Best Pistol Light: Take Your Best Shot

Having a reliable handgun might not always work in your favor to give the most precise strike, especially if it is already dark! During such situations, owning a pistol light might come in handy. These pistol lights are bound to give you smooth, clean, and precise shots during emergencies. Many seasoned gun enthusiasts prefer a heavy-duty illuminating light instead of strapping on a night vision goggle during nighttime.

However, finding the best pistol light for your firearm can be a daunting task with a varied number of models and sub-models. You can thus rely on our guide that covers five of the most illuminating and best pistol lights available on the market. We will also explain each product in detail to familiarize you with the products’ features and specs. 

Pistol LightsLumensWeight
Streamlight 69110 (Editor’s Choice)Streamlight 69110 Check Price3007 ounces
Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie Check Price

6002.57 oz
Streamlight 69260walther ppq review Check Price

10004.2 ounces
SureFire X300U-A Check Price

10001 Pound
Ozark Armament Check Price

5000.13 Kilograms

Scroll down to read five of the best pistol lights that can upgrade your gun’s precision by many times. Also, consider reading our FAQ section that talks about the most asked questions related to pistol light.

#Winner: Streamlight 69110 Pistol Light 

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Our winner product, The Streamlight 69110 Pistol Light, has bagged the first position because of its solid run time and concentrated light throw. Overall, this pistol light is sterling as compared to some of its competitor models, making it the best pistol light available on the market.

Featured Specs 

  •     Manufacturer: Streamlight Inc
  •     Lumens: 300
  •     Runtime: 2.5 hours
  •     Batteries: 2 units
  •     Weight:‎7 ounces


  •     This LED pistol light has a decent 12,000-candela peak beam intensity with up to 300 lumens measured system output for a more powerful and brighter flash. Its deep-dish parabolic reflector expertly produces a well-concentrated beam with excellent peripheral illumination.
  •     Users can enjoy the ambidextrous momentary on/off switch for ease of use. The button has a fair resistance while pressing for a steady light flow.
  •     Two 3-volt CR123 lithium batteries power the product. The manufacturer proudly announces its run time of 2.5 hours for a long-lasting pistol light.
  •     This pistol light is built using machined aircraft aluminum and has a sealed construction with a smooth black anodized finish. Its high temperature, shock-mounted, impact-resistant Boro-Float glass lens can handle continuous heat without chips or cracks. The sealed construction makes the product highly dustproof and waterproof for the longest time.
  •     This virtually indestructible pistol light is lightweight and compact that doesn’t put extreme pressure on the wrist during the firearms’ operation.
  •     The rail clamp is smartly designed to rapidly attach or detach this product from the side of your weapon without any small or big tools. This light includes rail locating keys for Glock style 1913 Picatinny, Beretta 90, and SW99/TSW. 


Although the product is built to last, its battery cap says otherwise. The battery door of this Streamlight 69110 Pistol Light is made of plastic that tends to break even with the slightest pressure.

Extra Features 

The seller gives a two-year manufacturer’s warranty if the product has or shall showcase any physical or manufacturing damage.

Buying Advice 

We highly recommend this product if your buying criteria talk about decent illumination with a sturdy body. The controls are relatively easy to use even during panic situations, while its mounting system is one of the most reliable on the market.

#Runner-up: Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie Pistol Light 

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With, quick attach/release mounting system, high compatibility, and 600 lumens of illumination, this Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie Pistol Light is the best tactical pistol light for all types of uses. Let’s look at the specs and benefits of this product to understand this pistol light even better.

