Best Hand Blown Drinking Glasses

Handblown drinking glasses have become extremely popular in today’s society and remain one of the most creative crafts within glassware. And have earned the love of many households nowadays but getting them to purchase may be very difficult as not all companies produce them.

Today we will be sharing the best hand blown drinking glasses with our audience who are fans of handmade water glasses. We have lifted up that burden searching through millions of products on Amazon without result off you through hours of our extensive research.

They’re so beautiful and uniquely crafted by experienced artisans from the Mexican city of the United States of America.

Hand made glasses and products appear thinner and more elegant than glass produced by machines. The thin nature of hand blown drinking glasses made them lighter than machine-blown glass. You virtually love our recommended best hand blown drinking glasses. Let’s get started!

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Top 5 Best Handblown Drinking Glasses

Brand SiteImageCapacity
NOVICA Hand Blown Glass Eco-Friendly Green Drinking Glasses, Festive GreenView on Amazonbest hand blown drinking glasses16 oz
NOVICA Artisan Crafted Hand Blown Clear Blue Rim GlassesView on Amazonbest hand blown drinking glasses14 oz
NOVICA Blue and White Swirl Hand Blown Glass Water Glasses Whirling AquamarineView on Amazonbest hand blown drinking glasses15 oz
Mexican Blown Glass Drinking Glasses Confetti Rocks GlassesView on Amazonbest hand blown drinking glasses14 oz
Mexican Glass Hand Blown, Turquoise and White Iridescent SwirlView on Amazonbest hand blown drinking glasses12 oz

NOVICA Hand Blown Glass Eco-Friendly Green Drinking Glasses, Festive Green

Best hand blown drinking glasses

From the great NOVICA Hand Blown Collection, we bring to you this stunning set of 6, NOVICA hand blown drinking glass with an environmentally friendly color. The drinking glass has vibrant greens swirls across the elegant glass, and their pristine contour splashes white.

A set of 6 hand blown drinking glasses. Each is individually handmade, making every item absolutely unique. Small bubbles within the glass, are the testament of its handblown nature.

This Eco-friendly handblown drinking glasses Features:

  • 6-inch height and 3.1-inch diameter
  • 16 oz capacity, set of 6
  • Individual unique handblown glass
  • Lead and toxin-free
  • Festive green swirl design
  • Heavy, thick and durable for every day and gorgeous for special occasions
  • Great for everyday use and special occasions
  • Dishwasher safe: top rack only (hand wash recommended)
  • Perfect Christmas gift for friends and loved one
  • Upcycled materials
  • Slight variation in colors, size, and shape
  • Made and Certified in Mexico.

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NOVICA Artisan Crafted Handblown Clear Blue Rim Glasses


best hand blown drinking glasses

Here is another stunning set of 6, blue-rimmed glasses is individually handcrafted from NOVICA. Clear with a cobalt blue rim, this set brings you the magic of quality Mexican art blowing.

Have in mind that each of the glass is hand-blown, the color, size, and shape may vary and tiny bubbles may appear within the glass. Those two features are a testament to the method of which the glasses were made from (Hand Blowing).

The beautiful blue-rimmed glasses features:

  • 5-inch high and 3.2-inch diameter
  • 14 fluid ounce capacity and 16 fluid ounce capacity when filled to the brim.
  • Slightly variation in color, size, and shape
  • Dishwasher safe: top rack only (hand wash recommended)
  • Heavy, sturdy and durable classic glasses
  • Carefully package for shipping
  • Complement your wine glasses, existing white dishes, and bright, colored dishes.
  • Lead and toxins free, cobalt blue accents, a unique hand was blown Artisanal glasses
  • Great for everyday use and special occasions
  • Perfect gift for occasions like housewarming
  •  Made and Certified in Mexico.
  • Securely packaged to ensure safe delivery

NOVICA Blue and White Swirl Hand Blown Glass Water Glasses Whirling Aquamarine


best hand blown drinking glasses

Still, in the spirit of NOVICA Hand Blown Glasses, we bring to you another fabulous and dynamic design of this set of drinking glasses called NOVICA Blue and White Swirl hand Blown water glasses.

The molten glasses were simultaneously shaped at the end while expertly achieving a whirling effect in aquamarine and white color by the artisans. They’re uniquely made to complement existing tableware.

The handblown glassware features:

  • 5-inch high and 3.1-inch diameter
  • 150z capacity
  • Swirl design, a unique hand was blown glass
  • Heavy and durable for everyday use.
  • Dishwasher safe: top rack safe (hand wash recommended)
  • Lead and toxin-free
  • Variation in color, size, and shape due to hand blowing method
  • Holds the cool temperature in your drink for longer than thin glasses
  • It can be used as a decorative purpose accompanying other accessories.
  • Safely packaged to ensure safe delivery
  • Sturdy and easy to hold
  • Perfect Christmas gift to your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, couples, fiancé, fiancée, mom, dad, grandma, granddad, loved ones, etc.

Get thousands of compliments from your friends and guest with these beautiful hand drinking glasses. Their quality is wow!!!

