Best Porcelain Dishes For Everyday Use

Choosing a set of dinnerware or dishes is a big decision since it is something you will use on a daily basis and for special occasions everything from morning cereal to a holiday dinner with family and friends.

To help you to make the best choice, we have spent hours researching patterns and evaluating hundreds of pieces of dinnerware sets.

So many people have been asking if Porcelain dishes can be used every day? What is the best material for everyday dinnerware? Bone china vs Porcelain? Porcelain Dishes vs Stoneware? which is better for every day?

Don’t worry, all these questions will be answered in these articles. Just read on to find answers to all these queries! Below are Top 7 Best Porcelain Dishes For Everyday Use

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Our Favorite Porcelain Dishes For Everyday Use

BrandPlace SettingFeatures
Divitis Fusion Porcelain Dinnerware Set.
4• Microwave, Oven & Dishwasher safe.
• Scratch Resistant.
• Stackable

View on Amazon
Mikasa Antique White Porcelain Dinnerware Set.
4• No gray marks
• Microwave, Oven & Dishwasher safe
• Compliment any Décor
• Scratch resistance
View on Amazon
Malacasa Porcelain Dinnerware Set.
6• Resistant to chips &thermal shock
• Stackable
• Microwave, Oven, Freezer & Dishwasher safe
View on Amazon
Red Vanilla Porcelain Dinnerware.
4• Has a luxurious feel
• Matches any décor
• Microwave, Oven & Dishwasher
• Resistance to chipping
• Stackable
View on Amazon
Vremi Porcelain Dinnerware Set.
6• Chip & stain resistance
• Stackable
• Colorful dishes, children’s favorite
• Thick & Sturdy
• BPA free
View on Amazon
AmazonBasics Porcelain Dinnerware Set.
6• Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher & Freezer safe
• Lightweight
• Complements all existing tableware
View on Amazon
Pfaltzgraff Christmas Porcelain Dinnerware Set.
8• Chip resistance
• Microwave & Dishwasher safe
• Captures holiday spirit
• Comes in varieties of colors
View on Amazon

Top 7 Porcelain Dishes For Everyday Use

1. Divitis Fusion Porcelain Dinnerware Set

Best porcelain dishes for everyday use


This dinnerware set is a product of Divitis Home, the set contains 16 – piece dinner dishes (4 place settings), which includes 4 x 11-inch dinner plate, 4 x 7.5-inch salad plates and 4 x 6-inch (20 fl oz) soup bowl but does not include Mugs/Cups.

It is a versatile and sturdy dish that can be used for everyday meal serving and still looks classic and elegant for dinner parties.

This is an irresistible dish due to its unique design, a white color porcelain dinnerware with real nice swirling blue color throughout and it really makes the dish pop. It is durable and easy to clean.

All our users are very happy with their purchase. It is safe to go into Microwave, Oven, and Dishwasher. It is resistant to chipping and scratching due to its high-temperature firing and it is stackable.

For the weight, it has a good weight. Not as heavy as stoneware and not as light as bone china. 

Trust me if you add the dinnerware set to your collection today, you will get thousands of compliments from families, friends, and well-wishers.

The only thing I do not like about the dinner set is that bowl is not that big, so if you like your cereal/soup bowl big you may not be the best for you.

To crown it all, Divitis Home provides 30 – days warranty on all their items from the date of purchase. Shipping is safe because it is been shipped in good box packaging.

Tip: During warming up food in a microwave, make sure you remove the plate immediately the food is warm to avoid hotness of the food dissipating all over the plate.

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2. Mikasa Antique White Porcelain Dinnerware Set

Best Porcelain Dishes For Everyday Use


The Mikasa porcelain dinnerware is 16 – piece set (4 place setting), which includes 4 x 10.5-inch dinner plate, 4 x 8.5-inch salad plate and 4 x 6-inch (32 ounces) cereal bowl and 12ounce mug.

And the bowl is big enough for those like big soup/cereal bowl but the mug is not really teacup but coffee. 

