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Buying Guide to Salvia Extracts

Salvia extract is from the herb called Salvia divinorum. It can be smoked, swallowed, chewed or infused to cause psychedelic effects and hallucinations. Its use can be traced back to thousands of years ago. It was used in Mexico by the Mazatec shamans during spiritual healing sessions. Today, a growing number of the population are also taking the extract for various reasons. If you are looking to understand what Sage of The Diviners is or where to buy Salvia Extracts online then keep reading as this is for you.

Choosing between Fresh and Dried (Potent) Leaves

Fresh leaves are simply leaves picked off from the plant and left as it is. Some companies call this raw salvia leaves. Potent or concentrated leaves are those with boosted salvinorin A concentration. These are typically available and labeled with 5x, 10x and so on.

Which type is best to use?

Opinions vary when it comes to this.

Some people recommend the fresh leaves for first-time users. Because the effects are a lot less intense than the potent leaves. This can lessen any untoward reactions or some unpleasant trips for newbies on salvia.

The most recommended, however, is the more potent salvia leaf. First timers on salvia may still choose to start their experience with potent leaves given that they do come in varying concentrations. The lowest is 5x, producing lighter effects.

Understanding Dosages

First off, let’s talk labels. You’ll find ones marked: 5x, 10x, 20x and 40x. It is important for every buyer and user to understand what these numbers stand for as that is the KEY to getting the right effects and staying safe during each use.

These extracts are actually Salvia leaves boosted with the active ingredient salvinorin A. This active ingredient will be extracted from large volumes of Salvia leaves then added back into a smaller batch of leaves, boosting its potency.

The values 5x, 10x, 20x, and 40x refer to the number of leaves used to get the extract. Therefore, a salvia extract with 10x value means that the extract was taken from 10 grams of salvia leaves.

There isn’t a “standard dose” that’s recommended for everybody as every individual would react differently to the extract. However, there are guidelines to how much of each dose can be safely taken. This is still a very individual experience, so always work with what is most comfortable and produces the right effect for your preferences.

In general, the following guidelines can be used to determine the dose for each extract concentration:

  • 5x salvia extract: take around 0.1 to 0.3 grams of the extract
  • 10x salvia extract: take around 0.025 to 0.15 grams of the extract
  • 15x salvia extract: take around 0.025 to 0.075 grams of the extract
  • 20x salvia extract: take around 0.0125 to 0.0375 grams of the extract

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 Best Salvia Brand Reviews

Are you wondering where to buy Salvias online? Salvia extract is sold by many different manufacturers. Choose a product from a trustworthy source to make sure that the product is safe and has the right amount of extract.

The following brands are considered as the best when it comes to good quality salvia extract:

Azarius Review – Our Recommendation

The salvia extracts they provide are standardized, with salvinorin A in pure crystalline form. The product line includes leaf extracts, tinctures and a mixture of these products. The extracts are available ranging from concentrations of 5x to 40x.

Customer ratings for the products offered by this manufacturer are high. The products are of high quality and come with strong potency.

Orders are received within the set shipping time. Concerns are adequately responded to by the company’s representatives.

The downside is that the products tend to be pricier than others in the market. The company claims that the higher price is because of the pure crystalline salvinorin A used in their products.

Get Salvia at Azarius and Save

Arena Ethnobotanicals Review

The salvia extracts from this manufacturer are from raw salvia leaf. The extracts are also available in concentrations ranging from 5x to 50x. Arena also offers tinctures. Cultivators can also purchase live salvia plants from this company.

A majority of the customers from this manufacturer are satisfied with their products. The salvia extracts are high quality. Each product comes with accurate dosing. Shipping is fast, even for some international orders. Customer service for queries and concerns are also fast and very accommodating.

The downside from this manufacturer is the price. Salvia extracts from Arena Ethnobotanicals are pricier compared to most other manufacturers. 


The Best Salvia Review

This manufacturer has standardized extracts that come in concentrations from 5x to 60x. Kratom and different mixes of Spice are also available from this manufacturer.

Orders are shipped free of charge. Customers can track their orders via the website. Products from The Best Salvia come with a 7-day return policy with 100% refund.

Customers are satisfied with the potency of the salvia extracts as well as of the Spice blends and kratom mixes. Customer support for concerns and questions is very good.

One of the common complaints is slow shipping. Orders can get a little bit delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances. The company does try to make up for delays by giving extras to some orders. 

