Best Gun Safe Reviews of 2024 – Handgun & Rifle Safe Buyers Guide

A Complete Guide to Buying the Right Gun Safes for Gun Owners

As guns are designed specifically with the potential to be extremely lethal, the right to own a gun also comes with several responsibilities. Among these responsibilities include safely keeping these weapons away from the hands of both outside threats and innocent civilians.

Fortunately, there is a selection of gun safes made by reputable manufacturers to choose from. The question, however, is which one should you purchase that will most definitely provide for your specific needs. As such, picking the right gun safe for you will require careful and thorough consideration.

2021 Best Gun Safe Reviews

Now that you have a basic overview as to what to look for in a safe, it would be a good idea to know which gun safes are considered the best on the market right now. Here are some of them:

Hornady RAPiD Safe 2700KP review

Hornady RAPiD Safe 2700KP Extra-Large Lock Box Electronic RFID (Editor’s Choice)

  • Capacity: 15
Check Price

GunVault MiniVault Handgun Safe

  • Capacity: 15
Check Price
hornady rapid safe ar wall lock review

Hornady RAPiD Safe AR Wall Lock

  • Capacity: 15
Check Price

Snap Safe Aux. Under Bed Safe

  • Capacity: 15
Check Price

Gun Vault Biometric Microvault MVB500

  • Capacity: 10
Check Price

Gun Vault Biometric Microvault MVB 1000

  • Capacity: 13
Check Price

Gun Vault Standard SpeedVault SV500

  • Capacity: 13
Check Price


Liberty Fatboy Review

Liberty Fatboy Gun SafeDeveloped under the Liberty brand, the Fatboy is a long gun safe known for its spacious interiors and durable frames. A base model can store up to 64 guns along with accessories, ammunition, and equipment. Also, the Fatboy is customizable from its interior colors, the material to cover your equipment with, and the type of lock to be used.

As for durability, the Fatboy is able to withstand temperatures as high as 1200°F for up to 75 minutes. It also comes with 14 1.25 inch diameter bolts and triple-case hardened steel plates that could repel power tools like drills and saws.

However, a major complaint with the Fatboy is its price. The basic Fatboy package could set any gun owner back by $300.00 at best.

Check Current Price On The Liberty Fatboy

Barska Large Biometric Safe Review

Barska Large Gun SafeThis safe can store up to 12 long-barreled weapons such as AR-1o and AR-15s and can remember 120 fingerprints at most. It also comes with a five deadbolt locking system and cushioned interiors to keep the weapons in good condition.

However, the Barska is not fire-proof. You may have to add additional insulation outside of the safe to protect your guns from fire damage.

Check Current Price On The Barska Large Biometric

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Paragon Lock & Safe Review

Paragon Gun Lock & Safe Considered as one of the better-secured gun safes on the market, the Lock & Safe has heavy steel protection, which makes it impervious to power tool attacks. Inside, the safe can store up to 8 long weapons and has a matted cushion at the bottom.

Simplicity is also one of Lock and Safe’s strong points. It features two interior and exterior locks, while two large bolts keep everything sealed once locked. Lastly, the Lock and Safe comes with a number of hidden hinges which give the safe extra protection should thieves pry the main locks open, if that were even a possibility.

Check Current Price On The Paragon

Bighorn 19ECB Review

Bighorn 19ECB Gun Safe with CompartmentsThis gun safe is built with 12-gauge steel that is 1.5 inches in thickness. This means it can’t be drilled, it can’t be hacked with an ax or saw, and it can’t be forced open by a crowbar. Also, the 19ECB comes with eight 1 inch bolts that lock onto the frame once the combination lock is activated.

Its only drawback is its utter reliance on that combination lock. If you are in a panic or you forgot about the sequence, accessing your weapons can become problematic if you have to respond to threats.

Despite this, the safe allows for easy storage of long and short weapons as well as other valuables. This is made possible through different levels of shelves. All in all, 20 long barrels can be stored comfortably inside the safe.

Check Current Price On The Bighorn 19ECB

The Gunbox 2.0 Review

The Gunbox 2.0 Safe for GunsUnlike other conventional safes, the Gunbox was designed to store 2 handguns at most such as the 9mm and pocket pistols, and a meager amount of ammunition. However, what the Gunbox lacks in size and storage capacity, it more than makes up a myriad of features.

The Gunbox can be opened with an RFID Keycard in conjunction with a fingerprint scanner and the Gunbox mobile app. If someone tries to pry the box open, built-in motion sensors will alert the owner. Also, the box runs on a rechargeable lithium battery, which, at 100% power, lasts for a full year.

Check Current Price On The Gunbox 2.0

Why Should You Invest in a Gun Safe?

