Best Green Web Hosting Companies – (Top 10 Review)

Green Hosting companies are a dime-a-dozen in today’s day and age. You can do a Google search and find ten within ten minutes. All of them try to make their services look different with promotions, feature, and now, eco-friendly hosting. That’s right, green hosting is indeed a selling point. Hey, wait a second. How does a hosting company have a carbon footprint?

The answer comes from the gargantuan data centers that house their servers. These facilities require huge amounts of energy and produce a lot of waste. Green hosting aims to counterbalance these things. Join us as we look at the methods behind this type of hosting, why you should consider it, and the five companies you should have on your radar.

How Does Green Web Hosting Work?

Green, or eco-friendly hosting, utilizes a number of different practices to reduce the energy usage from data centers and focuses on environmental methods that reduce the amount of waste they produce.

It all starts with using servers and generators that have a high energy efficiency. This is combined with renewable resources like solar panels and wind farms to produce energy from alternative sources.

The best green hosts go even further and dispose of their damaged computer parts, and equipment by recycling them. In addition, things like Cold Aisle Containment are used to reduce the cost of keeping the servers cool and running at optimal temperatures.

Now, you’re probably thinking that this sounds pretty expensive. How can a hosting company offer reasonable prices if they’re sinking all their money into these things? The answer to this, comes in the form of renewable energy credits.

These credits can be purchased by companies to put clean energy back into the power grid. Many companies boast that they go beyond the energy they’re using, and pay for additional clean energy. Some go for 150% and others go as high as 200% in renewable energy credits.

This all sounds well and good, but why should you care if your hosting company is green? Well, beyond helping the environment, there are a few other benefits you could enjoy:

Now, let’s take a look at my picks for the top 5 green hosting companies.

The Top 5 Green Hosting Companies (And Their Methods)

It’s always smart to read web hosting reviews like this one when you’re considering a company to partner with for your website. It’s a major decision to be sure, so let’s take a look at some of the contenders who are going green, but still trying to earn your green.

  1. iPage

This one is my top choice, primarily because they are an official EPA Green Power Partner. That’s a great start, but it gets better. They power all of their data centers with clean wind energy!

They even go beyond the standard and purchase renewable energy certificates for 200% of the amount of energy they’re using. As a 100% green hosting solution, you won’t find much better than this.

  1. HostGator

HostGator is a great company based solely on their service and quality, but did you know they’re also a green host? They contribute to the cause by purchasing 130% of the power they use in renewable energy credits. They specifically buy them from Texas-based wind companies as well, which is another bonus. They also offer cloud storage as one of their features. Other features that HostGator offers is domain name registration and SSL certificates.

Being based out of Houston, the local support is nice to see. Top this off with their 45-day money back guarantee, and you have a winner on your hands!

  1. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is an EPIA Green Power Partner, much like iPage. They offset their power usage by a whopping 300% each year! According to their statistics, this replaces 615,000 kilowatts of standard energy with renewable resources like wind power.

They also have energy efficient servers in each data center. The cherry on top? They offer a green hosting banner for their customers to place on their site, giving them the option to brag about their hosting.

  1. FatCow

Another EPA partner for your consideration! FatCow offsets their energy usage with renewable energy credits by a factor of 200%. According to their information, this allows them to prevent 999 metric tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere each and every year!

They’ve been around since 1998, and they have a simple “one plan, one price” structure that makes them easy to use for beginners and advanced site owners alike.

  1. HostPapa

Our final hosting company is no slouch. They purchase 100% of the energy they use in renewable energy credits, balancing out the energy they use. While not above and beyond like the others on this list, the focus on renewable energy earns them a place on our list.

They have great servers, a solid site builder, and several awards under their belt. You can’t ask for much more from your hosting company.

There are also additional web hosting reviews like this one at

Final Thoughts

It’s always smart to read hosting and website builder reviews before you buy. A green hosting company could be right for you! Have you used one of these hosts in the past? What do you think about green hosting? Let us know in the comments!