Best WiFi Marketing Solutions – (Top 10 Review Roundup)

WiFi marketing is quickly becoming a mainstream marketing must-have in the hospitality and retail industries. The best, and most effective marketing ultimately comes down to having accurate, comprehensive, and useable customer data. Likewise, the data should be up-to-date and immediately accessible.

Online ecommerce companies have had this advantage for decades. Now, with the emergence of WiFi marketing and analytics, brick-and-mortar businesses can have access to powerful, profitable customer data. What’s more, the data can be used for targeted, personalized marketing campaigns as well as making data-driven, intelligent operations decisions.

What Are The Benefits Of WiFi Marketing?

Obtain Customer Behavior Data and Contact Information

When a customer taps into your WiFi, a WiFi marketing platform will ensure that they are prompted to provide an email address or a corresponding social media account in order to gain internet access. The platform will then create a detailed customer profile for that customer, including demographics pulled from social media or subsequent logins. After the first login, you have gained an opt-in from them to send targeted messages that persuade and promote future visits to your restaurant.

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Set Up Automated Email or SMS Marketing Campaigns

Now that you have the opt-in from a customer and their email address, it is worth your time to sit down and really look into writing a targeted campaign of emails. The key to getting an email opened and read is to understand your audience’s needs and wants. Email marketing can either frustrate or motivate them to act. Every email needs a “call to action” or wording that pushes someone to interact with your social media, website, or promotions. Email campaigns should also be sensitive to the stage of a customer’s interactions, such as repeat customers, old customers, and new customers. Segmenting your audience and creating messages that feed them at their level is critical to a successful email campaign.

Segment Your Customers for More Effective Marketing

Now that you have detailed demographics and contact information, and the platform is tracking their physical behavior, you’ll be able to segment your customer list based on various criteria, such as age, gender, postal code, dwell times, visit count, days since their last visit, and more. You’ll be able to create focused customer groupings and send them marketing messages that will resonate much more effectively with that particular demographic. This will greatly increase marketing success while driving down costs.

Lead Them to Social Media

The next step in ensuring your WiFi marketing strategy is effective requires a redirect and request for customers to like your locations’ social media pages. Whether using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another social channel, taking this step will ensure this avenue of communicating with customers again is secure. While you can lead them to a page, you can’t force them to like it. Therefore, it is best to glitter the request with an offer. The offer can be a discount or a free item upon their next visit, promises of event invitations, and even quality, engaging content.

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With the recent surge in popularity of WiFi marketing across the world, it comes as no surprise that many companies have created a WiFi marketing solution to add to their product line.

 Best WiFi Marketing Company Comparisons are based on online reviews, company website, and third party websites.

Wifi Marketing Services Compare Chart
Our RankingPriceStandout Features 
#1 Bloom Intelligence (Editor’s Choice)
From $35 Mth- Lowest Prices
- Excellent customer service
- Most customization options
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#2 PopNet Wifi-Marketing
(Editor’s Runner Up)
$24.99 Mth- Lowest Priced
- Excellent marketing features to keep customers coming back
- No setup fees
Get More Info
#3 GoZone WiFi
From $24.99 Mth- Lowest Prices
- Excellent customer service
- Most customization options
Get More Info
#4 Turnstyle$89 Mth- Great analytics for customer data
- Great support
- Priced reasonably
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#5 Zenreach$85 Mth- Most Features
- Higher priced
- Ease of setup
Get More Info

Main Points Of Consideration

Price/Terms – Bloom Intelligence has one of the best pricing models. A simple, straightforward tiered pricing model. Month to month or annual contracts. With a tiered pricing structure, you only pay for what your business needs. Aislelabs ranked second in the Price/Terms category. While they don’t offer pricing directly on their website. Setup fees and contracts are likely. Zenreach was a bit of a mystery card when it comes to pricing. Based on a few of their customer’s interactions online, it appears long-term contracts are required to become a Zenreach customer. 

Analytics – Bloom Intelligence comes out on top for analytics, their dashboard dives into detailed aspects of customers and their behavior. The website boasts that you can “learn more about your best customers, how often they visit, and how they behave at your place of business”. Providing an additional view of your business other than just from your POS data. Plus, with Bloom and Zenreach, users don’t have to log into WiFi to see footfall metrics. While Yelp WiFi seemed to have a bit of an edge on the rest, the competition wasn’t far off. Nuts and bolts, the analytics were similar for the rest of the companies. The valuable return rate data along with days of the week appeared to be consistent across all of the platforms.

Features and Integrations – For the most part, features and integrations were again similar. Bloom Intelligence had a few useful integrations by integrating directly with Mailchimp and Constant Contact. Zenreach ranked top of the list on features as their “Walk Through Rate” appears to be quite impressive. Boasting that customers that connect with Zenreach come back 65% more of the time. If this is true, it is truly an amazing feature.