Featured Specs 

  •     Manufacturer: Olight
  •     Lumens: 600
  •     Runtime: 60 minutes
  •     Batteries: 2 units
  •     Weight: 2.57 oz


  •     This Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie Pistol Light is made with an aluminum alloy that provides sufficient sturdiness while keeping the entire body lightweight.
  •     Its adjustable rail feature is one of the most striking pros of the product. Buyers can slide the rail adapter back and forth to fix the light according to their desired position and firearm model. Its rail truly makes it one of the most compatible pistol lights on the market.
  •     This mid-sized tactical light has an outstanding illumination performance with its 600 lumens power that gives approximately 100 meters of throw with utter ease.
  •     This pistol light is available in three shades- black, desert tan, and green.
  •     Its quick install and removal are excellent for emergency mounting and unmounting. Users can quickly affix the product onto their guns within seconds, even while rushing in a hurry.
  •     The switches of this light are user-friendly, and you can manipulate the intensity and duration of the light by pressing down the button or holding it for a more extended period.
  •     The product is graded IPX6 waterproof and has an impact resistance of over 1 meter. The light is pretty compatible with both GL and 1913 sized rails.
  •     Each package comes with a light, a 1913 rail mount, one T6/T8 socket head wrench, a magnetic charging cable, and a sturdy battery case.


  •     This light tends to wiggle on the base of many gun models irrespective of its compatibility.
  •     Many buyers have noticed that the arm that tightens the light on the rail sticks out. This design flaw comes in contact with the thumb during every shot.

Extra Features 

  •     We liked its convenient charging feature that allows users to charge the light directly with a magnetic USB cable. The magnetic element is handy as gun owners do not have to plug the device into a port every single time. It also eliminates the need to feed and remove dead batteries constantly. 
  •     The product also comes with a two years warranty and customer support from the seller. 

Buying Advice 

If removing dead batteries is something you wish to eliminate from your gun routine, we highly suggest going with this Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie Pistol Light. 

#Alternative: Streamlight 69260 Pistol Light 

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This 1000 lumens pistol light is an excellent product for owning a flashlight of the brightest intensity. Streamlight 69260 Pistol Light has a decent 1.5 hours of run time with a user-programmable strobe function. 

Featured Specs 

  •     Manufacturer: ‎Streamlight Inc
  •     Lumens: 1000
  •     Runtime: 1.5-hours
  •     Batteries: 2 units
  •     Weight: ‎4.2 ounces


  •     This Streamlight 69260 efficiently delivers 20,000-candela peak beam intensity with the power of 1000 lumens for extreme illumination. Users can experience a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination every single time.
  •     Each light is constructed using machined aircraft aluminum for strength and lightweight. The anodized finish with a high temperature, shock-mounted glass lens adds unbelievable strength and durability to the product.
  •     The momentary ambidextrous on/off switch allows both left and right-handed people to access and press the button quickly. The flashlight is powered by two 3-volt CR123 lithium batteries covered with a latch mechanism that prevents battery door loss.
  •     The rail clamp is skillfully designed to allow rapid attack and detach motion when the user is in a hurry. Its secure attachment discourages gun owners from putting their hands in front of the muzzle while fastening the product.
  •     The product securely fits a broad range of weapons and mounts directly to handguns with classic Glock-style rails. The package includes keys for Glock style, S&W TSW, S&W 99, Beretta 90two, and Picatinny.
  •     This IPX7 waterproof light has a user-programmable strobe that can easily be enabled or disabled according to the needs.


A few gun owners aren’t pleased with the durability of the rubber seal on the battery door. After a few days of continuous use, its rubber gasket tends to crack and chip from various spots.

Extra Features 

Each Streamlight 69260 Pistol Light comes with a limited lifetime warranty against any physical and manufacturing damage. 

Buying Advice 

This model isn’t the most suitable for home defense as the user may find it difficult to adjust to the brightness in a closed space. However, this light adequately works when covering a vast open area.

#Alternative: SureFire X300U-A Pistol Light 

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SureFire X300U-A Pistol Light delivers excellent and unmatched 1000 lumens output for a superior light throw. This pistol light is considerably lightweight and has a sleek design making it user-friendly. The corners and knobs do not protrude to interfere while shooting at any narrow or broad range shots.

