Best Instagram Marketing Tools For Businesses – ( Top 10 Roundup )

In the world of social media, Instagram has been really galloping ahead. It now boasts over 500 million active users and has assumed such a huge presence that marketers can no longer ignore it for pushing their products and services or building their brands. However, many marketers are disappointed to discover that Instagram lacks a number of functionalities that are quite important as far as managing accounts on devices other than the mobile phone is concerned.

While the app does have a Web interface, it still does not allow users to engage their audience and also does not support a lot of features thus limiting its ability to function as an evolved Internet marketing tool. Luckily, there are quite a few Instagram tools that help in enhancing user experience and allow marketers to better leverage the potential of the social media platform. With the help of these tools, you can explore your target niche, get exposed to other influential users, acquire detailed analytical data and statistics, manage your followers and correspondence as well as get to know how popular your posts are.

Marketing over social media is quite the rage these days and is highly preferred by marketers. Instagram offers a higher rate of response on posts, compared to other social networking platforms. Instagram marketing has gained remarkable momentum over the past couple of years as it has been evidently effective. Realizing the soaring potential of this industry, various developers introduced their marketing tools to assist brands with their marketing strategies. There are tons of marketing tools available, but the leading tools to fulfill your marketing needs in an effective manner, are mentioned below.

  1. What Are Instagram Business Tools?

Instagram has finally decided to accommodate the marketers, using this platform to promote products and services. Instagram business tools are a comprehensive set of tools and the features offered, are quite tempting.

Business profiles

Business profiles is an innovative idea. This feature enables a specifically designed profile for marketers and accommodates marketers surprisingly well. Business profiles are available free of cost for any Instagram accounts, willing to be recognized as a business. However, there is a condition that the business must have a brand presence on Facebook, in order to enable a business profile. The options provided in business profiles are extremely exciting and useful. You can feed in your contact details including phone numbers or emails, and a contact button will appear near the top of your profile, which will enable customers to contact you with a single tap. The contact button also provides an option labeled as ‘Get Directions‘. This option can be used to navigate to the physical presence of the respective business. A ‘location’ label will also be displayed under the website link and will enable customers to access a map highlighting the location of the business. You may also add the opening and closing hours of your business, which will appear in a prominent font.


Instagram Business tools also provide insights about your followers and posts. The provision of insights is aimed at improving the relevancy and quality of content for your followers. Instagram insights will allow you to examine the behavior and response patterns of your followers, which will enable you to create better content for them. Insights will feature statistics about your posts including top posts and engagement around specific posts. You’ll also be provided actionable information about your audience including their age groups, location and gender. The information provided by insights is extremely valuable for marketers. Knowing their target audience better, marketers can put in efforts to maximize response from followers, by creating more relevant and interesting content for them. Instagram insights also analyze and display the phases of the day when your followers are the most active. This feature will enable marketers to boost followers’ engagement by scheduling posts at the right time.


This feature enables Instagram marketers to turn any popular post into an advert, directly from the mobile application.

The process is evidently simple. You’ll simply have to select an already uploaded post and add a button encouraging people to take action. You can specify a target audience or let Instagram do that for you, and your selected post will be advertised for any length of time you choose. Considering that these tools are developed by Instagram itself; we can expect a lot from Instagram business tools.

  1. Wishpond

Wishpond is an effective yet easy-to-use tool, which offers multiple features to Instagram marketers. Utilizing this tool, you can create amazing and high converting landing pages without any coding. You’ll simply have to drag and place objects and modify them through simple controls. You can also test multiple landing pages and record the response for each of them. Wishpond also provides apps to run social promotions and conduct contests. You can create photo contests, vote contests, photo caption contests, and coupons. However, Wishpond’s standout feature is ‘Instagram hashtag contest.’ It can create a hashtag contest on Instagram in an extremely organized manner and collect all the Instagram photos where the specific hashtag has been mentioned. This feature is extremely handy and is bound to stimulate followers’ engagement.

You can also interact with your customers, visiting your brand website through Instagram. You can create timed, entry, click and exit-intent popups to promote specific products or services.

  1. Schedugram

Schedugram is an effective tool to manage the posting on your Instagram account. As suggested by their slogan, you’ll only have to worry about the content, not the posting. It provides many solutions to your issues with frequency and timing of posts. You can edit and upload yet-to-be-posted images or videos in schedugram’s cloud service. Subsequently, you’ll be able to access your Schedugram account and upload pictures to your Instagram profile from anywhere, at any time.

Schedugram also enables you to schedule posts. Perhaps this tools stands out due to the fact that it actually uploads your scheduled posts at specified times, rather than reminding you. You can also upload posts in bulk, with minimum effort. This feature is perfect for planned campaigns. It also allows you to post regularly, keeping your followers engaged.

If scheduled posts and web uploads don’t solve your posting problems, you can utilize this tool to allow multiple users to access your account. Those users would be able to schedule posts or upload drafts for you to post. Schedugram also reduces the hassle of switching accounts. Rather than logging in and logging out multiple times, you can simply use this tool to toggle between multiple Instagram accounts.

  1. Vibbi

Every brand page on Instagram must have a decent followers’ base, to efficiently promote their respective products and services. A Greater number of followers and views would result in better promotion as the adverts would reach larger audiences. More popular pages are also likely to be trusted easily by users. Gaining followers through promotion, marketing, and sponsorships, is a hectic and time-consuming method. Hence, you can use Instagram tools to buy followers, likes, and views.

