Best Range Bag: Shoot With Style

People love many things about going to a gun range, you know.

It is a place where you can test your entire weapon collection without worries. You might also come across like-minded people with a strong interest in guns, self-defense, and related hobbies.

However, if you want to get the best experience from a gun range, you should have the entire defense package with you. We are talking about the various weapons you own, a first-aid kit, and some immediate cleaning equipment.

Therefore, before, during, and after the gun range practice, you do not have to worry about anything. Since you cannot carry all these things in your hand, you have to shift to one of the best gun range bags out there. As you probably know, there is not a single ‘perfect’ range bag for everyone. It happens because people like to carry different things in their range bags.

While some go to the extent of including targets and extra parts for convenience, most people stick to first-aid kits, weapon ammo, ear and eye protection gear, and essential cleaning hardware.

So, the gun range bag you choose must pack all these components inside. You also have to look at the construction quality, additional features, weight, etc.

We understand it is challenging to go through thousands of products and find the best option for your needs. Therefore, we did the hard part and selected five of the best range bag options on the market today.

Our Best Range Bags Comparison Table

1. OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag
OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag Review
  • Five external zippered pockets
  • Constructed with heavy duty zippers
  • Two removable pistol pouches
  • Designed for the range, travel, and hunting
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2. Lyman Shooting Range Gun Bag
Lyman Shooting Range Gun Bag Review
  • Made from tough nylon
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • 4 zippered pockets
  • 1 year factory Warranty
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3. Nexpak Tactical Military Range Bag
Nexpak Tactical Military Range Bag Review
  • Perfect as a carry-on bag for outdoor activity
  • Tactical style duffel bag
  • Four feet on the bottom
  • MOLLE style straps, Heavy duty U-zipper
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4. Allen Compact Shooting Range Bag for Women
Allen Compact Shooting Range Bag for Women Review
  • Dual zippered opening
  • Shooting muff holder loop
  • Lined internal handgun pocket
  • 4 magazine loops
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5. Glock Perfection AP60219 4-Pistol Nylon Range Bag
Glock Perfection AP60219 4-Pistol Nylon Range Bag Review
  • Durable water-resistant polyester
  • Zippered pouch for safety glasses
  • Covered magazine storage compartment
  • Padded grip and 2 Inch wide carrying strap
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Our Best Range Bag Reviews and Comparisons

Winner: OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag

OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag Review

  • Size: 14.25” x 10.5” x 6.25”
  • Material: 600D Ballistic Nylon
  • Volume: Not Specified
  • Suited for Concealment Carry: No
  • Weight: 3lbs

If you need a gun range bag that can double as a hunting bag and travel duffel, we think you should consider the OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag. Despite its versatility, the bag comes with a classy design that provides sufficient storage space and organization options.

It is also worth noting that this multipurpose bag is one of the highest-rated products on Amazon. For years, veteran gun enthusiasts and beginners at gun ranges have relied on this tactical carry bag. It is not so surprising when we see the features, though.


  • The OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag is a comprehensive solution to store almost everything you will need in a gun range. In addition to its excellent storage capacity, the manufacturer has added some extra compartments. You can use these compartments to store individual pistols or the other types of firearms from your collection.
  • OSAGE RIVER has used a high-quality material called 600D ballistic Nylon to construct the range bag. It means the bag can protect your weapon hardware from various threats and wear and tear. If you take your gun collection for hunting and survival adventures, the bag will be a great addition to your inventory.
  • In total, the bag features nine spacious compartments you can use. You can organize these sections even further using the two adjustable padded dividers. The five external zippered pockets also contribute to the bag’s overall usability. We also loved how the two large pockets became ideal for storing mags, ammunition, and weapon accessories.
  • Taking the usability to an even higher level, OSAGE RIVER has added two pistol pouches in the bag. It comes in handy during emergencies since you can access the handguns without any hassle. The pouches are made using the same high-quality material seen on the other parts of the range bag if you were wondering.
  • Even though the OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag can carry heavy-duty, it is designed to work with different wearing patterns. You can wear the bag across the body, over the shoulder, or carry it by hand. The padded shoulder strap and the quality construction will provide a smooth experience in all these instances. We believe this is one of the best features for the package’s convenience.