Featured Specs 

  •     Manufacturer: ‎SureFire
  •     Lumens: 1000
  •     Runtime: 1.25 hours
  •     Batteries: 2 units
  •     Weight: ‎1 Pound


  •     SureFire’s enhanced version- The X300U-A, is one of their best-selling pistol lights. This recoil-proof light delivers stunning 1000 lumens of LED-generated illumination output for a stronger beam.
  •     The heavy-duty TIR lens creates a marvelous far-reaching light with a giant center spot beam. The concentrated spot beams are genuinely ideal for many close to medium-range engagements.
  •     This light has quick ambidextrous momentary buttons and a constant ON switch to make the operation more user-friendly.
  •     Buyers can use this pistol light for many years, thanks to its rugged aerospace aluminum construction and mil-spec hard anodized coating for scratch and corrosion resistance. The outer structure is heavily sealed to make it weatherproof, while its IPX7 waterproof certification can keep the light safe up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.
  •     Gun owners can count on this pistol light to temporarily impair vision even at significant distances.
  •     Each order comes with a generous 12 extra SureFire CR123A batteries and three light junction battery cases.
  •     The product seamlessly attaches to both Picatinny and Universal accessory rails for higher compatibility. 


  •     A few gun owners aren’t satisfied with the quality control of this product. The light had various scratches and non-functioning switches upon its delivery.
  •     The metal body is truly impact-resistant, while the battery door leaves a lot to be desired. Since it’s made of plastic, it has a higher chance of cracking.

Extra Features

 Buyers have the option to purchase this SureFire X300U-A Pistol Light in two color variants- black and tan, as per their choice. 

Buying Advice 

This light has an impressive center spot beam as compared to various pistol lights available on the market. The seller also ships the product with 12 extra batteries that come in handy while making the product quite value efficient.

#Alternative: Ozark Armament Pistol Light 

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This Ozark Armament Pistol Light is a miniature single battery product. Its decent features, durable construction, and secure mount make it the best budget pistol light on the market. Let’s read through the pros and cons to understand the specs in detail. 

Featured Specs 

  •     Manufacturer: Ozark Armament
  •     Lumens: 500
  •     Runtime: 1 hour
  •     Batteries: 1 unit
  •     Weight: ‎0.13 Kilograms


  •     This ultra-bright 500 lumens of pure illumination is a great starter pistol light for all new gun owners. Users can adjust the light and its stream variation for an ideal light throw. The additional strobe function is a perfect feature to create a distraction or alert someone during emergencies.
  •     This Ozark Armament Pistol Light is made from durable aluminum that can easily withstand rugged use. 
  •     The sealed construction prevents moisture and dust from entering the light, thus decreasing the lifeline of the product.
  •     Its push-button switch is straightforward, easy, and user-friendly during all types of emergencies.
  •     Gun owners can securely mount this product on any standard Picatinny rail. Apart from that, the light is highly compatible with most firearms.
  •     Its tiny body only needs 1 CR123A battery compared to other lights that typically require double the batteries.


  •     Ozark’s customer service is not the most efficient and proactive most of the time.
  •     A few gun owners have expressed dissatisfaction because the light moves and sometimes detaches after firing a few shots.

Extra Features 

Buyers can enjoy the company’s lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Buying Advice 

If you are thinking of purchasing an economical yet mighty pistol light, we highly recommend this model. The model is also excellent for newbie gun owners. The additional features truly make this the best pistol light under $50.

Best Pistol Light FAQ

Best Pistol Light     How many lumens should a pistol light be? 

Lumens measure the brightness of a flashlight. Lighting produced by the best flashlights is uniform across the beam, which means the edges of the beam are as bright as the center. The overall brightness of the lamp is determined by beam consistency, battery power, quality bulbs, and reflector design. It’s best to have a self-defense flashlight with at least 60 lumens, but double that is a good starting point. Depending on the situation, you might need to blind a potential attacker temporarily. 

120 lumens should be fine, 240 will be better, and 480 will be awesome, right? Not exactly. Battery consumption increases as lumens increase. Larger and heavier flashlights typically have more lumens. Approximately the size of a roll of paper towels, the Surefire Hellfighter produces 3,000 lumens. You don’t want to take it to town or the outhouse because even though it has the power to burn the hair off a vampire and melt a werewolf. 