This particular dinnerware set has been rated 4.7 stars in Amazon with 58 customer reviewers. It is not heavy like pottery or stoneware, classical & elegant for dinner parties and sturdy & durable for everyday use.

It is resistant to chipping & scratch and also safe to go into the oven at most 375°F, microwave and dishwasher.

It does not develop gray marks from stainless flatware, which made it perfect for everyday use. 

This white color porcelain will match all and complement any holiday, dinner party and everyday décor. They are very easy to clean.

Definitely, if you are the type that likes to showcase your food, this white porcelain dinnerware is for you.

Honestly speaking, food looks more appetizing on these plates.

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3. Malacasa Porcelain Dinnerware Set

Best Porcelain Dishes For Everyday Use


This is a timeless and elegant dinnerware made with highly fired porcelain material, is great and contemporary for formal occasions and sturdy for everyday use with good weight.

It is a 30 – piece set (6 place settings), which includes 6 x 10.5-inch rectangular dinner plates, 6 x 8.25-inch dessert plates, 6 x 8.25-inch soup plates, 6 x 5.5-inch saucers and 6 x 4-inch teacups.

It has good resistant to chips, nicks, cracks, scratches and thermal shock between 65°F to 650°F. It stackable, Ivory white and has a simple line designed at the edges of the dishes, therefore it will match all your existing dinnerware, glassware and flatware.

It has 4.5 stars on Amazon with 127 customer reviews. It is safe to go into microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher. When handled well can last for a decade. Note that cups small but good for tea and desserts.

It is also worth noting that the Malacasa company offers After-Sale Support to her customers including an 18months warranty against any purchase defect.

4. Red Vanilla Porcelain Dinnerware

Best Porcelain Dishes For Everyday Use


This everyday dinnerware was made by Red Vanilla Company. It is a 18 – piece set (6 place settings), which include 6 x 11-inch dinner plates, 6 x 8.5-inch salad plate, 6 x 8-inch diameter & 2-inch deep cereal/soup bowl and 6 x 10-ounce mug.

This dinnerware set has a classic design and luxurious feel and it virtually matches every décor due to its creamy white color. It is rated 4.5 on amazon with 150 customer reviews.

It goes into a microwave, oven, and dishwasher without any problem. Highly resistance to chipping, scratches, stains, and cracks. The bowls are good for cereal, pasta, salads, and risotto.

Kindly note that there is a rim around the plate edges of the plate and this makes good for sauce/gravy because it will prevent it from dripping accidentally.

It is super durable and strong for everyday use. About 2 customers from amazon said that they have used this particular dinnerware set for 3 years and yet no scratch, crack or chip.

One thing I don’t like is that the mug handles are small, so gripping is not all that perfect and also the plates are not totally flat on a table, so it might be tempted to tip over if you are not conscious when cutting food or steak in the plate.

In all, this beautiful porcelain dish worth having at home for everyday use. Both children and adults can handle them without having the fear of breaking.

5. Vremi Porcelain Dinnerware Set

Best Porcelain Dishes For Everyday Use


Vremi dinnerware set is 16 – piece set (4 place settings), which includes 4 x 10.5-inch round dinner plate, 4 x 7.5-inch round dessert plates, 4 x 5.5-inch diameter bowls, 4 x 12-ounce mugs.

It goes into an oven and microwave without getting hot. It is also dishwasher safe. It has 4.1 stars rating on Amazon with 239 customer reviews.

The dinner set has a bold white color with multiple color striped accents in red, yellow, green and blue. Guess what?

These colors will liven up your kitchen and if you have kids that will be their favorite dishes as children tend to love colorful things. It is thick and sturdy for everyday use and a perfect choice for holiday celebrations also.

It is durable, giftable, presentable, lightweight easy hold mugs & bowls, and has value for money. You can stack them in your cupboards without any problem thereby saving space. It is both chip and stain resistance.

It complements existing silverware and kitchenware utensils color and décor. It is free from BPA. The purchase of this dish is backed by a 1-year warranty for all customers by Vremi Company.

