45 Best Hand Tattoos For Men & Women – Awesome New Designs!

Thanks to our good friends and awesome tattoo artists at Art-I-Facts Tattoo in Huntsville, AL, we have a collection of some of the best hand tattoo artwork and pics that his team has inked on others. So prep your fists, hands, and fingers for some new ink with inspiration from these badass hand tattoo designs.

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Hand Tattoos Are Not For Everyone

Before inking your hand permanently, there are some things you should mull over for at least a few days. You already know that this is going to be visible to everyone you meet in the future. At the moment this may not be a big deal for you but it could down the road. Okay, now that the mom advice is out of the way you should also know the maintenance for tattoos on your hand and especially your fingers is very high. These will tend to fade and even stretch out of shape over time so you need to be dedicated to retouching and fixing. With all that said, here are some ones that have gone before you with getting tattoos on their hands and fingers.

If you want to know more about the artist that created any of the below examples, please leave a comment below with the tat you are interested in.


Yes, we know this isn’t a ‘hand’ tattoo, but shows the detail of a hand tattoo.

I love these dual tiger hand tattoos

What Happens In Vegas Goes With You Everywhere

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Other Badass Tattoos on Fingers

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Best Hand Tattoo Ideas

Get inspiration from these 45 hand tattoos.

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