8+ Best Handguns For Women For Self-Defense in 2024

Today, the world is not a safe place to live in. Especially when it comes to protecting women. These days, one of the frequently asked questions is “What are the best handguns for women for their self-defense?” To avoid the incidents of purse snatching, robberies, carjacking, or sometimes rape, women need potential weapons to defend themselves from such attackers. Martial arts and karate are the traditional weapons for the self-defense of women.

But all women are not as strong as men (studies say). Attackers can easily target women who have short heights and thin bodies. Studies reveal that in the US, 20% of women sadly become rape victims. Owing to these concerns, many companies have designed some remarkable handguns to help women defend themselves from pathetic attackers, the self-defense products industry has exploded in the last few years. Thus I have put together this roundup of the best 8 pistols that we as ladies can use to protect ourselves and to have that sense of security to go anywhere.

How to Choose the Best Handgun as a Woman

Choosing a handgun for women is not child’s play. You have to look for some significant features while buying a self-defense handgun from the market. It is not the color of the handgun that you have to prioritize. Indeed a quality self-defense handgun must be effective and user-friendly. Almost every woman should feel comfortable carrying and using these weapons.

Characteristics of a good handgun

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of some of the best handguns for women for self-defense.

  1. A handgun must be easy to use. An average woman should feel comfortable while fitting a handgun in her hands. This feature is very important because a woman will enjoy shooting when a handgun fits her hands. Also, the anticipated recoil will be lessened, if it fits properly to her hands.
  2. A good handgun is always in a chambered cartridge. Whenever an attacker attempts on a woman, she must be able to stop him before placing a shot. The purpose behind mentioning this point is not to question the worthinesses of cartridges of different handguns. Notwithstanding, a 380 ACP is the minimum cartridge that a woman should have to ensure her protection in the hour of crisis.
  3. Although small handguns are lighter and women find it easy to hide but there is one drawback of these handguns. Smaller handguns are comparatively difficult to shoot than larger ones. So, the women who want their safety outside their houses should go for larger handguns. These handguns are easily portable and concealable.
  4. Confronting an assailant is a hopeless situation. You can have trembling hands when you face them. Therefore, the best handgun is the one that needs a few simple directions to work.
  5. To cover up things, a handgun must not deceive at the eleventh hour. Your life completely depends on a handgun and thus it should be trustable and straightforward. If your handgun fails to deliver now and then, it means that you are risking your life for a weapon that will disappoint you when needed.

The best handguns for women are those which have all the above-mentioned traits. Nowadays, there are lots of self-defense handguns in the market that are awesome. Not having anyone of the above qualities does not mean they do not qualify for our list.

Still confused?

Being a woman you may get confused about choosing a handgun for your self-defense. But you don’t have to worry now as it’s time to buy one. In this article, we will discuss some of the best handguns for women for self-defense. So, let’s review them.


Smith & Wesson – 360 PD Airlite Review

Best handgun for women                   

It tops our list of best handguns for women for self-defense. Also known as a purse-gun, it is concealed easily by women shooters. Specifically for those women who desire a short, lightweight, reliable handgun that has the power to stop, this weapon performs every time it has been asked for. Due to its ability to tick the box for different shooters on a variety of fronts, it has great worth in today’s market.

This firearm is easy to operate right from its first shot. This handgun is additionally feasible for women who have less practice of shooting or whose fingers shiver while aiming. There are no extra precautionary measures like pulling the trigger and so on.

Its caliber can be used for multiple functions. This handgun can shoot both the very potent defensive around the .357 Magnum and the easy-to-handle .38 Special. It is made up of exceptional material which can be used all the time. Although this handgun is used for short ranges, the targets are aimed easily. For a woman having small hands, this is a perfect self-defense handgun.


Its capacity is 5+1 Round

Its length is 6.3 inches

It has a cartridge of 357 Magnum

Its weight 0.75 lbs

Its action type is SA/DA

Its barrel length1.75 inches


Understandable and trustable

The first aim is easy to target

Stopping power is great 


For inexperienced users, a little training is highly recommended as the recoil is heavy

Best suited for

For the women concerned about aiming the first 5 shots at the target, this is the best handgun. Women enjoy carrying and concealing this small handgun.

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Beretta USA – PX4 Storm Compact Handgun Review


During their first experience with this handgun, women take it as a heavy weapon. But the whole pressure is due to the equilibrium that is present in its platform. This is a polymer-framed handgun is made of tough material. Calmness and great execution are the two things that differentiate it from other handguns. The simplicity of its design and size makes it comfortable for all women shooters. It is a bit heavy from the top but this weight is balanced when the magazine is filled. Such a weight particularly helps to reduce the recoiling.

