Best Wiper Blade Reviews – ( Top 10 Roundup )

There is a very common decision that is also commonly and easily forgotten that any car owner has to come to multiple times. It is almost a decision that has an inevitable approach and cannot be ignored for many numerous reasons including safety. The decision has small and insignificant as it can appear to be is simply pertaining to wiper blades. It comes from a decision of many variants which include and not limited to which is the best, which provides the best visibility, which ones do better during all weather conditions, and which one has the most longevity of lifespan. It is also commonly forgotten that our wiper blades are also a safety feature of the vehicle. Until the moment arises where you find yourself driving through a heavy downpour of rain, or maybe in the middle of a white out, or even just the situation of trying to see through a dirty glaring windshield during an intense and relentless sunny day you always forget the need of replacement, or the necessity of a good wiper blade. This is also the same similar situation when pertaining to the washer fluid tank, you never remember to fill it up or refill it when it is empty until it is too late and you are faced with the situation and need of windshield washer fluid.

This information and the need to have up to date, working, and great wiper blade condition is based from the statistical fact that many accidents occur because of visibility issues that could simply be prevented by having a good wiper blade and a filled tank of windshield wiper fluid. There is the common misconception that wiper blades have an infinite life span or a rather longer one than they actually do. The average lifespan of a wiper blade varies dramatically but it can usually range anywhere from four months to one year. The reason behind such a variance in lifespan is the simple fact of which climate you live in. Hotter climates tend to shorten the lifespan more than a mild or colder climate however, the same could be said about living up north where you deal with a lot of snow and ice. Dirt, debris, and other materials abrade the wiper blade when using it, sunlight breaks down the rubber edges and snow and ice cause cause the rubber to rip and tear. Torn wiper blades are very ineffective but can also cause damage to the windshield by allowing the wiper arm to rub and scratch against the windshield. It is very important not just for visibility reasons but for safety concerns as well to ensure that you have maintained and replaced when needed to your wiper blades.

Best Wiper Blade Reviews of 2017

To help shed light into this decision here is a list of the best wiper blades and information regarding to each one based upon consumer evaluations.

2017 Wiper Blade Buyer Guide

There are many ways and tricks to being able to get the most longevity out of your wiper blades. Learning the reasons behind the ineffectiveness of the wiper blades could save you money. If for instance the wiper blades appear to be in great condition but they are not cleaning your windshield properly, try getting some wiper fluid or glass cleaner on a dampened sponge and wiping them off. That alone could fix the issue because if the wiper blades themselves are grimey and dirty then they will not hug the windshield in the manner they need to. During snow and ice storms be sure to clear all the snow and ice away from the windshield before running the wipers across it. That will prevent the sharp ice or the hard snow if compacted from causing the blades any damage. To tell indefinitely that you need new wiper blades, raise the arms up and gently rub your fingertip across the rubber edge, if it appears to feel ridged or bumpy then you will need to replace them. Learning how to care for you wiper blades and maintain them might as well just earn you a few extra months out of the lifespan. There is also the general rule that you should always replace them in pairs. If you replace one of the wipers then it’s paired mate can not be far behind it. Also if your vehicle has a rear wiper blade that you use, then also replace it when it comes to replacing the front ones as well that will ensure that you never forget to replace it and it takes the hassle out of making multiple trips to replace one at a time.

How to choose the proper wiper blade begins at making sure you pick the right size, wiper blades come in many various sizes for the same car. Make sure to check your owner’s manual or ask an autoparts store representative to assist you if you are unsure of which size to purchase. When it comes to selecting a brand remember there are numerous upon numerous choices and types to choose from. Also if your deciding factor remains to price then keep in mind that you can pay under $10 for a smaller wiper blade, and up to $25 for a larger blade this all depends on the brand name of the blade itself. Most of the time when purchasing replacement blades, you will replace the whole blade frame as well however there is also the method pertaining to certain brands and models where you can choose to just replace the rubber insert of the blade. That is becoming less common to find due to the uncommon purchase of said inserts, due to their need of deft precision with a pair of needle nose pliers to install properly and effectively.

Types Of Wiper Blades

  1. Conventional Wiper Blades – These are the most common between the two choices when pertaining to the types of blades. They are found more commonly because they have multiple replacement options meaning simply that, these types of blades come with a replaceable rubber blade if inserts are your preference, as well as a frame when purchased which is good if your preference is to change the whole wiper blade. They also have a metal spline which is designed for the support of the rubber blade.
  2. Beam Blades – These have no external frames, instead they are incorporated with spring steel into the rubber, as a result such incorporation there is a more evenly and uniform pressure applied for a better wiping performance. These are also known as bracketless blades. The only common misconception of this type is that the inexpensive choices or cheaper choices actually do perform worse than the conventional type wiper blades.

When regards to installation most owners replace their blades themselves due to their simplicity of install if your choose to replace the whole frame instead of the rubber blade insert. Also a lot of the wiper blade replacements are done outside and also sometimes during the dark time and even in the rain. That is because that most people do not remember to replace their wiper blades until it becomes necessary to use the wiper blades due to the need during rain or some sort of hazardous driving weather. There are several different approaches when it comes to the mounting methods of the wiper blades. The most common and most popular is the hook mount. This is due to their simplicity of removal and installation. To install them you simply insert the arm through the wiper blade bridge, line the adaptor up with the hook itself and simply press firmly to hear it snap in place. Most and more commonly nowadays wiper designs are geared around not needing tools or experience when referring to install and replacement.