  • We went through hundreds of product reviews for the OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag, but we could not find any significant problem with it. It seems the company delivers the premium experience and superior construction quality it claims. Most customers are happy about the package’s storage space and a few exceptional cases of defective products.

Extra Features

OSAGE RIVER has added a few features that improve the gun range’s usability back. It uses high-quality zippers and metal clips to improve overall durability. Similarly, the reinforced fabric ensures that the bag can survive extreme environments. It is also significant that the company has used high-quality material to build the internal compartments.

The package’s other features included the customizable interior and the Velcro-handle closure. Both these help you when you want a genuinely tailor-made way to carry your handguns and rifles around. Finally, you can choose between different finishes like Coyote Tan, Gunmetal Grey, Teal and Black, Pink and Black, OD Green, and Black while making the purchase.

Buying Advice

If you can spend a decent amount on a gun range, the OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag is a perfect choice. The range bag packs almost every feature you would expect from a gun collection companion.

Even though it comes with an optimized design, customers can always customize the internal compartments for the best comfort. Considering that you can choose between different sizes and finishes, we do not see why you should not buy this gun range bag.

Runner-up: Lyman Shooting Range Gun Bag

Lyman Shooting Range Gun Bag Review

  • Size: 15.7” x 8.85” x 10.23”
  • Material: 600D Nylon
  • Volume: Not Specified
  • Suited for Concealment Carry: No
  • Weight: 1.05lbs

Let’s say that you do not want to spend a lot on a range gun bag, but you cannot compromise the essential quality, either. In such a situation, you should check out the Lyman Shooting Range Gun Bag, available in the not-so-innovative black finish.

Here is the best part about this range bag, though. By paying less than what you would pay at a Starbucks, you can get a complete gun-carrying companion for your range. And we think it is an excellent deal for the most part.


  • First of all, you do not have to spend a fortune on the Lyman Shooting Range Gun Bag. The product does a great job of combining impressive build quality and features without charging too much. We believe it is an excellent choice if you have just gotten into gun training. This gun range bag will be the easiest companion you ever chose.
  • As the top pick on this list, the Lyman Shooting Range Gun Bag also uses 600D Nylon as the primary material. However, this Nylon is not ballistic quality, and you cannot expect it to last for decades either. On the bright side, though, its reinforced bottom can make this bag a powerful choice to carry multiple handguns and their ammo with ease.
  • This bag checks the basic boxes for storage space and organization options. In addition to the spacious main compartment, you get four zippered pockets. The zippers do not look premium per se, but they can do a great job. As for comfort, the adjustable shoulder strap ensures that you can carry this bag over your shoulder, across your body, or by hand.
  • Lyman has also added a few features that make this bag a great choice. For instance, the zippers are very easy to access and manage. We also loved that you can quickly convert this into a travel bag or gym bag without hassle. Thanks to the larger capacity, you can use this for multiple needs at once as well.
  • Besides the reinforced padding at the bottom, the Lyman Shooting Range Gun Bag comes with extra padding on multiple sides. It is a feature that comes in handy when you carry too many handguns to your range. In a way, the lack of separation within the main compartment allows you to include as many firearms as you want.


  • We mentioned that the Lyman Shooting Range Gun Bag is spacious. However, we believe the maker could have included a few more components. You have to use your memory to understand what you are picking up from the bag. With the help of dedicated compartments, you can solve this issue.
  • While the bag provides the essential comfort you would expect, the experience is not premium. You may also think that some parts of this range bag are a bit too generic. The bag may not look like a gun range bag at times. If it is any consolation, this does not affect the product’s practicality. It is still the best choice for carrying multiple handguns.

