Best Vodka Brand Reviews for Smooth Cocktails and Russian-Fueled Fun

Vodka is one popular alcoholic spirit mixologists enjoy worldwide. For all the right reasons, Vodka has turned out to be the backbone of any home bar. It blends precisely in a variety of cocktails. In response to our Best Gin For Gin and Tonic post from last month, we’ve had a few requests to do this Best Vodka Brands review.

Factors like location and various infusions define the uniqueness of Vodka. That is why it’s the Russian drink of choice and the National Russian symbol. Nevertheless, Vodka is a versatile drink that you choose how to roll it down your throat. It’s either you take it straight, with a mixer, or include multiple ingredients of your choice. 

Manufacturers have your desires in mind; they try their best to mix the ingredients that meet or even exceed your expectations. Famous brands have continued to rule the world. However, newer brands are also coming up, and soon they will create rich histories. Do you want to be part of this history? 

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We have selected some of the Best Vodka Brands for Smooth Cocktails and Russian-Fueled Fun. Follow through to see the one that works for you.

Top 10 Vodka Brands

CIROC Peach Review – Best Flavored Vodka


One of the popular flavored drinks on the market is CIROC Peach. It is a blend of peach and other natural flavors, thus amplifying the great vodka taste. With a five-times distillation process from quality French grapes, you get an outstanding quality. 

This CIROC Peach vodka features the most exceptional juicy flavor rare in other brands and feels smooth down your throat. With a 35% abv, you can still sip it dry, with a mixer or using whichever ingredients you prefer. 

The entire process of distilling Ciroc Peach has over a century of wine-making expertise, thus a great quality drink. It is precise for your favorite cocktails, including, the Diddy, Mango Loso, Ciroc Peach Bellini, and Ciron Appletini. 

Lastly, Ciroc Peach comes in 750ml bottles and 1.75l bottles hence portable. Luckily, the prices are inexpensive, which allows you to enjoy the best Vodka wherever you are. Make your order and get it in less than 60 minutes.

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Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka Review – Best Award Winning Vodka

When talking about the best award-winning vodka brands on the market, Smirnoff has its place. The flavored Vodka from Russia has traveled the world and continues to dominate bar shelves. This speaks volumes when it comes to quality.  

The manufacturer has your health in mind, and that’s why they chose a natural raspberry flavor for a tart and fruity taste. This sets the Vodka above the competitors and gives you an easy choice to complement your menus. 

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Additionally, this vodka quality results from the triple distillation and ten times the filtration process. This guarantees a quality drink that mellows and develops a smooth feeling while you enjoy your conversation. 

The 35% alcohol volume means that you have the best drink that complements everything, including mixers, food, and other beverages. You can still take it dry and get the right words for your conversations. 

Finally, Smirnoff Raspberry has a consistently great taste, yet low costing. It comes in 750ml bottles and 1.75l bottles to ease your selection. 

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Tito’s Handmade Vodka Review – Best Selling Vodka

Rarely do we get the best-selling Vodka maintaining the top spots for an extended time. However, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is a true definition of consistency. This Vodka is one of the unmatched conversation starters. It is micro-distilled in an old-fashioned pot that requires skill and effort. 

This time-honored distillation method with handcrafted technique gives control over the distillation process resulting in an unmatched quality product that excels effortlessly in the modern market. 

During the manufacturing process, filtering it through the finest activated carbon available renders this Vodka free of phenols, esters, congeners, and organic acids. This guarantees safety when enjoying your drink. 

Finally, the 40% abv makes it the strongest vodka brand on the market. You can use it for whichever cocktail you want or even rock it dry. The 750ml bottles and 1.75l bottles give you purchase options at affordable prices and also make the portability stress free. 

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Ketel One Vodka Review – Best Premium Vodka

With over 200 positive reviews from satisfied drinkers, we cannot assume the impact this Vodka has worldwide. Therefore, Ketel One Vodka ranks among the best-selling premium vodkas in the modern market. 

This Vodka comes from Nolet Distillery in the Netherlands, and crafts from excellent quality wheat in copper-pot stills to enhance quality. The filtration process takes time resulting in one of the smoothest vodkas taking the world by storm. 

The distinct freshness with hints of honey and citrus fragrances when you open the bottle is one of the gestures to keep you in the best moods while sipping this Vodka. Moreover, a single sip creates a lovely feeling that coats your tongue. 

Ketel One Vodka has the habit of standing out and leaving the rest of the drinks unattended to in most parts across the US. Furthermore, if you are looking for the Best Vodka for Martini, then your journey stops at Ketel One Vodka. 

The 40 % abv means that you can mix it with anything and still get a good feeling. It sells in 750ml and 1.75l bottles, giving you selection options. Moreover, you can enjoy life with friends when Ketel One Vodka is part of the equation. 

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SVEDKA Vodka Review – Best Mixing Vodka


A good vodka suitable for mixing cocktails is SVEDKA Vodka. It’s evident that this Vodka features an outstanding quality. This is because it crafts from the best winter wheat, yeast, and water. The result leaves you with pure sweetness and incredible taste. 

The Vodka distills five times to remove all the impurities, leaving you with a healthy drink and a crowd-pleasing choice if you have that party. Additionally, this unflavored vodka rocks in a variety of cocktails so you can choose the one that feels good. 

This fantastic Swedish Vodka takes charge of your party and leaves your friends with amazing memories. Pair it with food and other beverages to achieve outstanding taste. 

