Best Tequila Brands of 2021 – Tequila Buyer Guide

Tequila Brands have continued to grow, and experts were monitoring the growth since 2002 report that the brand has grown to 893%. Iñaki Orozco, who founded Riazul Tequila, informs us that the brand has come from the early harsh days and its blue-collar palates, and it’s now one of the perfect drinks you can use in your favorite cocktail or even sip neat.

Unlike the bygone days when the drink could be enjoyed in limited places, nowadays, things have changed, and the drink is in every joint that looks forward to meeting their buyer’s needs. Tequila features an elegant sweet, smoky finish, and that explains why it’s becoming the drinker’s favorite.

Well, if you found the wrong tequila brand, then you might put the drink off for life. What is the Best Tequila? Our review comprises the best bottle brands that you can grab and see the value for money. These 10 Best Tequila Brands of 2020 come from the hundreds that are currently on the market and selling. Our focus was on quality and the number of years it took to get you the tequila drink. Note that the drink is only produced in five regions in Mexico, namely: Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, Tamaulipas, and Jalisco. Follow through the review and grab your favorite bottle.

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Our Top 10 Tequila Brand Reviews

Patrón Silver Tequila Review

Perhaps you have come across this Patrón Silver Tequila brand. It’s famous for its distillation process that is unique from other brands. The company follows its fresh agave flavor with baked agave undertones signature. The Hacienda Patrón distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, is the place where the drink comes from and has the “gods of tequilas tag.” The company uses the 100% Blue Weber Agave to get you the tasty drink.

This ultra-premium drink has the aroma of fruits and citrus to the sweet and smooth taste with a light pepper finish taste. The drink is versatile and can be taken raw, over ice, from the freezer, or mixed into your ultimate cocktail. This is the best Tequila for Margaritas but can still serve well with Mules, Bloody Marys, and Mojitos.

The 40% abv means that you have the best quality with the right alcohol to kick start that engaging talk. You can feel the drink as you sip, making it a fast action tequila. You can order in 750ml bottles or the 1.75liter bottle. Be sure to get your drink in less than an hour.

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Herradura Reposado Tequila Review

A deep copper color characterizes the drink, and this comes from the aging process, which takes 11 months. According to the manufacturer, the set standard was surpassed, making the drink one of the most sought after tequila on the market. The drink is gluten-free and hence healthy for you. The rounded taste with the aroma of spices sets the drink above the competitors. You will like the unique flavors of vanilla, butter, and agave, which leaves a smooth and sweet experience to you.

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This Mexican drink has 40% abv, which means you can take it neat, mix with other drinks, or even have it in your favorite cocktail. Whichever method you apply, the drink remains tasty and sweet tequila you can get on the modern market. Carefully distilled, you will meet the right quality for money and hence a true reward to tequila lovers.

Since tequila’s new brand was introduced in 1974, the upgrades have always seen it beat the competitors in the market. If you want to enjoy the best tequila flavor, then this is your real deal. You can order either the 750ml bottle or 1.75l bottle, and it will be delivered within an hour.

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Tears Of Llorona Extra Anejo Review

The Tears Of Llorona Extra Anejo offers you an authentic sipping experience and leads other drinks in quality. This made it get the name “a sipping tequila of the highest order.” When manufacturing this tequila, the aging took five years with the correct formulation of former Scotch, Sherry, and Cognac casks. This gives you a complex irresistible flavor.

The Mexican tequila has a 43% abv, which makes it the favorite for drinkers. You can choose to sip it dry, mix for a favorite cocktail, or even get flowing alongside other drinks. The lovely flavor from this Tears Of Llorona Extra Anejo tequila is what you won’t get in other brands. It is a real conversation starter and has worked well when with friends who prefer the best tequila for a day out.

When you make your order, be sure to enjoy it soon as we deliver in less than an hour. The type comes in a 1 l bottle. You can still view other sizes and get the one that meets your budget.

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El Tesoro Anejo Tequila

The traditional tequila making process is one of the most careful processes in the distillation of tequila. Despite the introduction of modern distillation methods, the conventional methods still rule the tequila world. The El Tesoro Anejo Tequila adopts the traditional processing. The distillation knowledge has been in place for centuries, and the knowledge passed down to generations. The makers have a passion, and that is why the final drink is unique when compared to other competitors. Talk of the taste and smooth feeling, you will still get yourself the kind of drink you want for a weekend.

When processing the drink, attention is put to detail, and every step is a celebration of the drink. The vegetable notes play well with the sweet agave undercurrent. You get something exceptional. The aging process takes five years, and the kind of patience delivers the best drink for you. The brand is known to be the first tequila brand to use cognac casks for maturation.

The 40% abv is a sure way to take it with the company of other drinks, raw or even make your favorite flavored cocktail. Your ultimate conversation starter will be in your possession once you make an order from our store. The quantities available for you to choose are 750ml bottles and other sizes.