Extra Features

Unlike our top pick, the Lyman Shooting Range Gun Bag does not have any extra features.

Buying Advice

Here is the question you should ask yourself before buying this bag: do I want to compromise comfort and convenience for considerable savings? If you answered Yes, you could check out the Lyman Shooting Range Gun Bag.

The product checks all the basic boxes and provides sufficient space to carry multiple handguns and ammo. You may need an accessory or two to improve the gun range bag’s overall comfort. You cannot get this product in different finishes, by the way.

Alternative: Nexpak Tactical Military Range Bag

Nexpak Tactical Military Range Bag Review

  • Size: 22” x 12” x 10”
  • Material: Not Specified
  • Volume: 2600 cubic inches
  • Suited for Concealment Carry: No
  • Weight: 2.9lbs

Many people use military duffel bags as an alternative to conventional gun range bags, you know. If you are one of them, you should consider the Nexpak Tactical Military Range Bag as a viable alternative.

The range bag is available in different sizes and finishes. Therefore, if you already have a gear setup for your gun range experience, you can choose a suitable finish from the options.


  • In terms of design, the Nexpak Tactical Military Range Bag checks all the boxes. You can choose any major compartments or zippered pockets to store your guns and ammo. The company has also used a few clips and reinforced padding on multiple sides. In other words, you can use this range bag for heavy-duty purposes without a worry.
  • The tactical-style duffel bag can easily double as your companion for outdoor activities. It has a total capacity of 2600 cubic inches, impressive by any standards. Thanks to the padded strap and power-packed U-zippers in the package, you can enjoy decent comfort as well. Even when the environment turns rough, this bag can catch up.
  • We should also note that you do not have to spend a considerable amount on this gun range bag. While the bag costs a bit, the numbers are reasonable when considering the amount of space and compartments you have in the package. According to customer reviews, the construction material is long-lasting as well.


  • The manufacturer does not provide many details about the construction of the bag. We see that the Nexpak Tactical Military Range Bag has a high capacity, but we do not know its material. Similarly, we do not get many documentation sources, either. However, according to reviews, the bag is the equivalent of plug-and-play. So, we can live that.

Extra Features

We could not find any noteworthy extra features in the Nexpak Tactical Military Range Bag package.

Buying Advice

You need to compromise a little while choosing the Nexpak Tactical Military Range Bag over others. In the end, however, you get a gun range bag that gets the job done. Every once in a while, you can use the same bag for your outdoor adventures and hunting events as well. And you pay very little.

Alternative: Allen Compact Shooting Range Bag for Women

Allen Compact Shooting Range Bag for Women Review

  • Size: 15” x 10” x 6.5”
  • Material: Not Specified
  • Volume: Not Specified
  • Suited for Concealment Carry: No
  • Weight: 1.65lbs

The Allen Compact Shooting Range Bag for Women is another range bag you can consider as an alternative to the top picks we have mentioned.

Even though the product comes with a ‘For Women’ tag, we can simply ignore that part. According to our gun range bag reviews, this bag is an excellent choice for those who have just begun their gun-range adventures.


  • As you can guess from its size, the Allen Compact Shooting Range Bag for Women is a suitable option for storing handguns. If you want to keep something as large as shotguns, you may need something else. However, if you stick to firearms, the included pockets and dedicated sectors will come in handy. It is an impressive way to save space, you know.
  • The compact design of the product achieves another advantage as well. You can easily access all the things you have stored inside. If you want to change the magazine loops, for instance, a simple pull on the dual-zippered opener will be enough. The package comes with a shooting muff holder loop as well.
  • The company does not specify the materials used to build the range bag. However, you can count on the construction, padded grip, and shoulder strap. These elements offer a premium-quality bag that you would not expect for this price.  The design that combines a black finish with a few pink accents is a great look on any day.


