic and they feel substantial in the hand.

The gin glassware does not feel cheap, light, and flimsy, rather they’re thick and heavy glasses that can stand the test of time and any type of abuse but do not use abuse it.

The gin and tonic glassware featured height: 7.8-inches (19.9cm), bowl diameter: 3.7-inches (9.4cm), rim diameter: 3.5-inches (9cm), 21.8oz (645ml) capacity, and approximately 24.7oz (730ml) when filled to the brim.

Rink Drink gin and tonic glasses come in a set of 6, they look great, fabulous, and bring the go home and go big attitude to the extreme.

Quality: The gin and tonic glassware are sturdy enough to go into the dishwasher without any worries, making their cleaning very much easier after your friend or family gets together.

They are thick and heavy gin glasses, making them extremely suitable for everyday use and they do not fade even after running them in the dishwasher several times. The gin glasses are delivered to you well packaged in a color gift box so as to receive your order in perfect condition.


Large bowl for enough ice, fruits, a whole gin, and tonic. The gin glasses are a beast. Perfect for big gin drinkers and gin lovers – 21.8oz (645ml) is not a joke.
Sturdy, Strong, and durable enough for everyday use and elegant for formal occasions.
Dishwasher safe


Big bowl gin glasses. These gin glasses may not be for you if you’re the type of person that likes drinking little at once.
Circumference of the base is smaller than bowl diameter, which might cause a tip over if you’re careless about them.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for strong gin glasses for parties and everyday use that will last longer for you, these Rink Drink balloon gin glasses are for you.

The size of the gin glasses is quite nice to make your night interesting all through for those who like mix drinks plenty. They look sleek, quality, great value for money, and durable.

These gin glasses have been bought on Amazon by 1,457 customers with amazing reviews. Finally, be assured of the best customer care after-sales support from Rink Drink Company after purchase. It also comes in a set of 24.

2. Best Handmade Gin & Tonic Glasses: LSA International Gin Balloon Glasses.

Looks: LSA International balloon gin glasses are contemporary handmade gin balloon glasses that come in a set of 2 characterized by a flared stem, wide, wide bowl, and thick base. It featured, height: 6.75-inches (17.1cm), bowl diameter: 4.3-inches (11.1cm), foot diameter: 2.95-inches (7.5cm) and 14.25z (420ml) capacity. 

The bowl of LSA International Balloon gin glasses is small, making it good for the people that like their drink small. The distinctive shape is designed to enhance gin’s aromatic botanicals.

Quality: LSA gin balloon glasses are lovely and on-trend. They’re of the same high quality with normal thickness. These gin glasses are elegant but very delicate, you’re to handle them with care because of the hand-painted metallic stem.

And the glasses should not be thrown into the dishwasher, they’re not dishwasher safe in other not to break or lose it aesthetically looks but should be carefully hand-washed after usage. They may not be good enough for everyday use but perfect for parties or any formal occasions.


Clean and Sleek gin balloon glasses
Shipped in a good pad box with bubble wrapping to avoid shattering on the way.
Strong and durable.
Gorgeous to be gifted.


It is not dishwasher safe but should be carefully hand washed in warm soapy water and dry with a clean soft cloth.
It has a small bowl size.
It is a little bit pricey.
Not shipped to you in a gifted box.

Bottom Line: LSA International is of one the high quality and best gin and tonic glassware on the market. They are highly recommended for those who want high-end, modern, and classic gin and tonic glasses, and for those who also love their drink small.

Aside from 14.25oz (420ml), they also come in 23.330z (690ml) capacity. You have four styles: classic style, cube cut style, dash cut style & ray cut style, and four colors: clear stem, copper stem, gold stem & platinum stem to choose and order from, according to your preference.

Best Short Stem Gin and Tonic Glasses: Durobor Alternato Ladies and Gentlemen Balloon Gin Glasses

Looks: Durobor Alternator balloon gin glasses have rounded and fun designed, and expertly made for her and him. It is called ladies and gentlemen balloon glasses. They’re short stem glasses with a single large bubble at the stem base, standing 5.8-inches (14.5cm) tall, 4-inches (10.5cm) bowl diameter, and 18.26oz (540ml) with a rolled rim.

