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  • On February 1, 2017
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I want to start something new here for visitors. I never really understood why ‘reaction’ videos existed until I saw Vegan Hero’s reaction to Spit Out The Bone. That led me to others reactions and that made me a beliver in the format. So I dedicate this inaugural Reaction Wars roundup to the reactors that posted videos to Metallica’s Spit Out The Bone.  Watch them all and leave a vote for your favorite below. We always get goodies to review here in our office so we’ll figure out what the winner will receive soon, so make sure you vote for your favorite. They may just end up with a crisp new T-Shirt, or perhaps some Wireless Earbuds, or even a Water Speaker.  We are looking to get a small supply of CBD Gummies, so that could be the prize for this one. 🙂


First off is Vegan Hero’s Reaction



Chainsaw Reacts Reaction

Matt The Riff Master Reaction

Hielo King’s Reaction

WeaBooReacts Reaction


Paul Spina’s Reaction

Ozkeruede’s Reaction

Ruben Ruijs’s Reaction

Okay, now that you’re jacked up on Spit Out The Bone, please vote for your favorites reaction here:

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