The Best Realistic TPE Sex Dolls – Top 5 Lifelike Beauties

Are you a potent male looking for a toy that’s going to help you release all that sexual energy? 

If you’ve been living in the dark, know that realistic sex dolls are the number one sex toy for men, period. They are a relatively recent invention that’s been gaining momentum fast and growing in popularity worldwide. 

When it comes to male sexual satisfaction, these products are second only to real women, but some would argue that they’re even better than the real thing

Now that I’ve got your full attention, I’d like to introduce you to the exciting and wonderful world of sex dolls. I have also prepared detailed reviews of the top 5 models that Madam Dolly produces so that you get a taste of what they’re all about. 

Not All Sex Dolls Are Made Equal

What you need to realize is that “sex doll” is an umbrella term that encompasses several different types of products. To put it simply, there are three kinds of sex dolls: cloth dolls, blow-up dolls, and realistic dolls.

The first two categories may have the size and shape of a woman’s body, but that’s all that they have in common with it. Realistic sex dolls, on the other hand, are as close to a human female as technology was able to get. This is the only kind that we sell and now let’s learn more about it.

What are realistic sex dolls?

These are life-size models that weigh anywhere from 25 to 55 kilograms and they look like real live supermodels (or pornstars).

They feature a movable skeleton made from plastic or metal and a luscious exterior made from either silicone or TPE. The two materials closely resemble human skin which is why sex doll manufacturers chose them.

Now, it needs to be made clear that, although TPE and silicone are similar, there are some significant differences between the two materials. However, I’m not going to get into that now, and if you want to know more, you can read about it here.

I’d like to point out that all the dolls featured in this article are made from TPE 3.0, the latest and most advanced version of this material. Madam Dolly deals with it exclusively because it is very soft, bouncy, and realistic to the touch, thus enhancing the entire user experience. 

Trust me; you won’t be able to get your hands off our girls!

What kind of TPE dolls are available?

As everyone is unique and has their own specific taste in women, there are many, many different kinds of dolls for you to choose from. They go from short to tall, light to heavy, brunette to blonde, Asian, black, or white, and anything in between. 

The body shapes also differ quite a bit. Some have giant boobs and enormous asses, some of them are big gals while others are petite. 

Like I said, your options are close to limitless.

If this isn’t good enough, wait ‘till you hear that all of the dolls are customizable. Yes, you read it right. Let’s check out all the attributes that you will be able to modify to your liking:

  • Skin tone (white/tan/natural)
  • Eye color (blue/green/brown)
  • Standing doll option
  • Warming system
  • Sound system

You are literally in the position to design your perfect woman and it won’t cost you a single extra penny at Madam Dolly. Heck, if that isn’t the greatest thing ever, then I don’t know what is! 

Why should you be interested in owning a sex doll?

I know that what I’ve written so far seems fantastic, but the question remains: why spend all that money on a sex toy? 

Well, it’s a totally valid question, and now I’d like to give you the long answer.

No emotions involved

You hear the phrase “just sex, no strings attached” a lot these days, and frankly, I don’t believe in it one bit. Sexual intercourse and emotions are woven together by nature’s design, and no matter how hard we try to separate them, it just doesn’t work. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that people fall in love after every one-night stand, but more often than not, someone feels something for the other person and eventually gets hurt.

If you want to avoid this at all costs, there’s no better option for you than a realistic sex doll. You can have all the pleasure in the world without a single drop of guilt or worry that you’ll feel bad afterward. 

In the words of William Wallace, “Freedom!”.

Free from sexually transmitted diseases

Besides emotions, there is another, greater concern when sleeping with strangers – sexually transmitted diseases. These nasty things will make you feel bad not only emotionally, but also physically. Not even condoms can give you full protection from these foul parasites.

Luckily, the risk that you’ll contract an STD from your personal sex doll is a big, fat zero. Now you can enjoy sex 24/7 with a carefree mind and a light heart.

You can enhance your sexual performance

Lovemaking is an art that one can never perfect, so the more you practice, the better you’ll get at it. Now, if you haven’t been lucky to find a partner who is as sexually active as you are and willing to help you work on your techniques, then you could definitely use a sex doll. 

The doll is always up for action, never complains, and will let you do anything you want. The best part is that the moves that you practice are 100% transferrable to sex with a real woman. For example, you can level up your thrusting or build stamina. 

Another thing that you could combat is premature ejaculation. By having sex frequently (with the doll), you will decrease the sensitivity of your penis and thus last longer next time you sleep with a girl.

