Best Online Wine Club Reviews – Top 10 Roundup

Choosing a wine club to subscribe to can be a daunting task. That is why we creating this review category, to help you in deciding which wine club will be best for your taste. There are many considerations to keep in mind such as:

  • Price
  • Frequency
  • Items Per Box
  • Flavor
  • Ability To Customize

We think taste per price is a critical factor in all of our wine reviews. So based on these criteria we have rated the top 5 wine clubs.

#1 – Review Of California Wine Club


The California Wine Club celebrates small, family wineries that are produced in limited quantities — but are not limited in taste. With several monthly club levels to choose from, one can enjoy fantastic wine at nearly any price point.

There’s the Premier Series, which features handcrafted, award-winning wines produced from small, family wineries. The Premier Subscription starts at $39.95. The price is based off of two bottles of wine (one red and one white, or two reds, or two whites), plus shipping. You can choose to have a shipment each month, every other month, or quarterly.

Each month, a different winery is featured, so the subscriber can get to know the little-known-secrets around the state. The shipment also includes tasting notes on the wines you receive, wine tips, and an insider’s look at the California wine scene.

Then, there’s the Signature Series, made of California’s highest rated and most coveted wines. The Signature Series starts at $124.00. You can receive two bottles ($124.00), three bottles ($175.00), and four bottles ($275.00), on average.

There is also the International Series, known as a “fun wine adventure” that features handcrafted wines from all around the globe. Deliveries for the International Series start at $71.00. The subscription includes two bottles of wine anywhere from France, Australia, Argentina, or South Africa, among many other places.

Then, there’s the Aged Cabernet Series that features Napa Valley’s most prestigious Cabernets aged 8-12 years. The Aged Cabernet Series starts at $197.00, but the price may change each month, as it is based on the wines you receive (which is their choosing).

And finally, there is the Pacific Northwest Series that features limited-production wines from regions in Oregon and Washington. Deliveries for the Pacific Northwest Series begin at $77.00. Choose from receiving one red and one white, or two reds.

Reorders on all of the wine is 50 percent off the retail price. Subscriptions to the California Wine Club can also be gifted.

While the website is easy to navigate and there aren’t any secrets as to what you’re purchasing, there’s very little opportunity for customization in this wine club, and no changes whether you like or dislike the wine you’re given.

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#2 – Review Of Wine Express

Wine Express is a hub for several different wine clubs for all sorts of wine drinkers. The best part about all of the Wine Express wine clubs? They ship for free!

Choose from the California Classics & More club; the Perfect Pair Wine Club; Rich Reds Wine Club; and Connoissuer’s Choice Wine Club. The California Classics & More club delivers selections from Napa, Sonoma, and other classic California wine regions, right to your door. Each month, you’ll get three bottles of wine for $99.95.

With the Perfect Pair Wine Club, enjoy two bottles of wine each month — one white and one red — which are chosen because they’re the best wines at the best price. Get two wines each month for $29.95.

In the Rich Reds Wine Club, you’ll get to enjoy three top-rated, hard-to-find red wines every month, derived from grapes all around the world, including bordeaux, riojas, and even California Cabernets. Enjoy these three wines each month for just $49.95.

With the Connoisseur’s Choice Wine Club, you’ll receive three super-premium red wines that were hand-selected from the world’s premier vineyards for $79.95.

With all of the Wine Express Wine Clubs, you can get three, six, and 12-month memberships. Although the website has a lot of different information on it, the section dealing with the wine clubs is fairly straightforward. They also offer a 1-800 number and an email address for ‘round-the-clock customer service.

The only downside to the Wine Express Wine Clubs is that there’s no customization to your monthly deliveries — whatever the club says they’ll deliver is what you’re getting. So, if you’re really picky about your wine, these may not be the clubs for you. These are probably best for someone who’s always down for a surprise.

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#3 – Review Of The Tasting Room

Lot 18 has created the Tasting Room, a wine club that’s put quite a spin on the classic wine club experience. With Tasting Room, enjoy wines that were selected just for you.

Begin the Tasting Room experience by tasting and comparing different varietals of wine, sent by Lot 18 to your home in six mini bottles. Take notes in a virtual tasting room (online) and tell Lot 18 what wines you liked and which ones you didn’t.

This will start your online profile, which will not only tell you what kind of wines you’ll enjoy (or not enjoy), it will also have information about wine regions you’ll enjoy, the types of food they’ll pair well with, and tips on how to order wine in a restaurant.

Then, you’ll start receiving shipments of regular-sized wine bottles based off the preferences you listed during your taste.

