Best Wireless Headphones – Top 10 Roundup Bluetooth Headphones

To go for impeccable headphones, take a brief survey of this question’s answer, How to Choose Wireless Headphones and for which aspects these should get priority over non-wireless headphones?

Non-wireless headphones are plenty of tangled wires. On the contrary, wireless headphones have no such scheme to deal with. But the non-wireless have a significant advantage over wireless headphones of being a quality sound producer.

“Sound quality of wireless headphones is usually not as good as those offered by wired ones”. Techtimes

The headphones are available in three different criteria; In-Ear, On-Ear, and Over-Ear. The On-Ear and Over-Ear are alike but the only dissimilarity holds between both is the earcups size. The Over-Ear come with a diameter from 40-50mm and On-Ear has 35-40mm. The over-ear and on-ear enclose the ear canals wholly but over-ear leaves some room inside and on-ear exists with no such sense. Take a look at the similarities between two of over and on headphones;

  • Headbands with extreme cozy environment
  • Adjustable hinges
  • Noise-canceling feature
  • Portability supported

The In-Ear headphones having the earcups diameter up to 10mm totally fits into the ears.

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Best Bluetooth Enabled Wireless Headphones for 2021

The Sennheiser introduced Momentum 2.0 Bluetooth enabled headphones. These qualified headsets are sturdy and can be folded up into a compact size.

Momentum’s Performance

Most of us do have a complaint as mentioned earlier that wireless headphones are pretty weaker in producing quality sound than the wired ones but this accusation has been eliminated in the case of Momentum 2.0. The active noise-cancellation feature captures you a complete music session even in the battlefield.

The earpieces are slightly bigger and therefore encompasses the ears as a whole. The large ear cushions won’t let anybody down with the wearing comfortability as it is softer than expected.

“The soft leather earpads are thicker too, making them even comfier than before”. WhatHifi

Momentum’s Connectivity

The Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX codec technology makes you to efficient connecting single. As we know that aptX codec improves sound quality via streaming Bluetooth. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 can be connected to a wired device as well which delivers ultra-clear and louder sound.

There is a built-in voice of a woman which speaks politely and tells about a newly connected Bluetooth-enabled device, battery status when lows down, and lets you know when headphones are powered on/off.

A wheel button is engineered over the right earpiece which controls volume up/down, playbacks, and works as on/off the headphones. Isn’t is exciting?

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Although Momentum 2.0 is a bit more pricey accessory but also has every proprietary right to be called as a stunningly overwhelming product in the era of wireless headsets. It covers a Bluetooth distance up to 33ft and also comes with pair Microphones which leaves you to the valleys of enjoyments while having a chit-chat sessions with your friends and family individuals.

Other Noteable Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition
Sennheiser HD 202 II
Sennheiser RS120
  • Jabra Move

Jabra Move would definitely be a perfect choice for the Gymers and the runners. While exercising many of us do like to listen to songs without spoiling privacy or disturbing fellow beings and, for that, Move is going to meet your wishes at affordable prices.

Design and Features

The Move Wireless headphones are in reach with three magnificent designs like red, black and blue. My favorite one is blue because it is more attractive than the others.

The headphones take great care of our comfort. The 40mm earcups hand us over extreme relieve while having a prolong music session. And this happens to be possible because of foam padding of earpads and nifty plus softer headbands.

Due to lightweight peculiarity, this is portable and can be taken anywhere in the world without any serious trouble. Yes, 150g weight get you rid of heavier headphones.

Both the ear cushions have some works to perform. The right one has a Micro-USB charging port, a button which turns on/off BT or headphones and a LED which indicate the battery (getting charged) or on Bluetooth Mode. On the other hand, the left one has a multifunctional switch which controls phone calls and music. The left earpiece also has 3.5mm port which authorizes you to use it as wired device.

“Out of battery or can’t connect wirelessly? Simply use the optional 3.5mm  cable”. Jabra

The battery gives 8 hour talk time and 12 days standby timings. For me, Jabra Move Wireless headphones left no choice at such low prices.