The bore axis of PX4 is extremely low which assists to aim the target with precision. The conventional barrels come up with great problems for the users. Unlike those, a “fixed barrel” is assured by a smart lockup design of the barrel. The trigger of this self-defense handgun matches the triggers of the Double Action style. It is easy to use but in some situations, it requires a few precautionary measures especially for the shooters who lack practice.


PX4’S total length is 6.8 inches

The length of its barrel is 3.2 inches

It weighs 1.7 lbs

Its action type is SA/DA

The cartridge is 9mm Luger

It has a capacity of 10+1 round


Excellent stability

Simply great precision and the short barrel length considered by the chamber lockup

A helpful or moderate recoil

Muzzle flip mitigation


There is hardly any flaw in this handgun

Best suited for

It is the best handgun for women who praise high accuracy. Its good design is accompanied by a low recoil which is best for women.

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Sig Sauer – P210 Target Review


Notwithstanding its high price, the inclusion of Sig P210 in this list is likely to be questioned. The shape and internal characteristics of this handgun ideally match the requirements of a woman shooter. Today, women cannot overlook this protective weapon. A unique fact about this handgun is that most of the women are unaware of this handgun. And those are familiar, try to discover the reason for its high price.

Of course, this handgun is out of the range of many people however, you receive a legacy handgun that is superior to all other low-priced handguns. Women can overwhelm attackers by improving their accuracy using this intrinsically more reliable handgun. The design is thin and fits the hand of any woman. This handgun has a wonderful track record for its reliability and precision. This traditional handgun is simply designed for both genders and is much better formulated than its rivals.


Its capacity is 8+1 rounds

Its length is 8.4 inches

The cartridge is 9mm Luger

The length of its barrel is 5 inches

Its action type is Single

It weighs 2.3 lbs


The quality is excellent

Accuracy is outstanding

Balance is great and load is adjusted by the recoil and muzzle flip



Best suited for

This 9mm single stack handgun is a smooth weapon that has the most accurate target. Do not use it lavishly as it is a marvelous handgun. Women try considering this pistol for they know its abilities and achievements. Sig P210 is an excellent handgun for women for their self-defense.

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Smith & Wesson – Bodyguard 38 Crimson Trace Review


This handgun is somewhat similar to the first pistol of this article. The additional advantage of using this gun is its laser technology. Its design helps the laser to aim at the target in no time. Though, women shooters might have to reduce the usage of whole power.357 Magnums. Bodyguard 38 Crimson Trace is the only .38 unique revolver. The magnum rounds present in it cannot be utilized by the users.

Most probably, women will not encounter such situations in which they have to use this concealed handgun or maybe there is a rare chance of its usage, it is extremely difficult to compensation the firepower of the Magnum cartridges. So at the time of need, you would not have that power. That is why it is not considered by most women.

Nevertheless, it is the best option for women shooters who are especially delicate to recoil. Even for those who find it difficult to get the accuracy back with the Magnum round. Other features include its dependability, slight weight, durability, and agility in aiming the first shot. This handgun also carries a legacy behind its design that shows its worth over the past years.


Its cartridge is 38 Special

The type of action is Striker Fired

It has a capacity of 5 rounds

The length of the barrel is 1.9 inches

Its total length is 6.6 inches

It weighs 0.9 lbs


The first shot is quick

Trustworthy and spontaneous



It is unable to fire .357 Magnums as compared to other pistols having fewer traits than this one.

Best suited for

The choicest handgun for self-defense of women who are unstable to recoil or those who find it hard to reach back to aim after the first shot.

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Glock – G19 G4 FS Review


This handgun is suitable for women with average or small wrists. With a 9mm cartridge, this handgun is preferred by women shooters for its lightweight, simple, short design and durability. It has a capacity of 15 rounds which can avoid any danger with great firepower. The recoil of classic Glock is moderate. It means it appears bigger for the shooters trying to master it and smaller for the women with moderate hands.

All the handguns that we have included in our priority list deserve to be here due to their concealing and operating attributes. The larger guns of these models are also embraced by women for their self-defense.

The traditional Glock possesses a great trigger that ensures the secure working of the chamber when it is loaded. The reliability and durability factors make this handgun an exceptional weapon that continues to perform with accuracy, it doesn’t matter how you treat it. It can easily be hidden inside a large purse and backs up the women shooters at crucial stages. The balance is great and the polymer frame neutralizes the recoil as well. So overall it is a great handgun to have.