6. AmazonBasics Porcelain Dinnerware Set Under $50

Best Porcelain Dishes For Everyday Use


AmazonBasics dinnerware set is elegant and modern in design to compliment all the existing tableware and décor due to its white color. It is contemporary for everyday and casual gathering usage.

It might not really make a good appearance on formal occasions. It is 18–piece set (6 place settings), which includes 6 x 10.5-inch dinner plates, 6 x 8-inch salad plate and 6 x 6.7-inch bowl.

It is safe to go into the oven at a maximum temperature of 572°F, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.

The bowls are small but the entire set is lightweight. If you need just a dinnerware for only casual gatherings and everyday use, this is a perfect choice for you but you will need to buy another set for formal occasions.

This dinner set is very good for every day, just an alternative to plastic dishes. All purchases made are backed by Amazonbasics 1-year limited warranty.

7. Pfaltzgraff Christmas Porcelain Dinnerware Set (Best For Holiday)

Best Porcelain Dishes For Everyday Use


One of the best dinnerware set produce by Pfaltzgraff. It is amazing for the Christmas celebration because it always looks nice on the Christmas dinner table and captures the holiday spirit.

It has 5 stars rating o Amazon with 46 customer reviews. It is a 24-piece set (8 place settings), which includes 8 x 10.5-inch dinner plates, 8 x 8-inch salad plates, and 8 x 6-inch diameter (25 ounces) cereal/soup bowl.

It does not include mugs. It is chip and scratch resistance. The dinnerware is microwave and dishwasher safe but the bowl could be better on the top shelf while the plate on the bottom. It has white, red and green colors.

What Are Porcelain Dishes?

Porcelain is those ceramic dishes or dinnerware that were made from a refined white clay called Kaolin, Which is Baked or Fired in a Klin at a very temperature between 1200°C to 1400°C (2200°F to 2600°F).

And this is what gives the porcelain dishes the strength, toughness, non-porous and translucence look or nature.

Porcelain dishes are lighter in weight and thinner and have a delicate appearance. They are the best dishes for everyday use and formal occasions.

Once fired, it is covered with a glaze that helps the white color show more prominently. Porcelain is usually not painted or otherwise marked by other colors as the main attraction is white color.

Material Composition of Porcelain Dishes

Porcelain dishes are made with the following materials:

  • Kaolin Material (this is the main material used in producing porcelain dishes)
  • Feldspar, Quartz, Petunse, white clay and Frit.

Types of Porcelain Dishes For Everyday Use

Categorically Porcelain dishes are divided into two, which are (1) Hard – Paste Porcelain and (2) Soft-Paste Porcelain

Hard – Paste Porcelain

This type of Porcelain made of Kaolin, Quartz, and Feldspar, which is called petunse or China stone. It is characterized by its translucent and bright coloring after firing.

This Porcelain has a higher resistance to water compared (non-porous) compared to its counterpart and is less likely to crack when the dish comes in contact with hot liquids or substances.

This is due to the higher firing temperature required, roughly around 1400°C and this caused it to become vitrified (which means fused together) compared to its counterpart which only requires 1200°C temperature.

The hard-paste Porcelain is called the real Porcelain because it is more durable than soft-paste porcelain. The strength and whiteness of porcelain dishes were improved by aging the paste in the store.

Soft – Paste Porcelain

This type of porcelain is produced by mixing white clay with frit (Frit is a glassy substance that was a mixture of white sand, gypsum, soda, salt, alum, and nite).

Lime and chalk were used to fuse the white clay and frit and now fired at a lower temperature. Soft – Paste Porcelain required firing at a lower temperature due to its chemical makeup of the materials.

The body tends to lose its shapes and almost melt when exposed to a higher temperature in the Klin. It is finer/or more delicate product as an end result, requiring a glaze to seal the finished product.

The body is granular since the ingredients do not melt. It is first produced in Europe in 1738.