Firm to hold in your hand all night long, whether you’re standing in a bar or seated at the dinner table. Durobor Alternator balloon gin glasses featured a vintage ‘Gin’ motif – style sun hat for her gin glass and top hat for him gin glass decoration on the front bowl of the balloon gin glasses, making them a perfect gift for the lady and gentleman in your life.

Quality:  They’re thick and sturdy balloon gin glasses not flimsy at all. They’re very strong, durable, and dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze at the end of your party. Their unique shapes allow you to stack them alternately upside and down, saving you valuable space in your cupboard.

The vintage motifs on them make them a good present to any gin lovers, couples, boyfriend & girlfriend, fiancé & fiancée in your life. They will definitely love these gin glasses. They’re heavyweight but not too heavy and durable for everyday use and parties as well. You will receive your order in a good packaged box and bubble wrapped.


Great value for money and dishwasher safe.
Good sizeable bowl to contain ice and durable for everyday use.
No confusion of drinks as there is a Sun hat for ladies and a top hat for gentlemen decoration on them.
Excellent gift for friends and family.
The bubble at the stem base, which differentiates Durobor gin glasses from other brands.


Not shipped in a gifted box but an ordinary box.
Bowl capacity is not big enough for a bigger drink.

Bottom Line: We recommend the Durobor balloon gin glasses for those who do not like long stemware because of mistakenly tipping over, individuals who want to give their home, bar, party, and business the ultimate stylistic touch.

And finally, for people who want a perfect anniversary, birthday or holiday gift for couples. No dislike these gin glasses are fun to have in every home and bar. Parties are incomplete without Ladies and Gentlemen gin glasses from Durobor. They’re strong, thick, sturdy, and classic to behold.

Best Crystal Gin and Tonic Glasses: Dartington Crystal Balloon Gin Glasses

Looks: Dartington balloon gin glasses are one of the high-quality glasses brands on the market nowadays. They’re non-leaded crystal gin glasses, featuring a set of 2 balloon gin glasses, 8.3-inches (21cm) height, 3.34-inches (8.5cm) rim diameter, 4.5-inches (11.5cm) bowl diameter, and 22oz (650ml) capacity.

The Dartington balloon gin glasses are standing taller than other brands.  They’re very clear in appearance and have a wide base for stability. Their bowls are big enough to contain plenty of ice and colorful garnishes. Very strong and beautiful glasses made in Spanish style and shipped to you in a celebration box.

Quality: Dartington balloon gin glasses are overall beautiful to serve your gin and tonic in but they’re very delicate, so you need to handle them carefully. Only hand washing is highly recommended. They’re durable enough for everyday use, large bowl capacity, which is a plus to biggin lovers 22 fl. Oz. You’ll love the crystal-clinking sound of these glasses.


Durable handmade crystal glasses.
It does not contain lead oxide.
Huge bowl size.
Shipped in a gifted box


Huge bowl capacity
Not dishwasher safe. If you’re a lazy person like me, these gin glasses may not be for you.

Bottom Line: We recommend these crystal gin glasses for those people that want to serve their favored tipples in sophisticated gin glasses. Its sleek design with the thin stem, sturdy base, and wide bowl catches gin and tonic drinker’s eyes. They also make a perfect gift to your loved ones. 

Best Gin Glasses For Gift: Season Story’s, Crystal Balloon Gin Glasses

Looks: Season Story’s balloon gin and tonic glasses are specifically designed to trap the aromas of the botanicals in the gin and tonic for better taste.

They’re the biggest gin glasses in our best glassware for gin and tonic review, these gin glasses are beast to compare with others – 23.7oz (700ml) capacity is not a child’s play, standing 8.25-inches (22.5cm) high, 4.52-inches (11.5cm) bowl diameter, 3.35-inches (8.5cm) rim, and foot diameter respectively, giving the balloon gin glasses maximum stability to prevent tipping over the table.

The overall flared lips make drinking out of them effortless. The gin Season Story’s balloon gin and tonic glasses look thin enough to be elegant but not too thin to be shattered easily – about 1mm thick, made from non-leaded crystal glass materials with a clinking sound.

Quality:  Generally, these balloon gin and tonic glasses are fabulous and of high quality. They have the luxury feel and are suitable not only for your ‘gin and tonic’ but also for all types of wine – such as red wine, white wine, pinot noir, burgundy, etc. Nice and perfect to be a holiday gift for her or him.