How to put the TPE doll together

So, one of our beauties has arrived at your doorstep? 

Hurray! Let me guide you on where to take it from there.

First, clear up some floor space, then bring in the box and lay it on the floor. Often, people find the package to be heavier than they expected, so be careful when lifting it.

Second, cut open the box with a knife, but be cautious not to go too deep with it as you may damage the doll. Once you open it, you will find the doll with its head detached. Before you take it out, make sure to wash your hands as you wouldn’t want to stain its flawless skin.

Lastly, spread a blanket on the floor and gently place your doll down. The next step would be to attach the head according to the instructions provided in the box. After that, place the wig on the head, dress the doll up, and you’re done.

Use and maintenance

When your hottie is all set, it’s time to finally have sex with it! Now, I don’t want to bore you, but there are a couple more things that you need to prepare before you put it in.


To be extra safe, it is advisable to clean the doll before first use. Fortunately, doing this is not difficult, and it won’t take a lot of time and effort. 

You will need some antibacterial soap and a soft sponge. Lightly spread the soap over the girl’s body, especially the parts that you’ll be kissing or touching with your “tool.” Then, gently rinse the soap off with the damp sponge.

As for cleaning the holes, you can buy something that’s called a vaginal irrigator. It’s basically a device that can spray water and has a nozzle to reach deep inside the orifices. It’s a good idea to spray the soapy water first and then wash it out with clean water.

How often do you need to wash a sex doll?

After each use, especially the holes that you’ve been using. Please do not skip this as it may lead to the formation of bacteria that could harm you. Also, I’d like to point out that TPE is a porous material, so it would be best to clean the doll right after you’re done using it.


Our girls may be hot, but they’re no fun without lube, so make sure you’ve got that covered when you take them to bed.

There are two different types of lubricants that you can buy: silicone and water-based. I recommend that you go for the latter as it is more hygienic and much easier to wash out. Some people who have sensitive skin might react badly to silicone, so this would be another reason to avoid it.

No matter which hole you’d like to “explore”, be sure to lube it up first, and then gently go in. This is a guaranteed way to have a good ol’ time!

Top 5 Realistic TPE Sex Dolls

Now that you’ve learned all the important stuff, it is finally time to meet Madam Dolly’s top-rated models. I have to warn you, do not go into the following section if you have a weak heart! 

1. Bali

Bali is a FREAK, and if you’re into wild, kinky sex, this girl will make you very happy. This petite tan beauty might seem a bit intimidating when you first meet her, but you’ll have to overcome that feeling because she wants you to be the boss

Yes, that means spanking, dominating, doing everything and anything as long as you can make her scream. She’s that horny! Bali’s waiting for you to grab her and show her how it’s done, so please, don’t make her wait much longer!

2. Adora

If you think Adora is just a hot piece of ass that you can boss around, then, my friend, you are very wrong. This girl is smart, kind, and wants to know you – the REAL you. Tell her about your fears, fantasies, and secrets; charm her. 

That’s the key that opens her door, or should I say legs. Once they’re open, good luck trying to close them! Adora likes it hard, so you better deliver. 

3. Drew

Drew is a natural beauty who grew up with two controlling parents. This formed her into a shy and reserved girl who had difficulties meeting friends and dating. However, she decided to put a stop to her past ways, and turn the page.

Now, Drew wants to discover her wild side, so there’s no need to play games with her. Yes, she likes things to be straight up, so don’t mess around, just get to work. She’s inexperienced, which means that you’ll get the chance to be her sex teacher and show her all the pleasures that she hasn’t yet felt.

4. April

Are you the type of guy who just wants to get into a girl’s panties quickly? Well, then you won’t have a lot of luck with April. This girl has seen her fair share of pricks who just want to bang her, and she doesn’t like it.

April is looking for a sensitive guy, someone who wants to wine and dine with her. Yes, boys, this means that you’ll need to take it slowly with this one, which might be hard once you see her massive boobs!

5. Abbie

Abbie isn’t looking for a one-night stand, and she’ll tell you that right away. This slim, well-built female doesn’t want someone to pound her hard and then leave as if nothing had happened.

Are you interested in realistic sex dolls? If yes, check out my article to find the top 5 hotties on the market today!

Believe me, with the body that she has, you will not want to leave her! Abbie likes to try new things, so living out your fantasies with her will not be an issue. Just make her believe that you’re the one!


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