Features of Porcelain Dishes

Due to the process at porcelain dishes are made, they have been characterized with these features below as follows:

  • Low permeability and elasticity
  • Strength, toughness, and hardness
  • Lightweight and non-porous
  • Whiteness, translucency and resonance
  • High resistance to chemical and thermal shock

How Durable Are Porcelain Dishes?

You can find a lot of articles online today claiming that Bone China is more durable than Porcelain.

Well, I am not arguing that with them, but I want to inform you today that based on my research so far, there are basically two factors that can affect the durability of Porcelain dishes and Bone China dishes.

This is because Bone China also is a type of Porcelain dishes but was called Bone China because bone ash was added to the material, which made it different from Porcelain and these factors are:

  • The paste (raw materials) used to form the dishes and
  • The level of temperature at which the materials are fired.

Furthermore, with these two factors above I can tell you that Porcelain dishes super durable and Bone China are also super durable.

Their durability is rated at the same level, otherwise can be durable than each other based on the potter that produces them.

For example, two potters can be working on the same exact clay but the outcome would be totally different depending on how they formed their clays and how they fired them.

Both Porcelain and Bone China are to be fired in a Klin up to 1,200°C to 1,400°C (2,200°F to 2,600°F) and whenever any of them are not fired up to the level of this temperature, it will less durable.

Bottom Line: Porcelain dishes are very durable, hard and strong to be used for everyday meal serving and at the same for formal occasions.

Porcelain Vs Bone China

Porcelain dishes and Bone China dishes are of the same value because both are fired to the same level of temperature to make them dense and non-porous as we can see above.

However, the only difference between Porcelain and Bone China is the addition of bone ash or calcified bone which is derived from animal bone into the normal porcelain material to form bone china.

Simply it’s called bone china because of the presence of bone ash otherwise it is a Porcelain dish. It is also this bone ash that gives bone china dishes their creamier and translucent color porcelain.

Bone china is lighter and thinner than porcelain and it is also more expensive than porcelain dishes.

But porcelain has the ability to withstand thermal shock than bone china, therefore it can go into oven and microwave without any problem but not bone china.

For these above reasons, Bone China dishes are likely to be preserved for formal occasions while Porcelain dishes are versatile enough to be used as everyday dishes and perfect for formal occasions.

Porcelain Dishes vs Stoneware

Here we will be looking at porcelain dishes vs stoneware, and which among the two dinners set is best for everyday use.

Stoneware is those vitreous and semi-vitreous ceramics made from stoneware clay or non-refractory fire clay and they are porous, unlike Porcelain dishes. Furthermore, the main difference between Porcelain and stoneware are:

  • Their raw materials are different
  • Porcelain is fired at a very high temperature of about 1200C to 1400C (2200°F to 2,600°F) while stoneware is fired once in a kiln between the normal temperature of about 1100°C to 1300°C (2010°F to 2300°F).
  • Porcelain dishes always are white, off-white and can be marked with other colors as the main attraction is the white color while stoneware can have many colors including blue.
  • Porcelain is glazed, which helps their white color show more prominently while stoneware has other finishes such as shiny, satin or matte as well as other designs.
  • Porcelain dishes are lightweight and delicate while stoneware is heavier, less delicate and refined.

Bottom-Line: Porcelain dishes are more durable and toxic-free than stoneware because they are porous (can suck in liquids).

Warming and Baking Differences

Porcelain and Stoneware can go into Microwave and Oven, warm food and bake except those porcelain and stoneware that have a metallic band at the rim, paint, and decoration such as gold, silver, and platinum or the dishes that are glazed with lead.

Always follow the manufactures instruction. They are also freezer safe but you cannot do all these with Bone China whether with a metallic band or not except it written boldly by the manufacturers Oven and microwave safe.

Porcelain Dishes and Stoneware

Start the oven at low temperature, sure as 225°F for 10minutes. Place the dinnerware in the oven and then slowly increase the temperature up to 350F.

In order hand, bone china is not ovenproof but can only be used to warm food in a microwave at100°C/212°F if at all stated by the manufacturer.