The bowls are designed to hold enough ice and fruits garnishes, sturdy to go into your dishwasher without worries, making them easy to clean. They have a nice weight, are crystal clear, and give you value for money. They are gorgeous and high-end gin glasses but one thing you must note about these beautiful gin glasses is that they are very delicate.

Be very careful when filling them with ice to avoid cracking them and care must be taken when running them in the dishwasher, We recommend you carefully hand washed them instead, dry them with a clean soft cloth, and polish immediately for proper maintenance and get the best of your gin glasses for longer-lasting.


  • A set of 2 beautiful balloon gin glasses with a luxury design.
  • Value for money.
  • Easy to clean glasses (Dishwasher safe).
  • Gifted box packaging.
  • Huge bowl capacity (700ml).
  • Suitable for cocktails and all manner of wine.
  • Sleek and quality product.


  • They are Delicate gin glasses handled with care.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to upgrade your gin and tonic glasses or looking for a luxury feel gin glasses without a hefty price tag or you want to taste something fancier or looking for a perfect holiday/Christmas season gift for him or her, moms, grandma or friends, definitely these gin glasses is for you – they have all that gin glasses required.

The glasses are elegant, sturdy, luxurious, lead-free crystal glasses, a powerful present, safe, affordable, available, solid, big bowl, durable, and well packed in a gifted box. You can never go wrong with these glasses all reviews from Amazon customers are five stars rating. You need to gift a trial.

If you don’t care for balloon gin glasses, don’t worry we have something else for you to consider. But sincerely speaking, balloon glasses are the best glassware for a gin and tonic drink.

Best Highball Gin Glasses: Dartington Crystal Bar Excellent Gin & Tonic Highball drinkware

Looks: They are tall and stylish looking highball gin glasses from Dartington Crystal Drinking Glasses, featuring a set of 2 highball cocktail glasses, 180mm height and 25cl capacity with a thick and heavy base for stability and durability. They’re the perfect way to serve a cool refreshing gin and tonic.

Quality: The Dartington highball gin glasses were handmade by expert artisans in Devon. They are a very beautiful and lovely highball for your favorite G&T.  They have excellent weight and quality, value for money. The highball gin glasses are clear crystal glasses but contain a 24% percentage f lead oxide, which is the United Kingdom standard lead oxide content in any crystal glasses. They are perfect for double gin and tonic with a small tin of tonic.


  • They are perfect for engraving.
  • Also perfect for double gin and tonic.
  • Suitable for a variety of cocktails.
  • Handmade and makes a perfect gift to a friend.
  • Packaged in a box.


  • They are lead crystal cocktail glasses but at a good percentage, which will not harmful to your health (24% of lead oxide).
  • Not sure if they’re dishwasher safe, we recommend you hand wash them.

Bottom Line: We recommend Dartington highball gin glasses to people who do not have big glasses or drinking their G&T out of the trending and high-end balloon gin glasses. You can also gift them out to friends and loved ones and they will definitely like them. In all, they’re high-quality highball glasses for any cocktail that will add a feel of luxury to your home or bar.

Best Rock Gin Glasses: JoyJolt Revere Rocks Cocktail Glasses

Looks: JoyJolt rock gin glasses are sleek cocktail glasses, featuring a set of 2 cocktail glasses and an 11-ounce capacity. The rock gin glasses are fabulous, handmade by expert artisans with a triangular shape and brickwork designs on them, which gives them their unique shape and makes them easy to hold. They’re heavy and strong for everyday use. The unique 3 sides are elegant, contemporary, and sure to impress your friends and loved ones.

Quality: The rock gin glasses are expertly designed to fit in every modern home and bar. They are sturdy enough to go into your dishwasher without worries and incredibly durable for everyday use, uniquely designed to be gifted out and package in an embossed gifted box.

Heavy Solid glasses give a substantial in the hand and the eye-catching brick design serves as a measuring guide to you as you pour in your drink. The quality gift to give to yourself, Dad, husband, boyfriend, the boss as an anniversary, birthday, father’s day, special occasion, retirement, and Christmas party gift.


  • Durable and strong for everyday use.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Value for money.
  • Unique design to make a perfect gift.
  • Shatter resistance and perfect drinking size for all shots.


  • Heavy Duty rocks glasses.