The cool thing about Tasting Room is, the customization doesn’t end with the initial taste. Rate all of the wines you receive in the mail, using a taste profile online. This way, you’ll continue to get wines you love, even if your tastes change over time.

If you get a wine you don’t like, Tasting Room will replace it, and they’ll make a note to never send it to you again.

The Tasting Room offers a 100 percent guarantee, and is also active on social media, so you will never be without customer service. However, the website has no information of pricing, which leaves me to believe it isn’t cheap.

Other than that, this is a really unique wine club — the only one to offer the tasting experience.

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#4 – Review Of Gold Medal Wine Club

The Gold Medal Wine Club is home to six wine clubs, delivering wine to your door each month. All of the delivered wine is selected from a small-production brand winery, which are often family-run.

The most popular wine club they offer is the Gold Series Wine Club, which features a taste of California’s best small, family-owned wineries. Each shipment consists of two award-winning wines — one red and one white — and a copy of The Wine Press, which has information about the wines, the winery history, and the winemaker. Choose to enjoy monthly deliveries, or every other month, or even quarterly shipments for $37. 00. There is also a “reds only” option available.

The Platinum Series Wine Club offers only wines rated 90+, highly-distinguished, ultra-premium wines from boutique California wineries. Each shipment includes two bottles of wine, along with stories about each featured winery, tasting notes, and a personal note from the winery’s owner or winemaker. Enjoy month, every other month, or quarterly shipments for $89.00.

Next is the Garagiste Series Wine Club features wines from independent wine makers, who make only small batches — many times, you’ll be tasting wine that very few people have discovered. Enjoy two bottles in each shipment, for $59.00-$77.00.

Then there is the Pinot Noir Series Wine Club, which features two bottles of top-notch Pinots from California, United States, and International winemakers. Enjoy the bottles, along with information about the wines, tasting notes, and a history of the wineries. Each shipment is $65.00.

There is also the International Series Wine Club, which takes you around the world with premium wines from the hidden estates. Enjoy three bottles — two reds and one white — every quarter, along with tasting notes, photos of the region, a history of the wine country, plus fun facts about the local culture. There is also an option to add a package of international gourmet treats to each shipment for $24.95. Each wine shipment of three bottles is $75.00.

And finally, there is the Diamond Series Wine Club that features only the highest quality wines from around the world. Each delivery is two bottles of wine, complete with a history of the winery and the wines’ credentials. Because there is limited availability of these wines, the Diamond Series Wine Club is only offered to 500 recipients at a time. Enjoy quarterly shipments for $165.00.

For the price, any of these wine clubs offer a pretty sweet deal — high quality, hand-selected wines for a fair amount of money. However, there is no customization with any of these clubs.

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#5 – Review Of Plonk Wine Club

With Plonk Wine Club, you’ve got a few different options when it comes to the wine you’re getting. Choose from the Mixed Wine Club, the Red Wine Club, and the White Wine Club.

With the Mixed Wine Club, enjoy two ($49.99) or four ($89.99) bottles each month, or even a case (12 bottles for $249.99) of wine — a mix of red and white varietals, plus information about what to pair the wines with and even a few recipes.

Plonk’s Red Wine Club has been one of the top-rated wine clubs over the years, featuring organic, biodynamic, and limited-production artisan wines. Enjoy two, four, or twelve bottles each month for three, six, or twelve months. Price varies depending on how many bottles you order or each shipment.

The White Wine Club features acclaimed white wines from small snatch wineries in the highest quality, and in a variety of styles. Bottle quantity and membership lengths are the same for the Mixed, Red, and White Wine Clubs.

The website is self-explanatory and easy-to-use, and they offer a 1-800 number for customer service, as well as several social media network profiles for your convenience. The price is a little steep, and there’s no custom options, but given that this club is consistently top-rated, it might be worth a shot.

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#6 – Review Of Le Metro Wine

This wine subscription service features a monthly shipment of six bottles of wine, all revolving around a theme. Though Le Metro is based in San Diego, California, they get wines from all around the globe and ship to most states in the United States.

Subscription options are receiving the six bottles monthly, ongoing ($175 per month), quarterly, ongoing ($175 every three months) receiving the wines in March, June, September, and December, or indulge in a trial subscription for $195, and receive a single edition of Le Metro to sample the wines with no commitment.

Le Metro’s Wine Club revolves around their groundbreaking Wine Zine, which is also a part of every Wine Club membership. While customer service options aren’t apparent on the website, there is an option to cancel your subscription at any time.

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