Its 40% alcohol volume means that you can drink it dry or mix with other beverages to achieve your desired taste. Nevertheless, this Vodka comes in 750 ml and 1.75l capacities so that you can choose the one that meets your needs.  

Surprisingly, the brand is the cheapest Vodka on the market yet features an outstanding quality. Having this in your home bar makes it complete and a significant selection for your visitors. 

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GREY GOOSE Vodka Review – Best Vodka To Drink Straight

GREY GOOSE® Vodka is an outcome of an extraordinary passion for spirit-making. The unique blend of quality French ingredients, you get the quality in your purchase. The Vodka features the highest-grade wheat and pristine limestone-filtered spring water, and that’s why it’s one of the bestselling brands. 

What differentiates this Vodka from the rest is the exquisite clear, fresh, and elegantly aromatic taste. This exceptional taste gives you a satisfying finish. It works perfectly for all types of cocktails and hence the need to experiment. 

40% abv is a sure way that the Vodka meets the conversation-starting requirements and will leave you a hero feeling above everything. Even so, you can use the Vodka for your different purposes, such as elevating the mood during a holiday gathering. 

Finally, the Vodka comes in 750 ml and 1.75l capacities. Therefore, buy the one that suits your requirements and feel good. 

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New Amsterdam Vodka Review – Best Vodka For a Martini

A vodka that you can drink across the US and beyond means that it has earned the people’s trust. Well, this New Amsterdam Vodka is the deal and one of the cheap vodka brands selling now. 

Three things make this Vodka outstanding; water used, distillation process, and grain selection. It is 5 times distilled and 3 times filtered. Therefore, you can drink straight or blend with other cocktails. This results in a great tasting vodka with unparalleled smoothness. 

As a result of the outstanding quality, this Vodka garnered 93 points during the 2016 Tasting Panel Score. Above all, the brand also ranked the fastest in history to sell one million cases. 

The 40% abv means that you can use it for a variety of cocktails and even drink straight. If you have a party coming up soon, then this will suit best as a crowd starter. The 750ml and 1.75l capacities leave you with options to choose the quantity that meets your requirements. 

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Absolut Vodka Review – Best Sweedish Vodka

If you are looking for some good vodka from Sweden, then this Absolut Vodka will meet or even exceed your expectations. The brand has grown from being the talk of the town in the US to a world-class vodka suitable for your cocktail requirements. 

It beats popular brands since the clean and natural taste feels great in your mouth. The idea behind this fantastic Vodka dates back to 30 years, making it a trustworthy brand for consumers. 

Apart from the best quality, the bottle is also outstanding and well designed for safe use. If you plan to take your level of drinking to a sober rank, then the 40% abv Absolut Vodka fits correctly. Furthermore, the 750ml and 1.75l capacity mean that you pick the quantity you want and enjoy.  

Luckily, the brand is a low costing type and hence an excellent idea for all your cocktail requirements. You are a few minutes away from creating memories. Buy one and enjoy it.

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SKYY Vodka Review – Strongest Vodka

 If you love style, then get the best with this America’s first quadruple distilled, triple-filtered premium vodka. SKYY Vodka features unbeatable smoothness that offers more than taste. 

The vodka crafts form heartland grains, which then filter through California limestone. Thanks to the manufacturer for the best distillation process that eliminates impurities leaving behind the best Vodka for the day. 

If you want the Best Vodka for Martini, then begin here. Additionally, SKYY Vodka creates the best cocktails for you so that you can speak while others listen. 

This is also an award-winning flavor that has remained consistent for years, making it the most sought-after brand. Having it within 60 minutes is now possible when you order online. If that’s not enough, you get 1.75l and 750ml to choose from. 

Finally, 40% abv is a sure way to sip it directly or mix with other beverages of your choice. Well, you can miss anything in your party but let it not be this SKYY Vodka. It’s worth considering and very affordable.

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Belvedere Vodka Review – Best Polish Vodka

We cannot call this a complete review without the Belvedere Vodka. It’s the Best Polish Vodka for money, no wonder it ranks among the most sought-after types. If your character goes well with a martini or any cocktail of your choice, then this is the best mix. 

The vodka tradition stands at 600 years, and that’s the quality you get from this carefully distilled Vodka. Therefore, it creates the perfect balance of character and purity, which the majority of consumers like you look for. 

The manufacturer keeps your health in mind while making this Vodka. Therefore, it’s free of additives, including sugar or glycerin.  

Additionally, the brand features 40% abv, which works correctly with a martini or any cocktail of your choice. This makes it a great addition to your alcoholic brands. 

If you haven’t tasted this, then you might be missing something cool. Pick one from the 1.75l and 750ml capacities and define the way you want conversations to flow.

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While reviewing these brands, we believe they have and perhaps exceed your expectations. Choosing one from the Best Vodka Brands for Smooth Cocktails and Russian-Fueled Fun means a great addition to your social life. Luckily, the brands are less costly and hence affordable, yet the quality is unmatched. 

Our selection comes from hundreds of vodkas worldwide. Therefore, choosing one can be challenging. However, we made the process less straining for you. Selecting and buying now remains your task. Pick one or more, and let the fun begin. This is the only way to stand out from the crowd. 

If you have questions about these brands, feel free to leave your reply in the comment box. We love it when you are happy and hence will respond to you shortly.

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Best Vodka Brands of 2020

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