Before anything else, it is best that you determine first the exact reason why you are going to purchase a gun safe. More often than not, your reasons could be under any of these three different categories.

Gun Safety 

An oft-repeated maxim for responsible gun owners is to always keep their weapons away from those who have no understanding of the concept of gun safety. Even if everyone in your household is trained to use a gun (including children perhaps) the potential for reckless use increases if more than one person has access to these weapons.

Gun Maintenance Costs

The last thing you want to have in an emergency is a faulty weapon. With a gun safe, your gun can be protected from the elements, which include rust and moisture.

Also, the presence of guns in the house becomes thrice the hazard in the event of a fire. Bullets can explode when introduced to fire, which could harm anyone within the vicinity. On the other hand, guns are an expensive investment, and you’d rather have them stored in a fireproof receptacle.

Theft Prevention

Naturally, the best defense against gun thieves is not broadcasting the fact that you are a gun owner. However, in some cases, this might not be possible. Perhaps, you have been seen frequenting the local gun range or your name has come up in the receipts of local gun stores.

Either way, defense through anonymity is no longer a feasible option. Your next best line of defense, then, is a container that thieves will have difficulty prying open.

Choosing a Gun Safe: What to Consider and What to Look For

Once you have identified your reasons for purchasing a safe, the next aspect to cover is the safe itself. A gun safe can come in various shapes, sizes, and durability. To pick the one that is most suited for your situation, there are a few things you would have to keep in mind.

Your Floor

The general rule in this aspect is that if you can haul it in, thieves can haul it out too. As such, look for a safe that is designed to be bolted to the floor. This way, a thief would have to exert all possible efforts to rip the safe out of the floor. Also, carefully planning the location of your safe would also increase the difficulty for anyone who wants unauthorized access to it.

The Safe Structure

High-tech locking mechanisms and extremely durable bolts and hinges are not going to protect your guns if the safe itself has a frame made from substandard components.

Frame – A safe with only one layer of steel in its interior linings is easy to pry open even with a crowbar or an axe. Alternatively, several layers of tempered steel or any harder material, as well as insulation on the insides make for an extremely durable and heat-proof safe.

Safe Door – If the frame is of good quality, you can then look at the safe’s moving parts. The door, for example, should be made of the same material as the wall and have the right type of bolts that seals everything once locked.

The Door Jamb – This part should be made out of extremely durable material while providing the right amount of clearance between the door and the walls. You don’t want a door jamb where your hands can easily slip through the hinges.

Gun Safes Lock Options

The locking mechanism installed on your safe is what keeps everything in the safe sealed. There are three mainline lock types used by safes nowadays, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


The oldest locking mechanism of the three, a combination lock requires little to no maintenance. It can operate indefinitely, provided that it remains in good condition. Also, it requires no batteries to operate.

The only downside with combination locks is that they are slow to operate. In an emergency, you’d rather not waste your time fiddling with locking sequences. You have to immediately respond to the threat. Also, there are certain combination locks that are easy to bypass, especially those made with substandard materials.

Lastly, changing the lock combination is not easy. If you want to change the sequence, you would have to call in a locksmith.


This locking mechanism is easy to use and cost-effective. The locking sequence is easy to put in, and easy to change. Also, electronic locks are quite flexible as they can be used in tandem with a building’s existing security and surveillance system. Lastly, electronic locks come with multiple failsafes, including a penalty lockout if the wrong combination is placed several consecutive times.

However, a major problem here is that the electronic lock is utterly dependent on you remembering the active locking combination. A common mistake with owners of this type of lock is using the same password that they have with all their other devices.

That means if the thief knows your usual password, they have better chances of prying the safe open. Also, if you happen to forget the current lock combination, you would have to call a locksmith.


The most recent of the lock types, biometric locks work similar to electronic locks but are only released upon recognizing a fingerprint on the scanner. Thus, there is no need to memorize number sequences to unlock it. And since every person has a unique fingerprint, access to the safe is effectively limited to the owner of an authorized fingerprint.

However, biometric locks are expensive, and still a developing technology. Also, most scanners are not yet completely reliable. If your fingers are dusty or oily, they may reject the input. This can be problematic in case of an emergency.

It cannot be further emphasized that all three lock types are viable options for you. It is up to you to determine which locks are ideal for your situation. Just keep in mind that each lock type also has its own set of flaws, for which you should find ways to deal with, especially if you need immediate access to your weapons.

Size and Storage Capacity

The safe you will purchase should match the type of weapons you have. If you only own short weapons, then a small to mid-size safe would be ideal for you. There are even portable safes available for owners of singular handguns.

However, if you own long-barreled weapons like a rifle or a shotgun, then a long gun safe would be ideal. These safes could store at least 3 long weapons along with accessories and ammunition.

