10 Best Japanese Whiskey Brands: The Ultimate List For 2021

10 Best Japanese Whiskey Brands

Anyone who loves Japanese whiskey will agree that it is one of the most expensive whiskey that doubles as rare. Some are even getting depleted on shelves. But what makes these whiskeys a big name with modern drinkers? In this post, we will be ...

Anyone who loves Japanese whiskey will agree that it is one of the most expensive whiskey that doubles as rare. Some are even getting depleted on shelves. But what makes these whiskeys a big name with modern drinkers? In this post, we will be reviewing the best Japanese Whiskeys that we have tried so far this year. Also, to give you our reasons why we think they are the whiskey you should be adding to your list.

Well, in the decade where whiskeys are gaining popularity and manufacturers competing for amazing results, then getting a unique whiskey becomes a demanding task. However, the kind of uniqueness in the Japanese whiskey comes from the thorough distillation process, pure and natural water from the mountains, and above all, the hot and dry conditions in Japan that support the process to deliver a tasty whiskey.

We have selected the 10 Best Japanese Whiskey Brands with classic age statements. The list comprises the best, rare, and unmatched brands from the official manufacturers. The review aims at unburdening you from the search process when you want to kill that whiskey thirst. Our time saver review, therefore, gives you the most sought after brands in the modern market. Let’s explore them in detail and see what each brand has to offer you.

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Suntory Toki Japanese Whiskey Review

The Suntory Toki whiskey is one of the incredibly smooth whiskeys from the Japanese distilleries. It is well known for the fantastic aroma from a mixture of honey, basil, and green apple. The Grapefruit, green grapes, peppermint, thyme taste is one of the irresistible whiskey tastes ever manufactured. You will still feel the fantastic flavor as you roll it down the throat.

If you want to take it raw or mixed for a cocktail, then the choice is yours. The 43% alcohol volume is enough to keep you charged and endorses your true conversation with mates. The whiskey draws its respect from traditional creativity for Japanese traditions, and that’s why it has maintained the concept of rich meaning in world history.

Finally, this won the Gold Medal at the 2017 Denver International Spirits Competition and made it to the top because of the amazing taste and careful distillation process. Buy Japanese whiskey to be delivered in less than an hour. The categories are 750ml bottle and a 1-liter bottle.

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Iwai Tradition Whiskey Review

A whiskey brand that sticks to your tongue, causing a funkiness that hangs on for some time, is a brand to trust. The Iwai Tradition is a good Japanese Whiskey that rules the Japanese market. It’s a Japanese Single Malt Whiskey whiskey brand that found its place on bar counters. It is a malt-driven type and will forever reflect the true Japanese feeling anywhere in the world.

Even though the 40% abv is a point to note, you will still consume it raw or mix with other beverages. The whiskey softness rolls down your throat, creating an amazing feeling. You will love the creative balance in ingredients that leave a tasty whiskey, which makes drinkers proud.

The lovely blend of sherry, bourbon, and wine casks delivers a harmonious whiskey that you can enjoy with friends as you crack the best business ideas. The whiskey comes in 750ml bottles with an opening for you to request for other sizes. It’s not costly and hence a great way to make your weekend fun.

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Togouchi Japanese Blended Whiskey Review


You will never go wrong with this Japanese blended whiskey. It is famous for its oak, spicy notes, sweet and peaty flavor notes. This grain whiskey is a unique brand with a light flavor feeling. It has a soft sweetness, the type of vanilla, and will always feel sweet in your mouth.

This is a whiskey brand for you to make use of your youthfulness and explore various aspects of your social life. With an average of 40% alcohol, you will still take it raw or mixed with other beverages of your choice. This conversation starter rules the Japanese whiskey world, and luckily, it is among the affordable brands on the shelves. Therefore, if you are on a budget and looking for a fun way to end your day, then this would be a precise whiskey.

Finally, the package comes in a 700ml bottle. However, if you prefer other quantities, then input your order and check the availability.

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Nikka Coffey Malt Whiskey Review

The Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky is a popular Japanese coffee Whiskey for its dark amber color. The whiskey is famous for the milk chocolate, vanilla, banana, and oatmeal flavor notes, and that’s why it’s gratifying and a highly recommended whiskey. This is a carefully distilled whiskey from the famous Nikka Distilleries in Japan.

The fruity and spicy whiskey features coffee grain ingredients, which leave you intrigued and satisfied. The 45% alcohol content is an assurance that the whiskey rolls down your throat smoothly. You can sip it raw or combine it with your favorite beverages.

If you have a weekend getaway and would love to spice it with unbeatable fun, then the solution is this whiskey. It comes in varying quantities, but the common one is the 750ml bottle. The easy to drink whiskey can be one of your favorite drinks. Even though it is costly, you will still find the amazing flavor that beats the rest in the same category. If you want to know where to Buy Japanese Whiskey, then order it now and let us deliver in less than an hour.

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Hakushu 12 Review

Whiskey enthusiasts have developed a bond with this amazing Japanese whiskey. Once you uncork the bottle, you won’t resist the crispy taste that hits you by surprise, which is phenomenal. That’s why the popularity of this whiskey is continuously growing. The masterpiece is a combination of toasted barley, almonds, and even a bit of char.