Its capacity is 15+1 round

The type of action is Striker Fired

It has a 9mm Luger cartridge

It weighs 1.18 lbs

Has a 6.85 inches length

The length of the barrel is 4 inches


Great range

Secure once you practice using it

Reliable and durable


The trigger might not be ideal although it is much better than the other striker-fired handguns

Best suited for

It is best matched for women who have great shooting potential. Perfect for those who desire to have a relatively bigger handgun.

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Sig Sauer – P229 Legion Handgun Review


This handgun comes up with a comfortable design that is suited best for smaller hands. The user-friendliness of this pistol allows you to control and reload the gun without moving it clumsily in your hands. It has a high capacity and weight in comparison to other polymer-framed handguns. This aspect makes it a perfect weapon for shooters, especially from the recoiling point of view.

Another added benefit of this handgun is that it easily fits in the calibers of .45 Smith & Wesson, .357 Sig, and other guns depending on the elements accessible. The incredibly convenient and complete directions show that if you spend a little time on training and learning the art of shooting with this handgun, you will feel comfortable with this trustworthy handgun.

Its accuracy is further improved by a long sight plane. The trigger of the P229 Legion is designed for a DA/SA firearm. The protection of your hands is protected by beavertail. Particularly, the slide stop is set at a good spot. Thus, all the above-mentioned traits force us to include in the list of best handguns for women for self-defense. It is reliable, durable, hits the target, and most importantly it is easy to operate. So this handgun is a perfect match for the security needs of women shooters.


Its action type is SA/DA

It is 7.4 inches long

It has a capacity of 15+1 round

The cartridge is 9mm Luger

The length of the barrel is 3.9 inches

It weighs 1.85 lbs


Comfortable design

The PVD coating adds to its durability

It has an artistic look


The initial price is a bit high that lifts the interest of people from buying it.

Best suited for

Shooters who wish to have a complete and compact handgun that is easy to operate are its biggest fans.

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CZ USA – CZ 75 Compact Review


The CZ 75 is relatable to the Sig P229 but all its comprehensive features are cheaper than Sig P229. For those having less strength in their wrist, the handgun might prove hard to be operated as the trigger is not matchable to other guns, but this is not a bad option for such a low price.

It possesses a long sight plane, has good precision, and aims at the target very swiftly. The build of CZ 75 is compact. The compactness makes it easy to handle. The controls are in good positions and it has a good overall user interface. One added quality of this handgun is the difference in its controls from the rest of the pistols. The smaller hands can add to the accuracy using the slide stop that needs a shift in the palm.

Believe me or not, it is a truly legendary handgun that provides peace of mind due to its reliability aspects. Women shooters can easily hide this spectacular handgun. Its amazing design has helped it to work accurately for years. Many people desire this remarkable handgun. Especially for the smaller hands, the compact version that we have discussed is a controllable one.


The length of the barrel is 3.9 inches

It weighs 2.1 lbs

Its capacity is 15 Round

Its cartridge is 9mm Luger

It is 7.3 inches long

It has an action type of SA/DA


Great capacity, excellent magazines

Efficiency is unmatched

Outstanding design


To be honest, the slide is too low profile for many women and they can find it cumbersome to aim correctly without much practice

Best suited for

It is a perfect handgun for shooters who dislike universal handguns. It is readily accepted due to its smart design, convenient use, and high accuracy.

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Ruger LCP Pistol Review


The most stylish handgun which is easily concealable is the Ruger LCP. It is a smart gun that is devised in such a way that it can fit in a small purse or a pocket. It offers spontaneous assurance to women shooters. It is popular for its wonderful price and efficiency as it never disappoints in the hour of need.

This 380 pistol is quite simple in use with a straightforward charge. A Ruger LCP employs a ballistically lower round as compared to the other handguns discussed in this article. But when it comes to saving a life, the size or price of it does not matter. What matters are the key points of this handgun, therefore, a Ruger LCP is an amazing purse gun for delicate women.

It does not have a huge capacity but this flaw can be overcome by a little training. Practicing with this handgun will make you feel comfortable and superior to the bigger and difficult handguns in the market.

Speaking, this gun is not a match for a $1500 handgun, but its main job is to protect yourself efficiently. And that is what it does. The gun is highly durable and women can undoubtedly trust its performance.


A cartridge of 380 ACP

The action-type is Striker Fired

It has a capacity of 6+1 round

The barrel’s length is 2.75 inches

It is 5.16 inches in length

The weight is 0.6 lbs


Manageable price

Extraordinarily trustworthy


The trigger does not meet the desire of most women

Best suited for

This handgun is best for women with medium hands. Women who like an affordable, concealable, and particularly lightweight pistol are happy to buy this handgun.

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10 Total Score
Best Handguns For Women

This is our roundup of some firearms that are women approved.

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