Bottom Line: With JoyJolt Revere rock gin glasses elegant and luxurious chic design, be assured that they’ll raise the standard of your home, bar, and occasions when they’re added to it. If you like shot drinks a lot, these cocktail/gin glasses are for you. They can be used anywhere breakage of rock glasses is a concern.

Brief History on Balloon Gin Glasses

Gin lovers and connoisseurs nowadays are now looking away from the traditional highball gin glasses and rock gin glasses in favor of Balloon gin glasses. And this simply tells you that ‘balloon gin glasses’ are indeed perfect glasses for gin and tonic cocktails.

These balloon gin glasses are bulbous in shape as you can be seen from above like a balloon and sit on a stem. The invention of balloon gin glasses dated back to the 1700s in the Basque region of northern Spain. The bowl is designed to trap the aromas of the gin and tonic to give you a better taste of the refreshing drink.

It also allows plenty of ice and garnishes into the glass to add to the flavor and keep the drink cool as the ice melts slowly. Not only is a stylish glass to sip from but their long stem encourages you to grip it instead of the bowl thereby ensuring that your palm does not heat up the cool temperature gin and tonic cocktail

However, the problem with this particular glass is that when the drink is made with ‘cheap ice’ it melts quickly and water down both the drink and the flavor. So ensure that you have solid and best ice cubes for cocktails made in this glass.

How To Care For Your Gin and Tonic Glasses

All the gin and tonic glasses reviewed above are good and the best brands. We love the glasses and all our users also love the glasses as soon as they purchase them. However, you need to give them maximum care and attention so they can last at least a decade for you.

  1. Before using the glasses read manufacturers instructions carefully and follow all the rules the glass usage
  2. Most of the glasses are not dishwasher safe even the ones that say dishwasher safe, we always recommend hand washing and towel drying them.
  3. After washing the glasses and drying them, store them by turning them upside down or face them down to avoid them trapping dust.

How to Make Gin and Tonic


  • Gin
  • Tonic Water
  • Lime
  • Ice cube
  • Glassware (either of balloon, highball, or rock glasses)


  1. Get your glassware ready and fill it with Ice cubes
  2. Add the gin and squeeze in the lime
  3. Top the tonic water on it and stir well with a long spoon
  4. Finally, garnish the cocktail with a lime wedge.

Now, you have your perfect gin cocktail. Enjoy!!!

Quantity of Gin To Be Used for Each Glass of Gin & Tonic

The taste of your gin and tonic cocktail should be as you desired. How strong or light do you want your drink to be? However, there is a standard ratio for it and a 2:5 ratio. You mix your drink with this standard measurement.

  • 2-ounce of Gin
  • 5-ounce of tonic water

You can simply put it this way, for every 2 parts of Gin, use 5 parts of tonic water (2:5)

TIPS: Aside from garnishing with Lime, there are other garnishes you can actually try on your gin and tonic drink mix according to the site Good House Keeping. See below;

  • Orange peel and star anise
  • Thyme Elderflower
  • Pink grapefruit and rosemary
  • Cucumber, mint, and black peppercorn
  • Strawberry and basil
  • Chilies and lime

4 Things To Note

  1. Let your gin be mid to high shelf brand gin
  2. Use original unflavored tonic water preferably
  3. Ensure you use fresh lime
  4. And also used large ice cubes


Having the right glassware for your favorite gin and tonic is worth the hassle because when you use the right glassware, you will get an amazing taste. Further, the gin, tonic, and garnish you’re using also matter a lot.

Some G&T goes well with balloon glasses, some other goes well with a highball and some persons still use rock glasses but those rock glasses are actually the perfect choice for whiskey and not gin and tonic.

Further, the above gin and tonic glasses are very strong, beautiful, well made and add a luxurious touch to your home, bar dinner table, and occasion.

This article served as a guide on choosing the best gin for gin and tonic refreshing drinks. So if you picked any of the highlighted gins above to try for your next classic Gin & Tonic you would have made the best decision.

Attention!!!: This post “best glassware for gin and tonic” was updated to include more modern, sleek, stronger, and durable gin glasses. We work tirelessly to make sure we present the best products to our audience. For the regular audience who may want to look at our old recommended gin glasses, kindly see the below products, we made provisions to keep it in case of necessities. Kindly bear with us.

10 Total Score
Best Glassware for Gin & Tonic

Our 2020 roundup of the best and most unique glassware for gin & tonic drinks.

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