The dual connectivity feature has made strenuous effort to upgrade the usage of Move. But this is more important as wireless so Bluetooth establishes a prompt connection with your Bluetooth enabled device. The Jabra Move has 4.0 Bluetooth capability which covers the range up to near about 33ft.


The Jabra Move Wireless headphones are not so pricey but with that, these are also an excellent piece of designing, sound quality, and consolation.

  • Turtle Beach Z300

    As wireless technologies overcoming the trends, so Turtle Beach grab the market by introducing quality wire-free headsets. The Z300 headphones are the symbol of an active step towards promoting audiophilic behavior. The sound quality, moveability, comfortability, and attracting design all combine to present whatever a music lover can expect.

    Design and features

    These Headphones are renowned as circumaural which means it encloses the ears completely. Such headphones due to large and cumbersome, are not so well liked among casual music listeners but heavily used by professionals and audio enthusiast.

    Beyond the fact of large earcups, these are estimated the best-outfitted cans. The cushions hold the ears tightly but owing to soft fabric it doesn’t feel panic, so, feel free to wear it for long music sessions. When it comes to headbands, these are also cushioned by fabric and provide ultra-comfort.

    Ear Force Z300 are Gaming Cans as well, so, a gamer can have this as well to listen to even a diminutive murmuring of an enemy from a distance.

    Most of the gamers do like to have a Microphone profitability so that they might be able to make a group call whilst playing games, For this accountability, a detachable Mic is integrated and moreover, it is adjustable according to our ease. One can plug it in while using otherwise just unplug and put it on the side table.


    This gaming wireless headset is a PC compatible as well as delivers a Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone users. When interacting with a computer all you have to do is to plug-in a USB dongle and link is in place. Oppositely, on your Bluetooth and enjoy the rapid streaming of songs and pick the incoming calls. You can enjoy the wireless connection even from a span of 20ft.


    All the must-have features like noise-cancellation, Microphone, Bluetooth and comfortable wearing are there to experience you an excellent gaming and music spells. As far as our personal perception builds with Ear Force Z300 headphones, we will never suggest you go for any other expensive cans when such sound quality is on your steps in low prices.

  • Plantronics backbeat Pro 2

The next one is a Plantronics backbeat pro 2 noise-cancelling wireless headphones in our best list.Its long battery life, powerful sound performance and top-notch noise canceling feature have made this headphone our editors choice.

Feature and Performance.

Plantronics backbeat pro 2 is packed with all kinds of features which should be present in a good wireless headphone. These headphones have full control of music on it so the listener doesn’t need to go and change the sound from the connected device. The right ear cup has a multifunction button and a micro-USB port with 3.5mm inputs on the bottom.

Similarly, left ear cup has a rotating wheel for volume setting, a single switch along the edge and a playback button as well. The design of these cans is fabulous.Its external side is made up of plastic and earcups have textured surface with leatherette padding. A small shade of wood color is also used in these headphones which make them perfectly professional and stylish.

Just like the design and features, the performance of these headphones is mind blowing.Its noise canceling feature is not so protrusive but its speaker’s performance distinguishes these cans from others wireless headphones in the same range of price.

While listening music we never noticed any kind of sound distortion even at high volume. These headphones are a little bit muddy for deep thumping bass but it controls the lows and highs of vocals decently. overall these cans make music enjoyable with its strong grabbing on speakers and music.

The noise cancellation is just an extra feature in these headphones usually, wireless headphones don’t have extraordinary noise canceling features.

Connectivity Feature Found In Wireless Headphones

These headphones have an impressive range of connectivity with devices. You can connect these cans at a maximum distance of 85 feet although the company claims 100 feet range of connection but our testers found different results. But still, 85 feet is an impressive range of these headsets.

To connect these headphones you have to go through connectivity settings from your device and after that, you can easily connect these headsets. You can use these headphones for more than 20 hours without charging because the battery life of these headsets is mind blowing.

These headphones also have sensors inside their earcups, these sensors will automatically stop playing music when you will take them off and will turn off if you will not use them for the longer time.

Final Verdict

Overall Plantronics backbeat pro 2 will be a good choice for music lovers. Its balance sound performance and superb wireless quality have made these headsets extremely selective for any kind of music and perfectly sums up our best bluetooth wireless headphone review.

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