  • As you have seen, the Allen Compact Shooting Range Bag for Women is very compact. On some days, you may face the problem of a storage deficit. You cannot use the bag to store too much ammo or one too many pistols. Of course, you may do that, but that would compromise the convenience by a long shot.

Extra Features

We do not think the Allen Compact Shooting Range Bag for Women has any extra feature worth mentioning.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for the best shooting range bag for women or beginners, you can choose the Allen Compact Shooting Range Bag for Women. This bag offers a compact and reasonably-priced way to carry around your handgun in various situations.

Alternative: Glock Perfection AP60219 4-Pistol Nylon Range Bag

Glock Perfection AP60219 4-Pistol Nylon Range Bag Review

  • Size: Not Specified
  • Material: 600 Denier Polyester
  • Volume: Not Specified
  • Suited for Concealment Carry: No
  • Weight: 1.65lbs

Here is another alternative that you could explore on the compact side of things. Compared to the bags we have covered so far, the Glock Perfection AP60219 4-Pistol Nylon Range Bag is very compact.

You can use it to store only a few pistols at the maximum. But, if that specification meets your requirement, you may find this piece impressive.


  • The Glock Perfection AP60219 4-Pistol Nylon Range Bag is one of the most optimized range bags on the market right now. You can use the space to store your Glock 4 pistol with the best convenience. While doing so, you do not have to worry about comfort, either. The build quality of the bag takes care of that aspect.
  • Thanks to the optimized design, this bag can offer dedicated storage options. For instance, it is possible to find a magazine storage compartment on the back of the bag. You can use this space to keep six double-stack or twelve single-stack magazines. It means the bag will have got you covered on the ammo storage side.
  • In the same way, you can find a place to keep almost all the hardware you would need in a gun range as well. We are talking about safety glasses, ear protection, and other gun accessories. However, all these things are restricted to handguns. If you ever think of expanding the collection, you may need a dedicated carry bag for shotguns and rifles.


  • The only problem with the Glock Perfection AP60219 4-Pistol Nylon Range Bag is that you cannot use the space for rifles. Considering the amount we are paying, it would have been nice to see some extra room in the package.

Extra Features

The Glock Perfection AP60219 4-Pistol Nylon Range Bag does not offer many unique features.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for the best combination of compact design and storage space, you should buy the Glock Perfection AP60219 4-Pistol Nylon Range Bag. You can store only pistols in the range bag, but that is alright, especially after looking at the sturdy construction.

Range Bag FAQ

What size of range bag do you need?

The size of the range bag you need depends on your experience with the gun range. You will have to consider the elements you want to take to the gun range and the ones you cannot. Then, the range bag should contain all the firearms, ammo, magazines, accessories, and even cleaning kits that you will need in the range.

Are you required by law to carry your guns in range bag?

Every state and town in the United States has different laws regarding the public use of firearms. However, as long as you keep the gun in a secure place and transport it from your place to the gun range, you may not need a range bag. However, gun range bags are the most convenient and equally easy way to do this.

Are range bags suited for concealment carry?

Concealment carry is a serious requirement for many people out there. However, not all range bags are suitable options for concealment carry. Therefore, you have to look at the specifications and make a somewhat informed decision to get a concealment-carry gun.

How to organize your range bag?

If your range bag comes with dedicated compartments and organization structure, things are elementary. You can keep your firearms in the recommended space and use the rest of the space to keep your accessories and other necessary hardware. You should also find space for ear protection gear in the bag, you know.


What do you think about our range bag reviews and features analysis? As you can see, you can spend almost any amount of money and get a suitable range bag from the scene.

The only question is this: What kind of investment are you looking for? If you spend hours on the training range daily, you need a range bag that can keep up with your needs and carry everything from start to finish.

On the other hand, the compact options we have recommended work great as a good starting point. On top of all these, you have to consider if the best range bag is also the best for the pistols, rifles, and shotguns you own.

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