The whiskey has a 43% alcohol volume, which leaves you with options of taking it on the rocks or neat. Even so, you can make your favorite cocktail with this whiskey and sit it with friends. The distillation process for this brand is the solid reason as to why it remains a giant in the market. It features careful distillation with a combination of ingredients to suit the taste.

Finally, this is a whiskey designed to multiply your happiness and still start conversations with your senses intact. You can take it alone or with friends and feel the Japanese power in your hands. It comes in a 750ml capacity, but you can make other orders depending on the availability. Be assured that you will get it delivered in less than an hour.

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Ohishi Sherry Single Cask Whiskey Review

The Ohishi Sherry Single Cask Whisky comes from rice, and this is after a careful selection of the best rice. Most distillers find it hard to make whiskey from rice, but Japan has cracked the secret. It distills the whiskey using two types of quality rice, which results in the best whiskey on the market. The distillation process goes through an undisclosed period making it an authentic whiskey you can have for your party.

The 43.6% alcohol content makes it a fantastic type; you can sip raw or even mix it with other favorites. The bottle comprises 750ml capacities, which are popular, but you can make other requests based on the quantity you want.

Lastly, this whiskey will add value to your weekend as it generates amazing conversions when with friends. The sweetness and fruity feel make it a quality type you can trust with your money. Although it is still costly, you will still find value in the taste and outcomes.

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Yamazaki Whiskey Review

If your demand is only for the best drinks, then this Japanese whiskey is precisely for you. It won the world whiskey award in 2012, and the quality has stood the test of time. It is an increasingly rare item on the market, and that’s why it is among the most expensive Japanese whiskeys on the market. The whiskey has been aged for a quarter-century, and that’s why the best quality still finds its value in this whiskey. The whiskey is only limited to 12000 bottles each year, and that is why it is one of the rare types on the Japanese market.

This whiskey is sweet with intense prune and licorice notes. It also combines the amazing taste of honey, espresso coffee, and port wine. The amazing finish comprises long and dry with peppery aspects and more espresso qualities.

The 48% abv means that you can take the whiskey on rocks or with a combination of another favorite drink of your choice. Orde the 750ml bottle and enjoy the quarter-century fun.

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Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whiskey Review

One of the harmoniously blend of amazing Japanese craftsmanship is the Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky. It was launched in 1989 and had a successful turn in the Japanese whiskey world. It ranks as the most awarded whiskey of all time, and this is a clear indication of quality well crafted.

The whiskey features exciting flavors and aromas, which makes it a great whiskey for your beverages and even a mix of a cocktail. You will have one of the most prestigious whiskeys in the world if you choose to go with the Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky. The amber color, together with the rosemary, rose, lychee, and sandalwood smell, make it the best among the competitors. Besides, the whiskey has a honey-like sweetness that feels awesome when rolling down your throat.

With a 43% abv, you are sure that the drink will make you feel tipsy. You can buy it in 750ml bottles and enjoy the fun. It is the Best Japanese Whiskey Under $100 and takes a few minutes to deliver once you place your order.

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Kirin Ichiban Review

This is a whiskey that rolls down your throat without causing you trouble. It is a unique type designed for a relaxing moment. The beautiful golden color defines the whiskey and delivers the kind of flavor you would want in a whiskey. Its silk and smooth taste are all that sets it above the competitors in the same category.

The malty, grainy, and sweet-tasting notes can be paired with chicken or nuts as you enjoy a relaxing Sunday along the beach. The fact that it’s 5% alcohol makes it suitable for light drinkers. You can sip several bottles and still have the energy to move and communicate.

The whiskey is the cheap Japanese whiskey on the market and comes in a pack of 6 and 22.0 0z capacity for you to make the purchase. Well, if you are on a budget and still need something to keep you high, and in a happy mood, then this is the whiskey for you.

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Akashi Shuzo Sommelier Edition Review

Lastly, we have the Akashi Shuzo Sommelier Edition. The whiskey has three years resting when in the process of blending. The pale straw color defines the uniqueness of this whiskey and even gives it the needed distinctive characteristics. The type features black tea, walnut, and a dried floral character with more fruit for better taste.

This whiskey will work well with other beverages and makes the right combination when used as a cocktail mixer. With the 50% alcohol percentage, you can easily take it on rocks if you have the best throat. Alternatively, just mix it with anything and enjoy it. The popularity of the drink among the Japanese explains the quality that comes with it. You will never miss it in a serious joint that values their customer’s needs.

Finally, the powerful whiskey ranks high and is one of the favorites. It could be an excellent deal when you want to get high in minutes. Order it in the 750ml bottle and get it shortly.

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We hope you have the best picks from our review. The selection of the Best Japanese Whiskey Brands to Buy followed the careful process the companies take to blend their drinks. Also, we focused on the best quality and hence a great value for money.

Additionally, the list comprises a mixture of the most expensive whiskey and the cheapest types to give you a Japanese Whiskey Tasting Set. Note that the Rare Japanese Whiskeys are costly. You can, therefore, choose the one that suits your budget and pour in your Japanese Whiskey Glass to enjoy. If you have questions about the whiskeys above, feel free to contact us for quick responses. Also, let us know the feeling once you taste these brands.

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