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Support – While all three companies provide customer support, Bloom Intelligence stood out as they provide a dedicated account manager for each account. Assisting all the way from initial setup and onboarding, to education on WiFi marketing strategy. They also provide support for their customer’s customers if they have issues logging in. WiFi companies consistently are ranked poorly on customer service, but no negative feedback could be found for Gazella’s support team. Yelp WiFi and Zenreach both appear to have a knowledgeable, and well-educated support team as well. However, after browsing a few comments about the ZenReach team on Twitter, it’s unclear if support is their strong suit.

Customization – If you are part of the population who can’t stand a rigid template, Bloom Intelligence is your choice. The team at Bloom Intelligence has templates for you to use, however if it’s customization that you want, the easy-to-use text editor format allows even a novice at technology to design, send and track incredible emails. Gazella and Bloom have graphic designers on staff to make a custom design for your business, if you so choose. ZenReach and Yelp WiFi also appear to have plenty of customization options but it appears using standard templates is the best way to go about using their platforms.

Ease of Implementation – Consistent with other players in the market, the three top WiFi marketing companies boast quick and easy ways to get started with WiFi marketing. If at any point customers decide Gazella is not for them, a prepaid shipping label is sent and sending the hardware back is a simple, straightforward process. Most of the other WiFi marketing companies require you to have your own hardware or require a setup fee to get the hardware installed. Bloom Intelligence is a Cisco Meraki-based solution.

Best White Label WiFi Marketing Platforms

If you are a marketing company, web hosting company, app builder, or any other service that wants to offer your own white-labeled WiFi marketing service, then I recommend that you go with Aislelabs. I manage my own white label WiFi marketing system where I manage my clients’ accounts. They give you the hardware you need to setup in the clients’ location as well as provide the backend system that your clients can log into to see the stats.

WiFi Marketing Buyers Guide:

In today’s business environment, utilizing technology to save money or to improve processes has always been a necessary component of successful operations. Now, with the advent of the internet, brick-and-mortar businesses are finding that patrons expect some things for free, especially WiFi.

Businesses that engage in online marketing are now reaping the benefits of their existing WiFi technology by using it to engage with their customers each time they visit. WiFi marketing relies on both the hardware and the software to capture customer data and deliver targeted messaging that drives repeat business.

The question on most business owners’ and marketers’ minds is: “how do we make our restaurant WiFi free in an affordable way.” Affordability is dependent upon three factors: upfront cost, maintenance and return on investment. The upfront cost of enabling customers to access your WiFi and maintenance is relatively low. But, it takes a “professional” team to see a solid return on investment to get customers coming back time and time again.

What To Consider When Choosing A WiFi Marketing Company

Dedicated Support:

WiFi is sometimes a tricky technology. If you have ever been to a business and their WiFi didn’t connect or was too slow to make any progress, then you know just how frustrating this can be. If your guest WiFi network isn’t working, you will want a dedicated support team. Be sure your WiFi marketing company has support during your business hours.

Event-Based Marketing:

One of the most impressive and powerful features of WiFi marketing is the data collection that is received when customers log in. When sending targeted marketing messages to those that are opting in via your WiFi landing page, you will want to keep the message relevant when using automated marketing. Most of the larger WiFi marketing companies such as Bloom Intelligence, ZenReach, and GazellaWifi have these capabilities. Without event-based marketing automation, WiFi marketing is like a pizza without the sauce. One of your first questions when choosing a WiFi marketing vendor is to ask about marketing automation features.


Along the lines of automated marketing, you will want to choose a WiFi marketing solution with integrations. If you are currently using services such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp, a WiFi marketing company that integrates will save you hours of time. WiFi marketing should eliminate any and all data entry. Integrations and/or a strong API are of utmost importance for WiFi marketing.

Free Trial:

With so many WiFi marketing companies in the market fighting for your business, the opportunity for a try-before-you-buy is evident. Choose a WiFi marketing company that is confident enough in their system they will allow you to have a free trial (or at the very least, a 90-day opt-out) and not necessarily lock you into multi-year contracts.

Firewall Protection:

WiFi security is a hot topic. Choose a WiFi marketing company that takes security seriously. One of the easiest ways for hackers to distribute malware is via your WiFi network. Be sure you are protected. Additional technology features such as time allowance or data allowance will help keep your WiFi secure and eliminate those pesky freeloaders taking advantage of your free network.


There will be a lot of eyeballs on your WiFi landing page, also known as a captive portal. Be sure you can customize your page to fit your brand identity. Your business is the one offering the WiFi, be sure you take credit for it! When thinking about customization, it is also is a good idea to go with a WiFi marketing company that specializes in your particular business area.

In summary, choosing a WiFi marketing company likely won’t be the hardest decision you will make as a business owner, marketer, or IT professional. However, taking the time to make sure you select the best WiFi marketing solution that is a great fit for your business is essential. Whether budget, features, or marketing automation is your primary concern, there is a WiFi marketing company out there for you.

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