Mexican Blown Glass Drinking Glasses Confetti Rocks Glasses

best hand blown drinking glasses

Let fall and spring come into your home with this colorful set of 6 Handblown drinking glasses from MexHandCraft. The multicolor glass rocks decoration makes them a stand out in any place they’re placed and attracts thousands of compliments from friends and loved ones. They’re very beautiful with a smooth top edge for drinking.

Its features are:

  • 5.1-inch height and 3.3-inch diameter
  • 14 fluid ounce (16oz when filled to the brim)
  • Hand blown of recycled glass, creating a unique variation on each piece
  • Handcrafted by artisans in the town of Tonala, Mexico.
  • Free of leads and toxins
  • Colors are baked into the glass so no fear of ‘colors’ falling off or chipping.
  • Complements fiesta dishes.
  • Heavy, sturdy and durable hand blown drinking glasses
  • Fits well in your hands (good grips)
  • Dishwasher safe: top rack safe only (hand wash recommended)
  • Perfect gift idea
  • It also has a set of 6 rock tumblers – 10 fl oz.

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Mexican Glass Hand Blown, Turquoise, and White Iridescent Swirl


best hand drinking glasses

Set of 6 hand blown rock glasses are crafted in Mexico from recycled glass. Decorated with swirls of turquoise and white glass. They’re beautifully hand blown Mexican glass and are very unique to look at.

Have in mind that each of the glass is an expression of the artisans’ individuality and creativity, no two are exactly alike variations in the colors and size of the glass are likely. It also comes in turquoise and white iridescent 18 oz.

It features:

  • 4-inch height and 3-inch diameter
  • 12 oz capacity
  • Heavy, sturdy and durable for everyday use 8 special occasions
  • Dishwasher safe: top rack only (hand wash recommended)
  • Slight variation in color, size, and shape.
  • Mouth-blown, hand-formed and made from recycled glass
  • Securely packaged to ensure safe delivery to you
  • Perfect holiday season gift
  • Tiny bubbles within the surface, it simply shows the singular technique use informing.

What Is Glass Blowing?

According to wikipedia, Glass blowing is a technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble with the use of blowpipe. Glass blowing since ancient times has been known as the art of creating decorative glass by manipulating molten glass.

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This method was first developed in the Middle East around 300 BC. Since then, glass blown product has become an essential part of everyday life followed by innovations and at forms.

A drinking glass can either be made by handblown or machine-blown. But for the purpose of this article, we considered only hand blown drinking glasses.

Characteristics of Hand Blown Drinking Glasses

  1. Slight variation in color, size, and shape. Because the drinking glasses were produced by human hand not a machine, there is a testament that it will not be exactly the same. But these slight variations add to the charm of each piece of the glass. So when you order a set of hand blown drinking glasses or even dishes, expect each piece to look slightly different.
  2. Hand Blown Drinking Glasses may contain air bubbles inside the glass. The air bubbles are trapped inside of the heated glass during blowing pieces and remained in the finished glass. These air bubbles serve as aesthetics feature of the hand blown drinking glasses.

Different Between Hand Blown Glass and Machine Blown Glasses

  1. Hand blown drinking glasses have no spot at the top rim because they are polished by fire gun after cold cutting While Machine blown drinking glasses have circles on the top rim.
  2. Hand made drinking glasses cost more than machine blown glasses
  3. Hand made drinking glasses are more transparent and clear than machine blown glasses
  4. Hand blown drinking glasses are thinner and graceful than machine-blown drinking glasses.

What Is the Best Drinking Glass Brand?

Drinking glasses are one of the most popular products in the world. All types of households in the US would have at least one pair of drinking glasses. So, choosing one brand as the best drinking glass manufacturer is a difficult task. Because drinking glasses are made according to the requirement, you can find many options in the market. Therefore, we have to choose the brands from different types of drinking glasses.

If you are looking for high-quality drinking glasses, you can consider brands like Libbey, Red Co., and Ferrone Dearborn glasses. On the other hand, if you need the glasses for a cocktail, you can find better options from makers like Riedel Nick and Lanfula. In the end, if you are looking for drinking glass with high durability, you can check out products from Bormioli as well. Most of these brands have their products available in different budget categories as well.


The reviewed hand blown drinking glasses are unique and beautiful because they’re made crafted individually by human hand with great attention giving to forming them and their design so adding them to your collection will definitely give a unique touch and color to your shelf or cabinet, as they are colorful.

But you must be careful handling them because they have not tampered, so they may not withstand any thermal shock. Do not use them with hot beverages. Allow them to cool off once out of the dishwasher before pouring in your cool drinks in them to avoid a sudden change in temperature that may cause the cracks.

If you’re a fan of hand-blown drinking or you’re looking for one? Here are our top 5 best hand blown drinking glasses, you will regret buying. You can visit Amazon to see what customers saying regarding the glasses. They are wonderful especially the NOVICA brands of hand-blown glasses.

All are great the first glass is our top picks because it passes all tests and the second is the upgrade. Made by a trusted brand from Mexico. Just choose your preferred color and place your order from Amazon and you have it.

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I’ll like to hear from you friend.

Have you used any hand blown glasses from Amazon before? If yes, will like us to review them and share them with our audience?


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