Lights for personal protection should be reliable and tough, but they should also be compact, concealable, and easy to carry. All of these requirements are met by Surefire’s E1D LED Defender. Despite its felon-blinding light and its 3.4-ounce weight, this flashlight measures only 4.5 inches long and produces 300 lumens. The torch is equipped with a pocket clip for ease of carriage, serrated end caps for added protection, as well as a low-output 5-lumen beam for reading the menu at a restaurant in the dark or searching for something you dropped in your car. A retail price of $240 might make the E1D seem out of reach. The difference is that it will likely last longer and be more reliable than you. 

Handheld flashlights are often viewed as an alternative to weapon lights. You will have to point your weapon light at whatever you wish to illuminate with a weapon light. A gun pointed at non-threatening humans could not only be unsafe and unwise, but it might also be punishable under some jurisdictions as wanton endangerment. A weapon light is very useful when shooting in low light, but it is not a flashlight, so it should not be mistaken for one.

    What pistol light do police use? 

Tactical lights are the ones that police officers use. A tactical light is a flashlight used in conjunction with a firearm to help identify targets in low light and enable a marksman, officer, or soldier to target while shining illumination on it at the same time. The light beam of tactical lights can be pointed straight forward or parallel to the bore of the weapon. Moreover, tactical lights can be used as billy clubs or as a means of temporarily blinding and disorienting a target if they are large metal Maglites. A few features of tactical lights include: 

  1. Shock and strobe resistance.
  2. Lightweight design.
  3. Powerful and long-lasting batteries.
  4. High-intensity lighting.

Optional filters may be used on tactical lights to produce colored light, such as red, to not attract bugs or create infrared radiation for use with night vision devices. A sighting laser may also be used in conjunction with a weapon-mounted tactical light.

    Is olight or Streamlight better? 

Surefire produces quality lighting products that armed professionals use. Many law enforcement, combat arms troops, and even Special Operation forces worldwide use Surefire on their belts and weapons. Olight is much older and more well-known than them. It has innovated and pushed light technology forward ever since it began in 1979. 

Although only 11 years old, Light has already made quite an impact in the community. Olight has developed and sold a wide range of lights and made a good impression on the EDC and outdoors community. Budget-conscious consumers tend to favor them, and they serve more on the civilian side than the military or police. Weapon lights are excellent for concealed carry and home defense, and handheld flashlights are a big hit with hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Both companies produce great lights in the end. In my own opinion, we would choose Surefire for police work, military duty, and private security work. However, we would be completely comfortable with an Olight for EDC, home defense, and outdoor activities. Obviously, it depends on your budget. Vanderbilts should pick Surefire. Whenever you get nervous about bills, stick to Olight if you’re a working stiff. That’s our recommendation.

    How many lumens do you need to blind an attacker? 

There is no definitive answer as to how many lumens are necessary. You should carry a light with as many lumens as possible for the activity you are performing. We would recommend that you determine what size light you will carry for self-defense purposes (if it’s too large, you won’t carry it) and choose a light with the most lumens available in that size from a reputable manufacturer. 

A commenter asked what would happen if a subject closed his eyes. One would assume the eyes would be closed, and two would assume dark adaptation so that at close range, enough photons would pass through the eyelids to bleach the rods and cones. It depends on the distance from the subject, the shape of the beam, ambient lighting conditions, and several other factors, but for most self-defense scenarios, a 300-lumen beam should be sufficient. 

It is best to opt for a tailcap-activated switch with no programming that requires you to select levels to go from Off to Full Power to Off again. For use with a gun (or for any self-defense application), a high-output flashlight should be “easy to instantly activate at its highest output level.” So I’d rather have a momentary-on-only switch and use my cupped hand around the lens to activate at the maximum intensity”. 

We like a flashlight with less light when we want it, rather than one that needs to be clicked on and off or one that needs to cycle through levels to reach full strength. Momentary-on-only is less convenient for general purpose use but is ideal for self-defense when armed or unarmed, and you already have a light on your phone which you can use for general purposes.


That was our well-curated list and detailed review of the top five pistol lights available on the market. Gun owners can now enjoy this essential accessory with many features and power options thanks to intelligent engineering. Lastly, we highly recommend checking your weapon model number and compatibility with your selected flashlight for a secure fit.

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