3 Best Nerf Guns That Hurt And Leave Scars

Being part of a Nerf Gun War is always fun and a good way to test your shooting skills, even though its considered a toy to most. But as a Nerf gun user myself, we know these aren’t toys but rather a ‘weapon’ in between a paintball gun and a real handgun. In fact, they are in a class all to themselves. Being the competitor as I am, one of the most asked questions I get is “Do Nerf guns hurt”? Not that I’m really out to hurt the competition but there are a few models that hurt more than others. So with that in mind, I did a quick review roundup of the 3 best Nerf guns that actually hurt when you get hit in areas without protection.

The Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K Review

This gun is probably their most heavy-duty gun in the Nerf arsenal. This bad boy can fire up to 8 rounds per second and has a 9.6-volt NiMH rechargeable battery so you are not blowing through stacks of batteries at an alarming rate. There is a hopper that holds up to 200 rounds which is crucial since you are spitting out 8 rounds at a time that travel up to 100 feet per second. So now to the question at hand, does the Rival Prometheus hurt? Well here’s a video that proves that it does. Hint: jump to 11:30 to see the pain.

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Nerf TerraScout Recon Review

Now this one may not leave the welts like with the Prometheus, but it does have a high rate of fire that can do some damage. This unit is pretty cool as its also a RC tank that you can move around the battlefield and flank your enemies if they are not paying attention. Plus it has a 480p camera that can record your movements. Just imagine rolling this up on someone and opening fire and catching it on camera. You need to see how it operates to believe how fun this would be. Check out this unboxing and review of the TerraScout:

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Nerf Fortnite AR-L Scar Review

Okay now, this one is meant for Fortnite fans obviously, but how does it perform? This one can shoot 10 darts from the blaster and has 2 sights to help you focus on your target. But does this one hurt? Not as bad as our last two examples but this one is sure to please in your next Nerf battle. Check out this review of the AR-L:

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