Vibbi is among the leading Instagram followers, likes and views providers. Labeled as the ‘one stop shop for all Instagram marketing needs,’ Vibbi is an effective tool to develop and maintain a credible presence over Instagram. You can utilize this tool to stimulate the popularity of your page. You can purchase Instagram followers, views and likes at reasonable rates. They also ensure that the quality of followers they provide is not compromised upon. In the case of any queries or complaints, Vibbi’s support team is vigilant around the clock to assist you.

Vibbi also offers an’ Instaport’ service, which can be used to backup your content. This service enables you to select and download your Instagram posts to a local hard drive. Vibbi’s marketing blog is another feature that can be used to aid your marketing strategies. You can find articles related to evolving and latest marketing techniques and apply them to enhance your marketing campaign.

  1. Like2buy

Curalate’s like2buy is an amazing tool to assist your marketing strategy and boost sales by offering maximum convenience to your customers. Like2buy enables your customers to explore your brand in-depth. Previously, you could only window-shop over Instagram; however, Like2buy revolutionizes Instagram business. In a nutshell, it turns Instagram feeds shoppable. Users can simply click on the Like2buy link, placed in the bio section of a page, rather than opening a separate tab in the browser. The link will lead them to a page of the brand’s featured products. It makes it extremely easy and convenient for customers to browse products and purchase them.

As per Curalate’s official website, customers visiting brand websites through like2buy links spend greater time browsing through the websites. They also tend to have higher average order value compared to other visitors, as suggested by Curalate. Like2buy generously offers customization. You can customize your shoppable feeds in accordance with the theme of your brand, by adding backgrounds and clickable headers. You can also ‘localize’ your like2buy galleries, to provide specific content to specific customers. In order to retain customers, you can place an ‘email capture’ form in your lie2buy gallery.

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a complete tool that can be used to enhance your Instagram marketing. It assists marketers with their marketing strategy and ensures smooth execution of their strategy, resulting in greater traffic and increase brand awareness.

Hootsuite saves your time by organizing all your social media marketing information in a neat dashboard. This dashboard is a solution to most of your marketing issues. It enables anyone from your marketing team, to quickly respond to messages, mentions, and comments. You can schedule your Instagram posts via Hootsuite, keeping you virtually active on social media. You can interact with your followers and monitor your customers and competitors, using this tool.

Hootsuite also enables you to manage multiple Instagram accounts and involve your followers in your team discussions. This tool makes replying to messages evidently simpler. You can simply reply to messages with a single click or can feed in pre-written response, to cater customers with common queries. Hootsuite’s content library allows you to save ready-to-publish content and post it at the rights times.

  1. Picodash

By using this free app you can bring the Instagram feed to your laptop or desktop via the Internet. Apart from the basic functions of being able to see the photos you have posted on Instagram, checking out your followers’ uploads, liking, following, and commenting, you can access an extensive list of influencers for a wide variety of niches as well as visualize photographs on the map. Not only does Gramfeed allow you to log into multiple Instagram accounts but also use advanced filters for conducting searches for people, tags, places, and locations.

The interface of the tool is extremely intuitive and user-friendly with the menu at the top of the page allowing all the features to be launched with simple clicks. Gramfeed is very popular as you can easily explore the most popular Instagram accounts in virtually any niche you can think of. As a result, you can find the most influential users in any niche of your choice and analyze their promotion tactics, and interact with them. However, the app is not so great in browsing for videos and displays advertisements on your feed.

  1. Statigram

Statigram provides a very good Web interface for your Instagram account and is extremely popular because it offers users a lot of statistics. The latest uploads of your friends can be seen with a simple sign-in and you can choose to see all the photographs at once or you can create groups that work as filters for your main feed. Using this feature allows you to clean your newsfeed and view only the photos of your preference. You can like photographs and also comment on them as well as share it on other social media platforms.

Users can unlock a wealth of statistics by clicking on the Statistics tab. Not only is a summary available but also the activity information for the last week can be seen. The navigation menu on the left allows you to see monthly statistics on a rolling basis, all your account contents. Fluctuations in engagement, optimization rate, as well as the way your personal community on Instagram has developed, can be studied. Further, Statigram makes available a host of analytical data that will help you to develop and refine your Instagram marketing strategy. Included are information about the Instagramfollowers that are the most engaged, photos that have been most liked and commented upon, the average life of your media, the density of your posting, statistics relating to usage of filters, the optimal time for posting, and a lot more. Statigram also lets you share snapshots of the statistics with your Instagram community. It has a very useful feature that allows you to send private messages to other users of Instagram.

  1. Followgram

Followgram is a very elegantly designed web interface for management of your Instagram presence. It is available in three versions, including one that is free. A simple sign-in to your account will make available the dashboard with the latest uploads of your friends and your account statistics. You can click a photo to like it or comment on it or share it on other social media platforms or display it on your site or blog by embedding its code. It also enables you to save the pictures you like to albums, the number of which for free users is restricted to just five. The tool lets you share your Instagram photographs with others not present on Instagram with a very nifty vanity URL.

While the search function is not as evolved as that of Gramfeed, it still lets you perform basic searches of images and users. The facility of a QR code as well as an RSS feed is available on Followgram, allowing you to direct people to your Followgram profile. The free version allows users to access some basic statistics pertaining to the photos, followers, and engagement, while the paid version allows browsing by top tags, filters, and venues. Paid users can download photo archives ordered by month, message other Instagram users as well as remove advertising from their profiles and access other privileges.


While undoubtedly Instagram with its massive user base represents a great opportunity for marketers, using these supplementary apps can allow marketers to maximize their Instagram presence with a great set of analytical and account management features.