Bottom-Line: Porcelain dishes are still the best for everyday and formal occasions usage.

Are Porcelain Dishes Lead-Free?

In a research carried out by Chicago tribune, AndrewBopp said that there is no way dinnerware will not contain a certain amount of lead because Lead is used to glaze or paint dinner dishes to help maintain their colors for a long time without fading (durability).

However, dinnerware that is more prone to lead toxicity is those dishes that are more colors like red, orange and yellow. But when dinnerware is glazed and fired at a very high temperature like porcelain, the leads in them are sealed up and therefore cannot leach into food no matter how long you used it.

In addition to this, FDA and California prop65 has given all Chinese factories that export their products into the USA market a standard which they must maintain to ensure that all their dinnerware productions do not exceed the percentage of lead that is safe to health.

And all those factories which do not adhere to the standard test are detained by FDA and not to be released into the market.

Bottom Line: Porcelain dishes may or may not contain lead, but even if they contained lead. It will be in a small amount that is safe to health because porcelain does not have colorful dishes, it is either white or off-white.

Again, they are fired in a Klin with higher temperatures to make dense and sealed up the glazed and lead. Since the leads are sealed up it cannot leach into food no matter how long you used the dishes.

Furthermore, not yet convinced, don’t worry. You can test your dishes at home if they contain lead by simply using this lead test swab but the downside is that it cannot tell you if the amount of lead in the porcelain is safe for health according to FDA or not. 

But to me, there is no need for this because according to the test carried out by Chicago Tribune Jacobs says, in order to ensure consumers’ safety in the US, FDA and California Prop 65 stated a standard every potter must adhere to.

And the list of certified factories has been disseminated to all sellers and importers so that they can always buy from them their goods.

Moreover, for dinnerware to pass FDA standard, the content of lead in a dish must not pass these amount per million:


  1. They are non-porous. Therefore cannot leach lead or absorb grease, food odors or bacteria and will not alter the taste of food because of their smooth and resistant surface.
  2. They are highly resistant to chipping because of their level of firing at the temperature level.
  3. Porcelain is a very practical material for oven dish because it distributes heat easily. So porcelains can go into oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher.
  4. Porcelains are very versatile. It can be used for everything – presentation, cheese plate, nibbles tray and bowls, individual dishes, oven baking, pizzas, and tarts. You are free to make them your own.
  5. They are very easy to clean and have value for money and does not fade.


  1. They are more expensive than other material dishes like stoneware, glass, earthenware, etc.
  2. When decorated with metals, it cannot be used in oven and microwave.

How To Care For Porcelain Dishes

For porcelain dinnerware to last in your hands for decades, you have to keep them in pristine condition so that they can inspire future generations.

  1. Do not expose them to direct heat from a naked flame or to rapid changes in temperature.
  2. Do not microwave dishes with a metallic band or decorations.
  3. Use a napkin to separate them when storing them to prevent scratching.
  4. Stains in their teacups can be removed with a cleaning solution e.g. baby utensil sterilizing solution. Always wash and rinse thoroughly before use.
  5. Grey marks can be removed using cleansers specifically designed for the removal of metal marks from ceramic products e.g. Barkeepers friend.
  6. Abrasive materials must not be used when cleaning them.
  7. Dishes marked dishwasher safe can be washed in a dishwasher using recommended detergents like Cascade gel, Finish Gel, Palmolive liquids and the ones that are not dishwasher safe should be carefully hand washed and dried.
  8. Avoid drastic temperatures change. Serve cold food with chilled dishes and hot foods with warm dishes because serving a hot meal on a chilled dish will cause thermal shock and weaken your dinnerware allowing for easy breakage.
  9. Use a rubber scraper or sponge to remove foo from used plates and bowls. This helps to cut down the soaking time.
  10. Soaking time in pre-rinse should not be more than a few minutes because overexposure to solutions can disrupt glaze hardness and leads to chipping and cracking.
  11. Dry porcelain dishes immediately after washing to prevent water spots and  from sticking to one another
  12. Wet cloths should not be used on hot porcelain dishes.
  13. The dinnerware should be completely cooled before washing or wetting it.
  14. All-porcelain dishes should go into oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher following the manufacturers’ instruction. Very important.