Can a Gun Safe be Used for Something Else?

Although gun safes were designed specifically for the storage of weapons, there is nothing that could stop anyone from using them for other purposes. Aside from guns, the safe can be used to hide small valuables and other personal belongings provided that they fit.

There are even some creative gun owners who have modified their gun safes into seemingly ordinary furniture like coffee tables. There are even safes hidden behind wardrobes or seemingly incorporated into the building’s structure.

The thing to remember when making your safe multi-purpose, however, is to make it inconspicuous. You would rather not announce to the world that you are storing weapons inside your home or office so as not to draw unnecessary attention.

In Conclusion

More often than not, having someplace where you can safely store your weapons makes you a more responsible gun owner. This is why a gun safe is always a good investment for you regardless of the type of weapons you have and how many.

All that you need is to make sure that the safe meets your needs and your budget. What you’d be looking for is something that keeps your weapon away from the sight of those who should not use it while still giving you immediate access should the time come that you have need of them.

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1 Comment
  1. I will update this review if things change. I am not one to bad mouth any person or company, but I can’t buy a product and be ignored. I bought a Cannon 80 gun safe from Tractor Supply Company about a month ago. The people there were great and l may have to deal with them if Cannon doesn’t do something.

    Sunday (9/22/19) I go to unlock the safe and it won’t unlock. I completed the form on the internet and they sent me an automated response stating I would be contacted soon. I was not contacted today (9/23/19) and attempted to use the link on the response, and it tells me my Facebook password is incorrect, well it works for Facebook.

    I will try the 800 242 1055 number tomorrow. Wish me luck.

    9/24/19, I phoned customer service and talked with a R. Mendoza. We went through the new battery questions, date of expiration on the battery and pushed, pulled on the door while we tried to open it. He was professional and requested I send a video of trying to open the safe, my receipt, and contact information. Apparently my only two options were; take the 900+ pound safe, with my stuff back to TSC and some how get my stuff back or they will send a lock smith out to drill in my safe, fix it and repair the holes they drill. I sent the requested information. So far all I have gotten is talk and no action by anybody but me.

    9/25/19 at 1:15 p.m. No reply from Cannon Safe. I resent the email to Mr. Mendoza with email stating I still had not been contacted by the locksmith.

    According to the email I got from Mr. Mendoza at 5:04 p.m.,
    “Hello Sir,
    I Just send out the approve today to the locksmith team.”

    I was not given any further instructions just what you see above.
    I also did receive my first correspondence from the initial email I sent to customer service on Sunday from a Ms. Madero. It basically says, change the battery to a battery that has an expiration date past 2024 and here is a link to change your password (the one to Facebook that works everywhere but on the customer service website). Then she said they were closing the complaint unless I replied. I did. I referred her to Mr. Mendoza. We will see if perseverance makes any difference.

    Searching the internet I discovered the email address for the president of the company. At 11:15 p.m. I emailed him and attached this review.

    9/26/19, This morning at 9:50 a.m. I had an email from Mr. Bravo with Cannon safe telling me I had been assigned a locksmith near me. I contacted them this morning and they supposed to be coming tomorrow. I will finish this review as soon as it is open.

    9/27/19, This afternoon the locksmith arrived and was very pleasant and helpful. He was able to get my safe open by drilling it in the front. Unfortunately he was not authorized to repair the safe, just open it “by any means necessary and do not repair” according to his work order from Cannon, which he allowed me to look at. So, is Cannon going to send me a new safe and pick up this 950 pound steel box or am I supposed to get it back to Tractor Supply on my dime? Throughout this entire process, communication has been lacking. If I have to get it back to the store, I will never buy anything with Cannon written on it again.

    I did email Cannon customer service and inquire about shipping a new safe. We shall once again see how much they care about their customers and their products reputation.

    09/30/19, Cannon replied to my message of the 27th and I called them rather than play email tag. I spoke with a representative and he made contact with Mr. Bravo. They requested I send them more pictures of the damage done to the safe by the locksmith opening it. I sent them three images and requested they call me upon receipt so we could hopefully rectify this mess. To their credit they did call me a short time later and I had two options with them; I could take a curbside delivery of a new safe and they would have somebody come and pick up the old one, or they could put a spot of epoxy over the hole the locksmith made, replace the lock on the outside door and not replace the three layers of hardened steel on the inside. I explained a curbside delivery might work on a smaller safe, but I live in the country and my driveway is well over a 100 yards long and I have no way of moving a 950 pound safe on the driveway. That was not really their concern and they could not help me beyond this.

    I will be taking the safe back to Tractor Supply, who has been completely supportive in this and return it and purchase a Liberty 50 gun safe.

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