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Espolòn Blanco Review

In the Highlands of Jalisco, you will find the distillery using modern equipment to produce high-quality tequila for you. The process involves careful selection of ingredients in their right proportions to deliver the tasty and smooth tequila for you. It is known to be the purest expression of the legendary Mexican spirit. It is made with 100% Blue Weber agave and features delicate floral and tropical fruit notes. You will get the ultimate clean finish and hence a drink you can trust with your money.

This brand is 40% abv and explains why you can choose to enjoy it neatly, combine with other drinks, or even create your perfect cocktail and create meaningful weekends. The tequila is respected, and it pays homage to the history of the Mexican past both in the making and the art on its brand.

This is a drink you can have anywhere and still get the quality taste. Order it in 750ml or 1.75L capacities and let us deliver in less than an hour.

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Milagro Silver Tequila Review

This is a recent addition to the world of the best tequila brands. The native Mexicans who came up with the brand are Danny Schneeweiss and Moy Guindi. The growth of the tequila has been tremendous, and by now, it’s among the most sought after tequilas in the market. It’s competing well with the famous and oldest tequila brands. It has a unique taste, and that’s why it’s suitable for anyone ready to add some liquor to the cabinet. With every sip you make, you get a balance between the agave flavor and sweetness. This makes it suitable for drinking raw or mixing with other drinks. You will have outstanding cocktails when the tequila is part of the formula.

The tequila doesn’t have the burning sensation as it goes down your throat. However, you might get a strong smell walloping you. This is the feeling most of the tequila lovers want. This drink has 40% abv, and this explains why it’s famous among drinkers. The alcohol delivers the best taste and allows you to engage your friends in a constructive talk. Therefore, its the best choice for your get-togethers with friends and be sure to enjoy it.

You can make your user in the capacities of 750ml or 1.75l and let us deliver in less than an hour. The tequila is inexpensive when compared to the rest and hence a great way to get the best taste when you are on a budget.

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Don Julio 1942 Review

Julio González founded his distillery “La Primavera” in 1942. In his remembrance, this tequila was made, and it has kept on ruling the market, and everyone yearns to taste and feel the smoothness don the throat. The luxurious drink is uniquely packed and delivers the best taste of warm oak with hints of caramel and toffee. Since it is manufactured from a 100% blue agave plant, you are sure that the outcomes are excellent for your body. 

Don Julio 1942 has a 40% alcohol percentage, and this is why you can have it raw or mix with other drinks. Be sure to make a satisfying cocktail with the Don Julio 1942 tequila. Its sweet taste makes it an excellent start for a fruitful talk. You can also get it to your comrades and let them testify to the incredible brand ever distilled.

As Don Julio 1942 continues to dominate the market, more advancements are on the way to deliver the best drink for you. Currently, aging takes 2.5 years, and this makes it easy to enjoy your drink in a short span. This also explains why the prices are affordable for you. Get it in Unique Tequila Bottles with capacities of 750ml and 1.75l. Once your order, we will deliver it soon and allow you to enjoy it neat or chilled.

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Don Julio Blanco Review

The Don Julio Blanco is famous for heeding to a time-honored distillation process. With the finest blue agave plant coming on as one of the ingredients, you are sure to receive the taste and smooth drink for your weekend. It’s double-distilled, so you achieve a clean and dry finish. The tequila prides itself on being the base of all Don Julio aged tequilas. It’s that pure, and since it’s gluten-free, your sip is sure of a quality drink. Also, the drink will mix correctly with your cocktail to deliver the best flavor ever.

The 40% abv means that you can still take it raw or mix with other drinks. It comes in capacities of 750ml and 1.75l so you can choose the one that you like. This is a good conversation starter for anyone who wants quality at affordable prices. If you want the best Blanco tequila, then choose this brand.

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Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila Review

If you are looking for the best tequila for sipping, then this is your real deal. It’s known for the smoothness that makes it easy to take. It comes from the best-grown agave, and this ensures you have the quality after processing. The balanced aromas are retained since the tequila is bottled immediately after processing.

The light and mild taste with a blend of acidity and sweetness make it suitable for drinking dry or even mixing with other drinks. It’s also gluten-free and hence safe for drinkers. The 40% abv is a sure way of quality, and therefore you can sip it dry or mix for cocktails. It comes in 750ml and 1.75-liter capacities. Finally, this is the best tequila under 50 and hence affordable.

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Hornitos Reposado Tequila Review

The Hornitos Reposado Tequila is the best tequila for shots. You will love the taste that rolls smoothly down your throat. It is one of the oldest tequilas on the market and has ruled parties since 1950. The tequila ages from 2 months to one year and hence easy to have during your parties.

 The 40% abv makes it great for shots as well as mixing in other drinks. You are sure of a quality drink if you get this tequila as your choice today. Pick from the 750ml to 1.75 liters and enjoy your party. This comes as one of the best affordable tequila you can get on the market.

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If you want to get the most natural and smooth taste, then tequila is the way to go. We have shared with you the most expensive tequilas and also the cheapest tequilas to meet your choices. The types feature a careful distillation process to get you the best drink. Pick and buy one and let us know how you found it.


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