Porcelain Dishes – Buying Guide

From all researches so far, porcelains are the best and versatile dishes to be used for everyday meal serving and still holds elegantly for formal occasions among bone china and stoneware.

And this will take us to discuss how to buy a set for yourself and your family. There are many different styles and colors to choose from.

1. Decide On How Many Settings You Will Need: Some people may prefer buying a casual set separately and a formal set separately but this will cost you more dollars. So we advise since porcelains are good for everyday use and formal occasions, just get 1 or 2 sets of it including 1 set for holiday season celebration.

2. How Many Place Settings Are Required: You need to figure out how many place settings exactly do you need so that you don’t buy excess that you will end up not using for a long time. We advise you to choose between 4 to 6 place settings for a small household of 2 persons and thereabout. And choose between 8 to 12 place settings for large families or frequent guest entertainers. This will ensure that everyone gets matching dinnerware.

3. Consider Color and Patterns: Porcelain dishes come in white color, off-white and sometimes with patterns or swirling colors around the border of the plate or may like we have above or may even if cover the entire body.

You can select the color that you want and that will also match your existing flatware and glassware (whether stemware or stemless). We recommend going for white or off-white porcelains if you don’t have any color in the budget because it matches any décor and existing wares you have and also showcases the food served in them.

4. Choose Which Pieces in The Box Set To Include: Some of the dinnerware comes with a dinner plate, soup/cereal bowl, salad/dessert plate, and mugs while some dinnerware set does not include mugs. You can equally expand to porcelain collections that have serving bowls, platters, bread plate, etc. So you need to decide which to go for.

5. Use and Care: Though all-porcelain dishes are easy to maintain because they are all dishwasher safe, oven safe and microwave safe except the ones with metallic c decorations. Decide which one to buy, those with metallic decoration or plain ones but advise you buy dishes without metallic decoration it is easier to maintain.

6. Storage: You need to consider the place of storage before you buy it. Do you enough space in the cupboard to store in case they are not stackable or not.  So if you don’t have enough space then go for stackable dishes.

7. Bridal Registry: For couples getting married, work with the wedding coordinator or someone who specializes in the bridal registry to help you select the right piece for the registry.

8. How Much To Buy: Quality dinnerware sets like porcelain can cost from few to hundreds of dollars depending on the craftsmanship and number of place stings content and the pieces inside the box set.

You can find some sold pieces by pieces in the open stock as an individual setting or preassembled in a box like the ones we reviewed above. But buying a quality dinnerware set pays a lot than buying cheaper ones.

So we recommend that you spend more if you can to get exactly what you want, which will last a decade for you like the dishes above. They are super durable and have value for money.


Among the three popular dinnerware: Porcelain, bone china and Stoneware; Porcelain was found to be the best versatile dish fit for everyday use and also elegant for parties and other formal occasions because bone china is not oven, microwave, and freezer safe except on manufacturers instruction and therefore not suitable for everyday use. 

On the other hand, Stoneware is porous and heavier in weight and also comes in a variety of colors, which could pose more danger of lead leaching into food causing health hazard as dishes with bright colors like red, yellow and orange tend to leach leads into food according to research made by Chicago Tribune.

However, dinnerware with a glossy glaze like Porcelains has been fired at a high temperature to limit leachability and lower the risk of toxicity like lead and cadmium. 

Also, Jacob says that lead was once common in dinnerware glazes but not nowadays because every dinnerware coming into American stores must be up to FDA standard and California Prop 65 standard satisfactorily.

Therefore, feel free and safe to get your desired porcelain dinner set today and enjoy the euphoria of classic dishes. Look at the above-reviewed dinnerware sets and purchase the one that fits into your budget and lifestyle.

If you find this information education and helpful, kindly share it with your friends and well-wishers.



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