Salvia Dragon Review

Good quality raw salvia leaves is what the company is known for. They also offer standardized extracts. The strength of the extracts range from 10x to 80x. Aside from these products, Salvia Dragon also offers a range of other brands of smoking blends.

The company also has salvia extract products blended with other herbs.

Customer ratings are good. Users report good potency of the product.

Quality is also noted to be consistent among the products. The selection of extracts is also good.

One downside is the slight delay for most orders. Overall, customer service is good. The website offers a toll-free number for customer support. 

Purple Sticky Salvia Review

Dried salvia leaves are available from this company. The company also offers extracts. The salvia extracts are standardized, with strengths ranging from 5x to 40x. Customers can also order tinctures from the website.

The company also offers a range of other products, from lubes to various clothing types.

Customers like the products. The potency is good and the products are of high quality.

A few customers find the price to be a bit expensive. Another concern is about customer support. The website might not always give prompt responses to customer concerns and questions. Overall, this manufacturer is a good source for top quality salvia extracts. 

Effects of Extracts from Salvia Divinorum

The active component of salvia extract has hallucinogenic and psychedelic effects. It is a highly potent product. “Trips” can typically last for about 2 minutes but these can be intense and heavy.

Effects are typically experienced within 1 minute after the extract is inhaled. The effect will merge until a peak is reached. The peak of the effect can last for 5 to 15 minutes.

The effects vary with use, dose and type of product. It can be a subtle, pleasurable trip. At times, it can be a heavy psychedelic experience.

Using higher doses can cause uncontrollable hallucinations and out-of-the-body experiences. The user may also lose awareness of space and time. These can be overwhelming to the user. These can also cause anxiety and fear during the trip or after.

The effects may feel as if it lasts for a very long time. In reality, these effects last quickly.

Some users may feel after-effects. These include drowsiness and lightheadedness. After-effects may be felt around 30 minutes to an hour after the main effects of the salvia extract are over.

The effects of salvia extract taken orally can be felt within 15 to 20 minutes. These will be milder compared to the effects when the extract is inhaled. However, the peak effects will last longer, for about 30 to 90 minutes. The entire experience can last for 1 to 3 hours. The user, however, may experience an urge to puke and nausea. 

How to Use Salvia Extracts

There are many to use the extracts. The most common methods are smoking and chewing. Users can use fresh leaves or dried ones. Some prefer to take leaves as an herbal tea.

  • Salvia Tea

This is the simplest and the most traditional way to take salvia extract. The leaves are steeped in hot water then drank as tea.

However, this method is not the most recommended. The active component is not readily absorbed in the stomach if the extract in this form. The user will have to drink a large amount of the drink before effects can be noticed.

Another issue is the taste. A drink made with salvia extract can taste horrible.

  • Salvia Quid

The quid method means chewing the salvia leaves, either fresh or dried. This is an increasingly popular way to take the extract.

If chewing dried leaves, it is highly advisable to soak these first. Take a bunch of leaves and place in a cup filled with warm water. Soak the dried leaves for 1 minute only.

For the quid method, arrange for the 10 to 15 pieces of leaves (soaked or fresh leaves). Roll the leaves up and chew it. Chewing will release the active component in the leaves and will be absorbed through the lining of the mouth. Chew on the leaves for about 15 to 30 minutes.

The user will start to notice the effects after the recommended chewing period. Once the effects are felt, the leaves can be spit out. Some users prefer to swallow the leaves so that any salvinorin A left in the leaves can be absorbed in the stomach. This can help prolong the effects.

Effects are stronger than those induced by drinking. However, these are still less intense than the effects of smoking the extract.

  • Salvia Smoking

The effects are best experienced by smoking salvia extract. The best way to smoke the leaves is through a bong. Some use a torch lighter in place of a bong. Some roll the leaves up and lit like a joint. However, this method does not produce the potent effects like a bong produces.

Place the leaves in a bong and light it up. Take 2 to 3 dep hits and hold the breath for as long as possible.

The effects can be felt quicker compared to when using other methods. It takes only about 1 minute to feel the effects of salvia. 


The concentrations of the extracts can be highly concentrated. People react to each dose differently so it’s important to know individual reactions before setting a personal dose. To get the right dose, always start small. This is the safest for everybody, even for those who think they can handle a large amount at one time. Always start small.

If a user wants a higher level of effects, the dose can be increased. Again, add in small amounts. Avoid doubling doses immediately because it can quickly turn into an unpleasant experience.



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